Please Salute: Clinton Proposes National Service Reserve


‘all hail hellory’ by anthony freda

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“Hillary Clinton on Friday called for the creation of a National Service Reserve, an initiative she said would allow 5 million mostly young people to serve their cities and states on a wide array of projects on a part-time basis.

Speaking in grand terms and invoking her Methodist faith, the Democratic presidential nominee said the issue of service to others is among those “closest to my heart” and would be “a vital aspect of my presidency.”

Hillary Clinton’s new endeavor would be modeled after the Armed Forces Reserves, which allows participants “to make a high-impact contribution, while still building careers and pursuing their dreams in other ways,” she said.

After receiving some “basic training,” those in the services reserves could be called upon to help respond to natural disasters, public health campaigns or other projects.

“For me, service is about fulfilling the instruction of my Methodist faith,” Clinton said. “‘Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.'”

♪Be all you can be…in my arrrr-ar-ar-my!♫  Be one of the 5,250,000 Points of Light that you want to see-ee-ee-ee!♪

Now the Post notes that Clinton has been trying harder to appeal to millennials, especially given that they voted so often for the Bern in the primaries.  Also noted is that she premiered this ‘Reserve’ in Saint Lucie County, FL, which is home to a ‘sizable number of African American and Latinos.  Clinton says that the program will be open to all (can someone gimme a Hallelujah?) but will have a ‘special focus’ on people between 18 and 30.

Her Nibbs had earlier announced plans to triple, I tell you triple…the numbers of her hubbie’s AmeriCorps slots to a quarter million, and doubling, I tell you, doubling the ‘financial reward’ to $23,000 for only three years service!  Can someone do the math for me?

Now the intrepid sleuth Nancy Hanover at recently added 2 and 2, and came up with the equivalent of: Holy crow!  This dovetails perfectly into the Atlantic Council’s recent paper: The Future of the Army.  Earlier wsws coverage (h/t jason) of that gem notes the massive coming wars and deadly destruction with other ‘great powers’ (Roosia, China, tra la la), and the coming global dystopia characterized by spiraling inequality, economic precarity, endless war,  breakdown of ‘order’, etc., the report also calls for:

“Finally, there must be active preparations for an intervention—or even takeover—by the military in the event of what the report calls a “breakdown of civil order”—a euphemism for the emergence of a political challenge from below to the domination of the ruling class. The Atlantic Council notes that “the large-scale disruption of civil order…would almost certainly engage much of the Army in providing extensive support to civil authorities throughout the country.”

Hanover writes:

“Indeed, such proposals—always of a militarist character—have periodically arisen in the US, but are now receiving significant political traction. In fact, National Service fits in with the outlook and aims outlined in the recent Atlantic Council document The Future of the Army. Among other measures, the policy paper calls for an expansion of military personnel, both career and part-time. It suggests the creation of an Army Civilian Volunteer Auxiliary Corps, an idea not dissimilar to the National Service Reserves.

With an eye to the “age of perpetual war” and social breakdown at home, The Future of the Army states, “The lines between military and civilian, active and reserves, volunteers and retirees need to become far more blurred.”  (She must have read the pdf, good on her.)

“In other words, policymakers are demanding the militarization of large swathes of American society, with millions of “reservists” on call for military duties. The report also cautions, the Army must “address how to bring large numbers of new recruits into a growing force” and identify “the talents it might want to rapidly access if the Selective Service were to institute a draft.”

National Service, even if at first voluntary, would mark a step in this direction. In fact, Clinton’s concept has been developed by General Stanley McChrystal, the career four-star general responsible for five years of war crimes in Afghanistan, together with the high-level American think-tank The Aspen Institute.

In the wake of the huge support for Bernie Sanders among young people coupled with a rising combativity within the working class, Clinton’s plans dovetails not only with the interests of the financial elite to prepare for new wars, but especially to enable the promotion of American nationalism and militarism as a battering ram against a rising class consciousness.”

Talk about stealth mind-shaping (h/t Comrade Rax), eh?

Hanover goes on to describe an article promoting mandatory National Service in Education Magazine written by James H. Stone, a man with serious Wall Street bona fides—a former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission now running a billion-dollar insurance group, in which he concludes that it’s the sole answer to the major issues in Amerikan education, acting as a wake-up call in a divided nation, bringing pride, compassion, and national unity.  She then paraphrases Clinton BFF Stanley McChrystal’s similar call to arms at Politico, then speaks of his Franklin Project and its illustrious board full of the usual neo-con suspects…  Hanover ends with:

“Doubling down on the point that the crisis of capitalism is bringing American society to the breaking point, McChrystal emphasized, “The danger of inaction should be clear. Tensions and violence in cities across America are reminders of how quickly communities can erupt with an absence of social trust. Dallas, St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Orlando, following on the heels of Ferguson, Baltimore, and Chicago illustrate a disheartening reality.” McChrystal concluded his July 2016 Atlantic article by calling on the presidential candidates to adopt National Service as a policy solution. It appears Clinton answered the call.

The militarization of the labor force—“blurring the lines” between civilian and military personnel—and the use of nationalistic propaganda to “bind the nation” are not new concepts. The 20th century and its two world wars have provided us with the tragic outcome of these outlooks. Young people must turn to the working class and fight to unite it internationally as the great oppositional force to put an end to this rapacious system and construct a new socialist society.”


by anthony freda

Moar Clinton Perfidy Against Peace (h/t Comrade Rax): ‘Plan Colombia Vindicated: Colombia Rejects Peace’, by Roger Harris at Counterpunch.  (Harris is on the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party, the only ballot-qualified socialist party in California.)

