Harsh Developments & Brave Responses at Oceti Sakowin #NoDAPL

Reuters had reported on Sunday the 27th :

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the federal land where the main camp protesting the Dakota Access pipeline is located, said last week it would close public access to the area north of the Cannonball River on Dec. 5

On Sunday, the agency said in a statement that it had “no plans for forcible removal” of protesters. The statement said anyone who remained would be considered unauthorized and could be subject to various citations. It also said emergency services might not be adequately provided to the area.

“The Army Corps of Engineers is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location,” the statement said. “This will reduce the risk of harm to people in the encampments caused (by) the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.”

On Monday night the cams was blanketed with snow.  (I can’t embed their video from facebook, dagnabbit.  maybe in a comment?)

Yesterday, Gov. Dalrymple weighed in (a turf war, perhaps?)

A tip of the hat to aptn.ca for the transcript:

  • WHEREAS, Morton County is currently experiencing severe winter weather storm conditions, and it is anticipated harsh winter conditions will continue until next spring; and
  • WHEREAS, winter conditions have the potential to endanger human life, especially when they are exposed to these conditions without proper shelter, dwellings, or sanitation for prolonged periods of time; and
  • WHEREAS, large populations have chosen to stay in areas of Morton County managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers south of the Cantapeta Creek and the Cannonball River (The areas include the confluence with Cantapeta Creek east, east of North Dakota Highway 1806, north of the Cannonball River, and west of the Missouri River) in tents, vehicles, temporary and semi-permanent structures which have not been inspected and approved by Morton County as proper dwellings suitable for winter habitation; and
  • WHEREAS, the aforementioned areas of Morton County are not zoned for dwellings suitable for living in winter conditions, and also do not possess proper permanent sanitation infrastructure to sustain a living environment consistent with proper public health; and
  • WHEREAS, the United States Army Corps of Engineers has ordered the aforementioned area of Morton County which they manage to be vacated due to public safety concerns related to the inability to effectively provide emergency, medical, fire response services, and law enforcement services; and
  • WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the state to assist citizens and visitors to North Dakota in addressing the emergencies, disasters, and other hardships that may face the state, its citizens and visitors, to include issuance of orders in the best interest of public safety.

“Dalrymple has directed “agencies, emergency service officials and nongovernmental organizations to reduce threats to public safety by not guaranteeing the provision of emergency and other governmental and nongovernmental services in the evacuation area.

The Order says any person who chooses to enter, re-enter or stay in the evacuation area does so at their own risk, and assumes any and all corresponding liabilities.

The Order is effective immediately.”

Zounds, what creepy fukkery.  ‘The ‘zoning’ contrived issue; who came up with that, Gov?  With this: ““the definition of the evacuation order shall remain in effect even if the army corps redefines or moves these prohibited areas.”, what does that signify?  Some protectors are reporting that it means no snow removal to further limit public access to the camp.

hope they’ve been re-trained in nonviolence, bless their hearts…

Earlier this week indigenous women led a prayer walk at Oceti Sakowin; unicorn riot filmed it.

If you can contribute, it would be a blessing.   http://sacredstonecamp.org/

Mr. wd had wanted to know more about the name ‘Oceti Sakowin’, and found this sweet Maggie Reid website in explanation.

After several delays, Justin Trudeau (almost) promises that today he and his cabinet will rule on:
“two major Enbridge-backed pipeline projects — Line 3 and the controversial Northern Gateway, CBC News has confirmed.  A third pipeline, Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain, will also be reviewed at a regularly scheduled cabinet meeting in Ottawa, CBC News has learned.”  a lengthy explanation follows, with a couple videos.


44 responses to “Harsh Developments & Brave Responses at Oceti Sakowin #NoDAPL

  1. ‘North Dakota to block supplies from entering Standing Rock camp
    Supplies, including food and building materials, will be blocked from entering Standing Rock camp, Timothy Mclaughlin, Thomson Reuters via cbc, Nov 29, 2016

    ‘one step away from smallpox blankets’ under her tweet.

    no news from trudeau on the enbridge pipelines yet. do canadian pols do ‘out w/ the friday trash’ i wonder?

