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(Shakeela Sheikh, 30, from Baramulla, told Al Jazeera she had panicked when she heard that clashes had erupted in her neighbourhood on Friday, September 8. Her five-year-old son had gone to the mosque with her neighbours and, afraid, she ran out the house to search for him. She was hit in both eyes with pellets. She was also hit in the chest, neck and mouth. Her son survived, but she has lost her eyesight and now has no way to support him.)

my offerings (and i’ll say that most of the images in  both news reports of this horror are hard to witness): ‘India’s crackdown in Kashmir: is this the world’s first mass blinding?’; A bloody summer of protest in Kashmir has been met with a ruthless response from Indian security forces, who fired hundreds of thousands of metal pellets into crowds of civilians, leaving hundreds blinded, the guardian, nov. 8

from al jazeera: ‘The doctors treating Kashmiris blinded by pellets’; Two Kashmiri doctors describe treating pellet injuries and share their fears for the future of their patients.

“Over 80 people are reported to have been killed and 12,000 injured in clashes with the Indian armed forces that often involve running battles between heavily-armed riot police and young people throwing stones.

The use of force against protesters isn’t new. But the shooting of pellets as a way of controlling crowds has grabbed the headlines, as hundreds have been struck in their eyes, with many losing their vision as a result.

The Indian government considers pellet guns to be non-lethal weapons, but at least 10 people have been reportedly  killed since July. Human rights activists have called for the weapon to be banned, alleging they have “neither been used proportionally nor in compliance with international standards on the use of force or domestic standards on crowd control”. [snip]

Maqbool: There have been around 780 patients who have been admitted, operated and managed by our department. However, this is not the exact figure of eye injuries we have received here. There have been others who received emergency treatment but were not admitted.

Around 100 others have been to the SKIMS Medical College (in Srinagar) and I don’t know how many were managed at district hospitals. Some others have gone to Indian cities like Hyderabad and Delhi directly without consulting anyone in [the Kashmir] valley. So there would be no less than 1,000 eye injury patients since July 9. 

It is very emotional. You have to remember, we are dealing with young kids. Some are 12 or 15 years old. They are often not accompanied by adults.

We need to move away from this perception that only protesters are being hit by pellets.

There is a four-and-a-half-year-old child here with pellets in the left eye. Do you think a four-year-old was throwing stones? Another lady was hit inside her home. There is Insha, a girl blinded by pellets. I call her the face of these eye pellet injury patients. She had just opened the window of her house to see what is happening outside. Then there are 50- and 60-year-olds hit in the eyes.

  • Khurram Parvez, a Kashmiri human rights activist says there are more than 650,000 troops stationed in the region – that is one soldier for every 17 Kashmiris 
  • Independent analysts believe the number of Indian troops to be around half a million
  • The Indian government does not release official figures on the number of its troops in the disputed region
  • Human rights organisations have accused Indian forces in Kashmir of unlawful killings, disappearances, rape and torture
  • But the Armed Forces Special Powers Act , which was introduced in the state in 1990, gives security forces virtual immunity from prosecution

“…although Indian officials have launched an inquiry into the use of pellet guns, they continue to be used.  The CRPF, an Indian paramilitary unit, revealed that it had used 1.3 million pellets in 32 days, adding that “it was difficult to follow the standard operating procedure given the nature of the protests”. 

‘India’s position on Kashmir a travesty of history: Pak ‘India should let Kashmiris freely decide their future through UN-mandated plebiscite’, September 18, 2016, kashmirawareness.org

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  1. Thank you so very much for reminding us of the bigger picture, the portent immediacy of what awaits us without individual resistance to the not always so obvious to so many. Loves you, wd.

    Peace and Resolve

    Tried the, “looking at the bright side,” with a few now disillusioned Dems on
    election night. With the cheap labor for industrial dairy operations in the state (WI) being deported when the “donaldo,” takes office in Jan and rounds up the “illegals,” we’ll have a chance at cleaner groundwater as the CAFOs bite the dust through deportation of their current slave labor resources.

    Going after the USA Today take-over of print news at the county budget meeting/hearing this coming week, as “local,” news coverage has all but disappeared with the “restructuring,” of their business. No local editor, but regional control now, with no posted contact info to the new big wigs in charge. Why should our county be continuing to pay them for legal notices etc. with nothing else reported on the home front, will be the question.

    • ‘allo, sweet patootie. well, ya know, always trying to look on the bright side gets kinda fraught. had a good cry today, more personal than socio-political, but it seems to mean that being a bit cleansed, i might sleep tonight. more later, but i ♥ your jest silver lining. but yeah, who knows but what people may wake up and create a better world for the inconvenient rabble lower classes, eh?

      sorry about russ feingold, but there was a pretty big broom this season. (we won’t mention mccain/feingold, right? sleep purdy; more tormorrow.

    • re: the round-ups, deportation, hell even ‘the wall’ might have been more red meat for the alt-right, who knows? but b at MoA gave a link to al aribya with this over-riding message:

      ““Three months after Trump declared his infamous Muslim ban last December, his campaign according to Arab diplomatic sources, reached out to different Middle East embassies in Washington, DC. The message from the Trump campaign to key Arab diplomats last Spring was a plea to “ignore Mr. Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail.” so like hellary, he seems to have both a public position (or mebbe three) and a private one. gawd’s blood, him and his tourette’s tongue.

      but what is your final paragraph about? sorry to be so clueless. i’d thought you email you, but you know how that often goes for me. did WI vote for mmj? thing is, mr. wd had been hearing, and so has our daughter, that cbd’s have been proven effective for autism spectrum disorders. apparently there’s a spray available so it can be taken by mouth. one woman mr. wd worked w/ briefly moved to co expressly so that her adult son could have access to it. anyway, i thought i’d mention it.

      but yeah, that mass blinding by pellets really eats at me. and of course, modi is now a major bidness and military friend of the current regime. kinda seems another con man like obama.

