Yulia Tymoshenko calls for Maidan 3.0

Yulia Tymoshenko

Now I can’t vouch for the veracity of this report at fort-suss.com, but from what I’ve read over the past few days, I find it at least semi-plausible, and besides: it’s a hella lot of fun.

♫ O, Schadenfreude…I’ll never quit you… ♫. 

Now keep in mind as you read that the original Maidan may have started as at least a semi-populist movement, but was quickly astroturfed into a regime-change putsch ‘Orange Revolution) once force-multiplier billionaires Omidyar, Soros, and goddess knows how many others controlled it by their massive funding of compromised NGOs to beat the band: NED, USAID, Center UA, New Citizen; so many ‘non-governmental organizations©’ in aid of exporting democracy™ for fun and profit, so little time…  And of course the US State Department’s Deputy Dog for European and Eurasian Affairs: Victoria Nuland (with her sidekick hubbie Robert Kagan) kinda…stage-managed the coup.

To say that this project, another proxy war by other means has been a major flop would be understating it; western media has taken some notice of the Rumbles in the Rada and the NYT (sshhhhh!) made mention that a certain number of er…’neo-Nazis’ marching.  An open secret is and that some have become ascendant in the Ukrainian Parliament, with Svoboda Azov battalion, and Right Sector parades on the street openly. Azov battalion fies under this flag.


But…but: ‘Putin stole the Crimea (the Bear’s Port of Tarsus, especially)’, leading to separatist federalist declarations, while the billionaires and their minions and corporate resource whores have been licking their chops over the resources of Ukraine, read: all of Ukraine. The IMF’s Madame deFarge had even demanded debt haircuts from bondholders to further seal the deal of pretend sovereign solvency.  (Joyce Nelson’s: ‘Ukraine and Monsanto’ (et.al. plus the members of the US/Ukraine business council; adorable vermin all)

But I digress:

Via fort russ news:

“Ukrainian law enforcement and security agencies are preparing for possible protest actions in the country. A headquarters for responding to a surge of protest activities has been established at the base of the National Security and Defense Committee of Ukraine. This has been confirmed by Ukrainian journalists close to the headquarter’s structures.

Among the planned measures is a crackdown on protest actions and the introduction of martial law in Kiev if the situation deteriorates to armed confrontation.

At the headquarters meeting, the National Security and Defense Committee of Ukraine was instructed to prepare draft legislation on the imposition of martial law and a curfew in Kiev, sources have reported.

The most likely pretext for protests will be the so-called “shock bills”, according to which as of October new prices are to be introduced for heating. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers raised them by 75-90%. Now, heating a two-bedroom apartment costs approximately 1,500 hryvnia, while the average salary is in the range of only 5,000 hryvnia. Earlier, authorities also raised the prices for electricity, gas, and cold water. [snip]

“Intelligence services and the SBU have been tasked with investigating evidence of a “Russian trace” in the planned protests. They have also been instructed to look into shutting down TV channels and blocking internet sites.”

Now that sort of living expenses could easily lead to protests, but the rises may just be a way to offset money er…borrowed by the corrupt politicians in office.  But let’s hear (purportedly) former-Banderist Yulia of the blond braids herself:

“Yulia Tymoshenko has urged Ukrainians to take to the streets on November 15th for an indefinite protest action in the center of Kiev. She stated this on Monday, November 14th, during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada. 

According to Tymoshenko, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the National Bank have become a bastion of corruption and the head of state has appointed his business partners to key positions in the country.

Today only the people can restore justice and put the government in its place. Tomorrow morning, citizens, including pensioners, will go out for an indefinite protest against the devaluation of the hryvnia, the increase in utility costs, and for returning their bank deposits,” she announced.

Tymoshenko also added that the government is calling protesters “the hand of the Kremlin”, while in fact “people are just fed up. “Officials hide behind the war, but they themselves are corrupting and robbing the country. Either the people will unite or the government will simply destroy the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian state,” she emphasized.”

