Got the Sham Election Day blues? Let’s Go Bowling!

You did remember to vote, didn’t you?  Remember: every vote counts©!  (Offer void in certain states, counties, and e-voting machines)

No matter which One of them ‘wins’ the Throne in the Big Top. we’ll be screwed. Some will keep living lives of quiet desperation…


The well-to-do will grin and bear it while living inside their gated communities trying to avoid the rabble outside the gates…  “Are there no prisons?  Are there no work houses?”


But there will always those who will Keep the Beacons lit..until springtime comes again, and the citizenry wakes the hell up and make their lives friction to jam the Machine that’s lasted too long.

light-in-the-summerhousePaintings by George Tooker, magical realist

Too many creamains today as there will be for a time, so for now: let’s go bowling!

and dancing!

Wooot!  I ♥ production numbers!  This must have taken hundreds of hours to piece together in synch (h/t bruce)…

Ant there’s always the night sky to make one feel…insignificant as all giddy-up.


Blessings to all of us, as well a a measure of grace.

Mexican proverb:

They tried to bury us…but they forgot that we’re seeds…

Playing for Change’s Peace through music project

119 responses to “Got the Sham Election Day blues? Let’s Go Bowling!

  1. “i’m glad to know he’s out there, takin’ it easy for all the rest of us sinners” the cowboy/stranger [sam neil] re: The Dude at the end of the Big L. doing stuff is sooooo overrated. all these Achievers and their plans & goals, screwin’ up the world for the rest of us.

    Come, thou monarch of the vine,
    Plumpy Bacchus with pink eyne!
    In thy fats our cares be drown’d,
    With thy grapes our hairs be crown’d:
    Cup us, till the world go round,
    Cup us, till the world go round!
    I might feel differently if i was in Flyoverville, but i’m looking forward to the remote possibility of waking up tomorrow to concern-furrowed brows & grimaces & hushed tones if Trump wins, as if they noticed for just the first time that one, or more, of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse is neighing and whinnying in their dreams. these pinnacles of world-historical insight didn’t notice the continuity b/n bush-clinton-bush-obama, what the hell do they know? i know, the world doesn’t revolve around me snickering at these overachievers, but still.

    there are no longer any spiritual questions. The only question is: when will i get blown up? – W. Faulkner’s 1950 Nobel speech.
    Let the world slide. We shall never be younger-Christopher Slye.

    • lol x3. dunno about flyoverville, but brown usians may shiver if the p*ssy man wins, but i’ll smile inside a bit on accountta…well, the rest of the planetary citizens and attilla the hen’s exceptional proclivities, plus as you say: the shock wake the fook up factor.

      did faulkner say that? bless his heart, not that i care when i get blown up, i just hope it’s in the first strike. (unlikely here, unless something goes srsly awry w/ geolocators….

      tacky of me not to offer an ‘offishul’ He/She-lection night thread, but so it goes. love will’s libation chant. but really i was comin’ back to say g’nite and confess that i peeked into the live coverage ant the paper of record. 104 to 170 then, which means that in a new york minute, everything can change, and in the morning, somebody’s goin’ to emergency, somebody’s goin’ to jail.

      • i peeked in too and part of me was hoping not to see what i saw. OHIO FOR TRUMP!!!!

        “all the new shit going on since that polio guy, what are colored folks getting so worked up about?” many a stunned caucusoid caucuser caucusing at the 1956 Iowa & White Mountain, NH caucuses.

        maybe trump being elected will compel some of us to turn off the TMZ celebrity/personality focus spotlights? look on the brite-lite side!

        • whooosh. i looked at, a bit ago, and nate was still predicting a 71% clinton chance. mr. wd just got home from his meeting, flicked on the tube, and he was on saying T 74% chance of winning. blowing the lid off red. holy shite. NC, FL, no call on PA, WI or MI. T is at 244. 270 wins. AZ still in play, tied in Pa now.

          well…is this the start of people taking down the stage curtains down? well, sleep well, you’re national guard is awake…

  2. It’s Trump. Just changes the strategy.

    Dicey ‏@dicey__ 30m30 minutes ago

    I don’t think there is any excuse for white leftists to continue arguing about race vs class. It’s clearly both, it always was. Get to work.

    Voter suppression in North Carolina was sufficient, but NC elected a Dem Governor by 3000 votes. Watch for a recount.

    Back to the movemental form of politics.

    And Comrade HaHaHa can enjoy the entertainment as the collapse begins.

    Oh, the polling was totally screwed. There’s one career that suddenly has become obsolete. Now on to the campaign consultants and lobbyists.

    • so who’s dicey, thd? what form did the voter suppression in NC take? the earlier ID issues, or at the polls or both? who would ask for a recount, the clinton campaign? she apparently conceded to trump by phone; will she concede publicly, or wait to consider recount asks?

      with this: “And Comrade HaHaHa can enjoy the entertainment as the collapse begins” are you suggesting that you’d rather have seen clinton win? was the collapse not happening already, and would she have reversed it? clearly she was advocating simpson/bowles again when in office, ttp privately, publicly not.

      guess what i’m asking is that on the trajectory the u.s. has been on for so long, wasn’t this revolt almost inevitable? and his win pretty much put paid to duopoly politics. T voters must have had far more incentive to vote, and it will be fascinating to see the post-mortem stats, but not opinions. those idiots on nbc were so clueless; first time i’d seen any of them in prolly ten years. peggy noonan? my stars.

      • Given that the revolt from the left was so brutally suppressed and the electoral revolt from the left was bureaucratically suppressed, yes the massive revolt from the far right was what remained as it usually is in capitalist countries.

        It is also a repudiation of the conservative intelligentsia that inhabit the comfortable jobs in think tanks, magazines, and publishing no matter how much some of them glom onto it. The rest were horrified by Trump. It was clarifying about the religious bona fides of Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. and now a bunch of local preachers.

        I’m in North Carolina, called often this year the tipping point state. There were no third party other than libertarians on the ballot. The Republican Party here are the folks that cooked up a bill to legalize discrimination. Yes, I voted the straight D ticket with open eyes about what the national ticket would bring.

        My issue with Trump is that I don’t know which Donald Trump will show up to be President–the one on the stump, the one at the debates, the one that gave his victory speech last night, or some other one. That means that I cannot guess what policies he might actually pursue other than more tax cuts for the rich (also a Clinton proposal) and building up the military. And repealing or reversing some part or all of Obamacare. I also don’t know how much he will drive policy or the political fights within the Republican caucus will drive policy. I fully expect McConnell to do what Reid refused for 10 years to do–completely eliminate the filibuster. I expect the House Republicans to get over their budget and appropriations paralysis and start sending cuts of taxes and spending through (except for the military).

        I see that your vote did not flip Colorado nor did Juliania’s flip New Mexico. No charges of spoilers for you two. Would love to have seen some coverage of Green local and state wins instead of a national percentage. But congrats on 1%. That is a step toward taking power within the gates by having enough people outside the gates.

        What is curious to me about Trump is his relationship to the deep state, the IC and national security agencies whose retired leaders so directly opposed him. Will Victoria Nuland suddenly retire or be consigned to some out-of-the-way posting? Will the remnants of the Bush era players be organized out of their current positions?

        BTW, on appointments, the Plum Book is already up in an amazing demonstration of Obama administration transparency. It’s part of one President’s way of easing the passage of another President called the Presidential Transition Directory:

        It is the list of current political appointment positions in the Obama administration from which the incoming President can organize his set of political appointments. It also shows which ones have to get Senate confirmation. For the denizens of DC, it’s a job hunting manual for the plum jobs. For the rest of us it’s a program with the team positions for Trump’s rewarding of those who helped him. As you well recognize, it’s not merit-based.


      We are Bar-Barians
      We are Bar-Barians
      No time for losers
      ‘Cause we are Bar-Barians of the world


      Socialism or Barbarism, comrade. Guess what those fucking compradors chose?

  3. good morning thoughts: first, holy hell, a revolt that the D’s didn’t see comin’, the blind hubristic fools. second, i wonder what team red queen thinks of their pied piper strategy now? we’ll likely never know if ‘america’s first black president’ and power/sex addict really asked T to run, but i would be interesting to know in order to be able to add into their Hubristic math.

    it’s one for the history books, and hard not to imagine that poli-sci departments everywhere will be offering classes on it next term, isn’t it? yep, nate silver: what can ya say? while i never could have voted for him, i have to say that i’m glad he won, and hope even a red congress can save him from his most dangerous domestic policies; guess we’ll see, won’t we?

    were i he, i’d pardon chelsea manning and julian assange straightaway, even if jerrilynn is correct that for that to happen, it implies sorta allocuting to a crime of which one hasn’t been convicted yet. she’d been speaking to the issue of the possibility of O pre-pardoning the not-queen before he heads out the door.

    the dems self-immolated, no one to blame but themselves in the end. will they even begin to admit that? prolly not, if the tools anchoring the election results on nbc last night are any indications. no matter how many ian welshes of the blogosphere pontificate about how T is ‘for the working class’, well, how silly is that? because he wants a wall? (no, they don’t say that so much), or opposes the corporate trade bills? will he keep to that, or has he already waffled; i’m out of touch even w/ the headlines.

    can working class movemental politics see the light in time? always being slaves of the Ds was a yuge part of why labor has been so easily discounted for so long. wsws has been reporting how many labor leaders have been shutting down strikes because: hellery. crap, a minimum wage bill passed in CO, but it was not much over 9 bucks, iirc. BFD. medicare for all failed 80/20, for cripes sake. mustta been a hella ad blitz by insurance companies.

    the clinton dynasty has been broken, so we likely won’t see chelsea sitting at the resolute desk, will we? and that’s a good thing.

    watching who T chooses both for his transition team and eventual cabinet will tell us some things, not others. did any of the elected federal Rs support him? yes, we can hear how he’ll enjoy saying ‘you’re fired’ as he creates his cabinet, or will some of O’s suit him well? how will the intel services and military respond? how much deep state mechanisms will just keep on regardless? that’s something i have no feel for, myself.
    his FP policies are rather inscrutable, but many say that war w/ russia won’t happen, but what about the proxy wars, and china. the S china sea, and so forth. with clinton, we knew what we’d get; with T it’s up for grabs, and projection (people painting his canvas for him) will be epic.

    yeah, i bet a hella lot of black and brown people are flipping their zoris; i would be, too. as is the EU collectively, of course. zo: four states are still undecided, but w/ 276 electoral votes, orangutan man’s got it.

    dunno who @dicey is, but i’m not amused by his screaming at assange whatsoever. he’s doing ‘the Ds are the good guys’ rubbish, as far as i can tell. and: the DOW ha crashed!’ yeah, that’s been part of the problem, dicey, and well, they’re not the good guys, unless one prefers god, gays, and guns and other identity politics. i do hope that the fbi and irs do in fact srsly investigate the clinton foundation soon; that organization has been corrupt as hell, although again: not according to partisan Ds; are there any other kind?

    @juliania: mr. wd quipped that we who voted green are now 1%

    • Ha ha, yes, we are the 1%! I don’t really mind – I think it’s how far the abhorrence and disgust with anyone adhering to ‘Democratic’ principles got tainted by the current regime. It wasn’t sufficient to be promoting ‘old’ Democratic principles – throw the blighters out meant Jill as well.