      • I’ve been dismayed at what little local newspaper coverage and public opinion which could be expressed, that previously somewhat existed through our major local media source (the county paper of record) and now is all but gone with Gannett (Nov 1) firing local editors and some of the best local reporters.

        Within the county seat city, and within the county board of supervisors the idea of trying to get introduced and passed, state legislation to take away Gannett income by publishing our own legal notices, is taking hold.

        Small town potatoes in the bigger scheme of the repression you point out above. I need to catch up on events outside my immediate world, but I am also pursuing a project of attempting to find out why special mention of my “not participating,” in the pledge of allegiance at three town meetings was of any importance or significance to the general public as to have it reported and printed in the official meeting minutes 15 months ago. Attempted intimidation by some of those in local control is all that I can guess for now. Bullies, bullets or pellets, authoritarian “blinding,” of truth, justice and I guess that’s the America way. Opposing it when I recognize it. Starting at home. Best.

        • zo, your groups have to pay for notification of public meetings? no, it’s a perfect addition to ‘the blindings’. you made the news for ‘failing to salute the pledge? good fooking on ya, nonq! bless yer pea-pickin’ heart.

          i have no public presence in our community any longer, but back in the day, i did. one big dem friend described me as a lightning rod/idealogue. i said ‘thank you’. starting at home is soooo important; and i thank you profusely. sleep well; neither of us can seem to manage it any longer, so…we try to party at 4:30 in the mornin’. no eggnog w/ brandy, but we do joke about it… ;-) oh, and was feingold’s loss a disappointment, or a ‘whatever’ by now?

          • Feingold’s loss was expected by several of us early on for the obvious reasons and further confirmed as the campaigns proceeded. Our most local state candidate/environmentalist and organic farmer did well, despite very little money and several derisive snail mailers against him in the final week from outside groups. Connections made with several more very great people, so success there is the exceedingly good worth coming from those efforts begun and continuing.

            My failure to participate, re pledge to dog and flag was only noted in the official minutes of the town meeting (full version) online, at that town’s web page as far as I know. Non-residents with a personal agenda like trying to keep liquid manure out of peoples’ residential water wells, is/was a problem they didn’t want mentioned in their “we have no problems,” and, “you might upset the tourist trade,” world (much less let anyone conclude or insinuate that their town government failed to protect the public health and safety).


            • glad to hear the organic farmer won, though. those wins matter a lot in the end. not all politics are local, imo, but for local and state issues: huge. around here, it’s nigh on to impossible to elect even a dimocrat to any public office, from county clerk to commissioner to…well, yanno. save for US senators and a gov in the pockets of their corporate masters.

              some time back i recruited a slate of candidates to run against the crony boys on our local rural water cooperative. they ran an illegal election, no one cared when i complained. guess what? all the good ole boys and their rubber stamps won. it sure did frost my cookies. anyhoo, glad you’re meeting and making alliances w/ some righteous folks. that helps a lot, knowing that you’re not alone. yeah, the athletes dropping a knee have turned on a nationalist jingoism again. best to you, my friend.

  2. The pretense of believing in human rights that began in earnest with the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948 and extended to US policy (but not actions) with Jimmy Carter’s public statements. It always is a punch in the gut. But the legitimacy of the opposition to human rights violations that once could be assumed in political speech if not in action has now disappeared. Other nations no longer have to pretend.

    No doubt the pellets shot by Indian troops will be described as “non-lethal”. Caring for handicapped takes people away from work and fighting no matter how it increases anger. It is a cynical but not unusual military tactic.

    Modi is a known violent Hindu nationalist, not much different from other religious nationalists appearing in the current global economic environment. He was expected to push on the Kashmir conflict and expand the Indian military and be a tool of Indian corporations.

    Geopolitically his relationship to the emerging Eurasian integration is like DeGaulle’s France. Kashmir is his Algeria. Expect more atrocities. But expect greater economic integration between India and China at the same time. If India withdraws from a path of closer relations with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the worries go further than human rights. But within the SCO there is not the sanctimonious haranguing of other nation’s actions on human rights or political process.

    As US imperialism recedes, the process we will quickly watch under Trump not matter what his actions, other styles of imperial relationships will become visible appealing as a more gentle hegemony. One of them is tributary hegemony, a characteristic of historic imperial China that some analyst say continues in Chinese diplomacy today. It might also appear elsewhere with other great powers in a multi-polar world.

    Tributary relations involve no element of administrative control or interference by the hegemon. At most, the hegemonic power might intervene in succession issues and might ratify the accession of a monarch. For this reason, the extrapolation from pre-modern inter-state relations to the modern international system is problematic. The modern-day heirs of tribute hegemons tend to claim that the tributary relationship should be understood as an acknowledgement of the hegemon’s sovereignty in the modern world, whereas former tributary states deny that there was any transfer of sovereignty.

    The first characteristic mentioned is why we will witness the authoritarian governments that arise under competition for the resources left after the Industrial Age’s squandering of energy and materials thought to be infinite using more and more egregious violations of human rights to maintain control. And no persuasion that an international norm prevent that abuse of power.

    The summer of the Enlightenment and transcendentalist morality that I was born into in 1946 and turned to late summer when my political views were formed has now passed into decline. No one is interested in liberty, equality, or fraternity (brotherhood) as universal social norms anymore. Indeed, we have seen the delegitimization of the very idea of universal social norms.

    For most people not conversing on this blog, what Modi does in India is of no global significance at all, just a conflict in a different culture and society with no emotional impact here.

    Winter is coming. Bank the fires of the notion that nothing human is alien. And that being human requires some basic recognition of existence and dignity. And that there are strains of every culture that inform that same view no matter how out of favor they might be at any time and in any place.

    We are going to have to figure out how to face increasing news of this sort without become deadened or paralyzed by the continuing grief about a passing world.