Now here’s the kicker, and she is echoing the recent thoughts of a few other key elected officials (more on that later):

“Tymoshenko recently stated that even Western Ukraine is starting to think positively about the country’s former president, Viktor Yanukovych. “If they think so in Galicia, then you can only imagine what thoughts people from other regions are having,” she warned.” 

Ooopsie.  You remember deposed Yanukovitch the Corrupt, ‘Putin’s BFF’ who fled Ukraine when he realized they (metaphorically) wanted his head on a pike for refusing to sign the EU Association Agreement?  Now here’s some of the backstory to the Yulia polemic.  You’ll remember that the IMF and NATO kinda/sorta told the Ukies that they’d have to clean up governmental corruption for loans, and joining NATO as a full partner; Yulia, et.al. also want to join the EU, or at least sign their ‘Association Agreement’.

As far as I can tell, the protests weren’t massive as per her call this time, but may later if The Braided One can up her game, eh?

‘Ukraine’s Maidan is eating itself: Saakashvili quits Odessa with all guns blazing’; bryan MacDonald RT, Nov 7   (some snippets:)

“This is what happens when a loose cannon backfires. Eighteen months after he arrived in Odessa promising to reform the notoriously corrupt region, Mikhail Saakashvili has exited his post as governor.

Just over two and a half years since the violent coup/revolution which Western leaders and opinion formers promised would transform Ukraine, nothing much has changed. In fact, things are arguably worse than ever. The economy lies in ruins and the country is divided. Perhaps permanently.

Now another high profile figure has leaped from the sinking ship. And it’s a big beast this time. Mikhail Saakashvili tendered his resignation on Monday and he didn’t depart quietly. Instead, he accused highly-placed officials in Kiev of obstructing his attempts at change.

The timing isn’t hugely surprising either, as ‘Misha’ proved his heart wasn’t in the job last month, when he predicted his imminent return to Tbilisi. This proved yet another delusion, as Saakashvili’s hopes of a victory for his former political movement in Georgia’s general election ran aground. On the contrary, his party was annihilated at the polls.”

Lashing out as before the door hit him in the butt on his way out the door, he’d apparently yelled that “in reality, in (the) Odessa region, the President personally supports two clans” and also compared Poroshenko’s level of corruption to…you guessed it: Victor Yanukovitch.  Poroshenko’s approval rating is down to 10%, apparently, causing MacDonald to muse that the Chocolate Kind might take umbrage at that comparison.  He then chronicles some of Saakashvili’s history, from his military attack on break-away South Ossetia (had John (‘today we’re all Georgins’) McCain played April Glaspie+ in that?) being trounced by the Bear, but this was new to me:

“The following year, in 2009, violent protests against his regime erupted in Tbilisi. As Saakashvili’s rule became more totalitarian, a graphic video showing inmates being sodomized and beaten in Gldani prison sparked more demonstrations.” 

His party lost the next election, and he skittered away to the US where he was of course given a hero’s welcome by Western media, then heading to Maidan for another round of power.  Of course it was suggested by Western powers, Bryan MacDonald; like Ahmed Chalabi, the Imperium loves a bad penny returning in various guises!  Much in the same way, it loves ‘convenient’ tyrants and dictators when it’s pragmatic to do so, nor does it mind Nazis all of the time; and sell billions’ worth of weapons system to them as well, I should add.

“And, now, “just like that” as Tommy Cooper used to say, he’s gone. Thus, the immediate question is where to next?” for our hero.”  (Bryan predicts a dismal future, but who can say?  Misha seems to be rather…malleable, doesn’t he?

Now let’s hear some Twitter Schadenfreude, shall we?  Hold onto your sides.

Nov. 16

Had you known that Marie L. Yovanovitch was accepted as Ambassador to Ukraine over the summer? What’s Goeff Pyatt doing now?  ack, Simon Wiki says: “He was confirmed as the Ambassador to Greece on July 14, 2016”.  Lucky.Greece.

