Police fire water cannons, rubber bullets and mace at #NoDapl water protectors


last night:


@ErinSchrode  “Thanksgiving is a day of mourning to mark long history of genocide for many. I must say tonight looks all too similar.” #StandingRock


“Fires at the scene were started by police projectiles, not protesters – eyewitness report” http://on.rt.com/7vmw 

via AP: 11/21: ‘Police, protesters face off at Dakota Access pipeline’

“CANNON BALL, N.D. (AP) — Tension flared anew on the Dakota Access pipeline as protesters tried to push past a long-blocked bridge on a state highway, only to be turned back by a line of law enforcement using water cannon and what appeared to be tear gas.

Sunday’s skirmishes began around 6 p.m. after protesters removed a burned-out truck on what’s known as the Backwater Bridge, not far from the encampment where they’ve been for weeks as they demonstrate against the pipeline. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department estimated 400 protesters sought to cross the bridge on state Highway 1806.

A live stream early Monday showed a continued standoff, with large lights illuminating smoke wafting across the scene.

The sheriff’s department said in a statement around 1 a.m. Monday that approximately 100 to 200 protesters were on the bridge or in the vicinity. It said law enforcement officers “had rocks thrown at them, burning logs and rocks shot from slingshots,” and that one officer had been hit on the head by a thrown rock.

At least one person was arrested. Protesters said a gym in Cannon Ball was opened to aid demonstrators who were soaked on a night the temperature dipped into the low 20s or were hit with tear gas.” [snip]

On Friday, Kelcy Warren, the chief executive of Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, said the company is unwilling to reroute the pipeline.”

None of Them Has Ever Been My President’, glen ford

Lakota Sundance songs.

Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations; we are are related)

28 responses to “Police fire water cannons, rubber bullets and mace at #NoDapl water protectors

  1. god damn america!

    none of this is surprising to the natives, of course. some USAians even know about this history. was/is there something different going on in iraq than theft of native lands for oil? anyway, i’ve had 5 days of extreme busy-ness & now this sober & harsh dose of the really real.

    • i’m not sure that some aren’t shocked, especially the young uns who may not have internalized the how long, how long, especially that many amerkkans are watching it in real time. staggeringly ugly and evil. no, no, it wasn’t ‘bodies for oil’, it was ‘democracy for iraqis, libyans (and currency), syrians, and on she goes; where she stops, nobody knows. or who stops her?

      on edit: bother, the comment submitted before i was finished. add in africom and cia front organizations stirring up hell, and ready to rescue! US don’t want none of them chinese infrastructure investments there, nossir. what the africans really need is pierre-style rubbish, and cell hones!

      but this all makes such a contrast to the NoTrump freakouts, doesn’t it? the tweets about trump were abysmal, which is why i included roseanne barr (roseanne bar???) and glen ford.

      • god damn america!

        right. or did i somehow immunize the natives from the erasure of history, of friggin’ *yesterday* for the great spirit’s sake? stupid me. “your ‘fire water’ water cannon squirt bazookas are on sale at [insert cherokee/whatev for ‘wal-mart’] just in time for the holiday when all the world comes together to celebrate the birth of jesus christ” (h/t bart simpson).

  2. I’m horrified by the crimes against humanity that occurred last night at Standing Rock. What ever happened to “…a government of the people, by the people, for the people…”? I watched the events live last night. I saw what happened and find the corporate media’s twisted responses disturbing.

    • howdy and welcome, american woman. a dazzling display of the security state protecting property and profits over people and..potable water.

      the rabble class has long known that they’re not part of the ‘for the people’ clause, and more of us are waking up to that truth. i suppose lincoln may have believed that’s what the future would bring, but a nation conceived in original sins of slavery and genocide…would have had to have a hella transformation to bring his vision to life, no? but i digress.

      please tell me what you saw last night, where, and was was the commentary flavor in general. please. meanwhile, i’ll bring buffy again; she almost always says it right.

      third worlder see it first
      the dynamite the dozers an the acid rain
      uranium just goes on forver.. (or close)

  3. god damn america!

    just, you know, cuz i relish being a downer…as per the NYT:

    • god damn america!

      i quote:
      The Fukushima Daini power station, located about seven miles south of Daiichi, has not produced electricity since the 2011 calamity, in which it suffered earthquake damage. Most of Japan’s nuclear power plants have been shut down since soon after the disaster amid public concerns about their safety. Fukushima Daini’s reactors are turned off, but it still has uranium fuel in a storage pool that must be kept cool by pumping water through them.