    • thank you for spelling out that the norm of human rights has fallen down the rabbit hole of history. could you give an example or three of tributary relations? i’m seeing subharan africa, of course. latin america during the coups? by the by, things aren’t going well for the new rulers of brazil and argentina….

      yes, modi is a henchman, but both sources name various multiple numbers of the 100,000s of indian troops now ‘making things safe for all’, or whatever verbiage. modi just went to visit shinzo abe, more infrastructure, bullet trains, and what not. i’ve already forgotten who’s funding/building their nuclear reactors. i’d grabbed this post thinking to look, but chores are many on the weekends here. modi may even have said on twitter… short memory here. hope it’s not japan; one core at fukushima is now exposed (((shudder))).

      i admit i was a bit surprised to see the issue at the guardian, but it was a bit hard to sort out what weight the author placed on the fingers of blame between pakistan and india, and i know i’m a bit biased. butter wouldn’t melt in modi’s mouth.

      i’ll add: ‘‘Obama asks Congress for $11.6 billion supplemental defense bill’

      and i did finally read b’s links about DT seeming to have changed O’s mind about ‘the enemy’ in syria, and is planning on ‘attacking al-nusra’ now.

  3. spirit-cooking sous chef

    i didn’t wade thru all of this, no transcript up, but about +/-15 minutes or so into it they get into the whole “spirit cooking” thing. they have a hard time taking the whole thing seriously, think that marina abramovich is a schlock hack who will expectorate pretty much anything just for effect. But who knew that john podesta is obsessed with the gov’t hiding its contact w/UFO’s? anyway, at one point one of the guys says the real “occult/black” art is *managing other people’s perception of reality.*

    hello, advertising. old scratch himself whispering in people’s ears on the tellie? “look! here’s the kingdom of heaven, in the new Lexus, iphone, or Heineken.” is the manipulation of the symbolic order in the imagery & jingles, the icons & logos, of an advertiser a kind of “spell-casting”?

    anyway, that bit i quoted from Goethe’s Faust recently, the “prologue in the theater”. Faust is ostensibly a play, though rarely performed, so that scene makes some sense as a little “play within the play.” but the play itself is about making a pact (excuse me, a wager) w/el diablo. The prologue in the theater uses the language of cooking/eating to describe spectacle production (“make it a potpourri, a ragout”) and Faust at the start has wearied himself to death brewing & cooking in his devil’s kitchen, the alchemist’s lab. so he starts seeking *visionary* experience & voila, Mephistopheles shows up. wizardry & spectacle-making, as in Prospero, or the younger Mann’s Mephisto? or Rosemary’s Baby?

    the seeking of power over other people thru ritualized manipulation of the symbolic order…someone like podesta spends his entire life swimming in this kind of sewer. might that drive someone like him to be obsessed about something like UFO’s? is there a “reality” behind the manipulation? and fuck you Uncle Sam for hiding it from me, one of Oz’s many wizards? he spends his life conning people & lying for Uncle Sam, who won’t (or can’t) let him in on The Big Secret? oh well, guess that’s he gets for his “deal with the devil.”

    • got me laffin’ w/ your new name, dude. i’ll have to take your word on the video for now, still chores to do. but i’d thought it was brother tony p who dug the witch who spit blood and breast milk on walls, drew in it, and what not. but yeah, that john loves ufo’s is kewl; so do i. might have been the only thing that would have saved humanity, yanno? We Are Not Alone and Way Dumber than the visitors. did you see where stephen hawking advised not sending out those messages into space…cuz ya won’t like the return calls? dayum, i loved it. ‘independence day’ devotée?

      but yeah, he seems to be manipulator, well, the dethroned queen, too. and wikileaks just keeps publishing more emails every day. grabbed a couple on one of my breaks.

      • spirit-cooking sous chef

        did i mix the podestas up? throw ’em in a pot, stir ’em…
        and oh snap on the wikileaks. how were we murkins to know????

  4. Someone else notices:

    Molly Crabapple ‏@mollycrabapple Nov 12

    Russia Today is demonizing the anti-Trump protests in the same language they used against Arab Spring

    • dunno how rt had covered the arab spring, but as far as i can make out now, they were directed by otpor/canvass, and the new governments had to be okayed by the us of a. but crabapple i try to ignore, as she’s one of the western scribes who have vehemntly denounced assad and his militry supporters against the insugency, and for certain blames assad and putin for ‘aid convoys not getting to the starving and suffering’.

      you and i may just have to differ on her willingness to use her own art and writing in service of the empire. now i will say that rt loves hysterical headlines, so one has to sort out the chaff. but they are not trumpistas w/ headlines such as this today:

      ‘Trump promises to deport at least 2mn ‘criminal’ immigrants in post-election interview (VIDEO); US President-elect Donald Trump has promised to deport or incarcerate “probably 2 million,” or even 3 million “criminal” illegal immigrants, once he takes office.’ again, it’s red meat, depending on how you read his statements. heh; i’ll add that i don’t care for her painting much.

  5. Roja Bandari on religious authoritarianism in Iran. h/t emptywheel

    Roja ‏@RojaBandari

    Some things about what it was like to live in Iran under a religious dictatorship:
    1) It felt normal. People had jobs, friends, school, etc

    2) A minority bears most of the pain: most vulnerable and those who defend them, plus any journalists and intellectuals who are out of line.

    3) Everyone else complains but considers action too extreme/risky/stupid. Sometimes commendable if done by someone other than them.

    4) Journalists, filmmakers, & writers know where the lines are an stay within them. They are ok until they cross a line, then self correct.

    5) A few who don’t stay within the lines pay a high price. I It does not feel like a shot to the heart. It feels like suffocation.

    6) Everyone else moves on with their lives, jobs, families, problems, vacations, etc. Humans adapt quickly.

    7) There is no ominous music playing in background in dictatorships. So if you in the US are waiting for a sign, there will be none.

    8) It becomes harder and the risk gets higher the longer one waits before realizing something is not right. Because more people adapt.

