An Arctic® FrankenApple a Day Keeps You from Turning Brown!®


Me, I’d love to be brown, myownself.  Oh, wait: or is it just the apple that doesn’t turn brown?  Lemme go check..  oh, yes:

The USDA just approved the third transgenic apple for sale: the Arctic® Fuji.  How could I have forgotten two others had already been approved?   Okanagan’s Arctic® Apples don’t turn brown after slicin, dicin’, spindlin’ or mutilatin”!  Nah, the FDA doesn’t need to approve GMOs cuz they and the USDA like that the industry self-polices, and will let them know if there are any Bad Effects from them.  Costs less in bureaucratic red tape, ya see?

From Okanagan Specialty Fruits in British Columbia:  (Their website is addicted!!! to exclamation points!!!; too many transgenic fruits, perhaps?)

“When you’re as old as the apple is, it can be hard to get excited about newcomers. Arctic® apples are changing all that! The perfect fruit just got even better.

Apples, like many fruits and vegetables, turn brown when they’re bitten, sliced or bruised and this damaged flesh is exposed to oxygen. The reason is an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase (PPO), but we’ve figured out a precise way to reduce the amount of PPO in Arctic® apples. And, we’ve used this technique to improve varieties that you already know and love with the nonbrowning trait!

That’s great news for everyone, because it means there’s not just one “Arctic® apple”! We took two of North America’s top-5 varieties and improved them with the nonbrowning trait, resulting in Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny apples.”

“Here’s the Science behind our Arctic® Apple!!!”

Benefits to: Supply Chains!  Consumers!  Decreased Waste!  Eye Appeal!

Organic Consumers (creepy name, eh?) did some digging back in 2015:

Here’s what we learned about the technology, called RNA interference, or double strand RNA (dsRNA), from Professor Jack Heinemann (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), Sarah Agapito-Tenfen (from Santa Catarina University in Brazil) and Judy Carman (Flinders University in South Australia), all of whom said that dsRNA manipulation is untested, and therefore inherently risky:

‘Given that the dsRNA from our food, and presumably the Frankenapple, will enter the bloodstream and cells of consumers, safety research should be done BEFORE this GMO apple is put on the grocery shelf to prove that the dsRNA that enters consumers’ bodies will not harm them. To date, no such research has been reported, so the Frankenapple is flying in the dark.

On the contrary, recent research has shown that dsRNAs can transfer from plants to humans and other animals through food. The biotech industry has always claimed that genetically engineered DNA or RNA is destroyed by human digestion, eliminating the danger of these mutant organisms damaging human genes or human health. But many biotech scientists say otherwise. They point to evidence that the dsRNA present in food survive digestion in the stomach and intestines and actually enter the bloodstream and tissues of the body, where it can influence the functioning of the eater’s cells.”’

Some wags apparently call these apples: ‘botox apples’ (no browning, bruising, or sagging).

‘Course, if ya slice an apple and dip it in water with a bit o’ salt or citric acid, yeah: no browning.  but also:

USDA Approves 3rd GMO Apple for Sale in U.S.’,, September 30, 2016

There are already non-GMO, non-browning apples available, including the Non-GMO Project verified Opal apple and ones developed at Washington State University, but the media ignores those options in favor of so-called ‘high tech’ GMO apples.”

I bingled and found: “Washington State University’s recently released apple variety, WA 38, also is extremely slow to brown—and it was developed with conventional breeding techniques used for millennia.  The non-GMO WA 38 is extremely slow to turn brown when cut and maintains its texture and flavor in storage for more than a year.”

#Arctic Apples Retweeted: (seriously?  guess they missed the joke whole-hawg, so to speak)

But bless their hearts, and not a moment too soon: ‘Venezuelans Are Multiplying Seeds As a Means of Self Defense’,

“In an effort to challenge the economic war, create access to nutritious and well-balanced food and build national sovereignty, communities like Characo’s are working to diversify and multiply their seeds. In Guanape, an historically indigenous Cumangoto community of farm workers, along with the national Seeds of the People Platform have begun a pilot program with nearly 20 participants (farmers and farming enthusiasts from across the country) to share and teach their traditional ways of harvesting corn.  