Yes!  Let’s try some democracy in the ‘homeland’ and NATO, shall we?

Geoffrey Pyatt Retweeted: @WhiteHouse  14 hrs

We view ourselves as part of a community of nations that can…lift up what’s best in humanity” —@POTUS in Athens

““The flame first lit here in Athens never died…fanned by America’s founders, who declared that ‘We, the People’ shall rule” —@POTUS

Ooof, did they tarnish Ukraine’s image?  Nov 15; some things never change; another Rada Rumble, though…smaller than April 2014 below it.  Smile for the cameras!

Communist lawmakers scuffle with right-wing Svoboda ( Freedom) Party lawmakers during a parliament session of Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, in Kiev, Ukraine Tuesday, April 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Vladimir Strumkovsky)

Communist lawmakers scuffle with right-wing Svoboda ( Freedom) Party lawmakers during a parliament session of Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, in Kiev, Ukraine Tuesday, April 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Vladimir Strumkovsky)

29 responses to “Yulia Tymoshenko calls for Maidan 3.0

  1. I wondered how Ukraine would put a Bannon ally into office. I don’t think we know the name of that ally yet, but all the needed ferment is ready. No wonder the establishment deep state is bailing. So Pyatt’s in Greece to do what? Usher in a Golden Dawn regime?

    • i’d sorta read that bannon is very anti-semitic. not knowing if that actually translated to nazi or neo-nazi, i looked at the wiki on ukraine anti-semintism, and it fits. call it queer, but haartetz claims that it’s in the donbass that most attacks on jews occur. i will say that i’d binged it, saw little before my msn crashed as it does about eight times day, so i dinnae see what evidence they’d claimed.

      got a good guffaw on pyatt and ushering in a golden dawn regime. the kyiv post had an op-ed on ‘trump won’t sell out ukraine’ or close that i’ve mislaid on this word doc, but be advised: even the author quoted nine different quotes of his, he seemed s clueless about it as gary johnson. but, maybe bannon will arrange a marriage w/ yulia.

  2. A preview of moar Dem fatale Oligarch ContreTrumps by our in loco PNACi proxies on teh Rooskies’ door steppes? 0′ Nyets!

    • i’m sorry once again, bruce, but could say what you mean more plainly please? it’s not that i try to be obtuse, really. even on volume high, i couldn’t make out the initial voice-over. hope you and your legs are doing better. you must be blown away by the water protectors at oceti sekowin since water has long been your passion and profession.

  3. Italy’s Five Star movement is against a constitutional change in a referendum — said to be demographically like Trump’s movement. Seems to be a pan-national alt-right movement that Bannon is linked in with.

    And the neo-cons and some deep state denizens are bailing from the Trump regime. Meanwhile Flynn seems to have dodged having to be confirmed by the Senate by being named National Security Advisor.

    It will be interesting to see whether the GOP Congress snaps to behind the Trump regime or goes off on its three different paths. If none of the national security team are neo-cons, what will those GOP and Democrats do — confirm or deny?

    It used to be custom that all ambassadors and appointed officials would turn in resignations pro forma; the President would accept some and not others. In Nuland and Pyatt’s case, that would likely mean reassignment to some out of the way post if not acceptable to the new administration as both are Foreign Service. Then likely they would look for a cushy job at a university or think tank instead of the humiliation.

    My scenario: Yulia talks to Melania while Donald talks to the parliamentary brawlers and says, “Stop it!”

    Duterte and Putin are likely to leave the International Criminal Court. W never had the US join. So far, it has a propensity for prosecuting Africans from small powerless countries. I think it is collapsing under the general receding of human rights commitments.