  2. proud to be an americant

    trudeau turning into or already is canada’s tony blair?

    anyway, isn’t the army under the commander in chief? yeah, fuck you obama. i’m going to start carrying a sign on the metro which says:


    see what happens when i walk thru the pentagon metro station (no photos! cuz freedum) w/that.

    • yeppers, proud to be, seems like he’s another smilin’ handsome con man. now he did reject the northern gateway (at least for now), but approved the two others. you can listen to his double speak in TWO languages live here.

      approved, but w/ veddy rigorous stndards (89?) and scientifically is the upgrade to line 3 (it leaks like a seive, apparently, and veddy scientifically.

      also approved is the kinder morgan trans mountain pipeline, here are the maps from the wilderness committee.

      reuters reports ‘Canada pipeline opponents ready to take on Kinder Morgan, Ottawa’

      well, yes. they’ll face some heavy indigenous protests. but jobs! we can eat crude!

      the live presser did feature some probing questions from actual journalists, including about his hypocrisy. campaign promises don’t amount to a bucket of spit.

      i’ll go look on twitter; this is just minutes old.

      added: ‘Throwing BC a bone by not approving #enbridge, throws Enbridge a bone by approving Line 3-says they listened to people-hard to believe’….but:

  3. proud to be an americant

    inject a billion burgers worth of beef. dark holes in the spirit world.

    • my stars, i don’t think i’d ever heard that. if i had, i never wouldda pegged it as cockburn.

      tweets galore calling lizzie warren to take a principled stand…grijalva is calling for ‘a congressional briefing’

      @StandingRockST “Want to help this #GivingTuesday? Donate 3 min. to call @POTUS and tell him DENY the easement. 202-456-1111”

      alternately: 1-dia-lap-rayer

      ‘americant’? breezed right by that sorry.

  4. crikey; dunno what to make of this, but the protectors seem thrilled at this change o tune:

    did this have anything to do w/ it? i thought they might have added to a ‘human snow plow’ activity…i can’t read it w/o paying.

    • another overworked american

      yeah, confrontation w/some vets. awesome. maybe we’ll find out how tough the guvnah & co really are.

      as workers, our collaboration w/the System is already bought & paid for. it’s fucking ingenious. one has to participate, or starve. the ability of a people, a family even, to grow their own food is a powerful political weapon. Big Ag’s destruction of the family farm was a major coup for the US bourgeoisie. earlier iterations of capitalist fascism had to overcome populations that still had lots of families on the farm. not a prob here in the states.

      a people terrified of losing their jobs is not difficult to control. thus the appeal to jobs, employment, w/this stupid, awful pipeline.

      • they want to act as human shields, it’s fine w/ me.

        ‘Saving seed is our duty, sharing seed is our culture.’

        ‘Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates’

        ~ Vandana Shiva, Author of ‘Soil Not Oil’, India

        clear as a bell here, 14 degrees and dropping rapidly. orion rising in the NE, gemini the twins just a bit to the west. just went out on the front stoop and saw a bit of milky way stardust.

        sleep well, an remember that we are such a small poof of dust in the universe.

        • another overworked american

          i wasn’t being sarcastic about the vets’ participation. it’s great. we need a lot more of it.

          • i apologize that i’d read you wrong, amigo. your use of ‘confrontation’ had pinged thd’s thoughts about the possibility that they *were* heading their for violent confrontation.

            family farms, yes, we can’t have that. collectivos: bad. socialistic. we are taught that being greedy and making money off the backs of workers is a brilliant success. a friend in deecee asked me not long ago if i thought there such a thing as ‘clean millionaire money’. quite a discussion, and he noted that during it…i hadn’t stuttered once. ;-)

            5 degrees here; wonder what it is on the cannonball? i do see that many are ginning up to fight the enbridge line 3. oh, and if peeps have to work long, hard hours they’re not able to muster the energy too fight back, either, nor often to have the wherewithal to even discover what’s causing their immiseration.

            on edit: i’d neglected to say that some protectors may not want any vets to be human shields for them, though, and they may need to be taught how to be good allies, not saviors.

  5. can’t bring the tweet cuz: miz ‘it was worth it’ photo, but right on cue: @Reuters 17m17 minutes ago
    “Albright, Hadley urge U.S. to use more military power in Syria. More from bipartisan report to be released tomorrow”: http://reut.rs/2guzyMr

    • albright won’t be happy until she kills another 500k children,.