“The right-wing had been threatening activists – many had already been assassinated – to disrupt the peace process. Hence our delegation of North Americans to accompany targeted Colombian  activists to provide them some protection by raising their international visibility. The Alliance for Global Justice along with the National Lawyers Guild came to Colombia at the invitation of FENSUAGRO, an agrarian workers federation,  Marcha Patriotica, a large progressive coalition, and Lazos de Dignidad, a human rights organization.

The accords would have ended the 52-year civil war – the longest in modern history. The FARC’s position during the intense four years of negotiations in Havana with the Colombian government was there could be no peace without justice. That it makes no sense to end the armed conflict if the conditions that generated that conflict were not addressed. The accords accordingly had provisions for agrarian reform, political participation for the insurgents, transitions from an illicit drug economy, and reparations for victims of the conflict.

Today Colombia voted against peace and against that hope.

The Obama administration, while giving lip service in support of the peace process, has massively increased lethal aid and transfer of the latest military technology to the Colombian government under the rubric of Plan Colombia. Presumptive president-elect Hillary Clinton has been on the campaign trail stomping for Plan Colombia as the world model for the military subjugation of those who oppose the extension of the US neoliberal empire.

The October 2nd  “no” vote on peace in Colombia will have repercussions around the world.”

Human Rights Watch helped kill the peace deal as well, but that’s a story for another day.


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  1. “my methodist faith.” whether he’s in heaven or that other place, i’m sure John Wesley just threw up in his own mouth. just a bit.

    mother nature, a la matthew, may have a different story though, no?
    if they could see my thought dreams, i’m sure they’d put my head in a guillotine…bobby d.

    • well now, wait a minute. right there in the wiki it days: ‘’Under Wesley’s direction, Methodists became leaders in many social issues of the day, including prison reform and the abolition of slavery.” i’m just almost sure i’d seen a headline claiming that she’s gonna quit taking epic campaign contributions from CCA (corrections corporation of america) and the like, so jeez, whaddaya want? and i know she’s telling incarcerated black and brown political prisoners that she’ll commute their sentences once elected.

      but doggoneit, mon; you never said which on of those organizations you’ll be anglin’ for. me, i reckon i’ll go wid the new one, cuz a) we might get to guard commies and other pinko in fema camps, and b) the unies are prolly better than those silly americorps ones wid oval patches, eh? plus mebbe ya get the kewl hair gel to go spikey with, no?

      on edit: ‘member when i showed y’all the photo of jacqueline rabbit praying at the doggies rock? just typing ‘doggoneit’ made me ping: i wonder if she’s dyslexic, and thinks she’s prayin’ to God, not doG? ya reckon?

      • But doesnt being president of a temperance society make one suspect? And Methodism? Isnt that (proto) Taylorization, Fordism of the soul?

  2. Neocon Propheteers fraudulently canonized to forestall the “fight to unite [the proletariat] internationally”.

    This to be your future mindset under hegemonster dominion. All hail Neocon!


    • hooray! i may get to punch some hippies yet!!! think they’ll let me in? hanover says the Queen will seek corporate financing for the New Reserve Corp; shoot, the unies might have walmart patches, or mebbe wells fargo or BP; yahoo!

      • “think they’ll let me in?”. But comrade, it’s what you will do to avoid “a boot stamping on [your] human face — forever.”

        • whooosh; i got caught in neo-con mind-shaping there for a time, sorry. zzzzleeep and watching the ava duVernay trailer helped me outta it.

          oh, guess reading some of the red queen’s secret speeches at wikileaks mightta helped, too. ;-) some are so hilarious i’m thinking of doin’ a bit of a storify of them.

  3. When the American producer makes a film, he has certain definite ideas he wants to express, which are not intended to be propaganda. Rather, the propaganda element is in the American way of life with which he is permeated and which he expresses in his film without realizing it. We see here the force of expansion of a vigorous society, which is totalitarian in the sense of the integration of the individual which leads to involuntary behavior.”
    — Jaques Elul

    But this exculpation is not believable. Either our best auteurs are incapable of radical pedagogy or we only get compradors, whether regretful, “pragmatic”, or born again.

    By his brilliance, Nazi von Braun escaped mindshaping and could at last reveal

    with tears filling his eyes every time he said [to me] that the last card they are holding is the ‘alien card,’ the extraterrestrial card and none of them are hostile.

    In any way he could say those words, the intonation was always on, ‘None of them are hostile. It’s all a lie.’

    Poor compradors. The truth cannot be spoken until the last.


    • i’ll leave this one alone in hopes that jason might respond; it’s in his bailiwick, not mine. i’ve seen very few films, and he does film via spyculture, iirc.

      funny how that exact same j ellul quote verbatim showed up here. i sure don’t buy all this guy’s BS, or even most of it, but he’s got some fascinating stuff on film (not that you can really tell from this article cuz you know…”they live”…low-hanging fruit on the “esoteric analysis” side.)

      • That’s where I lifted the quote. Since I have been mulling over this mind shaping idea, it was worth commentary. I find “the fish knows nothing of water” not credible, specially as metaphor for creatives in society. It’s probably a Gallic put-down.

        As I understand, Jay and his coterie are some flavor of conservative and not anti-capitalist; I’m not surprised his analysis is glitchy. Occasionally, though, something of his carries its intrigue well.

        • i ran across him when he was a guest at’s smackdown of The Men who Stare at Goats & started reading his movie reviews. to make a mishmash of some statements from spyculture: there is no spycraft, there is no statecraft, there is no witchcraft,* there is only stagecraft. (*as in the Halloween, oogah boogah stuff. though it is fascinating how people like Ian Fleming & Aleister Crowley get along so nicely. and the intel services involvement in cultivating “esoteric” “spiritualities” like Scientology.) Stagecraft: the manipulation of consciousness thru dramaturgical methods. Being the bastard orphan step-child of people like Edward Bernays, this country is drowning in such manipulation. Pretty soon, every molecule of existence will have an electronic billboard/RFD nano-bot in it. no cerebral neuron will be allowed to fire w/o first hearing a Geico commercial or whatever.