    9) Still, people are brave and resilient everywhere. And America still has a system that can get us through this if we do the work.

    • Nice post TD.
      “And America still has a system that can get us through this if we do the work.”
      Now there’s the rub; doing the rub/work.
      IME; most don’t do the work.
      We’ll see, no?

      • Roja Bandari is much more optimistic than I am, given the expansion of Presidential power to snoop and assassinate in the past 16 years. What was illegitimate and covert is now legitimate (if untested for constitutionality) and open.

        Anwar al-Awlaki arbitrary assassination of US citizens.
        Edward Snowden documents showing massive surveillance (if not search) and domestic use of offensive malware for cyberattacks.
        Arbitrary ability to conduct war of any character: covert, counterinsurgent, conventional, nuclear.

        The horrible blunder of Truman’s stampeded rejiggering of the military comes home to roost.

        • There is nothing in your post I can disagree with.
          Voting and elections are not the solution to the U.S. dysfunction…

          • ” America’s problems will only be solved outside of the electoral system, rapper and activist Boots Riley tells RT. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has the true interests of Americans at heart, he said in a wide ranging interview.

            In an interview with RT’s Caleb Maupin, Boots Riley, lead singer of hip-hop group The Coup, gave his thoughts on the recent US election. Riley, who hails from Oakland, California, has been involved in political activism since an early age and is known for his left-wing views.

            “We have to not just protest in the street, not just make a spectacle to show we are against it,” he said, adding, “We need changes that come from having people organize and able to control profit. Everyone knows that the capitalist system is based on money; five-year-olds know that. What we also know that is the capitalist system cannot exist without the worker – that’s where our power is!”

            in this interview, the self-styled commie hip-hop rapper isn’t as incisive as he ordinarily is, and i’m not sure he’s correct about this: ““Not only are people tired of imperialist wars, they never wanted them in the first place,” he stressed.”


            • Yes, I would disagree with Boots’ closing sentence.
              I think the pre-Iraq ant-war demonstrations, demonstrated our lack of consent.
              It’s the bloody (literally) politicians who beat the drums to war.
              And my last straw with the U.S..

              • the demonstration against the iraq war were indeed large, but largely hidden by the media, remember? and loads, if not a predominance, of amurkins were out for saddam’s blood, the pr firms did that good a job on that campaign.

                the counter-demonstration to our puny and tiny protest in cortez, co, maybe 20 of us, with our chirren? fools! who knew… at least 400 spitting war-lovers accosted us, which the police allowed. the only slight injuries were getting bashed a bit w/ their signs. i had a bible shoved in my face while carrying our toddler. given his mario savio-esqe ‘jam the machine w/ your life’, he’s touting the #j20 strike, but it seems as though the original organizers created it to protest…trump. we’ll see what happens.

                according to tom head at dc media group, the big no-trump protest there turned rather easily into a hillary event.

                anyway, boots is usually so much more…eloquently radical, although he tones down his essays at the guardian a bit. what an impish face; i love this one.

                It’s like a hotwire, baby
                When we put it together
                When the sparks fly
                We’ll ignite the future forever
                This is the last kiss Martin ever gave to Coretta
                It’s like a paparazzi picture when I flash my Beretta
                I got scars on my back
                The truth on my tongue
                I had the money in my hand when that alarm got rung
                We wanna breathe fire and freedom from our lungs
                Tell Homeland Security
                We are the bomb

                • Oh sure, the media had a very large part in keeping the citizenry uninformed.
                  But, the truth was out there for those of us who cared.
                  What infuriated me was the utter lack of curiosity on the part of many people (Usians especially).
                  We haven’t learned one damn lesson from that crime against humanity: Actually since WWII.
                  It defies credulity…

                  • a total news embargo on returning caskets also helped, and ‘no press beyond this mark’ sort of secrecy. to say the truth, i can’t even remember now how i leaned of some of the largest protests, but it was certainly well after they occurred. learned nothing, don’t intend to; isn’t that why the US has never ratified the treaty of rome? but no: the big big news is that russia and a couple sub-saharan african nations are pulling out of the ICC. duterte says he might follow roosia out the door, as well.

  6. spirit-cooked soul food deep fryer

    cooking more in the spirit of this post, wsws today has an article up today saying india’s defense is calling for india to scrap the “no-first strike” position. i expect obama to offer him the medal of freedom before he leaves office. the US is trying to trap india in its relations w/China, right? like australia, japan, s. korea, etc., etc., etc. forge a military alliance w/the US while their “natural” economic ties are toward China.

    war is capitalism’s answer to the tilting economic balance. the economic loser doesn’t believe any of the capitalist horseshit. they start pulling out guns.

    • jeezum crow; glad they covered it; so few do. the ending is stomach-ache worthy, and thanks, usa for ginning up burgeoning nuclear threats over: the ever-present elephant in the room kashmir:

      “Significantly, Ashley Tellis, who as a member of George W. Bush’s National Security Council played a key role in the negotiation of the Indo-US nuclear accord, recently argued Washington should abandon its official policy seeking to constrain India’s development of its nuclear arsenal in recognition of its “value” in countering China.

      Pakistan, alarmed by its ever-widening strategic imbalance with a US-supported India, has responded by strengthening its longstanding alliance with China and by expanding its nuclear programme, especially the development and deployment of “tactical” or battlefield nuclear weapons.

      Islamabad has repeatedly warned in recent years that should India invade Pakistan, or even mass its troops to do so, it will use tactical weapons. In response, India has let it be known—notwithstanding its “No First Use” policy—that it will consider any use of tactical nuclear weapons as justification for using its “strategic” arsenal, that is for targeting Pakistani cities for annihilation.”

      now trump’s election may have averted wwIII w/ russia, but methinks that man has some similar animosity toward china. (currency manipulation. calling for yuuuuge inflationary import tariffs”. wonder how his ‘renegotiating nafta’ will go? as in esp: for whose better deal?