      • If we can kill just one innocent child it will have been worth it.

        • words fail.

          ‘Kissinger and Brzezinski to be Honoured by Nobel Institute and Oslo University’, by Jan Oberg / December 1st, 2016

          but then i’m working an a haitian elections piece… goddam, amerikka.

          • Jeezus. ‘Course, it’s pretty typical. And certain children of the empire are all depressed more bent out of shape than they’ve ever been because some guy they don’t fancy is takin’ the high chair.

            • what’s past ‘orwellian’ ? (not to mention librul hypocritical, and yes: he’s of course another asshole) how many faustian bargains do our rulers, be they D or R or deep state make…that they’re even alive ? how many of us would love to piss on their graves? sam bradley owns the song now, imo.

    • Seems a bipartisan group fears that Syria and Iraq might restore some semblance of stability unless the CIA keeps the Saudi and Qatari jihadis going. Instructive. Both the siege of Aleppo and the siege of Mosul grind on with Assad regaining power over the situation with Russian help and Iraq’s Abadi is in a three way political tussle with Kurdish Regional Government’s Barzani and Turkey’s Erdogan.

      Securing Aleppo will permit Assad, supported by Russia, to turn attention to rolling up Daesh/ISIS/ISIL from the west. That should end the Islamic State’s administrative existence and possibly end Daesh itself as a political force. Albright and Hadley want to scuttle this possibility (regime change, mateys) even at the risk of allowing Daesh to restore its power. Doubt that either has a place in the Trump administration.

      It is still likely that Obama can navigate the end game in Syria to take beating Daesh/ISIS/ISIL out of Trump’s hands. The consequence might mean Erdogan realigning from NATO to the SCO.

      • your take seems exactly right, thd, although i’m not sure what you mean by this: “It is still likely that Obama can navigate the end game in Syria to take beating Daesh/ISIS/ISIL out of Trump’s hands.” meaning he won’t do the bidding of hadley and albright?

        regime change and federalization? so many conflicting rumors on that, an as i’ve said, i will never catch up. the various kurdish groups i’ll never get straight, and i guess some of this i’ll just have to stay fuzzy on.

        yes, sunoco is said to have been the small fish that swallowed the big fish. what i am wondering is if O had been instrumental in any of the changing language in the evacuation orders, and if so, did someone finally point out that murdering any protectors might just spark a revolution?

        yes, the world is watching, even the guardian is speaking more and more frankly about the egregious tactics and weapons used, and the lies being told to pretend their 76-agency response is necessary.

        guess some reckon that trump will have them bombed and strafed, eh? staggering to see how many on those twit accounts are yelling: “fuck trump!” er…on whose watch is this happening? on whose watch was Occupy routed?

  6. The longer the folks at Oceti Sakowin hold on and keep the issue in the public eye, the more pressure is on Obama. He is likely to let the clock run out and toss it to Trump on January 20 without a permit being issued, based on past behavior. Ownership of Energy Transfer now goes to Sunoco, which has deeper pockets. No likelihood of them being bled financially for a pipeline whose capacity is not really needed at the moment. Could be a long wait, with ND and Energy Transfer hoping for a brutal winter to convince outside supporters to leave Oceti Sakowin.

  7. not insured by ACA


    so i can go to jail for not letting a co. make $$ off the destruction of my water supply? of course.

    • srsly, this is the guardian. ‘Bogus charges’: Standing Rock activists say they face campaign of legal bullying, Native American protesters claim that threats of fines and criminal charges, many which later unravel in court, are designed to silence their efforts’

      “The most serious accusation – attempted murder of law enforcement – was dismissed on Monday.”

      so at least there’s that for now. as to the proposed law, yes, it would expand the dhs’s list of domestic ter’ist organizations, but a molly ivin’ always catechized us: “the bidness of amerika is…bidness”.

      lol on ‘come baaaaaack shane!’

      • not insured by ACA

        how do you say, “administrative detention” in Sioux? it’s not at all a challenge to figure out how to hold somebody.

        yeah, Shane. the little guy against big money. but still…where are all the black people, i mean, natives?