          But b/c Jay Dyer at jaysanalysis seems rather paranoid about some things (feminism? gays? the utterly impotent UN? girlfriend, please) i don’t know how much to swallow of his interest in manufactured mass casualty events. there’s definitely something there (just look at that recent Atlantic Council thing. just gloating at the possibilities for violence such chaos presents.) and weather-warfare, HAARP & super-duper Tesla tech & all that? Lord knows they are tryin’. no doubt about that. probably prudent to take some of these villains’ self-promotion w/a dump truck of rock salt.

          • I mostly see Jay’s stuff when it’s on the 21st Century Wire feed. He probably shares their politics on AGW:

            The 21st Century Wire – “News for the Waking Generation”, was officially launched in Dec 2009 at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, initially as a vehicle to expose the mythology behind global warming and climate change, and has since expanded coverage to include exposés on intelligence, foreign policy, the war on terror, technology and Wall Street.

            Is there no science-magic also? I’d like to know the genealogy of these critics re the Birchies, Larouchies, Eustace Mullins-ites, etc.

            Funny he used Elul’s characterisation of a vigorous, totalitarian American society. I thought this section of the political tree concentrated on corruption by foreign influence.

            • weekends are full of honeywdews and other ‘dews’ for mie, but briefly: does it matter all that much on the genealogy? there’s always been that point where the uber-right meets the…dunno what you call it. by way of ‘the truth’? nah, but can the work stand on its own? but are you saying that ‘they’ believe climate changed isn’t human caused (unless it’s by way of geo-engineering’)?

              by the by, the journalist who’s exposed another f’ed, hegemon supported NGO the white helmets’ is carried there. she also has a new avaaz one on syria in which se posts all seven hunred yards of eva bartlett’s work at wrong kind of green. sometimes, isn’t it down to where someone can be heard, get interviewed? i’ve lost her avvaz one, but you don’t need it. ;-)


              • Does it matter? Of course their ideology matters. Isn’t it funny that Dyer quotes Elul on the insulation of the totalitarian Amurkan mind yet we don’t get a clear read on their own ideology?

                The ultra-right meeting the (commies?) is a deception of centrists; to the centrists they’re both enemies. The “centrist” elite will divide the right and left then fake a third enemy of all – the joint “extremists” to put radicals beyond consideration.

                I really haven’t taken the time to listen to their opinions on climate change. What I have heard is detrimental to their credibility, basically being a continuation of their “it’s all propaganda” theme. This worries me in regard to Beeley, et al – not to dismiss them, but to be concerned that the truth we desperately crave may be contaminated.

                I do not imply that they reject AGW and not climate change. I never hear the myths they are rejecting, only that people are fools for believing them.

                Yes, can the work stand on it’s own? Henningsen does appeal to objectivity by calling his org a newswire but what is the reason that it was birthed with an agenda yet it has effectively abandoned that?

                Still wondering.

                • ron paulites: no war; trotskyites: no war.

                  is your bolded section from Hennington at their website? can’t comment much further on it; beeley is the only one there i do trust. yep, tarzie paraphrased: ‘is everything is a psyop?.

                  and the funding of the White Helmets is not that hard to find; even mark toner…er…admitted the US portion. she also gets published a couple other places, including mint press news, which iirc, the friends of TI claimed is funded by iran, damming it t hell, of course.

                  • Yeah, the no war folks are the extremists. According to hegemonsters, war is the basis for unity. Paulites counter “war is a tool of oppression”. Trotskyites agree but counter that the working class must unite.

                    ? Who is tarzie? Webster Tarply?

                    The following comes from the description on this “Bunker Newsbreak“:

                    Patrick Henningsen takes charge of the Bunker Newsbreak.

                    I am from originally from Omaha, and currently based in London, and running my own website 21st Century Wire – currently a one man show but planning to organically grow the site, and am a regular Middle East analyst for Russia Today (RT) recently had a very controversial series of programs on UK TV covering the issues you touch every week. Presently I am planning to start my own internet radio show, and working on some documentary films, including Euro collapse and war in Syria.

                    The 21st Century Wire — “News for the Waking Generation”, was officially launched in Dec 2009 at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, initially as a vehicle to expose the mythology behind global warming and climate change, and has since expanded coverage to include exposés on intelligence, foreign policy, the war on terror, technology and Wall Street. Besides demonstrating freedom speech and thought, one of the main intentions of 21st Century Wire is to empower readers by giving them the tools to decode mainstream propaganda. Inspired by sites like, we try to offer a historical perspective on contemporary issues and where possible, provide strategic reference links throughout our content- allowing you the reader to delve deeper into the issues- if you so choose…

                    • unity is the subtext of this ‘Reserve’ op, no? but ah, tarzie. he’s retired now to enjoy life. he says he’s a media critic, an oh yes, he is. having truck with him means to the greater ‘left’ (?) that one has crossed the rubicon and should not be allowed to interact w/ polite society. ;-)

                      and yes, i’ll try to beware-beeley, but i really dunno what that entails.

                    • Yeah, of course, unity through war and war prep is hegemonster “compassion” and fraud. I vaguely remember the Rancid Honeytrap. Never heard of him as gatekeeper. Hooray, another one bites the dust?

                      It entails double checking, at least, comrade.

                  • blowing someone’s head off both is & is not a psyop. to the bullet’s recipient, it’s insulting to say this is “just a psyop.” but pour encourager les autres, yes, it’s *also* a psyop. in the organized criminality of the state, as opposed to the petty criminality of the individual, every crime operates on two levels: psyop, affecting victim(s) more indirectly, and the actual victim.

