From the 99% in Haiti: ‘Another Electoral Coups d’etat’

‘Protesters in Haiti Say Moise Victory Amounts to ‘Electoral Coup’; Some parties maintain their supporters were denied the right to vote and many are taking to the streets despite campaign of intimidation, says journalist Margaret Prescod’

(the transcript), but the title pretty much says it all.

According to the non-1% Haitian Twitterverse, Prescod seems to have low-balled the zeitgeist both pre- and post-election, as you’ll see.

If it seems lazy on my part to present storifies so often, well, it is in a way.  But I also love the immediacy of tweets as representing the vox populi, as well as the images, which are creative commons (in the public sphere).  This one of necessity will work backwards in time for the most part.

@DadyChery : “UPDATE #3, November 29, 2016. Mainstream Press Cheers Rigged Elections”

@DadyChery Nov 30  #MSM correspondents on #HaitiElections = reactionary force; don’t want2 lose cushy jobs/whites-only villas/maids. They love JM 4 prez.

@DadyChery Nov 30 @Perspectiv84 @BBC @AP @AlJazeera @Reuters @AFP @moisejovenel “Same US MSM picked Evans Paul as Haiti PM in ’14, Hillary in ’16 as Dem choice

@HaitiInfoProj Nov 24: “Vote buying scheme 4 Jovenel Moise w/$250G phone cards outside & near polling stations on election day.” (the cards were from Digitel Corp)

My fave ‘the Haitian blogger‘ (‘The Zen Haitian’, Chantal Laurent) quotes From Ezili Danto,  Nov. 25: ‘Bill, Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Duopoly colonial subjugation and exploitation in Haiti’

Haiti riches are the economic reasons these foreigners interfere in the internal affairs of Haiti to bring human subjugation and exploitation.  Its billions in gold, the Digicel cell phone and mobile money monopoly, Bigio’s Port Lafito transshipment privatized ports and borders, the vast Haiti oil and gas and the illegal Michel Martelly decrees giving lands, offshore islands and unconstitutional mining permits to Clinton Foundation extraction companies and donors.

This is why Gilbert Bigio, the wealthiest beneficiary of colonialism and corporate welfare in Haiti, along with big Clinton Foundation donors such as the telecommunication giant, Digicel; the extraction companies like Newmont Mining; as well as the Antonia Sola campaign “fixers”; the UN and Obama’s Haiti coordinator, Kenneth Merten and his Haiti ambassador, Peter Mulrean, all, are so desperate to doctor up the November 20, 2016 elections in favor of the Martelly replica, Jovenel Moise. But they’ve been caught red handed. 2016 is not 2010 or 2015.

The whole purpose for Haiti re-running the elections from 2015 again was to remove foreign influence from them. Yet, early reports from the top three candidates – Moise Jean Charles, Jude Celestin and Maryse Narcisse – facing off PHTK’s Jovenel Moise, is that the colonial attempt to steal the Haiti elections again was worst on November 20, 2016 than in October 2015! Voter lists were not signed by two election officials as required and there are complaints from the three top candidates that the ballots casts were by people not on the voter registration lists.”

That page of Dante’s narrates the 2015 stolen election by way of text and great graphics.

Ezili Danto of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (a noteworthy site):

On Oct. 14, 2016 the UN extended its mandate to occupy Haiti for at least another six months due to the massive devastation of the island nation by hurricane Matthew.  Given the (USian client) UN’s ‘help and aid’ ‘stabilization force for some™’ in post earthquake 2010, many everyday Haitians are not happy about it. hello cholera, hello sexual abuse, hello UN troops firing on protestors and ‘looters’, well, you get the drift.

The election results are due to be ‘certified’ on Dec. 29.  Reuters had reported without irony yesterday that only 20% of the population had voted, and that Moise had said in an interview that he would root out corruption, appoint anti-corruption judges, and implement constitutional reforms.

“Moise also pledged to overhaul the economy, making particular mention of agriculture, tourism and construction.  [he forgot sweatshops]

“I can’t say in five years I will make Haiti 100 percent self-sufficient (in food),” said Moise, an agricultural entrepreneur known on the campaign trail as the “Banana Man.”

I think that if Haiti is not self-sufficient in food, it is because we have stopped working,” he added.”

From Dady Chery’s website:

The Peace of Wild Things

When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

~ Wendell Berry

Clinton family: do you have any idea as to how many everyday Haitans would love to spit on your graves?