    • not knowing what constitutional referendum grillo’s five-star movement was about, quick-binging lead me no closer to understanding. at the cs monitor, the party seems to be akin to brexit shapers, but even if it began as a nigel farage kinda xenophobic movement, plenty of other brits wanted to escape the unaccountable lords and masters of the eu in order to shape their own future, no?

      now reading at fox news (first hit) on flynn, again he seems like a pretty mixed bag if the opinions are correct, so again, i’m quite uninformed. clapper did turn in his resignation yesterday (?) a expected. no senate confirmation needed on flynn: ha: having your caking and eating it too?

      but yes, i’d been talking w/ v arnold about the icc. now the loops of recent pezes and the rome stautue wiki entry are pretty funny. bush rescinded his support, clinton signed, never took it to the senate…but the consummate con man O apparently told the court that they had his cooperation, on joseph kony and such. ha ha. but the big news, of course is not a couple african nations leaving the ICC for the reasons you mention, but: Putin will leave!

      are the headlines about the court investigating coalition war crimes in afghanistan just a bit of grease on the wheel to make it sound…fair? sleep well.

    • I’d seen some chat about Bannon at the nc links, didn’t know anything but they seemed negatively impressed. He came up again on a Saker article I read today:

      The link being to a Vatican confab in 2014 – his speech did seem a rightwing rant, but in the question and answer some surprising bits:

      Bannon: That’s a great question. The 2008 crisis, I think the financial crisis — which, by the way, I don’t think we’ve come through — is really driven I believe by the greed, much of it driven by the greed of the investment banks. My old firm, Goldman Sachs — traditionally the best banks are leveraged 8:1. When we had the financial crisis in 2008, the investment banks were leveraged 35:1. Those rules had specifically been changed by a guy named Hank Paulson. He was secretary of Treasury. As chairman of Goldman Sachs, he had gone to Washington years before and asked for those changes. That made the banks not really investment banks, but made them hedge funds — and highly susceptible to changes in liquidity. And so the crisis of 2008 was, quite frankly, really never recovered from in the United States. It’s one of the reasons last quarter you saw 2.9% negative growth in a quarter. So the United States economy is in very, very tough shape.

      And one of the reasons is that we’ve never really gone and dug down and sorted through the problems of 2008. Particularly the fact — think about it — not one criminal charge has ever been brought to any bank executive associated with 2008 crisis. And in fact, it gets worse. No bonuses and none of their equity was taken. So part of the prime drivers of the wealth that they took in the 15 years leading up to the crisis was not hit at all, and I think that’s one of the fuels of this populist revolt that we’re seeing as the tea party. So I think there are many, many measures, particularly about getting the banks on better footing, making them address all the liquid assets they have. I think you need a real clean-up of the banks balance sheets.

      In addition, I think you really need to go back and make banks do what they do: Commercial banks lend money, and investment banks invest in entrepreneurs and to get away from this trading — you know, the hedge fund securitization, which they’ve all become basically trading operations and securitizations and not put capital back and really grow businesses and to grow the economy. So I think it’s a whole area that just — and I will tell you, the underpinning of this populist revolt is the financial crisis of 2008. That revolt, the way that it was dealt with, the way that the people who ran the banks and ran the hedge funds have never really been held accountable for what they did, has fueled much of the anger in the tea party movement in the United States.

      I’m surprised he calls that ‘tea party’ but if he wants to, I guess I’m gonna have a cup of that tea. Verry interesting.

      • The Saker article also has some verry interesting information and is well written.

      • pretty hefty campaign for trump, eh? kinda long to read all of it, but do get the drift. actually, as i remember it, the tea party began as a summer revolt at outrage over obamaDon’tcare, then was astroturfed by the idea that the current prez was a crazy socialist (his ‘joe the plumber moment’, for one.)

        thd: you’d never explained what you’d meant here: “Italy’s Five Star movement is against a constitutional change in a referendum…”

  4. spirit-cooking grease trap

    Yulia Tymoshenko is no Julius Caesar, but posing as a “man of the people” to seize power is not something that should be denied to Ukrainian women. maybe she can be Ukraine’s HRC?

    back to the RW, and not that fake MTV bullshit either.