                    • although that’s bit esoteric for me, if this is about tarzie’s question, i think he was referring more to media ops, NGOs of the most questionable kind (some must not be, dunno), and so on. he’s asked me/us if wikileaks were’ i’d given him a tweet i’d thought one of those he calls ‘tankies’ (they may say rather ‘red’) had tweeted, i’d thought in favor of that. reading the same folks’ comments on the new clinton emails, i think i had it wrong.

                  • Jah. There’s confirmations. And there’s a number of other people reporting back from Syria at outlets associated with Henningsen, but not with her coverage. But still, beware.

              • “but are you saying that ‘they’ believe climate changed isn’t human caused (unless it’s by way of geo-engineering’)?” bingo. it’s HAARP that’s deforesting Ukraine right now, doncha know? and the Jet Propulsion Lab Cabal causing ocean acidification, not the structure of the economy. and those algal blooms in your local swimming holes? Evil. frickin’. Scientists. and those earthquakes in Oklahoma? not hydrofracking, which is as natural as mother’s breast milk.

                instead of the Joos or the bankers or the international communist conspiracy or the Black Pope (the Jesuit behind the papal throne) , it’s the more nebulous NWO that has total control of everything.

                • kill me now; i just found nomad seems to have left here on accountta i found geo-engineering and it’s many and quite various ‘proofs’…beyond the pale. but he’s found now, and seems happy enough.

                • Crap. Has this come out of Henningsen’s mouth or does he leave that to his associates?

                  If so it’s great that he’s been driven to support the Syrian exposés but that’s shitty baggage.

  4. Locals in Fort Pierce reported ( and they needed) her putting their Lake Okeechobee’s water quality/ecosytemic collapsing reversal “closest to (her) heart” (Teh wimmins LIED; Again, ma!). I read nothing of her national service sortie, but I can tell Millennials it’s a fraudulent “methodist”, Aunty-lyin’ TRAP, and More0f a ‘Methodical March to Genocide’! This is the same BS pulled on many of US in Civil Air Patrol, NROTC, et al in the Viet Nam ESCALATION to genocide in SE Asia!! (And STILL Being perped by the same Poppy Bush opium farmer who came up with teh “Thousand Points 0f Light”, equally Hyperbolically HYPOCRITICAL crap!!!). Be all you CANT Be, Hellory; InDeed .

    • yeah, i kinda appropriated poppy bush’s ‘thousand points of light’; seemed fitting, no? but she said in fort pierce that rubbish about okeechobee’s restoration bein’ ‘closest to her heart’? how many hearts does she have, anyway? thanks for the cue:

  5. My first reading of this report is that here we go with Peace Corps/Vista v. 3.0 and Americorps v. 2.0. You can read the neo-con and neoliberal uses of both of those from the records of those programs, but to Millennials they might seem as employer of last resort while waiting for the economy to turn up. And to Democrats, they seem like yet another attempt to recapture the Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration (WPA), and other New Deal programs to put people out of work back to work.

    Which raises an interesting point that Nancy Isenberg raises in White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America. The absence of productive work was the measure of who was white trash, refuse, and all the other pejoratives for the lowest classes of whites (BTW not at all the folks that Clinton is labeling “deplorables”-those more often are petit bourgeoisie who have moved backward in the last 3 decades). But character and psychology were projected onto people who were dealing with changing society. The developers of chartered colonies sought to draw off those made unproductive from the end of feudal obligations and the enclosure of the land. They sent them to colonies in America (and Australia, Canada, and New Zealand) where they were to be used as workers. But African slaves were more profitable and the Europeans remained subsistence classes until the arrival of industry and capitalism, except to the extent they could produce export crops in prosperous years for the export market. No need for “service” when there is a possible subsistence economy.

    The Great Depression collapsed both capitalist farms and capitalist industry; that is, debt played a large role in idling production. With that sort of gridlock, not having a “service” program that put people to work perpetuated the collapse of market demand and created potential social unrest. But still, you had the tramps, hobos, Okies, and other labels of discrimination against those who were not being productive.

    Argue whether the CCC and other New Deal programs created the trained skills in “followership” that allowed the US to ramp up quickly in World War II. I think there is room for analysis there.

    And it is clear that the Peace Corps was not the straight-forward service force that many Peace Corps volunteers expected. A friend of mine was bounced for objecting to Saudi slave raids by helicopter into Ethiopia. Others in the Peace Corps have written about how they were rigged into covert or intelligence operations. And the prime job of VISTA workers was to ensure that there was not politicization of fundamental issues of economic justice and civil rights. They were attached either to local governments or local NGOs.

    If Clinton’s proposal for national service has been developed by Stanley McChrystal, it has been developed by a general that President Obama cashiered for insubordination and essentially for failing to deliver the results of a plan he committed to–an interesting redemption.

    So Anthony Freda has illustrated the immaculate heart of Hillaria Regina.

    • African slaves were more profitable and the Europeans [were yet maintained as] subsistence classes

      Just imagine how the slaves would have reacted if crapitalists had genocided their betters. Maybe white trash owe more to niggers than anyone dares admit?

      not having a “service” program that put people to work perpetuated the collapse of market demand and created potential social unrest.Thus Roosevelt’s faux hatred of “organized money” was backed by fear of commies and socialists; that’s why the hysteric recht wing tarred him with commie infiltration.

      “the trained skills in “followership” {…] allowed the US to ramp up quickly in World War II”; i.e. if Roosevelt had not so stalled unrest, he might have risked Amurka’s imperialist apogee.

      As punishment, McChrystal got a high profile shit-job.

    • African Slaves were more profitable and the Europeans [were yet maintained as] subsistence classes

      Just imagine how the slaves would have reacted if crapitalists had genocided their betters. Maybe white trash owe more to ‘niggers’ than anyone dares admit?

      not having a “service” program that put people to work perpetuated the collapse of market demand and created potential social unrest.