      This time around I don’t mind it too much, particularly if it turfs out all the people we shudder at – and the weak protests that ‘Bernie would have been better’ – ai! ai! ai! That’s just the Bernie you wish he was, not the Bernie he IS. The Bernie he IS is as tainted and flawed as all the rest of them, and proved it when he gave in to Hillary.

      But just thinking (and hoping) that Samantha Powers will be GONE, not to mention the big “C”s – well, I’m sure there will be others we’ll love to hate, but whee!

      In New Mexico, the reverse was true for local politics because we all love to hate the Republican regime in the Roundhouse these days, and are still hoping our Democrats are far enough away from the rot in DC that they are working still for the people they represent. I don’t know enough about local politics to know if this is true – Richardson did both good and bad, and that tainted mix is there with our DC representatives though maybe this will help them return to the fold.

      My two cents.

      • more than two cents’ worth here, juliania. one correction: the blighted bern not only gave in to hillary, he quite actively campaigned w/ her. no, few of his supporters saw who he was, most especially his wont for future foreign misadventures coupled with “we must have the strongest military in the world”. kinda moots a lot of his fdr fiscal policy and climate change advocacies, doesn’t it? wonder how he felt when he saw the podesta emails re: ‘we must grind sanders to a pulp!”

        yes, i s’pose jill might have gone the way of ‘throw all the blighters out’, but too many on the #fakeLeft likely voted for the dethroned queen because: trump.

        glad you’re okay w/ local NM results, here, pfffffft. same shit, different day, including the re-election of scott tipton to congress. he’s a sagebrush rebellionite advocating to ‘give all the federal lands back to the states’. double pfffft. local results aren’t in; somehow things got mucked up w/ the CO database, and the county ballots weren’t even counted by early this a.m. (separate issues). this county mailed ballots out (than you), but where the stamp would go, the envelope said: ‘affix adequate postage here’. wth? it turned out that it took an average of 21 cents more. i did look it up online, and the PO does deliver them, even without stamps, and guess who pays the extra? the county. gotta love the wackiness of that. or not, of course.

    • …hi wd

      …as ” mornings after ” go this early Wed AM is a standout if one has been slogging it politically the past year, last 4, 8, 12 or since 9/11 or 1992 or 1988 or 1980 or 1968 or November 1963 and what the Dulles Boys did to JFK and we USians.

      …I was born when Ike was still in his first WH term so will stop there but we USians now have another WH winner and newly minted Electoral College ” President-Elect ” this Wed AM. My companion who comes from another far away land was confused this AM by how USian ” democracy ” works seeing how HRC may have had a larger popular vote count than D.Trump but still lost this WH election.

      … Needless to say trying to explain to someone from a part of the planet where USian Democracy is marketed and Bernaysed by USian Empire as the Be All of how to how run things is not easy. I had to drag out my Eisenhower era vintage late 1950’s World Book E to look up it’s Electoral College entry to help explain things. The history and place and function of the Electoral College in USian WH politics really is university level course sort of thing.

      …Anyhoo… USian Uni-Bi-Party “democracy” being what it is and is not has now delivered USians from 4 years of Clinton/D Clan run WH…I am thankful for this.

      … I have few/no illusions of what having D.Trump as POTUS may lead to ( see Barack Obama’s post November 2008 duplicity riddled performance ) but will give DT six months and two years just as I did with BO to Walk The Talk and move the ball downfield in ways that align in viewable ways with the pitched Claims of DT’s WH Campaign. Barack Obama never made it to the 6 Month mark as it is or was and forget about BO’s Two Year mark. See ObamaDon’tCare as Exhibit #1, Bush/Cheney Not Looking Back as Exhibit #2 and WallSt./Big Banks/Obama-Holder Scam-Bamboozle as Exhibit#3.

      …D.Trump can easily beat Obama in his first Six Months as POTUS if inclined to do so ( doubtful ) and will do so ( see doubtful ).

      …USian Empire + ( CIA, NSA, Pentagon M-I-C-C etc. ) still here today like it was yesterday and it ain’t likely going away in my lifetime. However and hopefully doing some Atomic War is now not at DefCon 5 for the next couple of years or the next decade. Being the Pragmatic Idealist I am I could and can live with that being so. ;-)


      • this is great. first, in your companion’s nation, was the simple majority popular vote all that counted, a in: would some margin of error cause a recount? good on you for reading up on the electoral college; i can’t remember the particulars, but on one of the election pages i saw last night, it was said that if the were a tie in electoral votes, three house reps would decide. no note of which three, but…it seemed pointless to look up when t-man was at 244 in any event.

        your exhibit #s were great, your patience time horizon is longer than i might have imagined or given him. may your final paragraph prove so. up yonder i’d mentioned Ds failing to admit…etc.? take a gander at this, including the graphic. this place kinda/sorta banned me, small wonder. but for the first two graphs, the banner blogger could be speaking of both O and hellery. and i think she isn’t doing a riff on putin’s question in her title.

    • Nate Silver’s model showed a fascinating picture of a wide swath of relatively equally likely outcomes. His estimate of electoral votes was taken from the mean of that distribution, which on Monday night was 300 electoral votes for Clinton. The actual results look to be within one standard deviation of the mean. The actual popular vote is within the sampling margin of error.

      It wasn’t Silver as much as people who do not understand statistics attributing more certainty to the forecast than was actually there.

      The distribution is symptomatic of a data set that has lots of outliers all along through the various tracking polls. That points to some sampling process issues or a phenomenon that was basically changeable in spite of a poll in which people claimed they hadn’t changed their minds about who they were voting for. That should prove an interesting analysis because systematic voter suppression in random locations could generate those outliers. (Among other things that could) Some graduate student will surely pick up the analysis of this failure of polling as a thesis or dissertation project.

      Dicey’s a tweeter from Occupy Wall Street days who has some observant political opinions. He supported Clinton for concern about Trump, which was more electoral than I suspected he would be. Most of his tweets have been movemental politics. He’s in NYC, sort of the epicenter of Clinton organizing.

  4. Just going back and forth between TarheelDem and Jason above, I think the latter has the pertinent quote. “All the new sh__ since that polio guy. . .what are colored folks getting so worked up about?” trumps (heh) class and race, in my book. Lovely quote, Jason.

    • egad, ww; now i see that you’ve focused on that quote, i can see he’d meant fdr. (bless my pointed li’l empty head.)

    • thanks juliania2. sweet booze was working its dark magic last night.

      • And I was in a “Life longing for itself” mode I guess – it just came to me that even a black person or a person feeling downtrodden would respond positively to the sentiment expressed therein – there could be give and take on a personal level, whereas abstractions do tend to mummify. (Well, that’s way too abstract in itself) It just tickled my funnybone, is all.

  5. FBI wins – CIA loses!

    The Women’s Liberation Movement may be considered as subversive to the New Left and revolutionary movements as they have proven to be a divisive and factionalizing factor…. It could be well recommended as a counterintelligence movement to weaken the revolutionary movement.”

    – an August, 1969 report by the head of the San Francisco FBI office.

    CIA too tricky but now their work is done. Time for coup de grace.


    • that was from those videos i’d mentioned to jason on the sidebar of the ‘steinem speaks of her cia days’, wasn’t it? ‘she dated kissinger? so what, so did candace bergen!’ ‘cia steinem target black women’ mightta been interesting. ;-)

  6. the neighbor told me she just took a walk to the local Big Pharm and the non-caucasoids are looking worried & asking how this country could be so stupid. all of them sharing concern about The Wall, deportation, police violence, muslim registration, etc. and then the clincher, the lesson, from the neighbor: “I guess i’m going to have to get more involved with democratic party.” major groan. i suggested to her that she not be surprised if the victims of trumpery decide they cannot simply resort to electoral politics. she said, “you mean, RIOTS????” i didn’t reply, and she had to split.

    what shall we do? what shall we ever do? “the goddam plane has crashed into the mountain!” (the big L). i suppose it’s a good thing that Trump, in his anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, pro-police violence, etc. rhetoric is verbalizing what this country is all about. It will be difficult for many people to see thru the illusion that, e.g., grotesque anti-muslim violence, state violence, didn’t start with trump. but we will no longer be subject to the fake tears over, e.g., Dylan Roof’s victims. maybe we’ll jettison the idiotic R2P humanitarian BS about jargon about war.

    the first line of tyranny in this country, for many people, is the employer, the boss. In the interest of money, the big businesses will accommodate themselves to the new regime & compel employees to do likewise. Retirees, you’ve got nothing to lose. or maybe less. if such things start happening, we can all go & register w/our muslim neighbors. Hire illegals (& convicts) off the books, churches & other groups offer sanctuary, refuse to participate in whatever way possible, taxes, lie to the gov’t as much as possible, wear whatever the equivalent of the gold star badge will be, the gold taco or crescent or what have you, do a kickstarter campaign to fund tunnelers to dig under/around/thru/over any walls, etc.

    anyway, we’ve still got what, 3 months? of the current asshole. any prospective action to be taken against trump should have been undertaken against obama et al long ago.

  7. patrick martin at wsws has some of the facts and demographics on the election.

    eric garner’s daughter must be takin’ a boatload of grief for being glad of the election results:

    and one more time:
    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

    ~ Frank Zappa

    based on cnn’s projections, they calculate 289 trump, 218 clinton, with clinton earning .2% more votes, that’s point 2 percent.

    dunno how accurate exit polls are, but here’s cnn’s. a few noteworthy features.

    none of you had mentioned tooker’s artwork; i’m enchanted by it

  8. i’m curious about this:
    “Obama’s signature domestic program, the Affordable Care Act, was an assault on health care packaged as a reform. In the final weeks of the election, millions of workers discovered that they are facing double-digit increases in health care costs. This was likely far more important in affecting the outcome of the election than the actions of FBI director James Comey in reviving the Clinton email scandal.”
    the timing of it, not the fact of the premium increases itself. i don’t know when these hikes were/are to go into effect but i find it hard to believe that these big insurers gave no thought to the impact of this on the election.

    • …jason

      …Have seen and read your comments often here at cafe-b but this is first time for making a followup comment…

      …How ACA was gamed by Uni-Bi-Party D’s and the K Street and AHIP lobby and vested interest gangs in WashDC to not begin until after 2012 WH election said and showed so much about what Pelosi and Obama and the Uni-Bi-Party D’s were most interested in gaining by having laid and hatched the rotten ACA egg during 2009 – 2010.

      …ACA actually having origins as a Uni-Bi-Party R “reform concept” that also was known as RomneyCare. So for anyone paying attention while Barack Obama and the Capitol Hill D’s were flimflamming we USians about doing some actual USian healthcare ” reform “during 2009 and 2010 the irony of the R’s not backing the D’s who were doing a R healthcare reform plan spoke volumes.

      …AHIP had well placed fixers in Obama WH and up on CapHill to ensure ACA was little more than a income transfer of USG tax money to main AHIP gang members. What else would you call what has now taken place since 2012? Now here in 2016 my big guess is AHIP and the D’s will try to pour lots of cement around the ” sanctity ” of ObamaDon’tCare while shaking down AHIP members healthcare done for $$$profits money trees and the R’s will be shaking the same AHIP trees for $$$ to not undo ACA or stop the $$$ flows to AHIP.