    • hope the RW does well by you, amigo. bread day for me, so…relatively easy if nothing unexpected pops up.

      can’t imagine who she’d be compared to, but in 2005, forbes named her the third most powerful women in the most beautiful woild in the woild, according to da wiki. not too shabby, eh? yes, powerful:

      ““She co-led the Orange Revolution and was the first woman appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine, serving from 24 January to 8 September 2005, and again from 18 December 2007 to 4 March 2010.

      In the 2014 Ukrainian presidential election Tymoshenko received 12.81% of the vote, coming in second place after Petro Poroshenko who won the election with 54.7%. Tymoshenko finished second in the Ukrainian presidential election of 2010 runoff, losing by 3.5 percentage points to the winner, Viktor Yanukovych

      After the 2010 presidential election, a number of criminal cases were brought against her. On 11 October 2011 she was convicted of embezzlement and abuse of power, and sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay the state $188 million. The prosecution and conviction were viewed as politically biased by many governments – most prominently the European Union, who repeatedly called for the release of Tymoshenko as the primary condition for signing the EU Association Agreement, the US, and international organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. She was released on 22 February 2014, in the concluding days of the Euromaidan revolution, following a revision of the Ukrainian criminal code that effectively decriminalized the actions for which she was imprisoned. The decision was supported by 322 votes. She was officially rehabilitated on 28 February 2014. Just after Euromaidan revolution, the Ukrainian Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights closed the case and found that “no crime was committed”

      ah, yes, she’s a real pip, and the west loves her….

      • spirit-cooking grease trap

        well, just on the “ukrainian male ordered-bride” part, one could do worse than Yulia. is it ok if i pull a melania trump & just marry her for her money? or would that be going to dick cheney’s “dark side”? as he said, sometimes you just have to…

        doesn’t Ukraine sound fun? my younger bro. was teaching Ukrainians how to say, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” & “Just Do It” several years ago in Donbass (sic). 40 degree below winters just got twice as expensive. wonder why former USSR states are feeling nostalgic about Comrade Stalin? (btw, somewhat OT, you think people whose every utterance about Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, the past & current Rape of Africa, Korea, the origins of both world wars, the genocide of the natives, the slave trade, etc., etc., etc., you think these people are telling the truth about the Holodomor? or the people who died under Mao’s Cultural Revolution? funny how these same people never mention the Irish or Bengal famines. not to exonerate these two. i don’t know much about mao, but there’s no doubt joe was a vicious bastard.)

        anyway, way OT i know. as pat bateman said in “american psycho,”: “long day, a bit scattered.” more than a bit scattered.

        • sorry to breeze by the rest, but today i had the reverse midas touch. is that what you imply w/ ‘a bit scattered’? i got up a 5, 10 degrees brrr, and every move i made was either upside down or left-right reversed; automatic pilot was dead.. even fooked up my four loaves, for godess’s sake. french toast for tithing, i reckon. (shhhhh; they’ll never twig that they’re shittttt.)

          sleep well if you can; i’m done for the day, methinks. la luna bella is still missing a major chunk: the rooskies, i reckon. or..trump?

          • no worries. ramblin’ again as i’m wont. as vivien leigh said, “don’t forget. you left belle reve. i stayed. stayed & struggled.” oh wait, wrong abandoned southern belle movie. “tomorrow is another day!” that’s the one. good night.

  5. Wow WD, you bit off a mouthful in dealing with Yulia Tymoshenko.
    Fascinating person and a very capable one; she has a Phd. in engineering-economics.
    A wild career as a business woman in the gas industry; fraught with much controversy and that doesn’t even include her entry into politics.
    It’s difficult to get a take on who she really is; probably more than a simple profile.
    I generally follow any news about her; but not much lately…

    • yeppers, quite a CV she has, her ‘career’ portion at da wiki is fun reading. capable, yes, including capable of making billions, even if corruptly. she’ll be back, for certain. but garsh, i wonder how much hunter biden’s being on the board and head of its legal affairs dept. of bursima gas and oil is ‘making a difference’? ;-)

      failing to have remembered joe’s son’s name, i found this as well, hilariously ( after: joe go to guy on ukraine, touring former soviet nations to allay fears over russia): (hear her very bright voice!)