  7. You might have mentioned this elsewhere, but open menu makes it possible here – massive earthquake, actually a double it would seem in New Zealand yesterday morning our time – 7.5, limited loss of life fortunately but the topology change around the northeast coast of the South Island is mindboggling. At a monitoring station near Marlborough the earth shifted two meters northwards and one meter down. Which to me means essentially the South Island moved, or that segment did, closer to the North while falling into the sea. Here are photos, usual ones of damage, but the Wellington city infrastructure is also hit – that’s the capital, mateys.


    Tourist season just beginning, rerouting away from the coast, and Kaikoura was right in the middle of it. (That’s whalewatching territory.

    And there was a tsunami but so far only one house seems to have caught it, on Banks Peninsula. But as far as overall damage, the area affected is much larger than the Christchurch earthquake although less problematic for buildings it looks so far.

    • thanks, juliania; i’d been watching coverage of the quake and tsunami warnings at RT. in fact, they used some of the same twitter pics. of course one wonders if the greens against fracking haven’t been proven correct, although i really don’t know if it had been going on near the epicenter. i was at least glad to hear that the predicted swells didn’t prove correct. but yes, matey, that’s a hella lot of movement, isn’t it?

      don key loves him some fracking, eh wot?

    • spirit-cooked soul food deep fryer

      well, can’t we all feel assured that the *&#^@% defense minister is on top of it? at this point, i pity the poor guy who had his DVD collection knocked over but shouldn’t we all feel relieved when an earthquake doesn’t destroy a nuclear reactor?

      signs & portents, people. the moon is getting bigger, too, right? that can’t be good for ocean levels.

      i bet if the pocket-protector wearing acrocephalopolysyndactylic poindexters told us tomorrow one of those star stones is about to crash into the planet, india would go ahead & reverse its no 1st strike policy. nato would continue encircling russia just in case pakistan tried something in kashmir before we all die. or something “fishy” w/the Rus happens in estonia.

      meditating on the Book of Daniel, ch 2, where a rock made w/o hands strikes the image (sic; representing the empires of the earth, more image-making & empire building) & then becomes a mountain filling the whole earth, e.g., the “divine kingdom”, i tho’t: what if we envision the rock as an asteroid? and so we little mortals see this asteroid coming & think we are all going to die, but in reality, unknown to us, the rock is like the genesis wave at the end of Star Trek 2: the wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN, and will “rebirth” the planet?

      pretty clear we’d all kill each other before the asteroid got here. cuz that is in fact what we are doing already. some cephalovoids would suggest spurting our demon seed out into space, but they tried that in the Alien movies and it didn’t work. hey man, if the cosmos wanted us to survive, would it be shooting asteroids at us?

      ok, back to warding off the Apocalypse by selling the bourgeoisie solar panels.

      • “hoom, hoom; these opinions, of course are mine, (hoom, gurgle), not offishull doctrine, but modi the gentle king of yoga says i’m superb! BFFs forever!”

        cripes; he’s trying to be a friend to every regime. he called trumpeter to congratulate him, but the media went w/ “putin called him!”

        yes on the dvd’s not the nuclear reactors india will build w/o being a signatory to the non-proliferation agreement. yep, courtesy of japan. hedgin’ his bets all over the place, the smooth operator.

        poor poindexter; however did you come by that syndrome? er, no, supermoons are the times when the moon is closest to the earth (at perigee); it just looms larger. oh, my, as it set in the west this a.s. it was breath-taking.

        i do like your ‘the asteroid is really the genesis wave’: hold on, i’m coming!
        humans. richard branson will save some, right? where are those off-planet space stations again?

        la luna bella. (for us, almost no pollution to color it, as there’d been a strong north wind for a couple days.

  8. nov. 12

    yesterday: ‘Man Pulls GUN On Standing Rock Protectors, Runs Them DOWN With Truck — Cops FAIL To Arrest’

    “A concrete truck driver pulled a gun on water protectors while trying to ram his way thru a crowd!” Dallas Goldtooth, a well-known Native American campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network said.”

    • spirit-cooked soul food deep fryer

      if you need any more indication of how totally full of compromised choc-full-o-nuts poopy liberals all, i was talking to some liberal do-goodie obamaphile about trump & he pointed out how much of a waffling liar he is (true) b/c he backpedaled on the deportation numbers: from 11 million to 3 million. i bit my tongue & asked him if he knew how many pueblos obama had deported. of course the thought had never crossed his “all is well in obamaworld” mind. i said, “by the time he leaves office, he will have deported 3.2 million, which is what trump promised.”

      now for the clincher: “you see! obama is having a positive effect!”
      i wish i was making this up.

    • spirit-cooking deep fryer

      from kathy kelly at today’s CP

      the spirit of these kids..and the wrack upon which their lives have been twisted, perverted, distorted…

      • i kiss them and kneel before them…and their prose.

        ““The elite invest our tax money
        in reaching new depths
        of weapons and technologies,
        rather than in addressing root causes.

        The scandal is that they probably understand:
        installing CCTVs, blimps and nuclear power apparatchik
        cannot heal hunger, anger,
        or death.
        They even approve their ‘civ-mil’ plans
        in Parliaments and Congresses,
        and take their bonuses and extras
        from the tax coffers
        which they and the super-rich are exempt from.
        b>They call this the economy.

        yes, we know, and thank you.

  9. spirit-cooking deep fryer

    guten morgen amerika ueber all of us! first off, when was the last time anyone actually read one of those god awful employment agreements? I had that wonderful experience last night, trying to assist a friend who is almost certainly to be fired for nothing in about 15 minutes. I was trying to find what portion of the bill of rights was not signed away in this “agreement.” those “rights” don’t mean shit in this country.