      Three reactors at the Daiichi plant melted down after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami five years ago. Since the 2011 disaster, Tepco has been cleaning up and has started the decommissioning process.

      Sea waves in 2011 rose as high as 130 feet at Miyako in Iwate Prefecture, killing almost 16,000 people. An additional 2,500 were reported missing and never found.
      tepco is on it! they’ve got a recycling program going at daiichi (actually they do. it’s called massive dumping into the pacific. and crossing their fingers about the reactor cores. and waving happy flags at the upcoming olympics. lance armstrong made it thru cancer, right? right????)

      • yah, i’d been watching it on RT, goddam america. kinda why i was floroed at the possibilities of the modi alliance w/ japan to build their ‘nuklear’ reactors. tepco, anyone? but yes, the cooling systems have been restored, but the one core that was exposed, i haven’t been able to follow ‘which one’. i used to know them by number. hello james hansen?

        slightly Olde Newz by now, but i’d grabbed the link. ‘Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami’


        loved the hell outta ‘lance armstrong’; you sure can tie bullshit together, amigo. oh, well, the tides that brought the radioactive waste to the western shores of amerikka: “we won’t measure by gieger counter, ya can always buy farmed shrimp!” arrrgg. we had a couple lbs. of shrimp in the freezer from along ago. mr. wd had unearthed them. i fixed a lb….and blew up like a balloon! took some sudafed, finished the (brilliant teriyaki , if i may say so, leftovers…and ate them again.) no pussy here! (lol; just stooopid).

        and fook: the hanford site? er…’reservation: says a lot, and OMG. carlsbad canverns? sorry your work and painful death didn’t act as a mega-cautionary tale, marie curie.

  4. Growing up out on Long Island, NY til 12yo; and then in Portland, Ore. for the next 4 decades; I still remember officers Peterson and Bell. I had no fear of the police until shortly after leaving in 2003. Oh, I had heard of isolated incidents, but never had any problems myself.
    Now, with the militarized police, freely using TASERS on everybody, including senior citizens, for the slightest infraction; I would never consider even a visit to the U.S..
    The police here are friendly and always offer up smiles and courtesy.

    • Addendum: Astoria, Ore. police were the absolute worst.
      I was stopped for 5 mph over the speed limit while on my way to work.
      I love patchouly oil and the copper spent more time lecturing my on my choice of cologne than my infraction (no ticket was issued). H.S. kids were suspended for wearing it to school. I was stopped again some months later on my way to my girlfriends; the cop warned me about patchouly oil and said it smelled like pot, to which I said huh? Then he asked me if I smoked pot; I lied and said no. To which he said of course I’d say that.
      Again, no ticket.
      Anyhoo; that’s all far behind now, thank the gods and goddesses.

    • thai police are actually there to serve and protect, then? how awesome. dunno who officers peterson and bell are; i expect i should remember. only sustained hassles i’d gotten from the po-po were in boulder. walking home late at night, or hitchhiking. it was illegal! crikey, i’ve hitch-hiked a million miles in my life, i’ll bet. i got to where i had a weird antenna in the back of my head, and i swore i could *see* their identifying headlights leering (yeah, fanciful, but always accurate).

      tasers used for ‘suspects’ in custody (many leading to death) also bother me a hella lot. but yes, grannies driving cars getting tased just for the fun of it…and in so many earlier venues (u c davis for example): the obvious pleasure they get from their inhumane cruelty makes me both sick and furious.

      i’m 4 bed.

      • Officers Peterson and Bell, circa 1957/58 in an upscale neighborhood in S.E. Portland (where I lived). They were pretty cool, but did confiscate me and my buddies Wrist Rocket sling shots.
        I never faced any harassment or threat off arrest; always fatherly advice with a modicum of understanding.
        A far cry from today’s school to prison railway…

        • ‘railway’, nice and very evocative change from ‘pipeline’. echoes of ”underground railway’; thank you. and i’m glad the police officers were fatherly. yep, far cry from today’s rambo militarization.

  5. holy hell:

    RT’s covering the amoral tragedy, including:

    “It wasn’t from our law enforcement, because we didn’t deploy anything that should have caused that type of damage to her arm,” spokeswoman Maxine Herr said, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times. She added that the woman could have been injured while demonstrators were “rigging up their own explosives” to be thrown at police.