      …So what a Trump WH and the CapHill R’s do or do not do about ACA Debacle as now seen unfolding should/will reveal if the plan all along was to put the fix in for AHIP being and remaining in the middle of USian healthcare access/gatekeeping/money collecting and profits skimming. It is knowable health insurance is not healthcare and it is also knowable USians do not need AHIP to do USian healthcare with a national Single Payer/MedicareForAll plan in place and being done.

      …When Medicare was begun back in the mid 1960’s it was built and up and running ( without lots of computers everywhere ) in a short span of time. ACA was a drawn out multi-year slow motion political and policy gaming trainwreck that now is going off the rails. Why?

      …I am speculating it was intended all along to game ACA into 2017- 2018 and then open up the USG tax money coffers wider and higher to pour more USG(taxpayer $$$) into current USian healthcare regime big players pockets and Wall St. accounts. What will common USians be getting? More of the same as seen since 2009 and 2012.

      … Goshgollygeewhiz…imagine that…hope I am very wrong…I do.


      • hi there. your comments make a lot of sense. i will be pleasantly surprised if Trump takes on ACA. if the wsws crowd are to believed, one purpose of ACA is to crack open the medicare/aid coffers to private insurers. I’m certain they are right. one indication of the direction Trump is headed is his naming of a Goldman Sachs exec (i forget the name) as his desired Sec of the Treasury.

  9. Voter suppression in North Carolina used all of the tools at a majority party’s disposal except the Attorney General, who was Democrat and maybe governor-elect Roy Cooper.

    Purging voter lists of “felons” and any names loosely like those of listed felons, constrained by the address in only certain neighborhoods.

    Vote caging. Sending out innocent looking postcards that look like many advertising postcards with a return card. But this one is requesting proof of address; failure to return it causes a challenge to registration. Local Republican parties did this on a mass basis. Often the voter doesn’t know until they go to vote and can’t. One of Rev. Barber’s major efforts early in the election cycle was having people check and recheck their registration status. There were several court cases brought up and reversing the purging on an individual basis. It is an illegal practice. A Republican operative in Rhode Island went to jail for it in the mid-part of the Bush administration.

    Phony remember to vote on …date with the wrong date.

    Reduction of early voting hours

    Reduction of early voting sites and having sites inconvenient to transportation from minority neighborhoods.

    Asking for voter ID even after a court struck down that part of the NC statute passed when the Republicans gained the power to do that in the General Assembly. Denying that a valid DMV ID issued under that judicially vacated law was a valid ID.

    Differentially challenging voters to show ID.

    Requiring a literacy test. One of our African-American friends had to real three paragraphs before voting.

    Creating delays that cause people to wait for long periods in line. People with non-discretionary job hours or other commitments have to leave and never vote.

    Cruising voting places with firearms. NC like many now is an open-carry state.

    The targeted areas seemed to be the areas of Republican controlled Boards of Elections of some bigger bipartisan places–Wilmington, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and many smaller counties.

    • heilige scheisse. makes me question my “voting doesn’t matter” posture. to an extent.

    • quite a long list, the pigs. although i got purged in our county this year, but got it straightened out in the end. but north carolina was one state that caused me to include: “(Offer void in certain states, counties, and e-voting machines)”.

      the ‘new jim crow laws’, indeed. reading is the one that really pisses me off. like the old ‘citizens’ tests’ blacks were given. good gawd all-friday. the key, of course, is the long fealty blacks have had to the democrats.

      but yes, jason, even if one *chooses* not to vote, one has the right to. some states have even begun allowing felons to vote, i’m pretty sure.

      • The long fealty that blacks have with the Democrats switched from the long fealty that blacks had with the Republicans with Coolidge-Hoover’s toleration of the KKK and the election of FDR with Eleanor Roosevelt’s ambassador relationship with the civil rights movement. They split parties until Nixon’s Ethnic (“Southern”) Strategy tilted toward the segregationists South and North. Reagan’s tour spiking desegregated schools in the name of fighting school busing solidified them in the Democratic Party as did both Jimmy Carter’s fighting segregation in Georgia as governor and Bill Clinton’s fighting segregation in Arkansas. Yes, they are easily taken for granted by the elites. I know some Abraham Lincoln black Republicans who hang in the GOP hoping that on occasion their present softens the general tone of the conservative GOP. The Civil Rights Movement occurred during the brief period that blacks split support between the parties. Jacob Javits was a much hated Republican civil rights advocate in the South Carolina of my youth even as the Dixiecrats were moving into the Republican Party.

        • i reckon most of us are familiar w/ that history, although not to your degree. good grief, ‘phoenix woman’ at fdl brought that constantly, along with go fund me’s for swatches of solar roadways. but with all due respect, do you both risk infantilizing blacks for only being able to harken to the past, and failing to notice what dems have failed to deliver to them (at least) since obama and clinton? when i watch comfortable blacks give O and the dethroned-queen and her hubbie props, i srsly wonder about their willful ignorance. i won’t even bother to list the policies past three-strikes (for profit prisons), erase glass-steagal, welfare ‘reform’.

          see my telesur link at the bottom of the thread: not co-opted activists.

          • Around here, blacks are the least infantilized voters. They don’t vote for Democrats for what they have done in the past, they vote for blacks and Democrats for what the GOP is doing to them in the present — trying to roll back the gains of the 1960s while pretending that it is individual responsibility that is important. The comfortable blacks you see on the media likely are part of the political class in one way or another. Even Republican blacks voted for Clinton over Trump, just for the rhetoric that Trump used and his long-term history of discrimination (within his power as a private businessman) and his evasion of responsibility when caught in it. O gets props solely for busting the barrier twice and private criticism for some of his policies (his Kansas background, heh). He is in fact from a policy standpoint ignorant of many blacks’ experiences and cautious not to cause a white riot. #blacklivesmatter was out of his range of personal understanding but within his ability to provide the platitudes of an outside organizer.

            There is a picture going around of the White House staff as Obama makes his statement about the election. The grim looks of especially those like Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice who were responsible for some critical failures of policy are striking. I wonder if they understand what happened yet.

            • then perhaps i’m the one who am infantilizing them [on edit: but margaret kimberly has the right to give similar advice, imo], but i wasn’t referring to blacks in NC, but the long history of being tied to the dems, as are trade unions, with so little to show for it. that trump won in PA and MI shocked me to the core, but then..will we ever know how many clinton voters stayed at home? how many third party candidates have there been that offered better possibilities for not only blacks, but for all working people of the underclass?

              reagan and nixon were certainly horrific for people of color in inner cities (the drug wars, sending crack into the ‘ghettos’, etc., but bill clinton not only ramped up the policies and the black incarceration rate, further punished those w/o jobs w welfare reform, but O’s policies made sure that wealth inequality would be even more hideous for people of color than ever before.

              meanwhile, the black caucus and the naacp pretty much focused on affirmative action, pissing off whites to beat the the by, i don’t watch teevee media at all, but sure, what one would see is well-off blacks.

              the walmart/wall street queen’s folks did a great job with the ‘black lives mothers’ event; i’ll have to hand it to them, and to her. bubba must have given her tips on how to look empathetic. ‘tell the story’ is great advice, isn’t it? it went viral, all of it, especially after her initial reaction to being interrupted at campaign events.

    • the further away from one the politician up for election is, the less important voting is. local vs. state. vs. national. my anti-voting BS is mostly about national elections. referenda are a different matter. smoke ’em if you got ’em, CA!

      • yes! if one only voted on local elections, judicial retentions, referenda…our ballot had 24 ballot initiatives this time. some were once again, poorly named, or backward-named on purpose, such as the ‘make it harder to amend the CO constitution’. that is worthy in many respects, considering how impossible it’s been to rewind TABOR, but this time it was brought by the fossil fuel corps. in order to prevent cities, counties, making almost home-rule laws that outlawed fracking. it passed, of course, as did one poorly titled that would have stopped prisons from forcing inmates to work for pennies, one key issue behind the national prisoner strikes of late. but my guess is that few understood what it was in aid of.

        but like bills on ‘death taxes’ agitprop, R’s used to be the masters of that verbiage, no more.

  10. i’m far behind, and may never catch up; i’m still behind on the ‘personal note’ thread. again, i’m glad you’re speaking to each other, and thank you. i don’t do ‘must reads’, but i will recommend this, and i’m so glad to have run into while looking for some specific international news far overshadowed by this electoral circus. this is exactly the reason i was glad that clinton was defeated and applaud the fact that so many seemed to see thru this sham system, even down to voting for such a one as trump. we collectively need to birth a better world of people poer from the bottom…up. bless their hearts.

    ‘F**k the Elections, Let’s Keep Organizing: US Activists’: teleSUR, Nov 7

    “The U.S. elections have left millions out of the equation. Many people, especially young people, vow to continue organizing after Nov. 8 and refuse to settle for the antics of the 2016 presidential campaign. Hailing from the East, West, Midwest and South of the U.S., these youth talk about fighting the whole rotten system.

    Rebecka Jackson: “Nov. 8 brings up a series of questions for voters with good intentions. What is the greater evil — a rapist or a person who has sent armed militants to rape and murder thousands all over the globe? Who is more dangerous — a person who would allow Muslims in the U.S. to be profiled and degraded or a person who gives Israel funding to enforce apartheid?

    We have the progeny of the Klu Klux Klan against a flag-waving war hawk. Ultimately, anyone with the slightest bit of foresight knows the inevitability of either presidency: corporations win, more poor people die.

    Under either candidate, the loss of life will likely be in the millions. Neither candidate has hinted at trying to terminate police brutality, oil or coal production, factory farming, cobalt mining or deforestation. In order to keep these industries booming it cost millions of lives and more abject slavery. On top of that, both candidates would need to continue to fuel the war economy. This will cost the world countless lives as the imperialist invasion through the Middle East and the Global South continues.

    Activist and organizers are left with one choice — socialism. Both at the ballot box and in the streets. Socialism rises naturally from the people when they have been pushed to the edges of their humanity when they realize how inherently broken the current system is. The elections should only be a tool used to push awareness for socialism through third party candidates. Nov. 8 can only serve as the last mock exercise of a broken oligarchy in its attempt to cover yet another spurious election.”

    jackson has more, and six others speak out in a similar fashion. the rest is here.

    • CIA has long understood the importance of propaganda functioning as a local anaesthetic to control the [comprador] McLeftists.

      Amurkan “liberals”‘ legacy is to have cemented a reactionary elite in place in a decadent empire. And, ooops, liberal dreams of prosperity no longer sway Amurka. Now, when socialism rises naturally from the people, war of even more desperate and pervasive character must be manufactured in response.

      Perhaps “pragmatists” are responsible for the next holocaust.

  11. InDeed ! Let US Roll !!

    Mebbe repeating, but surely Rhymes !!!

  12. debsisdead on MofA just linked to NZHerald – John Key is saying TPP is dead – that’s big news because he just shunted it through Parliament. Says no Hillary=no deal. “Hillary Clinton, a firm friend of New Zealand. . .”

    • Shitez! Are the Atlanticists jumping ship already? Cause Queen Mab is denied her crown? What “local” monsters may rise now, now that pragmatic hegemonsters are falling?

      HA HA HA HA HA.