        • prolly something akin to: “fuck you, wasi’chu!” gawd ya made me think of leonard peltier, hoping against all hope, that Ofooka will commute his sentence before he goes out the door. they even know he’s innocent of the crime he was convicted of, but no preze want to piss of the fibbies. funny, that. he’s dying, of course, and wants to see his home country at least once before ‘his ride comes for him’ (santee sioux, john trudell).

          but your question? explain, please to a geezerette? as an aside, my heady peace perspective of our puniness in the scheme of the vast universe…took exactly one late night family phone call to blow it to smithereens. irony.

          • oh nothing profound. “shane” is the family farm vs. the Big Ag of the day, cattle ranchers. all the cast is white & the movie elides completely the displacement of the natives; this allows these crackers to shoot each other for our entertainment w/o any troublesome questions about who lived here before uncle honkey took over.

  8. Tweet claims that CNN has deigned to cover Standing Rock. Guess the DAPL protectors need the pros to to divert from the attack on the water protectors they are planning. Seemed to work with Ferguson. Just about time for the RevCommies to parachute in for a distraction and some media face time.

    If the camp is still standing in a week’s time, it will be a minor victory. Expect that the Wall Street media will be shooting their coverage from behind the police lines after they do enough establishing interviews to smear the camp followers. I pray that my pessimism and cynicism is mistaken.

    • as do i, but who are the revCommies, please? esta noche,, mi corazon espinado. the silence before another whitestone hill massacre? i hear the screams, and am ashamed of myself for imagining that… get a grip, wd. sigh.

      • The Bob Avakian crew–the RCP. Seem to show up right before the shit comes down.

        On the main topic, there are reports that ICE vehicles are showing up to police the border between the US and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. (Half-snark) Go back to the Fusion Center hypothesis.

        Waiting for the political kairos to unwind the march toward “other means” (Clausewitz).

        In Onians’ 1951 etymological studies of the word, he traces the primary root back to the ancient Greek association with both archery and weaving. In archery, kairos denotes the moment in which an arrow may be fired with sufficient force to penetrate a target. In weaving, kairos denotes the moment in which the shuttle could be passed through threads on the loom.

        All change happens at the kairos (in English, the “kairotic moment”), the moment the rock splits, the knot severed, and the situation moves. Intersection of sacred time and sacred space.

        • fascinating thoughts on ‘kairotic moments’; gave me a shiver. would the rock’s splitting also denote a resultant ‘spark’?

          but as to the revo communists metaphorically parachuting it, is that also a metaphor, or have you heard something?

          on edit: fingers walked, tra la la… from nov. 30: ‘Revcoms at Standing Rock’

          “Revcom.us interviewed Travis Morales and a young member of the Revolution Club who have been out at Standing Rock for over a month now. The following is an excerpt, edited for publication.”

  9. shut down journalism w/i a four mile radius

    fook ace, but brrrr-d-brrrrr

    video from tyt claiming underneath: “Standing Rock Drone Footage Looks Bad, So Government Bans It” dunno if that’s abut already extant footage or the ‘no fly zone’ for civilians.

    ha; i finally found it again; i’d remembered that there was a photo, and thought i’d stuck into the OP. nov 28

    ha; it occurred to me that since it’s now Dec., the NYT might just let me read there. one link about the vets coming to cannonball on the 4th was a document on their operation orders. did they really have to say: ‘we’re the cavalry’, though? ay yi yi…

    michael wood, jr. (from TYT) and wes clark, jr. (yep; that one’s son: former SACE nato; mr. ‘intern disloyal amerikuns in camps) put it together.


    phenomenal numbers of national, global solidarity and the thought is to create an entire december of actions. #StandwithStandingRock hashtag

  10. mind if i do a j?

    hadley & albright were on pbs authorized snooze hour (does anybody miss gwyn ifil? anyone?) together last night, shillin’ fer killin’, syria-style. follow up to the reuters piece by that killer duo, i guess.

    & what’s up w/iran? senate & house voted unanimously or nigh-unanimously to continue sanctions vs iran for another 10 years? don’t hold your breath for an executive veto. this iran deal was always up for “renegotiation” if iran proved insufficiently compliant. (oh yeah, the do-gooders voted to eliminate smoking in all public housing in the country.)

    bang the war drum slowly, america. sheeesh.