      Thus Roosevelt’s faux hatred of “organized money” was backed by fear of commies and socialists; that’s why the hysteric recht wing tarred him with commie infiltration.

      the trained skills in “followership” {…] allowed the US to ramp up quickly in World War II

      I.e. if Roosevelt had not so stalled unrest, he might have risked Amurka’s imperialist apogee.

      As punishment, McChrystal got a high profile shit-job.

      WD here: i put n*ggers in quotes for ya; hope the reasons are obvious.

    • well, sure; that’s what she, mcChrystal, are hopin’ for: that these would be *seen* as stop gaps *ahead of* the employer of last resort: military service, plus signing bonuses for those in deep debt already. now i’m gonna have to go with the fusion of ‘the lines between civilian and military needin’ to be blurred, myownself.

      i let teh google calculator do the math on the americorps pay; it comes out to
      $638.888888889 a month. a damned sight better than the CCC (NE history: $15-$25 /mo), but in any even: not much. dunno how the 5 million reserve would shake out financially, but you really do expect an upturn in the economy? but even re: the CCC, my thoughts inevitably turn to all those ‘shovel-ready jobs’ the con artist-in-chief threw money at: highways, and all the money went to yuuuuge concerns that hired about zero working class stiffs, save mebbe some flag gurls ‘n boyz, right?

      cool history from the isenberg book, but is it applicable in the now? yes to the stories of peace corps workers being turned into spooks, ugh and ish. kewl valentine, no? oh, that freda….

      • Construction contractors are the folks who were hiring those undocumented Mezzicans that Trump is griping about. When local governments shovel, we know what they tend to shovel.

        Yes indeed we white trash are still with us. Yes, applicable to the now and even some of the slurs and rationalizations are still the same and also the dogwhistles to keep the lessers from bettering the bessers.

        Rax is right about FDR’s motivation. He was not exactly pleased either with the Southern textile strike or the organization of the UAW or the CIO. Funny how the national guard that put down the Southern textile strike, Gastonia, River Rouge and other flashpoints of the late 1930s never got nationalized like Little Rock AR and Oxford MS. It was almost like the coordinated response to Occupy Wall Street.

        Freda should keep doing what he’s doing. Good stuff.

        • i hadn’t made myself clear as to the current applicability, esp, concerning ‘subsistence economy’, which i may have erred in believing you thought a Reserve force could be part of. but this: “…that is, debt played a large role in idling production. With that sort of gridlock, not having a “service” program that put people to work perpetuated the collapse of market demand and created potential social unrest” i don’t think would be helped whatsoever w/ the pittances that would be ‘doled out’ to the millions. yeah: “somebody get me a cheeeezeburger!

          more from hanover; i couldn’t copy it all that adds fuel, imo, to the ‘blurred lines’ theory: “Clinton’s adoption of the McChrystal program is not surprising. As secretary of state, she found common cause with the general against Obama on the military policy, including on sending more soldiers to Afghanistan. As one of her aides revealingly observed, “She likes the nail-eaters—McChrystal, Petraeus, Keane. Real military guys, not these retired three-stars who go into civilian jobs,” according to the Atlantic.”

          freda’s pretty dada-esque, isn’t he?

          oh, yes, i understand we Rabble are still Trash. my understanding of fdr’s motivation was that his social programs were by way of (ahem) thanks that the IWW suspended strikes ‘for the war effort’; they were making some pretty big dents in the industrial economy, no?

          on edit: my understanding is that almost all the millions, buillions, went to Federal Highwys, not state or local, meaning giant road contractors, yuuuuge hot tar heaters, mixers, paving machines: no unskilled labor, thanks, save for Flaggers. and it fit w/ federal law that requires traffic to move at X mpr ‘in case of national emergencies’.

          • Federal Highways even then were contracted through the state governments. Each went about it its own patronage-system way. North Carolina contracted creating to some major engineering and construction firms. South Carolina bought its own equipment hired personnel and used chain gangs and created some very interesting local government relationships; a number of sole county commissioners were also the owners of the local asphalt and gravel company. The US highways were built and maintained by the states; the interstates too; still are.

            It builds patronage relationships with the current executive administration. Which is why Congress originally bargained each other for earmarks are runarounds of the executive-governor patronage to build patronage relationships with themselves.

            • i stand corrected, but you had mentioned ‘local’, and my experience at CDOT meetings was that there was an over-arching set of rules for state DOTs; grim history, i won’t stop to recount it. but at least some cronies got some contracts, and some chain gangs got some work. ;-)

  6. Obama’s [indicated] that Peace Colombia, which shares a name with a separate civil society initiative, will carry forward some of the militarized, security state policies from Plan Colombia. Such measures are included despite the fact that human rights organizations, including Amnesty International USA, have repeatedly called for a complete halt to U.S. military aid to Colombia over the state’s role in human rights abuses.

    It appears that the recht wing vetoed their concessions and the peasants affirmed theirs. Why should we be surprised?

    • ah, as far as i’m concerned, amnesty is also a compromised human rights NGO. as w/ HRW, the thing is: they get a few things right here and there. let me go dig up their marquee posters in libya.

      on edit: yeppers, here it is, tools of the Empire in so many ways.

      • Like all con men, they have to play both sides to maintain credibility. After Genghis Kagan spread his vi[ri]le islamophobia, he toned it back so the infected took the heat.

    • jeezum crow; any opinion/s? ‘Narco-State Terrorist Wins Nobel Peace Prize’ by Stephen Lendman

      • Terrorist wins peace prize and people reject peace?

        Most Colombian voters rejected ceasefire terms Santos and FARC-EP leader Rodrigo Londono agreed to by referendum.

        This might be a message authoritarians like but Lendman should have put more effort into explaining why voters rejected ceasefire.

  7. Ava Duvernay’s new documentary emphasizes the “lawn mowing” of black radicals which afforded lesser evil Clinkton room to boost Amurka’s neo-slave population.