  13. The Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times; has just come in spades.
    A dysfunctional government, of a dysfunctional society, has just held a dysfunctional election and elected a dysfunctional human to lead.
    The irony is that the one who lost was equally dysfunctional…
    We’ll see…

    • grand construction of the situation, v arnold. but i might stir in: sociopathic, sham democratic, and end-times capitalistic as well. the proles are stirred unless…they organize and kick back. of course, ‘will we/they
      ?’ is the question. i like the folks interviewed by telesur above. they done got moxy! ya got think it has to be a global movement now, eh? and not cia/otpor-constructed color revolutions.

      loved this socialist’s tweet i’d forgotten to give shoot-that-arrow up yonder:

      • Club des Cordeli put his finger solidly on the modus operandi of the deep state. Great tweet WD, thanks.
        He affirms my main reason for saying, it no longer matters who sits in the Oval Office.
        The “system” cannot be “fixed” from within said system. Once that is understood, solutions become possible, IMO.

        • Oh boy; by “fixed” I mean repaired, not fixed in the conspiratorial sense.
          This is where words matter, no?

        • i got to musing later about your term ‘dysfunctional’, though, v arnold. it occurred to me that the system’s functioning as intended for our rulers, sadly. which party occupies the oval matters around the edges, i suppose, but not on the most substantial matters. it’ll be fascinating to see how much pushback T and his red team get from Ds, won’t it?

          as to deep state, yes. i started a series on compromised NGOs based on’s investigations, but they dug out some very helpful info on the histories of some of the cia ‘do-good’ front organizations and humanitarian orgs, [added on edit] the funding of such, including the brand name stars of the climate change movement: mckibben and klein. already, of course, the msm are projecting what hideous changes T will make given his stated plans. but some commenters reply: “but that’s been happening already!” so yes, we’ll see, or at least see what we’re ‘permitted’ to see of the sausage-making.

          added on edit:

          • ha ha. sausage-making; it starts. the hill has a version of list ‘given’ to buzzfeed news on T’s possible choices for cabinet heads, w/ the usual caveats. trial balloon leak or something else? i won’t give names away save for one i’d hoped never to see again: the former gov ‘i can see russia from my front porch’, john mccrankypants’ running mate. for…wait for it: secretary of the interior’. srsly, that presser she did in front of the dude grinding the heads off turkeys was about the funniest thing i ever saw. ;-) so…fargo.

      • … As zingers of well seen and said truth(s) this CdC tweet goes and gets to the middle wd…thanks for posting it wd ….

        …I find it is only possible to seek out, scan, read more deeply and then correlate and synthesize only a small part of what is floating across the Inet daily or weekly or monthly as I only have a limited amount of time, energy and brain space. Had not seen CdC before or prior. I easily can and do concur with this CdC tweet.

        …It was easy for me to lean towards ” radical and revolutionary politics and social pov’s ” back there in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Being gay and anti-USian imperialism/militarism in rural upper midwest USonia honed my skill set(s) for needing to see and know my position vis a vis who I was with, where I was and what was happening now or could happen and might happen. Either you wise up and learn to blend and bend and zig-zag when needed while always proceeding towards where you would like to be or you found / find out the hard way. Who wants to find out the hard way–sorry ….not me….;->

        …As it is I concluded a long time ago that we USians should be seeing and voting for/against who runs the CIA, NSA and Pentagon in ways no different than how we get to ” choose or vote ” for or against who wants to be the R or D POTUS or in Congress or who gets to be a Governor. At least we could make the James Clappers and John Brennans and Ash Carters sweat and squirm once in the while in real world ways and maybe even remind them being fascists and militarists has consequences. While we are at it let us also consider being able to vote up or down on whether CIA or NSA or Pentagon get to continue and how they will continue if allowed to do so.

        … Imagine that kind of USian Democracy being so…

        …I Ask And Say Why Not? ….Why Not?

        • voting for heads of the cia, dni, pentagon: our rulers couldn’t have that now, could they? it smacks of giving the power to ‘the people’ (shudder).

          now voting on the ‘whether or not’ those agencies are disbanded, i might add: police, DHS, etc., but in an actual horizontal democracy, would there be a cabinet level department of peace instead? (denis kucinich)

          i that figure true, jason? podesta spirit cooking; oh, crikey, that was simply sick.

          in his election autopsy at CP, john steppling used the same quote by mumia abu-jamal, then quoted his friend (la progressive gonzo journalist)
          paul header:

          ““They walk like zombies, these zithering electronic, Yuppies, post-hippies, old timers, millennials, baby boomers, so many tied to the hope that they, with educations, day-to-day day jobs, will overcome the neoliberal onslaught of total democratic death…As long as there are TGIF’s and night with the Happy Baseball-Football-Final Four Hour, then one paycheck away, well, it makes so much sense that the street people, favela, gangs of dirty, those Oliver Twists, the Breaking Bad fodder, well, they deserve the endless wet, moldy, rotting lives…{ }

          These people in the doorways in downtown Portland are a microcosm of the decay worldwide. It doesn’t matter where the capitalism in CAPITAL shows its face, rears its ugly hydra face as it eats the bowels of society. Money for the elite, for those babbles and those empty rooms, those mansions and aircraft carrier-sized yachts, all those destroyers offshore, bombing cultures, indigenous, all those givers and keepers of the real knowledge, splayed, gutted, that’s the creation of the homeless, the destitute, the insane and near insane, folded brains because of the elite’s pharmacopeia game, the giant experiment…”

          [on edit]: ‘The Day According to Club des Cordeliers on Twitter’, café babylon, May 19, 2016 dedicated socialist; some say ‘tankie’; dunno.

    • 99% (or is it 99.99%?) of the state apparatus doesn’t change b/c of an election. w/all the threat-inflation of these candidates (Messican-islamo-syrian isis border jumpers! soviet cyber-spooks!)? the ghouls running this show will have nothing to say to chef trump beyond, “way to spirit cook that shit sandwich!”

  14. “Have Fantasy with all her chorus, yes,
    Mind, Reason, Passion, Tears, the lot,
    But don’t you leave out Foolishness.
    Make sure, above all, plenty’s happening there!
    They come to look, and then they want to stare.
    Spin endlessly before their faces,
    So the people gape amazed.
    The masses are only moved by massiveness.
    I tell you, just give them more and more,
    So you’ll never stray far from the mark
    Just seek to confuse them, in the dark…”
    The Michael Bay theory of spectacle-making, excerpts from the “prologue in the theater,” G’s Faust, pt 1.

    funniest headline: “How the data failed us in calling the election,” oh NYT. facts don’t do what i want them to, facts just twist the truth around, facts just leave things upside down.

    “she’s a great person who’s done wonderful things in her lifetime of service to this country.” “we all wish for the success of the new administration.” blah blah blah.the curtain has come down; watch the performers congratulate each other. jolly good show!

    • thanks for the laughs; this was perfect for this morning. the faust was perfection, esp. “the masses are only moved by massiveness” (see red map and more!). hard to know how ‘foolishness’ fits w/ the once-and-future queen dethroned, but ‘facts just leave things upside down’ pricked an image of them actually hanging from a tree by black wires. brilliant.

      the white house emailed the current occupant’s congratulations by video, with about 9000 words of “we’re all in this together!” truer words were never spoken: of course they are. ;-) yes, jolly good show; pip, pip, and all that rot!

      • ‘…facts just leave things upside down’ -talking heads. i forget which song.
        “why are you bitches protesting #trump? go protest #dapl.” word.

        i just love the “what will we say to the children!!!!” what did you say to your children about assassinations by drone? let me guess…

        • lol. it echos: on that librul diary at (the accursed) dagblog i’d give to sta up yonder, with a graphic of the constitution is flames, no less, one of the site owners said he held his infant daughter up to the window yesterday morn’, and burst into sobs.

          on edit: ““why are you bitches protesting #trump? go protest #dapl.” word.”

          @abowersock “Months of #NoDapl water protectors gathering by the thousands, and no media coverage. People protest Trump and it’s plastered everywhere.”

          unicorn riot: ‘Dakota Access Announces Plan to Drill Under Missouri River Within Weeks’, November 8, 2016

          “Many claims have been made that the Army Corps of Engineers, in negotiations with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, had ordered a 30-day pause on DAPL construction. As we reported on Sunday, the Army Corps has in fact clarified that the 30-day halt was “only a proposal” and no work stoppage has been implemented.”

          unicorn riot has also been streaming trump protests. reuters reports that based on things trump has said, he’ll not only support this one, but allow the KXL.

  15. on the other thread shootthatarrow and i were speaking of pardons, and i’d ended up mentioning mumia in a short list, but i did suddenly remember this café post from july: ‘If Trump is the price we have to pay to defeat Clintonian neoliberalism – so be it.’ – Mumia Abu-Jamal”, cafe babylon

    it’s long, but not quite as long as mark lewis taylor’s essay at CP from july of this year in which he’d written:

    “Trumpian authoritarianism and Clintonian neoliberalism are actually co-partners in a joint system of rule. Trump’s authoritarianism is often a hidden bitter fruit of Clintonian neoliberalism. Social movements for democracy must fight them both together.”

    in my diary, i led w/ paul jay and henry giroux staunchly maintaining that ‘trump must be stopped at all costs’, while claiming that it’s not just a ‘lesser evil’ argument, but a strategy of being better for ‘an independent peoples’ struggle’. elect clinton, or get rounded up in camps, planet death, etc. by fascist trump.

    taylor’s careful to say that if anglos are part of a dissident movement of the most oppressed, they must just be allies, not leaders, a theme we’ve heard before, and many whites, esp. academics…disregard. but the interviews of the socialist activists of color caused me to think that it will come…and i hope to see ajamu baraka involved.

  16. more musings from club de cordeliers:

    ‏@cordeliers 2h2 hours ago
    1. Expect continuity of US imperialism under Trump; likely Sec’y of State Bob Corker is if possible worse than Kerry wrt Russia, Syria, etc.
    @cordeliers 2h2 hours ago
    2. Corker attacked Obama administration for being insufficiently supportive (!) of fascist junta in Ukraine.
    @cordeliers 2h2 hours ago
    4. Corker, a stalwart ally of Syrian contras, accused Obama of “empowering Syrian strongman Bashar] Assad.”
    @cordeliers 2h2 hours ago
    5. If Trump appoints Corker, assume the fix is in – that Trump’s agreed to climb on board with ruling class program of worldwide aggression.
    @cordeliers 2h2 hours ago
    7. Assume that the ruling class figures who pull the strings checked out Trump, found him sound and reliable, and gave him the go-ahead –

    i skipped a couple numbers that i didn’t think were as solid.

    • bob “who the hell is that?” corker, huh?
      ladies & gentlemen, we have a wiener! merit pay for teachers, real estate background (his first fortune was via putting in more efficient *drive thru windows* at some of our finer obesity factories), anti-union, racist campaign ads, anti-abortion, big tax cuts, sale of protected wetlands, states do their own off-shore drilling, more “hawkish” than obama & trump, hearts jeebus, etc. why didn’t he run for president?

      • now don’t be so hasty in declaring ‘the weiner’; there are allegedly other contenders. dunno why cordeliers zeroes in on corker, but mebbe cuz he’s the lesser-known evil? according to the list buzfeed had ‘obtained’ by way of the transition tea, the three contenders are: newtie, john bolton, and corker. now corker’s a real corker, but john bolton? nah, even he reckoned he couldn’t make it thru a senate confirmation back in the day. the moustache of vengeance, maybe? (newtie shows up elsewhere, as do many on ‘da list’.

        might it be case of newtie and bolton are known (haroomphs), corker is lesser-known for cordeliers?

        palin for interior, the idiotic ben carson for education? ‘he’s not a brain surgeon’! oh wait, yes he is!