    • at least they have their priorities right; bibi w/ be thrilled. he got the f-35s that the military took out of the defense budget. lottsa fun jests out there about who bribed whom in that deal. but lockheed-martin came out just fine; that’s important, as well.

      help yerself to the j; wish we could send some thru the mail. what a crop again this year.

  11. Why IS Not teh fooker there with them; in his comfortable Arctic wear?

  12. i feel a bit badly that i need to drop tweets and skedaddle for now, but needs must. if i have any energy left later, i’ll respond. meanwhile, i hope you’re talking to one another. peace and solidarity, wd

    i’d gotten my word documents a bit mixed up, and had forgotten to leave these hours ago.

    refreshing, and said far too seldom:

    and yes, THD: CNN’s sarah snider is on the scene. but where’s…anderson cooper????

    @Potus has NO plans to do anything regarding #NoDAPL. None. This according to @pressSec on 11/28 – Where are you, Obama? (i didn’t bring the josh o-so-earnest video)

    well, we know precisely where he is: AWOLw/ kumbayah bullshit ‘please work together…’

  13. i’d been concerned about the possibility that law enforcement has been flummoxing cell phones, thus all e-communications at standing rock since i’d seen this yesterday.

    oddly, just ahead of it was a tweet to this, and someone had suggested it in the subtweeted responses to big indinan gyasi. i’m a tech luddite, but evans seem to make good cases for the culprit/s being stingrays, dirt boxes, and ddos attacks, as well as hacking email accounts, changing passwords. see what you make of it. i keep checking some of the related hashtags, and haven’t seen anything that is coming from the ground up.

    Signs Of A Creepy Government Conspiracy At Standing Rock’ by Robert Evans, Tamlin Magee | December 01, 2016

  14. Evans does make a good technical case. One would have to see what is actually in those airplanes to prove it definitively. Or what is on nearby cell towers. Don’t think that telecoms are immune from being roped into suppressing protest.

    In other news, Ace Hardware corporate apparently has told local stores that they can’t refuse to serve customers who are camping at Oceti Sakowin, even with Dalrymple’s emergency declaration. The reports going over social media have had some effect.

    Evans points out that what is needed most at the moment are cold-weather toilets that can handle several thousand campers. That could be the next health-and-safety excuse for trying to shut down the camp.

    There are going to be some hardy veteran protesters coming out of this event; that’s for sure. Be preparing support efforts for January and February.

    • certainly telecoms can be…cooperative. what pinged me among other things was: “In 2014, The Wall Street Journal broke the story that the U.S. Marshals Service had commissioned a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft with dirtboxes. And last year, we learned that the FBI also has their own fleet of dirtbox-equipped planes, mostly Cessnas, registered to a series of dummy corporations with names like “KQM Aviation.”

      given the multi-agency security, police, yada yada (someone had said 174) it reminded me once again that at wouned knee ’73 it was the US marshals in charge, federally deputizing any warm bodies they could.

      the end of the ace hardware statement (don’t have it in front of me) was :so check for product availability” (at your local stores). oopsie, sorry; our suppliers can’t supply…x, y, z.

      but yes, chemical toilets? does this seem to be from on the ground in aceti sakowin…or not? i have my doubts.

      • I followed the link from RoseAnn DeMoro’s tweet to an Indian Country Today writers account. Could be anywhere but the sources look pretty good. Walking up the road …


        • yeah, only a few were there then, and neither mr.nor i are fans of hopkins nor indian country today…click bait
          plagiarists, but longer story as to the whys of that.’

          but thanks, nice to see you le moyne, and i just posted their arrival.

        • lemoyne, i hadn’t wanted to diss hopkins’ paper w/o evidence, but this is brenda norrell on indian country today and her censorship and firing.

          she then began ‘censored news’, and i will say that she locks down everything against easy plagiarism. copy functions are disabled, even for titles; i’ve talked w/ her about it, but…no dice. she.is.pissed. she’s also a good journalist, dunno if she’s native american or not, but she’s spent a lot of time w/ the zapatistas, which is so admirable in my mind.

          the only gripe i have w/ her site is always featuring Mohawk News; it gets pretty out there, and a bit jejeune for me.

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