    Trump represents a paradigm shift on the right. Demagoguery has always been an authoritarian principle (with they project upon their enemies should they become too “populist”. Trump is a con man by principle and his lies are accomodated not because they are credible but because he is incredible. He symbolizes fraud as a means to power.

    The more effective evil commands an epidemic of hypocrites instead of cynics.

  8. This is an excellent thread and I tend to adhere to what has been posted by our good friend, TarheelDem.

    At present, I have go and address a couple of “honey doo’s” and when completed, I will return and post my thoughts to what I consider to be relevant to this topic.


  9. Yeah, I got yer Please Salute analogy, Like Poppy; like the Jeb! Is UP ! But yes, teh Hilbotomized wimmins in Fort Pierce failed to report her actual detestable deployment of a national service (read, DRAFT), (re)establishment !! A Bushel 0f Despicable; all By HerBAD$elf !!!

    • well, it was the ‘lights’ i’d borrowed; no matter. but ye gods ‘n little fishes. i’d had to ask mr. wd if jeb had thrown his hat in the ring for prez. he assured me he had, and was knocked out. er…would you enjoy it if i put a wikileaks storify of some of the newer er…leaks? some stuff comes from those secret speeches if i’m getting it, some from old panetta emails, but srsly, some of it’s great fun.

  10. Right! Er, left! Er, Queen HELL considers US liberals “a bucket of losers”!! Hellaryous, InDeed !!! (Despicable she’s bushels of compartmentalization, I guess).

  11. Good docu on Netflix: The Witness. Shows ubermensch Abe Rosenthal of NYT perpetuated a fraudulent version of the Kitty Genovese story because he liked the myth of decadent New Yorkers.

    Ken Loach details BBC media suppression/propaganda:

  12. “if this is about tarzie’s question, i think he was referring more to media ops, NGOs of the most questionable kind (some must not be, dunno), and so on.” i can’t answer for wikileaks but that arkin fellow at cryptome (now, per chris floyd, a tankie for US R2P to eradicate the hitherto unheard of level of evil known as ISIS) says we only know what “they” wants us to know. i find that hard to believe, partly b/c “they” are not so monolithic (yeah, yeah, i know: sy hersh is being played by some faction w/in the deep state against another faction. So?) and is their security so impenetrable that outsiders only hack or discover what “they” want us to know? nah. i think that’s silly.

    anyway, from where i sit the BM Gates Foundation is largely, perhaps almost entirely, a psyop. 6 degrees of separation & all that. but in Africa et al b/c of its more direct *material*, not only ideological, but material impact on food, resources, etc., etc., it’s surely not “just a psyop.” i know these are not hard & fast distinctions, they are relative. but me listening to Bill G blather on about the wonders of GMO’s is not the same as some poor Indian being forced to eat GMO rice.

    probably long-winded & obvious, but it annoys me to hear “everything is a psyop.” yes & no. even on the media level, those lies occur in order to disguise or rationalize some other *material* assault & horror. always.

    • Quite possible that Henningsen abandoned “AGW is bullshit”. If the “NWO” follows more heinous paths of hegemonstrosity the paranoid may be forced to admit some limits to comprador freedom may be credible.

    • too late for me to follow you in so many directions, jason. empire burlesque is down, all i found w/ his name and arkin’s (don’t remember arkin) is this from the summer at CP. as i remember it, i’d put up a whole thread on ‘the left’ bailing on anti-war over syria/isil/daesh..

      i put up a thread about sy’s er…alt story on bin laden, added tarzie’s which at least che pasa, maybe others here, endorsed. i was down w/ sy’s myself, cuz people have trusted him long, and talk about a psyop: the media put him in a straight-jacket for a long time..

      it’s fine you don’t think everything’s a psyop, even the question shows being too close to the forest for too long, yes? i don’t endorse it either, but as for gates (and the clinton foundation), i think they’re CONs rather than psyops, myself. the con is that if you announce every week what philanthropical (ha!) good deeds you’re funding, few question your motives or profits…or the ‘unintended consequences’ of your micro-loans (pierre), nestle products (clooney), ‘preventive’ disease jabs gone wrong (hpv?), or what have you. sorry i brought it up, really, as the concept’s relatively new to me.

      • let me amend this a bit. musing further, the psyop comes in by way of convincing the rubes that an oligarch billionaire or his/her lackeys are actually engaging in some sort of noblesse oblige while they profit handsomely from their grifts.

        • Or evangelizing compradors of the righteousness of their dark faith.

        • earlier comment to this was lost, so: precisely. even at the level of media, their propaganda operations exist to obfuscate or rationalize some other criminal horror. always. otherwise, why the absolute need to lie about something? the propaganda component, “the psy-op”, can have multiple audiences. E.g., the US bombing of Deir Ezzor, to the dead, is not a psy-op. it’s fucking murder. But to the US domestic audience & to the Russian & Syrian gov’ts, it does send a message. For the domestic audience, it’s a chance for Kerry & co to weep & wail about how sorry they are for the “accident” and how contrary it is to their truly golden humanitarian hearts. To the foreign gov’ts, who clearly don’t buy this BS but have a rather more sober assessment of the meaning of dead bodies piling up, it does *also* send a message: about US intentions, willingness to escalate, who the US really supports, etc.

          anyway, pulled from wsws today:
          In a secret speech at securities law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd in San Diego on September 4, 2014, Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bragged that she “represented and worked with” so many on Wall Street and “did all I could to make sure they continued to prosper.” Clintonism causes Trumpism. the only reason this guy is not some petty, grubby bookie in a seedy bar is cuz of the policies of people like Clinton.

          • And vice-versa. But she’s the Evil Maat’s Queen, und die Kuckucks’ Mutter.

            HO. HO. HO.