        • oh gawd, b/n trump’s hair & boulton’s ‘stache…mustache of vengeance. like it. listening to the opening of PBS Nooz hour, it is so exciting to hear how well they are all getting along. Rudy Ghouliani??? when will Michelle get to speak again at the NAACP? you know, w/people she doesn’t have to pretend to like, unlike Melania.

    • I’ve heard Gingrich and I’ve heard Corker (which would trigger a special election in Tennessee). So far looks like a lot of establishment Republicans not a matter of “draining the swamp”.

      A result I expected. Trump as an actor for co-opting the anger of the hinterland outside the cultural capitals of the Beltway, Wall Street, Burbank, and Silicon Valley. Even rural NC is “flyover country”.

    • Even without Corker, that is where I always assumed Trump would come down, even with Lindsey Graham not endorsing him and John McCain waffling. There are hopeful lefties who think that some of his national security advisors who know where the bodies are buried, but I think that this is loony. Trump’s use was to herd up the angry backlash against Obama as well as the deep anger at the failure to bring peace and prosperity in eight years. For Mitch McConnell, this is “Mission Accomplished”.

  17. Here’s the mobile app version of the Plum Book, which lists all of the political appointments listed after 2012. If Trump is interested in “draining the swamp”, he’ll reduce the number of positions in this book.

    It’s fascinating reading about the folks who aren’t in the media.

    • lol. i’ll have to leave that sort of entertainment to you, amigo. ‘drain the swamp’ lingo: “you’re fired!” i was telling mr. wd that the only time i’ve hard orgre man speak was waaaay back when all we had was antenna teevee, and an ad for that show would come on.

  18. no mention that “america’s sheriff” joe arpaio is out?

  19. Yes, there are downticket bright sides. The NC and Kansas Supreme Courts are controlled by Democrats. Arpaio is out and possibly on his way to jail.

    But the rumor of Secretary of Department of Homeland Security appointment of Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County is likely because Joe Arpaio was sidelined.

  20. so if trump is like mini-hitler, milli-mussolini (milli-1/1000th for the non-metrical merkins, maybe it’s centi- or deci-? who knows?), of what value is the “peaceful transition of power”? shouldn’t obama rather shiv him while he’s not looking? or when we are all looking, for that matter? sic semper trumpis and all that? strangle bambino benito in his baby stroller? ahhh, right. could all that verbiage about how dangerous & “unqualified” (lol) trump is have been better expelled on a hot air balloon?

    • you earned your wages today, my friend; er…how much do i pay you? i only ever charge $1.99, but was that our contract? ;-)

      “other than that, melania, how did you enjoy the play at the theater of the absurd?’

      night all; long evening here in real life mayberry, rfd.

      • (for the spooks who have nothing better to do than spy on remote corners of the innerwebs)
        your If is your only peacemaker. much virtue in If-Touchstone. unlike Unkie Shmuel, i think preemptive violence is wrong.

    • That would be a good move to suddenly bring out a few million firearms and Sheriff David Clarke’s vision of pitchforks and torches.

      Wonder how the Trump transition team is making nice with the intelligence community? And the Secret Service?

      • yeah, we both know that, thd. but jason waxed magical-realism, likely after having seen that giffed-out jerky photo of their meeting. you could almost see the shiv in his palm.

        but dayum; i had a lotta nightmares last night. one was being accused of almost burning down someone’s tipi (i was innocent,, i tell ya!), the other was that donald trump is the president-elect. then i woke up and found out that its so. it’s simply staggering that it’s come to this.

        sure, lotta bull connors are out there, and i’d imagine that if there really is a kkk rally in north carolina today, they’ll be there. and i know how personal it is for you that your local friends are terrified, as are many muslims and latinos.

        dunno about your wondering questions. fake bonhomie rules right now. some dude who worked for dan quayle said that those pols and heads of state who had denounced him in the past are now deleting their tweets and publicly finding common accord. (jason called it a copule days ago.)

        • …Hi Wd

          …Amusing to see the Electoral College in the Nooz this Vets Day Friday with some DumShit D’s now agitating and petishunning for Hillary to be Crowned by the EC instead of current EC ” winner gets and takes all ” DTrump.

          …So where were these D Zealots when Barry The Nobel Prize Wanker was doing his backwards flips as POTUS in 2009 telling we USians there would be No Open Season on G.W.Bush and R.B.Cheney as Not Looking Back was Obama’s policy on warmongers and warcriminals. Barry was quite clever in all this tho seeing how Barry The Death By Drone Nobel Booby Prize guy will now likely get the same No Rearview Mirror Gazing treatment from Mr. You’re Fired! …how convenient….

          …Too bad Hillary and DNC and the rest of the DumShit D’s who infest Team D these days sabotaged Bernie Sander’s WH bid as they very openly and knowably did …perhaps the Not Happy With Mr.T winning DumShit D’s ought to be protesting what Hillary and the perfidious DNC did and let Mr.T arrest and prosecute War Criminal Barack Obama …errr…ummm…sorry….Not Happening….

          …Remember how Barry The Big D Phony let TelAviv attack and inflict Brand Israeli Death and Destruction on Gaza late 2008 and early 2009? Remember what Barack Obama condoned being done to Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden? What were their crimes again? So where is Barry now regarding Hillary’s malfeasances and multiple malefactor moments? Or is this where IOKIYAAD cantations and conjures come into play?

          …Too bad about Mr.T now possibly considering advice or enlisting and being able to recycle some old Reaganites ( Ed Meese ) and late 19th century Spanish-American War minded relics like John Bolton who as SoS could make Obama’s gal pal in Ukraine Icky Vicky Nuland look like a cookie selling Girl Scout…

          …John Bolton likely could and would take us right back to Atomic War Days in short order…I feel so silly rejoicing about Hillary losing now….oh goody! John Bolton Rides Again! Yippee yi yay ki oh!!

          …The DumShit D’s have have minimal political credibility here in 2016 and fully deserve to go the way of the Whigs…Mr.T perhaps / likely enough was the CIA Manchurian guy all along as I am now thinking the CIA and Pentagon know they need more time to set up doing WW3 with Russia and China and Hillary was not the USian who could do now needed Perfidious USian Empire stringing along with Putin and Russia which Mr.T now may be better at doing…See how USian Empire ramped up and into doing WW2 with Japan.

          …Just part of the Big Uni-Bi-Party Show don’cha kno….

          …well fine …I will just keep clicking my heels 3 times…;-)


          • ha. well, yanno…ya can’t switch horses in midstream, or: ya shouldda demanded an end to the electoral college long ago, as well as the presidential debate commission. wikileaks has a john pilger video up entitled: “they had no one else to vote for” or close (disaffected dems, i assume). i did my harruuumph, but in way he’s right: third party candidates were barely on anyone’s radar, save for johnson, but he’d been a elected offishull, and must have still had a machine of sorts. NM gov, iirc.

            now jeffrey st. clair in his ‘‘Roaming Charges: Whitelash, White Heat?’ says that the EC was set up to give slave states more power as the discussions of ‘who should elect prezes’ went on. the EC was a compromise, but i got a bit lost on the wiki. now as to the annointed one winning 200,000 more votes, is the implication that some of the ‘electors’ in some house districts went rogue?

            (interrupted by visitor for a time) maybe more later, but for now, you might like st. clair’s piece, as he ask some of your questions.

          • Former Presidents have a club and federally guaranteed retirement benefits. Trump just joined it and was welcomed by the very membership committee that pretended to blackball him. Trump will not buck the club and risk having those benefits go away.

  21. See if your translations of this are like mine.
    Tyler at Sic Semper Tyrannis putting the happy face on Trump’s victory (or is actually a supporter). Also the comments.

    Glad to know that Soros is still funding the #TrumpIsNotMyPresident protests. And that like Occupy Wall Street, this is just another color revolution.

    • too many comments; i stopped about a third of the way down the slidey-bar. clearly, he has fans, although i’ve never read him or heard of him. he didn’t take to criticism did he? b at moa has been a trump supporter, but gives some cautionary warnings. i confess i didn’t finish the piece for time restraints and the ‘now you say this?’ kinda reaction. but it was mainly on domestic policy, the cautions.

      now tyler seems to believe that USians actively want what tyler claims T will do. what toasted my buns was his police state rubbish. ‘let the police do what they should do? don’t listen to whines about white police baton whipping black women (or close)?

      i’m as glad as he is that the D dynasties may have been put to bed…finally. we’ll see; some silly headlines about some of that at the guardian. who rules out runs, who doesn’t, yada, yada. headline of chris rock declares for 2020; i loved it.

      this paragraph is self-contradictory, and some of it may be so, but no, the #nevertrump movement was not what he says it was, i think.

      “We must also consider who did not support Trump, and who did. The “NeverTrump” faction was mostly neocons who were upset about his Jacksonian style engagement, and wanted a hot war with Russia over Syria, Pussy Riot, and transsexual bathrooms. The appearance of those who espouse certain neocon platitudes (Bolton, Flynn), should be noted, but it should also be taken into consideration that Trump is a deviously fast learner. The man saw the pitfalls and tar babies that the Bush II and Obama Administrations entered, won the Presidency partially on saying he’d avoid foreign entanglements, and I imagine he knows very well who these people are and what they want. In the case of Bolton, the man’s boisterous nature over certain foreign policy entanglements is offset by the fact he seems very “America First” when it comes to foreign policy. However, the hardcore neocons such as Krauthammer and Wolfowitz will not be allowed within missile distance of a Trump Administration. I wouldn’t freak out about Trump bringing in certain personages, as he seems to adopt the maxim about “friends close, enemies closer”.

      now i don’t even know who stephen miller even is, so i dunno, nor do i know why he reckons sessions would help put the brakes on. grandma’s check-ups good, handouts: bad. can’t even parse his predictions on healthcare, myself. gotta be it 4 now; too many chores are beckoning. oh, an yes: rapprochement w/ russia i’m all for, but when someone’s on their knees, he’ll give em a hand up? hard to imagine who he means save for his political enemies. but my stars, he believes ‘da list’; the guardian had a different one; i think i snagged the link. syria solved by the end of the year? who will trump bomb, i’ve never been clear on that.

      later alligators.

  22. i’m in need of a rest but:

    @thd: your take on the tyler essay?
    @jason: brilliant; washington’s blog:

    National Security Notice

    “We are NOT calling for the overthrow of the government. In fact, we are calling for the reinstatement of our government.

    We are not calling for lawlessness. We are calling for an end to lawlessness and lack of accountability and a return to the rule of law.

    Rather than trying to subvert the constitution, we are calling for its enforcement.”, and so on. and man-oh-man: is the café an obscure corner!

    @ sta: wish there were a transcript; i can read better than i can hear; my auditory discrimination bites any more. no transcripts for these yet, but meanwhile, trrn is up w/:

    old sourpuss Chris Hedges: ‘Trump Will Crush Dissent With Even Greater Violence and Savagery’; The tools of state repression that will end up in the hands of a Trump administration were built by both Republicans and Democrats, says the Pulitzer prize-winning journalist’ and

    ‘Trump Foreign Policy Team will Target Iran’; In a wide ranging discussion, historian Gerald Horne and Paul Jay discuss why Trump won and what will likely come next. (easy to find)

    a fave of mine, renee parsons, provides food for thought (h/t mr wd), but not a ‘happy face’.

    oh, and contrary to ecuador’s statement, the embassy still hasn’t turned on assange’s wifi yet. the organization thanks folks who are calling for trump to pardon him once he’s in the oval.

    j. st. clair had mentioned that snowden is circulating this photo.