    “The only explosion the officers heard was on the protesters’ side,” Herr said.

    The police spokeswoman went on to say that medical officials encountered the woman away from the action, at a nearby casino.

    “We’re not sure how her injury was sustained,” she said.”

  6. …Hi wd

    …USian Empire being the Empire it always has been and is now fully displaying in North Dakota in plain ways what it stands for. Not difficult to surmise there are some very big interests with hidden agendas and hands to match powering the relentless construction of this oil pipeline for $$$ payout potentials. Native Americans? Water? Who cares!! Crush this opposition to $$$ profits making and taking!! So where is Barack Obama The Democrat POTUS who has been phucking around in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria since Jan.20, 2009 ostensibly for reasons of delivering and doing War For Democracy, Human Rights and Bernaysed USian Empire Claims of having Intrinsic Values Of Indispensable And Exceptional White Hat Goodness and Righteousness? Have not seen Barack Obama showing up in person to stand with HumanKind in North Dakota or sending Spec Ops CIA /Pentagon forces to Do Democracy and Human Rights in North Dakota. Hmmmm…imagine that…

    …Too bad the Native Americans were not able to do what Vietnamese did from 1955 to 1975 to obstruct, way lay and finally kick out USian Empire and Pentagon and CIA. Too bad the internal combustion engine was discovered or ever worked well enough to lead to crude oil becoming the highly coveted and exploited raw resource for conversion to wealth and power it now has. As Dot Connects go internal combustion engines, crude oil and $$$ profits, war making and political/imperial hegemonisms both have created and enabled is a very big Dot Connect. Tragically so.

    …I see D.Trump will not be / is not holding Hillary Clinton to same standard of ethics, morals or legal peril and life/death consequences that Hillary Clinton so giddily imposed on Gadhaffi or Barack Obama so willingly imposed on Manning and Snowden. Ain’t that Not Funny.

    … Nice to see Democrat Barack Obama’s push for TPP will likely die and be buried on Jan.21, 2017 by Republican D.Trump. DumShit D hacks and zealots were so willing to let Obama/Clinton hatch and do TPP. DumShit D’s so deserve to join the vanished Whig Party.

    …sta ;-)

  7. hey, arrow. for one thing, the pipeline’s almost finished, save for drilling under lake oahe (sp?), for another, someone in the twittersphere said if it’s not finished by jan. 1, energy transfer’s contract is void, but as to that, i can’t attest (holy memory banks). $38 billion for the full four-state monte, so i’d assume they won’t lose it all.

    dinnae see anything about trump making any statement about the deposed queen; as: no prosecution by his doj?

    sure, O went to cannonball on the standing rock rez, mebbe the first time campaigning. but for sure in 2012 doing a jobs and education push or something. some waggish protectors put up a photo of him there, w/ a caption akin to: you were here kissing babies and tellin’ us you had our backs!” a photo pretty close to the first one in the slide show, might even be the one. sometimes seen was “you showed bravery by cancelling the xl pipeline, do it here!” he cancelled it once (iirc) warren buffet bought the rail lines and tankers to move the oil…).

    plus, during the early days of the #NoDapl movement at standing rock, brenda norrell reported that O had approved two pipelines to mexico, corporate name….energy transfer. destroyed burial sites near big bend, tx, too.

    yeah, he’s a piece of work, killary’s team, mebbe herownself, said in the podesta emails close to: “environmentalists should get a life!”

  8. I haven’t heard at all from the few folks I know have gone out there. But there were a group of folks from protecting the Minnesota Boundary Waters from another pipeline. I wonder if Sophia Wilansky was one of that group and was tagged by the Morton County Sheriff as a “leader” (i.e., a legitimate target to disable).

    What is clear about the Morton County Sheriff’s statement is that the lies are becoming more blatant as the public learns what is going on. We saw that during Occupy as well didn’t we. Quite a difference in the response to the first march over the Brooklyn Bridge and the second police-Department of Sanitation coordinated assault three times in succession that finally evicted the encampment.