          • The PsyMess being: vote for Papa and we give it to you hard; vote for Mama and we give it to you easier.

            • Big Brother AND Big Sister

              • [Blair says] Donald Trump’s friendships are not like yours and mine.

                BLAIR: They’re transactional. They’re always transactional and only transactional.

                Mutter’s Dad

                [Hugh] Rodham was a staunch supporter of Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign and remained a committed Republican until his death. Even after his daughter married Democrat Bill Clinton, he (according to Bill Clinton) “never gave up hope that his son-in-law would join him in the Republican Party and support a cut in the capital gains tax.”

                HA HA HA HA HA.

                Brother-King, sister-Queen, to the aristocracy, incest is always best.

          • thank you; i think i’ve got it. and i put up a ho’ post about the clinton/podesta emails, secret speeches, etc., a bit ago. i had sooo much trouble making the Tweetie birds not evaporate, it took me longer than i’d anticipated. now i’m a bit behind the 8-ball on needed chores. back as i can. oh: and as per my haste, i recognize i’ll have to read this again. ;-)

  13. i mailed this thread to anthony freda; he wrote back: “How is possible that world just keeps getting madder and madder?

    The Earth is giant insane asylum.”

    yes, and the loonies are in charge! nurse ratched, where[s chief broom when we need him? or the ghost of randall mcMurphy? ;-)

    • Commune with Stefan Zero, who left us saying, “I think it better to conclude in good time and in erect bearing a life in which intellectual labour meant the purest joy and personal freedom the highest good on Earth.”

      All who labor for the transference of slavery to others make our home a mad gulag.

  14. Months ago and at the outset of the first Republican primary debate for the17 announced candidates, I described this effort as a Celebration of Conservative Failure, and simultaneously predicted a ‘blow out’ election favoring Hillary Clinton.

    And after watching yesterday’s evening debate, I still hold onto this view.

    And since I a member the Progressive Coalition comprised of European Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and Chicanos, this election has been concretized as a semblance for “white privilege” and personified via Donald Trump. Thus, today’s politics is the useless but simple-minded approach to Entertainment.

    As to my Coalition, and in particular from here in my wonderful Sonoran Desert, we have yet to come together, and where we can create an Agenda that harkens back to the LBJ’s War on Self-Empowerment. If so, then we will, subsequently, begin to address the multitude of issues that enshrined 198 pieces of legislation into public law. Take, for example, on women’s reproductive rights, this legislation should read: “Governments—federal, state, county and municipal—will not interfere with a woman’s reproductive rights.” Therefore, these 14 words on “self-restraint’ tells of our fortuitous future together.

    And yet, for these past many years, our advocating for an iconic Academic-Military Draft is now being challenged by a National Service Review. Alas, a diminished intellectual challenge being offered by the camouflaged corporatists.

    Need more be said?


    • Reserve, Comrade. National Service Reserve. Is your draft preferable because everyone is threatened or because you have a larger “service” in mind?

      I think the world wishes the loser of this election be American democratic Hubris.

    • Pater plumps the teat but Mutter gets the devotion.

      “Progressives” are so weaned and irredeemable, too.

    • In this current environment how could such a proposal not be or quickly become a form of military service? “we need to put tha kidz to werk so we can beet the Chineez at tha maff/sciunce. And i ain’t crazy about them winnin’ all our spellin’ beez neether!” demonstrate your utility to society and we’ll give you a *loan*? hell, they’ll give you a loan anyway.

      and isn’t there a more fundamental problem here? we invest in people, esp. young people, based on their utilitarian outputs?

      and, given that the planet is dying b/c of crude capitalist utilitarianism, then isn’t “investing in people” (hate those words) for absolutely non-utilitarian purposes in order? you know, that vast army of the “unemployed” that capitalism demands, creates and lets rot? fudge, if i were getting paid to post on this here blog…

      • when you reach your utilitarian level here, i will pay you my standard &1.99 and add a cheeezeburger a week.

        at the WaPo article announcing this Reserve, the folks saying that if someone’s unemployed, they’re just not tryin’. sure did piss me off. ♫love is all around…♪♪

  15. Lenin:

    for revolution to happen, it’s not enough that people don’t want to live as before; it’s also necessary that the rulers can’t rule in the old way


    [These] are necessary, but not sufficient conditions. There is no organized revolutionary party, armed with a radical ideology, that could mobilize the masses and overthrow the old regime. So we still have time to figure out how to get out of this mess without piling up lots of dead bodies, which is the most common way in which structural-demographic crises are resolved.

    And the Queen’s preference.

    • The Palmer raids came after WWI. War comes first, then the round up. “Humanitarian”, war-friendly liberals are hypocrites and con men.

    • Turchin’s paraphrase is surely opportunistic. For the people to apply their will, the rulers can’t rule in their new way either. Turchin pretends “we” (the compradors?) have time to avoid the violence of revolution and neglects that greater violence is the path of rulers in crisis.

      Will compradors find a non-violent solution? HA HA HA HA HA HA. That is typical comprador delusion.

    • wot? it would kill you to explain who turchin is, and provide some context? (also, i’m not a big fan of blockquotes; on busy threads they take a hella lot of space. just a hint, not an order…)

      i dunno about violent v. non-violent, but yes; they’re killing us. reality checker keeps reminding peeps about that at ian welsh’s, and wants to take some of ’em out ‘in defense’. asymmetrical warfare, he names it. for one thing, ‘they’ have the 101st airborne, metaphorically speaking. also the cautionary tales of robespierres, not to mention who gets the revolution going first, or demagogues it…in the middle, the end, etc.

      otoh, the zapatistas killed a few federales during their revolutionary takeover of a few towns, but whether in defense or not is argued still. and i do admire what they’ve created since.