  23. Yep, the police state stuff did make one see what Truman-W-Obama built in clear light.

    I think he intends to be the guy at the abattoir that calms the calves in the veal pen before sending them in to meet Trump.

    So far, it looks like a new Republican hodge-podge of guys who were loyal to Trump and whose appointments will cause the libruls to squeal the most. Have no fear. The actual work of executive departments occurs below the high-weather stratosphere. How EPA kept its library through the Bush administration. No doubt how many areas have kept Obama policies from being fully implemented. The senior civil service managers who report to the political line appointees know that their jobs typically outlast multiple Presidents unless the boring routine goes awry. And there is nothing more boring than Sergeant Swejk gumming up the works by doing exactly what the rules and the boss say.

    • “in the abattoir”, warming them up. well, his claim to ‘the left’ that not only will he do what he says, he’ll do more, and the people™ will love him for it. which…er…people? but then, some say he ‘says’ multiple positions on issues, i really don’t know. but yeah, as i said, buzzfeed never said who actually made ‘da list’. there seem to be others out there, perhaps equally incendiary. i do remember that one guardian list contained jamie dimon (as if he’d take the py cut!) for treasury.

      but please kill me now. i just finished reading every comment on a NC essay: ‘trump to clear way for oil pipelines’

      first one in was former (arrrgh) friend of the café, ché pasa, castigating the site and commentariat for *advocating* voting for trump, now experiencing buyer’s remorse. he hung in there making his case over many comments. a few folks pushed back, with ‘being utterly anti-clinton doesn’t equal support for trump’, but he wasn’t havin’ any of it. i do wonder if t’were so, though. but that thread lists others a well…

      yes, your point and jason’s as to what percentage of work is done by the lowly is well-taken, and it’s so hard to say now what that man will actually do, or be able to do. the projections from the D side are shrieking. egad, NC ao had ‘the petition to the electoral college’ and the electors, who apparently don’t actually cast their votes until dec. some states have them locked in, the others are being begged to cast for the queen. now if that wouldn’t cause an ‘alt-right’ revolution, i can’t think what would.

      • There were #NotMyPresident demonstrations last night in Milwaukee and Nashville. The electoral vote victory over a Clinton popular vote victory means that Trump has zero popular mandate. So “the people” Trump is talking about is his passionate followers who stand ready to ensure his next victory. But there is an immediate resistance forming that is spreading geographically much like Occupy Wall Street did. Whether it is a similar movement or even ideologically in a similar place remains to be seen because, for now, it is only a spontaneous eruption at the idea of Trump actually being President. It will have to take some sociological form if it is to persist after the novelty wears off.

        Exactly right on a renegade electoral college creating and alt-right revolution. Not as spectacular but politically equivalent to a Reichstag fire. And since it would have to be Trump electoral college votes that changed, wouldn’t it, so easily arranged to create outrage. I’m not sure that we’re quite that far gone but it is a possibility.

        • if i remember correctly, it was which ‘the people’ tyler was channeling in his essay. .had you been waxing skeptical when you’d said close to: ‘nice to know that soros is funding the protests’, then? guess i thought it was common knowledge that he and his cohorts are, and RT has some of the wikileaks and soros quotes to back that up. so does that equate to anything like OWS? what means ‘sociological form’ please?

          but i finally did look at some of the videos and stills of the many protests, and the signs seem to indicate that tarzie’s got it right again, as the signs were ‘no rapists’, no racists’, much of which was brought to us by acme pressitute, inc. during this hideous season of personal attacks rather than policy arguments . ‘Fuck Your Partisan “Anti-racism”’.

          sure it would have to be T electors who switch, and the petition has some 3,400,000 signatures already. wonder whose brain fart this idea was? but i forgot to respond more fully to your ‘don’t worry’ imprecation. in the end, i’m glad that the dynasties are broken, the system has been proven illegitimate and corrupt, neoliberalism and capitalism itself are inherently racist. i reckon not enough Ds will ever accept blame for this travesty, though; the finger has to pointed at ‘trump/russia/wikileaks’. my stars.

          sorry for the rant; i did far too much reading on pipelines, trudeau, the tpp and ‘what the donald means for climate change and carbon reduction’. (as if it’s not likely too late already.) ha; it must be time for toast, lol.

  24. What uncharted waters we do be in. The change of policy reflected with respect to Syria and the ‘TPP dead in the water on the news – do these reflect a recognition on the part of the ptb that matters could well have been even more dire than the official record of votes tabulated? I’m just throwing that into the mix because if so it may be prudent on the part of those who might otherwise be fielding attempts at continuance of policy this time around to be a bit more circumspect.

    I saw that Florida was withheld from tabulations a pretty long stretch of time, and we all know how straighforward and honest the count is there. There were not crowds at Clinton’s rallies until she got the Big Stars in. The people have truly had it with the status quo, and surely any politician wishing to survive can see they aren’t buying the lies; it’s crunch time.

    I don’t think there’s going to be any ‘honeymoon’ this time around. And there’s only a very small cadre of truly well off folk to ‘protest’ a change in the status quo, just as there are huge numbers (I include the stayathomes) who expect and this time demand that change. They have waited since 2008, and I wonder if they are going to wait much longer. Trump better be very, very careful. I really hope he is wise enough to be just that because we need a peaceful transition, and we’d better be given real hope, substantial change right from the getgo. It’s that serious.

    • i wrote you a long comment last night, hit the backspace key, and lost the entire thing. dispirited as all giddy-up, i shut down for the night. i’ll be back after some toast.

      • That’s almost what happened to me, wendye – lost the internet when I pushed “post comment” and was backtracking like mad – usually in that situation the post disappears, but remarkably this one stayed. (Thank you, little machinery gremlins.)

    • …Juliania2

      …Well stated last paragraph J2…

      …Indeed a central and large failure of Barack Obama’s 2008 WH win was that he and the D Team side of the Uni-Bi-Party from 2009 thru 2016 worked much harder towards not challenging but continuing and expanding on what Bush/Cheney had been doing or putting in place from 2001 to 2008.

      …Obama was peddling more of the D Team 2006 mid term elections BS which were marketed and sold by the likes of Pelosi to be all about electing more D’s to be able to confront Bush/Cheney. As it was that was just a big stinking pile of Misdirection R vs. D junk politics. Pelosi and the CapHill D’s did nothing with the electoral wins given them other than sit back down and do too little or nothing other than enable or mimic the politics of R side of the Uni-BI-Party.

      …Barack Obama had a very big stage to stand on after his 2008 WH win to do some genuine good and far ranging anti-war and empire reform, economic and social justice with rebalancing of WallSt./Big USian banking/financing cabal and USian healthcare regime for all USians. Recall how Obama was filling big stadiums and his election night acceptance speech. What did Barack Obama do instead? He decided to sit down and act and lead like a R POTUS had won 2008 WH election. Barack Obama ignored, repudiated and trashed the politics that had boosted him into the WH. Obama being in the WH was just More 2006 Pelosi/D Team BS with a slick Obama doing it.

      …The Clinton’s WH sorry record in the WH crippled AL Gore’s 2000 WH bid as Gore (D) could not attack the D run Clinton WH 8 year record. Same thing now has happened to HRC who could not attack 8 year D Team run Obama WH record. However the Clinton D gang knowingly dry gulched Bernie Sanders WH bid in every way they could so HRC could have her Coronation. Was all about HRC as far as DNC manipulations could do and go. So now the clueless DumShit D’s are not nailing HRC for being what she is and is not and how she and her DNC minions wrecked Bernie Sander’s legitimate and widely supported WH bid but want to beat up on Trump.

      …Stupid D’s not denouncing HRC for her hollow and fake politics and HRC’s deep seated political perfidy but now stupidly attacking Trump who won only because HRC should not win and did not win the WH based on her duplicity and dubious self entitlement conduct shows just how politically useless DumShit D’s are.

      …A well earned and deserved political demise for the DumShit D’s would be to go the way of the Whigs. Sooner. Better.


      • …please disregard comment and contents @ 9:54 AM wd …sta

        • I don’t know if it’s brain configuration or what, shootthatarrow, but I was able to follow your original thought processes okay, as to what could or could not be excused in the Clinton followup to Obama compared to Gore’s ‘followup’ to Clinton – giving her a bit more cred than I had thought to do.

          For me, and just in general, I was seeing the long, long trail from the first Clinton to possible second Clinton as just a ‘more of the same’ only worse, a steady increasing seepage from the septic tank of the WH that was only promising to explode with Hillary’s next eight years – plus, to the assertion by some that ‘Bernie would have won’ – who knows? We can’t go by the polls surely Shirley – haven’t we just discredited polls? (I know, don’t call me Shirley.) But I take your point that railroading Bernie counted against her bigtime.

      • my error, i’m sure, trying to follow your instructions, mister fuss-pot. ;-). could you just type the paragraph as you want it below this, and i’ll paste it in. sorry.

    • you’ll need to update me on ‘the change of syrian policy’, i guess. there have been so many conflicting ones, haven’t there? as for tpp being dead, i suppose so. politico’s reporting that mcconnell won’t allow a vote during the lame duck, but given how much public smoke and mirrors abound, i wouldn’t bet my life on it. i still think the Rs like it, and many Ds, but mitch may have one a secret whip count of his side of the aisle, and found most didn’t want to risk pissing off the newly soon to be enthroned king. now that depends on trump not wanting the tpp a he’s long declared.

      as a bit of an aside, your nz herald piece had key intimating that trump might be interested in bilateral deals, but i’d have to dig it outta my current word doc containing at lest eleventy-seven links. small matter, but the truth is that he says a lot of things, including the funnies jason brought about ‘leaving major parts of the ACA in place’. tyler at pat laing’s place said: ‘no free give-aways’ whatever that might mean.

      but the canadian press is reporting that DT has called trudeau and offered to ‘renegotiate nafta’ if he can get ‘a better deal’; better deal for whom would be the question, wouldn’t it? would he have to ‘renegotiate’ w/ mexico, or just create a bilateral agreement within nafta?

      trudeau is another con man, and many are calling him stephen harper 2.0. reneging on aboriginal issues and pipelines, including the gateway pipeline from the tar sands to coastal BC. i’d forgotten to grab the link, but one quote was: ‘we need more oil to sell in order to fund a new green economy!’

      anyhoo, pepe escobar’s piece on the trump’s plan to de-globalize thru protectionism is a pretty darned good primer, and kinda funny to boot.

      at the end, he references this: “China will seek support for a Beijing-led Asia-Pacific free trade area at a regional summit in Peru later this month, Chinese officials said on Thursday, after Donald Trump’s US election win dashed hopes for a US-led free trade pact.” heh; upping the multi-polar world.

      • wendye, thank you for earlier referencing the oil segment at NC which I’d passed over – I went back this morning and put in my two bits this morning at the bottom of the thread where it probably won’t be read at this stage. It might clarify a bit what I was saying above about TPP and Syria.

        Thanks for linking the Escobar – I’ll go have a read. (I’d got the Syria message at MofA yesterday.)