    Energy Transfer started speeding up what they were doing after the election results were clear. Permit or no permit, the pipeline will be a fait accompli before Trump takes office. Not sure what bureaucratically can stop them, given the delays in courts that will allow a fait accompli to be completed. Not sure what the federal government can do at the point to reverse a process in which they have been major players in coordinating backup from out-of-state through a DHS Fusion Center. Even in the unlikely event that Obama ordered it. And I don’t know what the consequences in mobilizing the alt-Right movement would be if Obama did succeed in intervening. After the election, the frame within which everything operates is different. The media and a lot of the country are acting as if Trump already is President, and the electoral college does not formally elect him until December 19.

    I know well the landscape that is behind the picture at the top of this post. I could not imagine that picture as being there in the middle of the open grasslands near a moderately wide river with large round rock boulders in it and a relative small steel and concrete highway bridge on a two-lane rural road. That is a surreal picture that gives meaning in some respects to what surrealism was about to begin with. What one can do if you’re not there is to enter in that ancient sacred space and pray along with the elders for the protection of the waters of life. Of course, there are all the practical activist things to do too. Bail and medical expense funding; supplies and firewood for the Winter Camp. Wave after wave of calls to Morton County Sheriff’s Department telling them that their stories are becoming incredible and to protect the protesters. And, if you are disciplined enough in non-violent direct action, going there and adding to the numbers. There are several sites and Facebook pages with the practical information you need.

    • i hope you hear from your friends soon, thd, and that they’re okay…enough, anyway. once again, the utter barbarity perpetrated with smiles is beyond chilling.

      yes, the photo i chose will be iconic, partially due to its surreal nature. it must be mind-exploding to remember the area back in its more peaceful days. other iconic surrealistic photos were some from baltimore anti-police state protests.

      i can’t discover anything about sophia wilansky’s arm. have you heard anything? even if the surgeons ‘save it’, it’s hard to imagine that it will ever work as intended again.

      oh, the lies are disgusting, and i hear that all the targeted phone lines answer that the voicemails are full. as if they don’t want to hear from citizens./s

      • navajo of DailyKos has the interview with Wayne Wilansky, Sophia Wilansky’s father.


        Sophia Wilansky is from NYC. You can read the background in navajo’s post. navajo has been keeping this situation in front of the folks at Daily Kos. Good work.

        It is clear that the lies are so sloppy they are meant to incite on the one hand and soothe low information viewers on the other. What is more authoritative (and authoritarian) than a rural county sheriff’s office? They have their marching orders; Energy Transfer is “Citizen Number One”. Of course, they don’t want to hear from other citizens–especially ones who lack the power to throw them out of office.

  9. telesur english: “Come December, North Dakota Access Pipeline protesters will likely be receiving support from hundreds of U.S. veterans who have committed to their cause, if everything goes according to plan.
    Organizer Wes Clark, Jr., best known as co-host of the Young Turks show, has stated that veterans will be willing to take a bullet if need be. The former U.S. Army officer has called the Standing Rock resistance “the most important event up to this time in human history,” as quoted by Business Insider.”

    h/t mr. wd, but i can’t find out what was decided as i don’t do facebook:

    Chili Yazzie November 21 at 2:49pm •



  10. b/c jesus is the reason for the season, i’m greeting everyone this year “happy hanukkah.” hey, the greeter down here at the Charlotte Costco said he was part Seminole. so, you know, something to be thankful for.

    • welcome turkey mcPalinNuggets. crapitalist t-giving in return. you might just enjoy my offerings on the soon-to-be-published next open menu. but at least your part-seminole greeter friend might be quite aware that in the swamps, induns inter-married w/ acadian-french. blacks and others as sharing a common enemy.

      yeah, these security state ‘protectors of capitalist entities’ horrors at standing rock made so many of the protectors wax in irony of this week’s honoring of ‘the holiday’.

  11. The pipeline flacks are going for a label of “domestic terrorism” to set up their endgame to crush the protests. Phil A. Buster is @onekade, staff of Massachusetts ACLU.

    Phil A. Buster Retweeted
    Gavin Aronsen ‏@garonsen 2h2 hours ago

    Latest email from pro-pipeline MAIN Coalition: “Dakota Access Pipeline Update: Have Protesters Crossed the Bridge to Domestic Terrorism?”

    MAIN is repped by the DCI Group, whose past work includes climate change denialism, free market fake news site http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/DCI_Group#Viral_Videos_and_Global_Warming
    0 replies 3 retweets 0 likes

    With veterans moving toward Cannon Ball, the strategy seems to be to provoke a violent response anyhow, somehow to make the publicity argument for a very violent retaliation. Must get the world watching during the Thanksgiving holiday to deter this–if the world watching is any deterrence for these people.