      • Peter Turchin, son of Soviet cybernetician Valentin Turchin who believed we are being organized by the global brain and wrote:

        “We call the situations in which the law of divergence of trajectories manifests itself in an unquestionable, obvious way crises. In a crisis situation enormous chances in the state of the system depend on minute (on a system scale) factors. In such a situation the actions of one person, possibly even a single word spoken by the person, may be decisive. We are inclined to consider crisis situations rare, but we know many constantly operating factors that multiply the influence of a single person many times over. These are the so-called trigger mechanisms. Only a very slight effort is required to press the trigger or control button, but the consequences resulting from this action may be enormous. It is hardly necessary to say how many such mechanisms there are in human society.

        Nonetheless, the idea of the little person, this fig leaf with which we conceal in front of others the shame of our cowardice, does not give up without a struggle. Most people, the “little person” says, do not participate in crisis situations and do not have access to triggers.”

        Peter Turchin “is one of the founders of cliodynamics, the new scientific discipline at the intersection of historical macrosociology, cliometrics, and mathematical modeling of social processes. Turchin developed an original theory explaining how large historical empires evolve by the mechanism of multilevel selection.”

        But how well does Turchin Jr. model global empire declines? Does he even consider that the “old regime” has a first-strike policy?

        • ta for the info; i almost offered to play ‘twenty questions’. ;-) the rarity put me in mind of taleb’s ‘black swans’, the triggers: Mohamed Bouazizi (yep, i had to look up his name again, street vendor who self-immolated in dec. 2010 and sparked a revolution in tunisia. oddly, we never hear of tunisia now, do we?

          but ha! speaking of first strike capability (policy as well?): ‘CIA ‘Siren Servers’ can predict social uprisings 3-5 days in advance’

          “CIA Deputy Director for Digital Innovation Andrew Hallman announced that the agency has beefed-up its “anticipatory intelligence” through the use of deep learning and machine learning servers that can process an incredible amount of data.
          “We have, in some instances, been able to improve our forecast to the point of being able to anticipate the development of social unrest and societal instability some I think as near as three to five days out,” said Hallman on Tuesday at the Federal Tech event, Fedstival.
          This Minority Report-type technology has been viewed skeptically by policymakers as the data crunching hasn’t been perfected, and if policy were to be enacted based on faulty data, the results could be disastrous. Iraq WMDs?”

          (the rest is here; disinformation? i know my knees are quaking…)

  16. Comrade Rax,

    The Academic-Military Draft would permit an 18-year old, high school drop out or not, to enlist for three years. Consequently, 50% of time would be spent on the “military” mission and he remaining amount of time would be spent on the “academic” Mission.

    And upon discharge, the enlistee would have acquired, not only a discharge premised on hard work and self-discipline, but also have acquired a two-year college degree in General Studies and equivalent to an Associate of Arts Degree. Consequently, this enlistee could go to the Federal Reserve System and borrow the monies needed to complete his or her third and fourth year of academics.


    As such, Self-Empowerment of the first order.

    • Ah! A state disciplined and approved debtor. FDR would confirm that Wall Street should “serve” them so compradors can “socially invest” in them.

    • take out the military portion, mebbe, but is that where the ‘self-discpline and had work’ enter into the equation. but yours could have appeal across the aisle. me, i’d say: abolish all student debt, free college tuition to all (baraka/stein). are there caveats to the all? i’ve forgotten.

      funny, Rax.

  17. gotta love it:

    fascinating, but unsurprising

    (dec. 2015 ), esp. what follows: ‘In Speech, Clinton Discusses Threat from ISIS and Reiterates Her Plan to Defeat Global Terror’; solidarity with israel, iran’s extending its reach, delegitimizing israel’; love ya brookings, ‘israel a brave democracy’ (oh my, yes), pass a new aumf, etc. and:

    “We have to pursue a transition away from Assad and an intensified fight ISIS simultaneously. We’re not going to get Syrian opposition forces to fight ISIS in earnest without the credible prospect of a transition. And that’s going to take more pressure and leverage. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve proposed creating a no fly zone and safe havens, as well as more robust support for opposition forces.”

    ““And we can see how Israel’s search for security, stability, and peace goes hand-in-hand with the broader effort the United States must lead to secure and stabilize the Middle East.”

    amen, and happy first night of chanukah…

    • happy chanukah?!? lol, somebody slept thru her bat mitzvah. who ever heard of yom kippur? sounds so made up. at chanukah, don’t jews leave an extra space around the dinner table? for Santa Claus?

      it is amazing to listen to “adults” rationalize HRC’s actions in trying to destroy the lives of Bill’s liaisons while pretending to be ready to march on Trump tower b/c of sleazy & degrading (but quite common) frat boy comments he made. I don’t care that much to think about Kissinger’s sex life, but i always took that “power/aphrodisiac” thing as an expression of his a-sexuality. sex itself is too animal, too human. and looked at HRC the same way. Sex/childbearin’ for her was, in the words of Winston Smith, her “duty to the Party.” I could wiki Kissinger to see if he claims any Moloch mini-me munchkins, but the world is sad enough to contemplate already.

      • oh, tiddly-pom; i put the queen emails stuff on the wrong thread, although i’m battin’ a thousand today. washed my hair on the wrong day; this month it was s’posed to be even dates, arrrrg. but yeah, the reason i put the date up was to show why she’d said ‘light one candle for peace’ and all that. did you see her at aipac when she was running against O? ooooh, with james hagee of CUFI w/ reverb on his speakers? she is a true believer, i swear. scary biscuits.

        kissinger’s quote as an a-sexual; i can see that. and the Queen thinking of england? that, too. i was just at breitbart news (a past exposé there) for a new and groteque (imo) diary, and some folks were callin’ her ‘the lyin’ crooked cankles’. (formerly: piano legs slur, remember?)

        if i move these to the (ahem) correct thread, will ya wanto to bring your comment?

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