    & chatting about this w/the landlady, who knows the person being axed, this a.m. My landlady is a retired HUD supervisor who gave her youth in the service of this country. When she starts jabbering about those glory days at HUD, and yes, she’s proud of her wasted *work* life, i think of nothing more than a mid/lower-level bureaucrat chugging & slugging & plugging away in one of those mammoth office buildings in Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil,” working on a rule or reg that would inspire Kafka to some new heights of nightmare, “working the reg” being a stock phrase. what the hell does the office of management & budget (OMB) do? it is too depressing to contemplate. I haven’t the heart to ask her: do you think you really helped ONE PERSON obtain “affordable” housing in all that work you & your cube-mates did? or were you not in fact spinning this hamster wheel to *prevent* anyone from getting housing? putting up this gigantic charade of useless activity b/c, at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, and all night & weekends too, *there is no lack of housing in this country.* far, far from it. in your 40 years on the white collar chain gang, did the stock of “affordable” housing decrease or increase? well, we all know the answer to that. but hey, she got a nice living, vacations, retirement, health care out of these decades of oh-so-important tedium, guess what her views of the current scene are? “boy, we really need to get out the vote,” said w/renewed fervor & anxiety.

    all this gov’t busyness is a colossal distraction from the real show: DAPL, Syria, running the international drug trade, etc., etc. not that these executive offices don’t massively screw people over as well: Dept of Ed & charter schools.

    anywhoddidle, looks like I picked a bad morning to quit sniffing glue…

    & hurray for global warming! wildfires in the SE. as they say at the Rand Corp, “climate change presents new challenges to the global security environment.”

    looks iike i also picked a bad day to quit amphetamines…

  10. “boy, we really need to get out the vote,” said w/renewed fervor & anxiety.

    she really wouldn’t have helped secure affordable housing even back then? i know so little about hud and fha, really, but i thought some of the underclass could get at least very low-interest loans, mebbe even some of the costs redlined. i just read the top part of the wiki on the OMB and chortled, especially the ‘measures the quality of agency programs, policies, and procedures to see if they comply with the president’s policies and coordinates inter-agency policy initiatives’, beyond making the budget.

    guess that’s why i loved george tooker’s cubicles painting (no ingress, no exits; airlifted in?); abject obedience and resignation, plus something else. like roach motels: you check in…but you don’t check out!”

    looks like you picked a good day to quit java laced w/ matté, though, scdf. (gawd’s blood; what a screen name!)

    grisly fortifications of the slant-drilling site under the river, though, eh? hard to get my mind around the engineering for that. the noDapl hashtag is all about trump right now. might change as nationwide solidarity events are scheduled for today. dinnae know about the SE fires; hell’s bells.

    amurika the beautifool…goddess sheds her grace on thee….

    this one’s 4 U, spirit cooker, from a fellow wag:

    leads to…

    • spirit-cooking deep fryer

      i’m not sure on your 1st question. she was working in public housing, the “hope floats” program or whatever. and she’s just so “importance of being ernest” about it all. to a degree understandable, but is nothing of the ludicrous about the whole thing? nothing? beyond personal squabbles & the stupidity of supervisors? what’s that thing about previous psychic investment necessitating belief? anyway, the other person did not get fired, after she went in & majorly kissed ass & made BS promises about future performance, in a sales position, no less. she was so excited while i’m trying to mask my anger & despair at the groveling we all get to do.

      anyway, from the movie “the history boys,” the fat old “wilted violet” poetry teacher is reading thomas hardy’s “drummer hodge” w/his very brilliant student, and the teacher says, there was a firm, from Yorkshire of course, that in the 19th c. went & gathered up all the dead bodies of the average soldiers left on the battlefields of Europe & ground them into fertilizer. capitalist efficiency in action. cows get all excited for human bone meal.

      give it up Rockefeller!

      • ah, i was just pinging that under lbj’s great society, there may have been more actual efforts is all. but sure, there are many who believe that adequate housing, food, medical care, and so on are a right, not a scramble for the poor. (what social safety net now?) pfffft. well, at least they didn’t turn the dead soldiers into soylent green! whaddya want? they made fertiizer for flowers and food! i have a friend who will.not.use. bloodmeal or bonemeal on her garden because: mad cow disease.

        oh, let’s send the poem to zombie rockefeller, okay? think i’d choose the wm. ageller translation.

        i’ve been working on a piece for too long now on my favorite billionaire putsch in recent memory, and keep getting distracted. at russia today, i followed this one to politico: a 3-day strategy session by the wealthy members of the party of the people ©: ‘Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’; Major liberal funders huddle behind closed doors with Pelosi, Warren, Ellison, and union bosses to lick wounds, retrench.

        George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.
        well, i dunno; room charges run from shabby (for one’s man-servant?): $315 to ooh-la-las: $2500 to ‘email us to inquire’.

        The conference, which kicked off Sunday night at Washington’s pricey Mandarin Oriental hotel, is sponsored by the influential Democracy Alliance donor club, and will include appearances by leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups, as well as darlings of the left such as House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison, according to an agenda and other documents obtained by POLITICO.” [snip]

        “The group requires its members — a group that now numbers more than 100 and includes finance titans like Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman, as well as major labor unions and liberal foundations — to contribute a total of at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups. Members also pay annual dues of $30,000 to fund the DA staff and its meetings, which include catered meals and entertainment (on Sunday, interested donors were treated to a VIP tour of the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture).
        Since its inception in 2005, the DA has steered upward of $500 million to a range of groups, including pillars of the political left such as the watchdog group Media Matters, the policy advocacy outfit Center for American Progress and the data firm Catalist — all of which are run by Clinton allies who are expected to send representatives to the DA meeting.

        That includes Soros, who, after stepping back a bit from campaign-related giving in recent years, had committed or donated $25 million to boosting Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes in 2016. During the presidential primaries, Soros had argued that Trump and his GOP rival Ted Cruz were “doing the work of ISIS.”

        yanno, they plan to analyze polling, figure out how to get the working class vote, protect ObummerCare, but wait!: ‘The agenda item for a Tuesday morning “conversation with George Soros” invokes Soros’ personal experience living through the Holocaust and Soviet Communism in the context of preparing for a Trump presidency!’ (with a disclaimer following). well, bannon, it seems is a major anti-semite…

        they reckon they need to adjust a bit’. perhaps it was just their messaging once again???