  25. aw man fudge…all that work i did to get the donald elected and he goes & tells me “major parts of the ACA we’ll keep.” so surprised! so disappointed!

  26. The Criminal Stupidity of Camouflaged Corporate Democrats Posing as Progressives

    Since Tuesday’s presidential election, I have intentionally refrained from expressing myself, and thusly, took great enjoyment from seeing the Democrats lose the Electoral College vote. Of course, “telling the Truth and Shaming the Devil” is not well received here in my neck of the woods and that being my wonderful Sonoran Desert. Further, when the corporate Democrats drag us into and through the political gutter for its failure to address the vast array of issues important to the middle class, we too acquire the stink and sleeze, and which requires that we too have to contend with America’s political failures, since, invariably, we are never acknowledged for its successes when these successes do occur.

    As military vets, Native Americans and Chicanos alike, we too have our “wants and desires” and if achieved successfully in the political arena, our lives would prove invaluable, given that in both the near and long term, we will be writing America’s history, a current history that is undeniably framed as “criminally stupid” when compared to today’s toxic environment. Thus, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will be taking the brunt of this history for their wanton failures to address these “unmet needs” of the middle Class.

    During the Clinton administration and in the finalizing of “negotiations” on NAFTA with Mexico, the Republic of Ukraine had reached it final stage of negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement with Mexico, and as Mexico’s Back-Up Plan, since Mexico well-understood that Ukraine was the breadbasket of the defunct Soviet Union. And needless to say but I will, NAFTA did not include a “middle class standard” and when challenged our then President Clinton stipulated that after Congress approved NAFTA, the “labor standard” would be addressed effectively and successfully, and yet, for the remaining time of his presidency, Clinton refused to address or participate in any discussion on this much-needed labor standard. And it’s at this point in time that we concluded here in the Sonoran Desert that the European American Stereotype—that is “I don’t care…I’ll be dead…so what’s your point?” was concretized and actualized by both the Democrats and Republicans collectively. And this behavior continues to this day.

    Of course, at the onset of the Barack Obama administration and with the Democrats in control of both the House and the Senate, as well as the economic morass unfolding due to Bush’s Era of Gross Incompetence, the AFL-CIO delivered its proposal on Card Check and where and when President Obama promptly tossed this proposal into the trash can. Perhaps, the wittiness and willingness of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in successfully raising over $20 million in a matter of six days that was to be dedicated to defeating Card Check, was the primary factor that cowed the Democrats in the Oval Office as well as in the House and the Senate.

    Subsequently, the middle class was now facing two of the three strikes, and received in the form of both Context and Content. And which brings me to America’s “third strike” for my anal analogy.

    During this past few days, Elected and Appointed Officials as well as the scribes, pundits and political operatives each have voiced their opinions relative to both sides of political aisle, none have addressed our “concern” and that being the overweening Ambition of three former Democratic Senators, bored with their daily lives, took to the national arena to get themselves elected into the Senate again. All three failed, and yet, this Triumphal Concert of Full-Throatiness, was unable or unwilling to have a private chat with Hillary Clinton to bring forth her campaign to address the important issues and concerns of the middle class in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Of course, these former Democratic Senators failed as did Hillary Clinton. Sadly, the valorous opinion that Hillary Clinton was riding the coattails of both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will become the primary focus for we, tomorrow’s historians.

    However, we, the Native Americans and Chicano military vets all, will be writing tomorrow’s history from our prism of a political view that consist of a Context and Content predicated on progressivism. Thus, the starting point or “yardstick” will originate with LBJ’s War on Poverty and where 198 “ideas” became embedded into public law. Today, with Donald Trump’s success, these existing public laws will fall in large measure, given that the camouflaged corporate Democrats have no “new Ideas.”

    And into this political gutter that consists of no “new Ideas,” we, will have to come forth with ideas predicated on Decency and which can easily be proven beneficial to all of us, knowing that in our America, a democracy is that both multicultural and multilingual will reach fruition within the next 20 years. Furthermore, our “yardstick” as a measuring device will become a challenge to each one of us, regardless of geographical address of political affiliation.

    In closing, we, the military vets of approximately 20 million persons, writ large, will have a challenge brought forth by Native Americans and Chicanos, not premised on the ongoing travails of the Veterans Administration and its health care delivery systemic, but well-focused on the “unmet needs” of education for our children and grand children, starting at the primary school level. Thus, tomorrow’s Construct of History written by us, will not be favorable to European Americans when we consider that the criminal stupidity that exists today, and where the middle class voters voted contra to their particularized self-interest and in favor of the conservative noblesse oblige for the trivialization of a trickle-down economics of a personalized constriction. Therefore, Native Americans and Chicanos will be final determinant for defining “who and who’s not” a Progressive. And consequently, our advocacy for another monument located in our nation’s capitol and to become widely known as the Monument to Criminal Stupidity, continues apace with 7,000 names already “certified.”


    • thanks, jaango. could you explain what you mean here, please? :…and where the middle class voters voted contra to their particularized self-interest and in favor of the conservative noblesse oblige for the trivialization of a trickle-down economics of a personalized constriction.”

      p.s. i hadn’t known about a ukraine/mexico agreement, and can’t find it online. but remember, the day nafta went into effect, the zapatistas came out of the mountains, and birthed an actual self-sustaining socialist democracy.

      but at least arpaiio is finally out; should have been in prison years and years ago.

  27. As to the “finalization” of the Free Trade Agreement between the Ukraine and Mexico, “I” with the Big Eye, negotiated this then pending Agreement. By way of background, the USA knew of my activity, as well as the “delivery man” for NAFTA was a good friend from here in the home state of Florida. Said sadly on my part, he met with a contingent of American officials for lunch, and two hours later died of a heart attack and which I attributed to the “mano negro” that comes from a final handshake among cronies.

    Note, if you want to know more in detail, we will have to have this conversation by private email, since I don’t want my then existing behavior, be made available to the general public. Of course, the Alpha Bet outfits are familiar with my history and where the Chairman of the Select Intelligence Committee, had to come forward in my defense, since I was once asked by the “agents” wanting to bolster their retirement accounts to “handle” monies that did not belong to these agents. Thus, corruption inside and outside of government, is not wishful thinking, given my personal experience.

    As to the trivialization of trickle down economics via the Reagan administration, the three senators were supportive of Reagan policies for the most part. Thusly, Ambition can be a buzz saw determinant.


    • no no; i don’t need more, but two things: is the agreement in effect, and i had no idea that you’d have had the power to negotiate a trade deal. quite sure i wouldn’t want the job, myself. but fascinating. but sure, corruption is real in most every ‘big deal’. carrots and sticks, baby! ;-)

  28. Interesting analysis, Jaango. I suggest that the Monument to Criminal Stupidity be placed at the intersections of the lines of sight from the Capitol and the White House. That would put it somewhere in the vicinity of the Washington Monument.

    Or maybe K Street lobbyist offices across town can be demolished to provide space for their very own monuments to criminal stupidity.

    Very interested in understanding what new ideas folks in your region and your network of veterans would recommend for policy or for changing the political process.

    I’m thinking that this point some devolution of power from the federal level and progressive (under your definition for your part of the world) governance at the local and state level can move faster on some of the more urgent matters.

    Also wondering at your thoughts on how to deal with the media capture of rural areas and restoring locally-operated media and independent sourcing of news.

  29. Trump’s rapprochement with Russia could permit the US and Russia to ally in restabilizing Syria under Assad and enabling the Shiite crescent of countries from Iran to Lebanon. But it would run into resistance from many establishment Republicans newly reelected to the Senate and who did not depend on Trump’s coattails. And of course, the usual characters like Lindsey Graham, who is still there.

    And then there is the Israel-Saudi lobby that virulently opposes Russia’s policies.

    A new Syria policy comes out of balancing those contradictory political forces or choosing sides. Which diplomatic poison do you think Trump will take?

  30. “YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT WENDY!!!!”-tarzie.

    • correcction, amigo: full of SHITTTTT, as per eric idle, our byword around our homestead . ;-)

      “life is full of shittttt, when you look at it, tra la la la la la la la lum….’

      when ya poke a bear, even accidentally, ya fooking just mite get bit! the fellah who’d said ‘they dunno even know what their g’s been doing’ said it right.

      added: i mean, the trump man threw red meat to the law and order lions rubes preparing for the next colisseum, plus fooking giuilani. well, never mind; it’s stoopball season. or head-banging-againsst-walls season, depending on one’s predilection. so let’s dance! or alternately and more to my tastes, let’s dance’!

  31. gettin’ ‘weirdly’ out there…

    guest post at ‘This Is a Constitutional Crisis’. an epic battle between titans ché pasa and markfromireland, w/ sterling fighting beyond his weight class. a few others joint the contest. all due to the fact that the fallen queen won the popular vote (by .3%).

    yes, RT had it that soros/moveon said they’d funded the #notourPresident protests, but here comes war pimps for the empire joining in to seal the deal:

    well, shucks; too bad there’s a chinese stealth fighter J20 that looks just like a MIG…
    the ‘Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19’ now has 4,034,976 supporters.

    • …Hi wd

      … Have seen/read it being suggested/reported that Clinton run DNC and allied D Team orcs in MSM were intimately plotting/contriving to puppet string and game 2015/2016 R nomination process in ways both seen/unseen to herd R’s towards someone like D. Trump to help hide what HRC is and stands for and aid NeoCon HRC in being / getting elected as POTUS in 2016.

      …Someone like D. Trump would be set up as the default R candidate who then could be ruthlessly attacked by Clinton D Gang /MSM in general election. Idea evidently was to aim to shift the issues and politics of the 2016 WH election to the right so HRC would look or seem less the WallSt./Big Bank/NeoCon HRC is while portraying D. Trump as a Far Right/Incompetent fool and tool not qualified to be POTUS.

      …Looks like Clinton D Gang and DNC and MSM having failed to pull that murky and deviously devised political scheme off with HRC still deservedly losing on Nov.08 now seeking to derail D.Trump via this Electoral College challenge likely G. Soros funded riot making and politically orchestrated coup making. Of course that .3% of the so called total popular vote for Hillary likely can be challenged with multiple vote recounts + tally count validations as well as extensive efforts to expose vote cheating, fraud and chicanery. Likely easy to erase HRC’s .3%.

      …What Trump and the R’s now need to be doing very loudly is reminding the rioting D mob and DumShit D’s in general that Hillary’s hacks and orcs and DNC minions screwed them over by sabotaging Bernie Sander’s WH bid in everyway they could. Bernie Sanders very likely could/would have beat D. Trump but Hillary Clinton was not ever about the D’s winning —for HRC was all about Hillary being crowned POTUS. That was and is and has been the rot at the middle of all this from Day One regarding what and who HRC is/is not.

      …Not a Pro R Trump USian but I am not Pro D Hillary Clinton either.

      …DumShit D’s should wise up and be rioting about what HRC is and stands for. Hillary is a crooked NeoCon D …wake up DumShit D’s.