      “The younger Mr Biden isn’t the only American with political ties to have recently joined Burisma’s board. Devon Archer, a former senior advisor to current Secretary of State John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and a college roommate of Mr Kerry’s stepson HJ Heinz, signed on in April.

      Mr Biden and Mr Archer are also managing partners at Rosemont Seneca Partners, a Washington, DC-based investment company.”

      All this could be explained simply as a foreign energy company looking to increase its visibility in the US and spur investment, writes the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway. State-controlled companies currently account for 90% of Ukraine’s gas production, but this year Burisma became the nation’s largest private producer.”

      the us says none of this will influence US foreign policy. by extension, then, nor will the members on US/Ukraine business council. bidness is just…bidness, of course.

      on edit: given that the IMF had urged ukraine to make their energy sector more efficient, and mentioned…a wee bit of privatization in other sectors, would your money be on bursima being the privatized go-to peeps? nah, that’s just plain paranoid…

  6. but oh, my: ‘‘IMF team leaves Ukraine without new loan promise’, today. the team made a few suggestions, however…

    obama met w/ eu leaders on his final tour; sanctions on russia will stay or be increased. ‘nato good, trump won’t f it up’. ha! O had congratulated greece for ponying up their 2% gdp for nato. plenty of fiery-looking protests greeted him, awwww.

    NATO or not NATO – the question for Donald Trump’, annie machon, former mi5 intel officer turned whistleblower

    it’s good. she discusses among other things jean-claude junkyard dog’s and friends ginning for an eu military, calls total bullshit on russian ‘aggression’, chronicles the ‘roll call of nato successes’, and dives into ukraine a bit.

  7. from AP: ‘US says anti-Nazi resolution at UN restricts free speech’ (or: US crosses the rubicon)

    “The United States was one of three countries to vote against a U.N. resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism on Thursday, citing freedom of speech issues and concerns Russia was using it to carry out political attacks against its neighbors.

    The resolution entitled “Combating glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” was approved by the U.N.’s human rights committee on Friday with 131 in favor, 3 against with 48 abstentions. Ukraine and Palau were the other no votes.

    “We condemn without reservation all forms of religious and ethnic intolerance or hatred at home and around the world,” said Deputy U.S. Representative to the Economic and Social Council Stefanie Amadeo, explaining the U.S. vote.”

    yanno, russia’s agitprop calls them nazis; they really aren’t. remember the tweets i put on another ukraine diary (was it united for ukriane?; no one’s tweeted on that account for months)… ‘We brought camera crews in to all of these neighborhoods. Do YOU see any nazis?’ brilliant mofos…. but as for the abstentions, i’d of course wondered how busy a little soccer mom bee sammy power had been, so i clicked in to her twit account and found:

    Samantha Power Retweeted
    Somini Sengupta ‏@SominiSengupta Nov 17
    “Jarring. UN envoy warns of hate speech, ethnic killings in South Sudan. Genocide “takes time to prepare.”

    you do the math.

    ha: thar she blows! (the braided one):

  8. wd here:
    it’s an x-file so far, but my laptop’s dead. apparently the plug-in battery adapter or whatever it’s called is kaput; weird, cuz it’s not that old, no lightening, no nuffin’.. i’ve tried all the usual logical things, but to no avail so far. i may have to buy a reconditioned on online; here, ya can’t just head to the nearest big box store and say: ‘charge it!’.

    mr wd needs his laptop for the nonce, i’ll check back as i can. ha; i can’t even remember what my password to this juke-joint is. it’s on some file on my laptop, can someone give me a har har?