        • spirit-cooking deep fryer

          the mandarin? ugh. that place’ll be lockdown tight. they are putting *another luxury motel* just up the street from this capitalist frightmare. they can vie w/each other for just how clenched & uptight their security lockdowns for party fundraisers & big thinkers can be. center for american progress? is that spirit-barbecuing podesta’s golf course-sized field of astroturf? if there’s any place due for an earthquake, i mean a serious one, not that fake one from a few years back (knocked a brick loose on the washington monument. soooo disappointing), it’s this mephitic swamp known as D.C. return these slimy yellow-eyed beasts to the boggy, soggy, itchy, squitchy depths from which they slithered & oozed.

          • hah. wishin’ more than a brick ha fallen, eh? you devil, you. why do you think they call the state dept. ‘foggy bottom’? self-parody. perhaps they know they slither and ooze. a photog friend went to deecee a couple years ago to photograph its ‘abject abjectness’ and was followed by various po-po all the while. ya never know if someone’s a future terr’ist scouting a location.

            two things i keep forgetting. one, i’ve never had a work contract, but the modern versions must be heinous rights-abnegators (is that a word?).. and two: that zoom ap thing they made you get to sell solar panels? srsly, how do they test your urine thru the app?

            • spirit-cooking deep fryer

              they only mandate urine testing for “sensitive” positions, like, i don’t know, elon musk shoeshine boy. omg, complete abnegation of rights. in the “ethics” of business, there is zippo reciprocity. you owe them all for a paycheck in exchange for which they don’t owe you shit, outside that fake money. how could s/he be sure anyone was following them here since every 3rd person smells of bacon? part of the language of “drain the swamp” comes from, yes, d.c. being a swamp. foggy bottom.

              elon musk. lol. we start changing the world by fucking over all our staff.

              • ha ha; i’m so glad you dinnae pick today to give up your sweet boozey booze. guess he’d gotten stopped a few times ‘n asked what he was doing. i forget now what he said…he’d said. mr. wd said a bit earlier if he saw the ‘drain the swamp’ shinola he might hafta just go postal. ;-)

                and in case anyone hasn’t seen it, i’ll thank you once again for showing us
                Kabul River and Standing Rock Sioux’ by way of the afghan peace volunteers. far beyond ‘moving’: breathtaking solidarity considering their collective plights/

                i gave to a man at ian welsh’s site. hope all there might read it; they need to, imo.


  11. Apparently the information I gave earlier about the effect of the earthquake in New Zealand was incorrect. I had said the Marlborough monitor suggested a downward thrust, whereas the opposite is true. The northeastern segment of the South Island has been lifted UP not down, by a meter. This has huge ramifications for the Kaikoura whalewatching area as their harbour has now lifted up by that much – here’s the article:


    I don’t think fracking would cause an uplift, wendye, and I’m not sure any of that was happening in that northern region much but I could be wrong, as I was wrong about thinking the subsidence affected by heavier oceans (which was my theory). According to the article the uplift is ‘natural’ to the region but over centuries, so my theory might still hold with plate techtonics involved under a heavier sea – don’t really know.

    Two tall buildings in Wellington looking shaky so far.

    • yep, the closer-in photo sure looks like a ‘lift’. there’s a wiki entry on fracking in NZ, but not knowing the locations, i got lost and backed out. lovely whales photo, and yeah, it sucks for fisher-people too.

      dunno that fracking-induced earthquakes *can’t* result in upthrusts, but i’d have thought the waste water and chemicals punched back into the ground…might create the same instability in the plates. that’s just me talking outta my nether regions, though. for certain fracking’s causing a major uptake in quakes in OK and TX, though.

      your sister live anywhere close (i’d forgotten to ask)?

      • No to your last question, wendye, and there were only a couple of fatalities mentioned so far, fortunately. Just the actual rearrangement of the landscape for a small island country rather horrifying. I passed through the area on my travels back in the day, beautiful country. The rail line on the coast, which will need intensive repair, is particularly awe-inspiring, running as it does one side huge mountains and the other a magnetically blue ocean beyond cliffside tunnels. We crossed the strait on the ferry from Wellington, far enough to have the land south not visible until those mountains rose out of the sea. Never will forget that.

        • i dunno if i’ve ever been on a volcanic island, juliania, but the topography and ocean look breathtaking. ‘magnetically blue’ is a good name for the color. i’m so glad you were able to make that trip.

  12. 3 mins (smile)

    ? a temporary reprieve? they’ve embedded the statement by the army corps of engineers

  13. #NoDAPL march in Washington DC
    The ladies leading the movement sat in (are sitting in?) at the US Army Corps of Engineers HQ.
    The President said that the solution should be negotiated; the movement showed up to negotiate. The elders chanted.

    The fascinating image. Behind the leaders who are behind the Mni Wichoni banner is the facade of the marbled government building. The aluminum lettering above their heads, a part of the building, says “ACCOUNTABILITY” and “INTEGRITY”. That should look good on the morning papers.

    The movement still moves and will likely get some refugees from a self-destructed party that still doesn’t realize the damage.

    But Robert Reich does. His analysis is that aside from elected officials and their staffs, all that remains of the Democratic Party is a bloated fundraising machine with high paid lawyers and consultants. I guess that would be the remaining bile-soaked liver of the Donkey.

    It’s beginning to look like 1 duopoly party down; one to go. The signal there is when Reince goes the way of Rahm or less visible CS’s. And the Bannon wing unifies the party. I give that 3 years or the election to succeed Scott Walker.