      • having a bit of trouble decoding this, sta, including the timeline, but if i catch your drift, yes: the wikileaked podesta emails had the team playing ‘pied piper’ to dt’s getting the nomination. many have also speculated that as the trumps and clintons were social society bff’s, that teflone billy bubba was the one who’d suggested to DT he make a run in the first place. sounds almost plausible to me. i’m pretty sure i embedded one of those ‘pied piper’ tweets on one of these threads.

        i’d add, though, that we know from some of the clinton foundation exposés that she and bill wanted to conduct foreign policy their own way, and had chosen which regimes to support with massive weapons sales by way of their ‘presents’ to the foundation. power mad conscienceless grifters of a most malevolent sort.

        one comment i’d seen posited: ‘imagine if these protestors and others would have hit the streets in rage that these two most-loathed candidates were the duopoly choices handed voters. yep, clearly the dnc ‘squashed bernie into pulp’, but then he went and campaigned for her. did he regret it once he’d read that? or was his run always as a sheepdog for dems? polling…well, never mind. ;-)

        • …Hi wd

          …That was a bit of a punt comment on my part wd that came to mind during my Sunday evening while loitering in The EZ Chair with this Steve Jobs Device on my lap prior to finishing up my duties in the kitchen for the night…sorry if my last comment seemed or seems a bit too impromptu in composition…

          …Was maybe/kinda/sorta pointless to let myself compose/post it being so much is now in flux politically/policy wise in WashDC and what we may see or know now will be getting moved around and added to /subtracted from continually now for several weeks and months.

          …As it is at this point it is looking and sounding more and more like Mr. You’re Fired! is walking away from some of his oft repeated campaign positions and postures at a rather quick rate/pace. This does not and should not come as a surprise.

          …As it is I often visit ZeroHedge these days where the TrumpFans already are expressing 2nd and 3rd thought reservations and pending remorse over and about Mr. T and his R groupies and it has not even been a full week since November 08. Gosh golly …imagine that…;-)

          …Plain to see Mr.T is now being closely chaperoned by the Uni-Bi-Party R’s ” established ” WashDC suits who now evidently are not part of the ” swamp ” Mr.T was talking about wanting to drain…
          hmmm…imagine that.

          …Likely will need to wait until after Jan.20, 2017 and then do 3-6-9-12 month measuring of Mr.T’s WH acts and actions for putting a more accurate dossier together of Mr.T’s actual policy cants and who will be on/not on Team T in the T WH or allowed to serve at Trump’s Court and have one or both of Trump’s eyes and ears. Just hoping the Trump Court Jester(s) are fun to mock/ridicule.;-)

          …As for all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth now being done and shown by the DumShit D’s it seems best just to chalk all that up to being just some more R.vs. D Junk Politics MisDirection Politcal Theatre. Too bad the D’s let Barack Obama slide for 8 years and let the likes of Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer and Reid sit up on CapHill since 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012 doing what they did and did/do not do. Until the D’s clean up/cull/correct their own long list of D party ails and fails the D’s really ought to shut up about Donny Trump now being POTUS-Elect or actual POTUS post Jan.20,2017. The D’s let Obama be a good R POTUS often enough from 2009 to 2016 as it is and seldom forced Barack Obama to actually honor his campaign / PR talk with the walking of it.

          …See Bush/Cheney No Looking Back

          …See ObamaDon’tCare

          …See Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden

          …See Ukraine/Syria/Libya/Iraq/Afghanistan

          …See how Obama/Holder/Brennan/Clapper/Nuland ongoing nexuses given big seals of IOKIYAAD approval by the D zealots and hacks.

          …So Donny Trump as POTUS is now a big fat “problem” for the DumShit D’s? Oh puhleeeze …Cry.Me.A.River.

          …anyhoo …I will try to play nice here at cafe-b wd …love the up top site header photos/images rotation displays of flowers and critters etc. wd…cafe-b is a very nicely styled and themed website wd. I sometimes still stop over at ShadowProof where the less than artistic and uninspired up top banner layout is more akin to what some art challenged high schoolers might have done…sorry Kevin ….thanks for doing what you do/have been doing here at cafe-b wd…best wishes always …

          …sta ;-)

          • i know you’ll play nice, and have. once in awhile, i may take out a few paragraph breaks, though, just to shorten the threads. i appreciate your liking the banner photos: they all come from the wds’ backyard. what a refuge we’ve built for critters of all sorts, fruit trees and others, and small but loudly colorful gardens!.

            i’d just grabbed this link and had given it unread to an erstwhile friend commenter at ian welsh’s place. if it contains what the title implies, it might be exactly to the point of ‘why attila the hen lost’ to trump. ‘liberals have nobody to blame but themselves‘.

            but yes, waiting is, then movemental politics for the homeland denizens. war? who knows? at least T promises no war with russia.

  32. There is rioting? Where?

    If the Clinton/Soros clique tried to engineer it that way, they were too clever by half. On the other hand, after Trump was nominated, the deeply divided Republican Party used him as a Hail Mary pass to total power in DC and a majority of the states. This makes reversal extremely more difficult as it is entrenched through Supreme Court rulings at the federal level and state constitutional provisions that require state referendums to overturn.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is no longer a candidate or candidate-in-waiting for anything. Both the Bush and Clinton dynasties, save George P. Bush (a Trump hanger-on) have been destroyed as political powers. Donna Brazile is in Palm Beach at $1750 registration hanging out with David Horowitz and James O’Keefe at the The Restoration Conference for who knows what reason. Schumer has thrown his support behind Rep. Keith Ellison as DNC Chair. Whatever the Democratic Party in DC becomes there will be few Clinton holdovers. Look for the K Street affiliations of this new crew as they are named.

    Meanwhile, Trump has named Reince Priebus his chief of staff (like Andy Card in the Bush administration or Rahm Emanuel in the Obama administration) and Steve Bannon as his chief strategist (like Karl Rove in the Bush administration or Valerie Jarrett in the Obama administration). Bannnon is the CEO of And the list of Transition Team members looks like one faction of the GOP establishment).

    The ratfucking that Deborah Wasserman-Schultz and the Clinton team did during the primary pales when you look at battle of ratfucking in the general election.

    According to one source:
    Here are the statistics:
    231,556,622 eligible voters

    46.9% didn’t vote
    25.6% voted for Clinton
    25.5% voted for Trump
    1.7% voted for Johnson&lt”

    Some of those missing votes were suppressed. There is no acknowledgement of the Stein and other third party votes. But most voted with their seats instead of with their feets. Whether because of inconvenience, indifference, massive aversion to Hobson choices, or whatever, "None of the above" won.

    Judging from the sources of tweets I'm getting about the demonstrations disrupting at least 25 cities and bringing out larger numbers of people than did most Occupy Wall Street actions, the folks in the streets are those in threat of deportation, students with high student loans, student getting out for their first protests, gay and especially transsexual people who see their legal protections being suddenly reversed so soon after winning them, African-Americans who currently have police gunning down their neighbors without cause, and lots of women who are tired of being subjected to unwanted groping by business associates and strangers. Their protest is against the election of a guy who won by promising not to deal with any of their issues. Hillary had very little with getting them in the streets. Liberal D mayors in those cities that have them have sent militarized police into the streets, are waiting for boredom to set in and crowds to thin, and then will crack down. Conservative mayors of all parties seem to be doing the same. As in most recent protests, these are likely coordinated out of US Department of Homeland Security Fusion Centers using tactics taught by Israeli consultants in Urban Shield sales conventions.

    DumShit D's are still stunned, likely fishing, hunting or avoiding all online activity this weekend. Not yet to the anger phase of grief.

    The Democratic establishment essentially is telling Sanders to get them out of the mess they put themselves in. Sanders's first act was to push for Keith Ellison as DNC chair. Schumer likely bargained to keep on track to be minority leader of the Senate. That speaks of a Democratic power vacuum in the Senate with Harry Reid gone. How do you think Bernie Sanders should play the inside game over the next 49 days? He is still officially a registered independent and not trying to save the Democratic Party but the democratic caucus (opposition caucus) in the Senate. Elizabeth Warren likely is more interested in the Democratic Party infrastructure and what to do with it.

    For the moment the power rests with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison to come up with the tactics and ideas to oppose the Trump juggernaut that is expected. That is all that is of the inside team at the moment. The outside team is whoever it is in the streets.

    How would you have those work together and what would you have them do? For the next two years, electoral action depends on division within the Republican Senate caucus and the Republican House caucus. And what Trump would sign or veto. There is not a whole lot of potential for change there except in some of the details. This is the type of situation in which Sanders's legislative experience is helpful. His amendment on the medical cost ratios under Obamacare is one of the factors forcing pressure for something different.

    • i took the blockout out, as i have trouble reading the text that way. from what i saw in the early anti-trump protests, it was largely about ‘racism and misogyny’, as per the signage, not many faces of color. where were they when clinton and obama were killing brown and black people all over the planet in their wars of choice for resources? but cnn is reporting that in nyc, the crowd was those you mention. yes, cnn made somewhat of a case for ‘rioting’, some sort of incendiary devices hurled at the popo, and most of the coverage was about trump reigniting the culture wars. the most used phrase was ‘groups fear __’, based on his likely team, named team, and likely judicial appts., etc.

      telesur is reporting that as more votes get counted, her popular vote will increase, 7 million *yet* to count in a couple states more favorable to hellary.

      funny how he’s been backing of from his red meat to the xenophobic/obamacare-hating lions, isn’t it? i tried to take a bit of a crash course on his earlier policies as i’ve ignored them save for hysterical headlines, but one thing i found on his meeting w/ bibi saying he WILL settle the i/p issue was bad. ‘settlements on palestinian land’ should not be mentioned; it’s counter-productive to a peace deal.

      thanks for answering your own pop quiz, though; i didn’t read the homework, lol. this a.m.’s letter from ccr said some of them were at the protests in new yawk, chanting along. well, good on them. at least they were in the battles against the clinton and obama machines shredding the constitution.

  33. I will continue to be somewhat sanguine for the next ten years, or until Florida and Texas become engulfed in the Progressive Wave, that today consists of California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York. And should this occur, the Democrats will have over 160 electoral college votes relative to future presidential elections.

    And will the majority of state legislatures governed my Republicans, “correcting” the damage that comes from gerrymandering will become an unenviable task for the many of us.

  34. TarheelDem

    When the Republican-led state legislature passed Arizona’s SB 1050, they also passed HB 1281 and which led to the enactment on the prohibition for teaching a foreign language such as Spanish in our public school systemic. However, the “majority” of these kids come from Spanish-speaking families, and needless to say, European American kids become the “losers” in their future years. Thusly, these non-Spanish-speaking kids will have to play catch-up in their later formative years.

    As to the overwhelming majority of “racial and ethnics,” we are NOT going to abandon the Democratic Party, since the next generation of voters will be “capturing” the Democratic Party and done from the standpoint for being Progressive. Consequently, 21 million Latino kids of today, will become the “fulcrum” for Change and within tomorrow’s context.


    • i’d have to agree w/ thd, partly since there’ve been more ‘bad guys of both genders in Az, but time might prove you right or wrong as the youth become more ascendant.

      a counterpuncher whose name i just couldn’t remember; i’m ashamed how many different search queries it took me to discover: ‘RODOLFO ACUÑA, a professor emeritus at California State University Northridge, has published 20 books and over 200 public and scholarly articles. He is the founding chair of the first Chicano Studies Dept which today offers 166 sections per semester in Chicano Studies. His history book Occupied America has been banned in Arizona. In solidarity with Mexican Americans in Tucson, he has organized fundraisers and support groups to ground zero and written over two dozen articles exposing efforts there to nullify the U.S. Constitution.’

      he was fired over teaching seditious thought, as i remember it. jeezum crow: amurcan neo-colinization 2.0.

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