On the other hand, some good news.  In his Nov. 25 ‘The 2016 Presidential Elections: a Report From Nicaragua’, election observer S. Brian Willson writes at CP:

“My first exposure to Nicaragua occurred in early 1986, thirty years ago, during the Reagan Contra terrorist war (1981-1990) ravaging the entire society with murders, rapes, arsons, and assassinations, attempting to overthrow the Sandinista (FSLN) -led revolution.”  [snip]  (and that even with all the US NED bucks trying to prevent it):

“…the FSLN (Sandinista Liberation Front Party) won 70 of the 92 seats (76%) in the National Assembly, and its Presidential candidate, the much maligned revolutionary fighter Daniel Ortega, won with 72.5% of the vote of 3.8 million registered Nicaraguans.


And because: V Arnold: ‘Thailand’s Crown Prince Becomes New King’,     Is this a good thing, V?

22 responses to “From the 99% in Haiti: ‘Another Electoral Coups d’etat’

  1. This 10/08/2016 news junkiepost page indictment by dady chery (i’d stumbled upon it trying to find a photo of her) has an awesome round-up of photos and narration of the effects of hurricane matthew on haiti. this section is seriously alarming. i’d seen claims of the same on twitter, but the links are here, although i haven’t read them yet.

    “From what one can gather of the reports from the Miami Herald, Reuters, New York Times, The Guardian, and especially the BBC News, they appear to be on a campaign to rehabilitate the non-governmental organizations (NGO) that have been discredited by their conduct after Haiti’s earthquake of 2010. The fear that these NGOs might return has been described by journalist Kim Ives. The United Nations occupying force, which has twice introduced cholera in Haiti, is predicting yet more cholera. The UN is scheduled to leave the country in six months. Nevertheless it is casting itself as an expert on the eradication of cholera epidemics, promoting useless cholera vaccines through articles sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in newspapers like The Guardian, and plotting to stay. At this juncture, it is absolutely critical for the Haitian government to take charge of all emergency water distribution and make sure the water is safe to drink. After all, if you control the water that people drink, you control cholera, and there is far too much money to be made in a massive cholera epidemic.”

    alas, the ‘useless cholera vaccines’ link is bad, and i can’t find the study anywhere, save for sites that repeat it. the guardian link, of course, goes to the ‘gates foundation’ tab at the guardian.

    @gatesfoundation Nov 16 “Congratulations, @BillGates and @melindagates on being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

  2. I find this information from the US CDC to be helpful, if apoplexy-generating:

    The FDA recently approved a single-dose live oral cholera vaccine called Vaxchora (lyophilized CVD 103-HgR) for adults 18 – 64 years old who are traveling to an area of active cholera transmission with toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 (the bacteria strain that most commonly causes cholera). The vaccine is not routinely recommended for most travelers from the United States, as most people do not visit areas of active cholera transmission. Two other oral inactivated, or non-live cholera vaccines, Dukoral® and ShanChol®, are World Health Organization (WHO) prequalified, but these vaccines are not available in the U.S. No cholera vaccine is 100% protective and vaccination against cholera is not a substitute for standard prevention and control measures.

    So what exactly are the “standard prevention and control measures” that the CDC are talking about?

    Prevention of cholera is dependent on access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and basic hygiene needs.

    And why does Haiti not have the sort of water and sewer treatment facilities that would deal with this?

    Certainly not Daniel Fignolé (Wikipedia):

    “Although Fignolé promised a Franklin D. Roosevelt-style New Deal[1] and was explicitly anti-communist, his politics had long made him suspicious in the eyes of the Cold War-era American administrations. United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Allen Dulles warned President Dwight D. Eisenhower that Fignolé had “a strong leftist orientation”. The administration refused to recognize the Fignolé government, whose political program was seen as “comparable with the Soviets.” Eisenhower told the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. that he was worried that Fignolé “might eventually become another Arbenz”, referring to the social-democratic President of Guatemala overthrown three years earlier in a CIA-backed coup d’état.

    With foreign governments and most elements of Haiti’s traditional power structure arrayed against him, Fignolé could not hold on to power. After just 19 days, the Haitian armed forces, with U.S. foreknowledge, broke into the presidential chambers. They seized Fignolé, forced him at gunpoint to sign a resignation letter, and bundled him into a waiting car.

    From exile in New York City, Fignolé blamed Duvalier, a rival candidate for president, for his overthrow. But his demands for reinstatement fell on deaf ears. For days, rioting Fignolé supporters in poor districts were gunned down by soldiers under Antonio Kébreau’s military regime. The morgues filled with thousands of bodies, according to media reports.