  9. mr. wd seems to have had the midas touch. he plugged the electric mixer into the same three sockets that had the battery adapter, printer, and speakers. what da hell, i thought a few hours later: i’ll try it again. sheesh: it worked, and the batter is charging. thank you, mr. wd. the maidan and euromaidan accounts are going nuts, but i kinda liked this:

    one claiming that the cia has pulled out of ukraine…i don’t find credible, but it’s kinda fun to imagine. and it came w/ a very kewl map…

    • it’s funny to listen to people hem & haw about the US overthrowing the Ukrainian gov’t when they 1st listen to Victoria Nuland’s conversation about throwing 5 billion dollars at “democracy” movements (or whatever terms she uses) in U. or the Estonian (right? one of those guys) suggesting to her that the Maidan sniper fire might have been a false flag (not his words, but that’s what his words mean.) “that doesn’t mean the US instigated a coup!”

      and having family members who, partially make their living off of telling people of the former commie gov’ts of e. europe that their woes are caused by “gov’t corruption.” lol. as if gov’t corruption isn’t the way of the world.

      how many countries have to be destroyed before people realize that in the roulette game w/uncle sam, no chambers are empty & you always shoot first. not one country gets in bed w/uncle w/o getting up w/every disease known in the book, and probably some new ones.

  10. lost my comment twice now, bugger. you’ve lost me on ‘u. or the estonian’?
    sure it’s what the cia does, and no surprise if the cia is directing the nazis, eh?

    aren’t a few nations waking up to usian russian roulette? can’t have a multi-polar world, though…can we? pax americana and all that rot.. no corruption in this fair land, nossir. ack, renee parsons included soros and the red-not-queen being instructed by soros…and her comlying to the letter. i’ll fetch it. : ‘Mainstream Media, Kellyanne Conway and Soros’

    and this:

    you doin’ okay, spirit cooker?

    • estonian…i left out the words “foreign minister”. long days. a bit scattered.

      • oh, goodness; i doubt i would have remembered even had you included ‘foreign minister’. flashing on lady catherine ashton, my my.

        but as to western proxy wars and ‘insurrections’ by ngo and agitrprop, i hope i don’t lose this evidence of what we’ve talked about on some of the syria diaries (and intercept and democracy agitprop)….mind yu, i have no idea if this is what it purports to be, and i’d forgotten to check in with vanessa beeley (iirc), but holy hell and wtf?

  11. i ran into the explanation of ‘renzi’s reform referedum’ that thd had mentioned at the trotskyites:

    “The reform, which is due to be voted on December 4, is a reactionary undertaking. The Renzi government wants to abolish the current parliamentary two-chamber system in order to speed up the decision-making process in parliament. The government is responding to the requirements of finance capital and is preparing for war and violent class struggles.

    In his almost three years in office, Matteo Renzi has introduced reactionary policies such as his “Jobs Act” and pension reform, attacking the rights of the working population and youth. Renzi, who came to power as a “modernizer” and “pulveriser” of vested party interests, confronts growing popular resistance. Polls on the result of the referendum have put the “no” camp in the lead for weeks.”

    grillo began as a progressive, but seems to have morphed into something else; autocratic, some say.

  12. well, of course. forbes: ‘International Criminal Court: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Is a ‘Crime,’ Not A Civil War’ that’s why roosia will withraw from the icc. putin = hitler, as trump = hitler.

  13. ‘Trailer for Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire” (yeah, i know, but mebbe…)

  14. ‘Azov Battalion takes to Kiev’s streets on anniversary of Euromaidan’
    ‘COURTESY: RT’s RUPTLY video agency. Dozens of members of the far-right Azov Battalion marched on the streets of Kiev on Monday to commemorate the third anniversary of Euromaidan.

    During the march, first commander of the Azov Battalion Andrуi Biletski organized an action dubbed “Ask the President,” with protesters holding up signs with questions addressed to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.’

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