    • assholes. now the telesur article showed the young turk reporter who’s organizing the vets to go at the beginning of dec. saying: ‘absolutely no alcohol or weapons’.

      “….if the world watching is any deterrence for these people.” i only had time to scan the interview transcript w/ wayne wilansky, and was sooo grieved to read that her arm will never work again. the photos of her hideous injury were almost too much to bear. ‘blown away tissue of all sorts’. goddam them. thank you for letting us know, though.

      a lakota healing song for her, and for all of them.

      and an exquisite lakota peyote healing song as well.

  12. 11/24

    police are two legally parked cars, won’t say how they’re chosen.

    @UR_Ninja 29m29 minutes ago “Police in North Dakota attack and arrest crowd of peaceful #NoDAPL water protectors on #Thanksgiving Day” (might be in bismark)

    @Smith83K 6h6 hours ago
    500 DAPL protestors will eat a Thanksgiving meal at Standing Rock — served by Jane Fonda” very kewl.
    holy eagle feather!

  13. I read where somebody tweeted that Liz Warren gives, like, 1/32 of a shit about humans at Standing Rock. I’m behind on reading, so you’ve probably seen the following, but it’s a decent resource, anyway.
    By the way, the state of my birth has cops from more than half a dozen towns on loan. Gee, who’da figured Crown Point, INDIANa’d be one of ’em? If one don’t know what CP is known for, just about any Vonnegut novel makes mention.

    Send socks.

    • oh, yes, bernie and his revolution are all over the #nodapl hashtag. another one of bern’s from today was all “hey mr. president: you took such a brave stand against keystone xl!” sure, once he knew buffet had bought all those rail lines and tanker cars. hmmm, buffet owns all that stock? well, hedging his bets, i rekcon.

      as far as i read this a.m., sunoco bought out energy transfer, mention of the price was there, don’t remember.

      someone on one of the relevant twit accounts was O, be joyous! about an instagram showing that while she was out campaigning w/ the ‘currently ousted queen’, some peep questioned her about standing rock. ‘what?’ she’d yelled; question again. liz did a frownie face and thumbs down. “hoooooray” they cried. pffff.

      but then liz was at the ‘closed door 3-day soros plus other wealthy dems at the posh+ mandarin hotel in deecee recently to ‘strategerize’ for 2018. it was self-parody at it’s finest. i stuck it on one diary or other, mebbe clinton campaign emails. so yes, 1/32 on a shit might be high; can’t offend wall street too much w/ donors to schmooze, can we now?

      so saintano believes O’s silence “left a stain on the end of President Obama’s second presidential term”, does he? how many other stains? well, never mind…. liz is a cherokee? well…i guess about 2/3 of USians are, lol. but the main cherokee genealogist said: ‘nah’. guess the issue was somewhat of a flap since she wrote about it so often. otoh, nikki haley’s wiki says she’s a sikh, but checked ‘white’ on her voter registration card. ;-)

      wish we had the wherewithal to send anything more than prayers and good wishes, light candles, and plug in our angel/green chile lights.

      dunno sainto, but jeffrey st. clair has been on some wild ride rolls recently. his ‘roaming charges’ series, esp. ha; there’s a crown point, nm, too. dineh place; they hold a navajo rug auction every year.

  14. RT: ‘ Army Corps will close anti-DAPL protest camp at Standing Rock by Dec. , 25 Nov, 2016

    “The Army Corps of Engineers said it is “closing the portion of the Corps-managed federal property north of the Cannonball River to all public use and access effective December 5, 2016,” according to a statement tweeted by the Young Turks’ Jordan Chariton.

    “This decision is necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontation between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area, and to prevent death, illness, or serious injury to inhabitants of encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.”

    The notice said the Corps of Engineers had established “a free speech zone on land south of the Cannoball River for anyone wished to peaceably protest the Dakota Access pipeline project.”

    The notice said anyone found on the Corps’ land north of the Cannonball River after December 5 “will be considered trespassing and may be subject to prosecution under federal, state, and local laws.” It also said anyone staying on the lands would do so “at their own risk, and assume any and all corresponding liabilities for their unlawful presence and occupations of such lands.” (the rest of their bilgewater is here, and RT interviews ward churchill.

    3 hrs

    is it a coincidence that the vets were due to arrive on dec. 4?

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