    With ties to the army, Duvalier won a sham election and became head of state. His family’s rule would last 29 years.”

    Water supply and sanitation in Haiti (Wikipedia):

    “In 1964 the government of François Duvalier created CAMEP, the Centrale Autonome Métropolitaine d’Eau Potable, responsible for the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. Subsequently, in 1977 the government of his son Jean-Claude Duvalier created SNEP (Service National d’Eau Potable) to be in charge of water supply in the rest of the country. Shortly afterwards a rural water and hygiene unit called POCHEP after its French acronym was created in the Ministry of Health, since SNEP was focusing on secondary towns and did not have the ability to serve rural areas. All three entities struggled to increase coverage at the desired pace and to provide adequate levels of service quality. Nevertheless, the 1980s witnessed a certain increase of coverage as part of the International Water and Sanitation Decade, supported by numerous donors including the World Bank and the IDB as well as by numerous NGOs.

    The 1990s witnessed a series of setbacks for the country and consequently for the water and sanitation sector as well. After a 1991 military coup foreign aid was suspended for three years. Aid began to flow in again after the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1994, a period which witnessed the emergence of water committees in Port-au-Prince. These community organizations sell water to slum dwellers at a small profit, which is reinvested in small-scale community infrastructure such as sports facilities or sanitary facilities. The water is bought from the utility, for which the water committees are one of their best-paying customers.

    In the late 1990s aid began to dry up again, which in turn again affected the performance of the sector and condemned a large share of the population to be without adequate services. External aid picked up again after the departure of Aristide in 2004 under a transition government and the second government of René Préval. The external assistance is particularly focused at towns in the interior of the country and on rural areas, while the staggering problem of supplying the metropolitan area of the capital with sufficient clean water and a sewer system remains unresolved.”

    But Wikipedia is squeamish about attribution for the cholera epidemic:

    According to the US Center for Disease Control the suspected source for the epidemic was the Artibonite River, from which some of the affected people had drunk water.

    But the footnote goes to an article about a South Asian strain of cholera:

    In 2013:

    In May 2013 the venture capital firm Leopard Capital, through its Leopard Haiti private equity fund, announced that it intends to sell water for profit in Haiti at yet undisclosed locations and at an undisclosed price through a newly founded private company called dloHaiti. It has raised USD 3.4 million with the aim to build 40 water kiosks that would use solar-powered high-tech water purification systems. The company’s investors also include the International Finance Corporation’s InfraVentures Fund, the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), Miyamoto International, and Jim Chu, dloHaiti’s CEO and Founder.

    Leopard Capital is primarily this guy:

    Clayton served as a Counterintelligence Platoon leader in the United States Army from 1982 to 1986, including a tour of duty in Seoul, Korea. He completed US Army Intelligence School, counter-terrorism training, airborne parachutist training, and a Korean ranger course, before being honorably discharged with the rank of captain.

    Interesting business dude with operations in Cambodia and Haiti. Bio has no birthplace, notice of parents, wife, current residence, or schooling before his ROTC scholarship at Cornell. But Leopard Capital is domiciled in the Cayman Islands.

    Interesting, isn’t it? Where is water not automatically part of the infrastructure? Where is it most often in private hands?

    • a bit too much for me to absorb properly, but yes, the bottom line is as dady chery and others say: “At this juncture, it is absolutely critical for the Haitian government to take charge of all emergency water distribution and make sure the water is safe to drink. After all, if you control the water that people drink, you control cholera, and there is far too much money to be made in a massive cholera epidemic.”

      now when the govt. relies on for-profit water, it gets pretty squeamish, esp. if moise is officially declared president. but earlier..maybe. water in the U is also increasingly in private hands, isn’t it? that’s why so many attorneys are going into water law specialties. consider what nestle has been able to do, for instance in the NW. and ‘energy’ corporations filing on non-existent water rights. but deep pockets and all that…

      the vaccines seem to replace: ‘don’t drink shit water, or shit where you live’. but that’s all there is for the 99%, yanno? then hurricane floods, mudslides, de-forestations…here comes the fecal water again. lazy people: get to work!

      think of flint, as well. ‘sorry, we can’t afford to bring the residents some fucking small supplies of bottled water per day/week’…whatever. day late and a hundred dollars short, but did that ‘order’ ever get sorted?