  14. spirit-cooking deep fryer

    found via tarzie. he posted it at the cienflamingos site he links to on his own page. prepare yourself. it’s not easy to watch.

    that ed guy on RT’s news segment had this guy on:

    i called it. lucky guess. the embiggening of the moon is causing more flooding. since when has water been affected by a magnet? can we like make some $$ off of that somehow? develop some scheme to make the moon get closer & more distant & hydro-electrify it so suburbanites can keep their two cars & 10,000 sq ft homes? but who could we get to invest in it?

    “we are looking for someone a little…sunnier…a little…sparkier.” my riff off an interview scene from “High Fidelity.” a little sunnier, indeed. can’t fake a naturally sunny disposition. “in order to sell, you really have to *believe.*” oh gawd. there’s never a neuro-linguistic programmer around when you need one.

    • oh horrors. “i warned you, didn’t i?” the paramedics would be here already if they weren’t all mexicans!” one. one. woman asked “do you need an ambulance?” i clicked thru to their-tube to see where that star was. grauman’s chinese theater? someone commenting sayed they actually beat her down. on the right sidebar are alleged reverse beatings. who the fuck are these people? partisan kinetic hatred as entertainment. no one actually bent down to see if she were okay, oh no. but when the pigs were beating and killing kelly thomas in fullerton, ca, the crowds didn’t ‘interfere’, but called it like it was some fucking sporting even they were watching, w/ accompanying giggles. the hell? a telemundo vehicle was parked right there in the street.

      i was feelin’ low as lowly worm’s belly. mr. wd steered me to some recent news coverage of two student suicides in the county, a sixth grader and a 14-yr-old, no more actual information save: call these numbers counselors on hand, yada, yada.. when our kids were in school here, there were a few kids who did the same. tragically, it can be catching. imagine the despair that caused them to do that? social networking bullies? abusive parent/s? gender id confusion and resultant torment? what.a.world. more maybe tomorrow, as i got sidetracked from working on a great ukraine story. might be able to finish tomorrow…

      on edit: no, i won’t bring any of the kelly thomas videos; too much to bear, crying for his father as the ‘spider-pigs’ (and i say that advisedly) assassinated him.

      • spirit-cooking deep fryer

        today’s trump voters tomorrow.

        takes me to a better place

        • bless your heart. too despondent to inhabit a better place for tonight. i wish i thought i could manage a bath in our long antique bathtub tonight, but i fear to try. pta (as the old gals here used to say) bath for me tonight love to you and to all. tomorrow the sun will rise anew.

        • contextualize the paycheck song for me? my spirit was more able to let the sweet moonlight in this a.m. how very unusual to hear a male soprano (wiki says ‘alto’, though).

          i did have a dream that a gorgeous brown and dark gold gorilla came to a place i was staying. when i dropped a large beaded hair bauble, the gorilla person picked it up and handed to me w/ a sweet smile. we clapped when he/she did it again, and i worried that our applause might create a step-and-fetchit out of the warm and wondrous friend. i don’t think i was able to feel the touch and texture of his/her finger skin, though; wish i had.

          • spirit-cooking grease trap

            ugh. oh ‘real world.’ of you i think w/solomon wiseman, “there are two leeches crying “give! give!”” more like two black holes. contextualize the paycheck?? sorry, don’t understand. andreas scholl sings countertenor, pieces formerly reserved for castrati. that piece is neo-baroque or neo-renaissance. he’s got some great stuff.

            anyway, america, don’t forget to fill in your timesheet correctly as you lay your brick into babel’s tower today. cuz doing otherwise would be wrong. so very wrong.

    • dang, i love cheerios, made for little fingers. but dammit, i keep trying to edumicate you: even at max perigee, the earth’s not biggifying! proof positive: last night, a huge chunk of was missing from the lower-left quadrant. get a grip; aliens may be mining it; do you have any idea what it will do to shifting the earth’s polar fields again? ‘geomagnetic reversal’?

      not as sexy as the jets that shoot chemtrails into the atmosphere to trigger moar global warming/desertification in certain sectors (for fun and profit), i’ll grant you, but i ask you: could the roosians have bombed the moon w/ nukes?

  15. i was just checking out a diary on avaaz, war pimps ngo that i’d given to no soy yo, and found yahamba finishing it off. may i offer this song by the incomparable titi tsira, israeli tula, and the playing for change band (a peace through global music project) to the darling girls (and every child suicide) who couldn’t see past their present misery.

    Yahamba! and may you rest in peace and power as the white owl escorts you on your ways, my darlings. we will hold you in our hearts.

  16. time to channel comrade ha ha ha:

  17. i went into Costco yesterday for the 1st time since…an eon. one of those gigantic where-houses full of pre-unrecyclable garbage (where-house cuz “where is it”? can find nothing in all this everything. the experience is dizzying. i’m sure there is a youth-devouring minotaur in there somewhere. cops show up and the Costco manager is all like, “we don’t know officer. kids just…disappear.”) in Heideggerian terms, it was Being revealing itself as crap. this is what “the economy” does for the average “consumer”? and this Friday, we’ll get to see the Platonic form of capitalist consumer behavior. Black used to be the color of the day the xian savior lay in the grave. now it’s the day when Best Buy turns its profit and a lot of other streams to black? or something? ugh.

  18. Reason to Believe?

    From Mike Leon with links to Rick Hasen on Federal Court determination of unconstitutional state party gerrymander in 2012 WI GOP Assembly.


  19. David Dayen has a spot-on analysis of the main issue of the election. It was about who was financing the campaigns, which means:
    Megabanks/Wall Street establishment (Clinton) versus hedge funds (Trump)


    Both were expecting a return on investment. Dayen explains what that is.

    Sarah Kendzior describes the incoming administration as an authoritarian kleptocracy. The administration, not the buyers of the administration. So far, the nominees named as being on the list for the economic posts bear that out.

  20. Apparently there are groups coming up with papers for US-Russia cooperation that now are encouraged to distribute them. h/t Sarah Kendzior

    This one is on cooperation in cybersecurity. I can see benefits and dangers from such cooperation. (Including Russia in Five Eyes is one direction not to go.)


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