The Seed Multiplication and Distribution series is part of a larger popular movement driven struggle to defend native Venezuelan seeds and take down corporate giants like Monsanto. In December 2015, Venezuelan grassroots movements accompanied by state institutions pushed forward the National Assembly approval of the Seed Law. After the United Venezuelan Socialist Party’s defeat in December 6 National Assembly elections, social movements and socialist legislators acted swiftly to pass the Seed Law.”

4 responses to “An Arctic® FrankenApple a Day Keeps You from Turning Brown!®

  1. “I am so tired of these vegans & gluten-free crunchitarians coming to our socials & complaining about the lack of options!!!!” i hear that a lot. gmo-free must become the latest thing. eating non-gmo rooster or squirrel or road kill can’t be as bad as this crap.

    how is it that it’s “cheaper” to g.m. apples than to stick ’em in that future advanced hi-tech super sciency 23rd century star wars solution you just invented just now? oh yeah, b/c of the “free market.” that’s why a quart of organic half and half is $5, whereas the rgbh (by which i mean, rbgh) & antiobiotic loaded non-organic half and half is $3. economics. but the cows produce more milk when they are one big bed sore!!!! and die faster.

    • lol. srsly, if ya read their website, they try valiantly to make the case for ‘supply chain benefits, complete w/ loads of blonde chirren ‘consuming’ more fruits and veg, palefaces, tra la la. and the testimonials are a hoot. the (ahem) cautionary principle has been trampled, of course.

      Supply chain benefits of Arctic® apples

      “While we have a number of cutting-edge projects in the pipeline, it was important to us that our first product offer a wide range of benefits to all members of the industry:
      •Grower Benefits
      •Packer Benefits
      •Processing Benefits
      •Retailer Benefits
      •Foodservice Benefits
      •Consumer Benefits***

      it wasn’t quite clear to me if okaganagan ‘created’ the gm papaya that saved hawaiin ag for certain.

  2. I was alarmed to see nested in an article in the Santa Fe Reporter about the effects of climate change on chile production, a long section describing the efforts of our old friend, Monsanto. They have breeding nurseries in Woodland, California, Florida, Mexico and Guatemala. Chiles, bless em, apparently resist genetic modification, but Terry Berke who ‘has been the hot pepper breeder with Monsanto Company for 16 years” is not done with them yet:

    “Whatever the next change that comes, Berke sees it likely to arrive on the wings of gene-editing technology. This more precise method for changing specific base pairs to create alleles that exist already in nature could be applied to existing hybrid parents, instantly giving them a new resistance without having to breed new parents.

    ‘This would be a lot faster and more convenient, so that’s going to be the next best thing coming down the pike in breeding,’ Berke says. ‘We think this is going to be more widely accepted than, say, the GMOs that have caused such a controversy.’ ”

    What is it about these people? Their brains must be already modified, no two ways about it.

    • sorry i’d missed this earlier, juliania. i’m not familiar w/ that scientific tweaking, but how fine it is that chiles resist genetic tinkering! it could almost spur some anthropomorphising, could it? ‘the mighty chile won’t be adulterated!’

      last week i was almost ready to do a gmo storify based on colin todhunter’s twitter account or whatever it’s called. boy, does he have his thumb vigorously on the pulse of all this globally. and with the various mergers of the big players, it’s all getting creepier and ever more dangerous. but sure: instead of mitigating climate change (too late now in any event, seemingly): just diddle w/ the genetic code of a chile to make it drought tolerant why not?

      down side of hybrids, of course is: no seed-saving, phooey. hugh grant is the ceo of…monsanto.

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