    • okay. i can at least read it now. first, fignolé, le pauvre! whoosh, the docs, père and fils, and the tonton macoute reigned down terror on the haitians, didn’t they? i forget how many were massacred.

      the wiki on the timing and aid, etc. isn’t computing, but it’s safe the think it was quite corrupt. only a matter of scale different than the red cross disappearing all those millions for housing, and building what, 90? in the end.

      yes weird on clayton’s missing bio, but ugh on him and his predatory company and history, an HQ location. but someone has to profit off haiti’s vast resources! the gold has already been gobbled up by the usual suspects, but that seemed a little complicated to bring to this post.

      i was about to bring this from ezeli, and i did scan to see if clayton were on the list, but not as far as i can tell. but she does a fine job indicting them all, but always, always, the haitian journalists and mythbusters know exactly who the authors of their more recent oppression and predation are: the clintons, and their cursed ‘philanthropic organization’.

      “Tie Your Shoe Laces Haitians, The Battle to Free Haiti from US imperialism Continues; What to Expect if Haiti Resistance to Imperialism doesn’t Stop Obama’s Newest Electoral Fraud in Haiti”, ezili danto

      too many evil oligarchs and narratives to bring, but this one burns:

      “2. Bigio is Israel’s agent in Haiti. He’s now got his own Tonton Makout crew, flown in from South Africa and also made up of former Israeli military soldiers. His private military security contractors are known as HLSI and they are active in the resource wars in Angola/South Africa and are big Clinton Foundation donors.

      Before he left office, Michel Martelly, gave the HLSI/Bigio group a 50 million dollar border surveillance contract for land, air and sea.”

      her comments about a trump administration sound about right, but then…some haitians were noting that he could be helpful to the struggle, though no one i read said exactly how.

  3. ‘Thailand’s Crown Prince Becomes New King’, Is this a good thing, V?
    The Thai’s are very happy with their new king.
    This is not a subject I speak about.
    There are serious laws re: Lese Majeste’.
    I generally do not engage in such discussions, so as to avoid accidental breeches of protocal..

    • ooof. i hadn’t realized that it was such a dicey question. thank you for teaching me, v arnold.

      • Welcome. Yes, dicey. No worries, do a google search for more info.
        Thailand is a very complicated subject/culture, with many corners.
        Not easily understood by the dilettante; which describes most western criticisms of this culture.
        One has to dive very deep and acquire some language skills to begin to understand Thai culture.
        Which is why most westerners get so wrong.
        Enough. Cheers WD.

        • i did look up ‘lese majaste’ earlier after reading your link, and do see at least that there are ‘many corners’ to navigate. but i will need to remain an ignorant westerner, not even a dilettante, i’m afraid. cheers back.

  4. WD; if you and I were face to face; the discussion “might” be very different.
    I hope things are well with you as they are with us.

    • it’s good to hear that things are well with you and yours, and i’m sure he will be as well-loved as king Bhumibol was. we’re doing ‘well enough for who it’s for’, as they say around here. ;-)

      any thoughts on haiti? not as sexy a subject as: trump, of course. ;-)

      • Haiti is another, of a long list of western hemisphere countries, mercilessly exploited and ruined by the imperial U.S..
        The history of Haiti, post Columbian, is tragic and brutal. The U.S. has willfully destroyed Haiti’s sugar cane and rice growing to make them totally dependent on U.S. imports.
        What the Clinton’s have done to Haiti is a further crime against humanity. It’s one of many reasons I despise the Clinton’s. I am deeply satisfied Hillary lost the election; but get little succor knowing we have put another monster in the White House.
        The U.S. is just so fucked up…

        • yes to all of it, save ruination/exploitation by the US isn’t limited to the western hemisphere. it’s so hard to live here. glad you chose to leave early on, and i hope you didn’t have to leave many loved ones behind.

          me too. glad she lost, sad he won. he was almost inevitable, but comparing him w/ fascist obomba? and remember mumia: ‘if trump is the price we pay to smash clintonian neoliberalism, so be it’ (or close).

          fuck the hatians hate them.

          • Thanks. It’s nice to join with people who believe their lying eyes and not the utter mythology and total bullshit rained upon the world 24/7/365.
            Not many left behind, my brother, sister, and a dear friend of 56 years.
            As you may imagine, my views were not welcomed by most of my acquaintances. None so blind, as those who won’t see…
            Cheers WD.

            • did it start w/ the dulles bros.? thd would know, but for so so long. now cia front organizations and the non-profit industrial complex like avaaz, and too often the vaunted humanitarian organizations stir shit up that leads to regime change, r2p’s, etc., all for hegemonic control and resource grabs. africom: ‘keeping nations safe from destabilization (that we foment)’.

              well, good that you left so few behind; i’d already left my odious sister behind, but so many family responsibilities here, both old uns and young uns, and even younger young uns. that’s okay; they’re worth it. ;-)

              • The Devil’s Chessboard goes into the Dulles brothers nefarious deeds quite thoroughly.
                Interesting you mention Avaaz; years ago I would sign petitions for them. But I increasingly felt uncomfortable with their crusades and finally quit getting involved. Mine was a gut feeling; and since then things started coming out about their questionable associations.
                I can safely say that the only person on this planet, I truly trust, is my wife.

  5. as far as haitian cholera exposure leading to 90,000 cases, 5000 deaths, it was traced to nepalese troops. the UN won’t have to give families any blood money, according to court rulings, of course. and ban ki moon just ‘apologized’, but not for the mission. and the WHO is doubling their vaccination efforts,. the haitians’ claims have long been that the vaccines were actually by way of ‘field testing’ them. does this sound the same?

    nbc news: “WHO has approved vaccines made by a South Korean company, doubling the global supply of the lifesaving oral vaccines.

    “Sudan and Haiti last year made requests to WHO for supplies of vaccines to conduct pre-emptive vaccination campaigns that could not be filled because of the global shortage,” WHO said in a statement.

    “The addition of an additional pre-qualified vaccine producer is expected to double global supply to 6 million doses for 2016, with the potential for further increased production in the future,” WHO said.”

    ‘pre-qualified’? ha, bingling to find what that means, i did find dr. rashid haider’s reports on day chery’s site in ‘Cholera Vaccines Unnecessary, Ineffective, Expensive, and Dangerous’. long reads.

    good gawd all-friday: first report notes that: ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which financially supports the field trials of Shanchol, should see to it that the principles of the Office of Research Integrity are strictly obeyed by the scientists associated with Shanchol.’

    second report on ‘racketeering’ is hard to bear, including that holmgren’s (USAID-funded) CTB: “The performance of this highly expensive vaccine was dismal. It did not offer protection long enough to meet the requirements for mass immunization. The vaccine was practically ineffective in children, who were the targeted population in heavily endemic areas such as Bangladesh.

    •After monitoring for one year, it was found that more children in Bangladesh who took the vaccine had died of cholera than those who had received a placebo.[4]
    •The vaccine actually increased the risk of cholera in children in the third year

    • Thanks for these links. The rush to monetize pharmaceuticals has become more important than ensuring that they do what they claim and have no significant side effects. That’s what makes the debates over vaccines and the science/anti-science charges so maddening. And then there is the covert operations use of vaccinators as agents that delegitimizes the whole effort.

      Amazing how far we’ve come from the discovery that a single pump in London was generating and perpetuating a cholera epidemic. And how the privatization of finding vaccines has become such a racket.

      If there is one aspect of the global common infrastructure that should put the notion of private intellectual property off limits, it should be the development of vaccines and other preventive measures for contagious diseases. Jonas Salk was more sensible about this issue and about trials and mass innoculation.

      The perversity of our age is that militaries seek to keep just a little bit of major contagious diseases around, just in case biological warfare becomes a thing. That actively prevents total eradication of these diseases. The corruption is the profiteering off of fighting disease, even with the liberal guilt money of the developed world’s middle classes.

      • ha; i’d forgotten about the alleged theft of some of those tiny vials of contagious diseases in a deep dark vault, because: ‘we may need to find antidotes one day’.

        there are prolly more aspect of global infrastructure that should be open source, but i’m drawing a blank right now. w/ all this cholera racketeering and the hideous cost of human life such carelessness wrought, one could almost call it a form of cavalier eugenics. of course ‘i couldn’t possibly comment on that’ (h/t f.u. urquhart)….

  6. mind if i do a j?

    the real world is too much w/us…

    is Haiti a microcosm of the coming macrocosm? indeed.

    • don’t mind a bit. ‘too much w/ US, or just too much to bear? coming macrocosm globally, or are you pinging an amerikun coup d’état? rabble jamaicans are under fire as i type. ‘can the black panthers help them?’ is at telesur. puerto rico? not good, either.

      nice to see you.

      • mind if i do a j?

        no, i was not referring to that fake MTV adolescent show, “the real world,” but to the real world. long day. gonna check in on the latest post, on the pipeline.

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