Vets are streaming into Oceti Sakowan; cell service may be up again…for now

 It’s hard to know about cell service, as many of these photos & videos may have been video-taped, and then uploaded onto Twitter from other locations like Bismarck.   The silence from the ground the past day or two as I’d mentioned on the last thread has been…surreal.

oh, vanessa, i am so sorry that you were forced to sacrifice your eye to protect the water.

“The group of veterans, including members already gathered at the site, will also finish building a barracks and mess hall near where they constructed a headquarters at the Oceti Sakowin camp about 5 miles (8 km) north of the small town of Cannon Ball.

“Men and women who fought for our nation are now standing up for the first occupants of this land. They’re saying enough is enough,” said David Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, in an interview. “It’s symbolic for us.”

He said the veterans intended to avoid violence as they supported their protest over the $3.8 billion pipeline, which opponents see a threat to water resources and sacred sites.”

I hope they hold to that, as this is a gathering of prayers, drumming, song, and spirit/meditation.

blow it out your click-bait cakehole, al jazeera:

AJ+Verified account ‏@ajplus ‘Native Americans are fighting a bloody battle against the Dakota Access pipeline.’

i won’t bring any of the boatloads of the star power selfies; do they think it’s bleedin’ Woodstock?  not even ‘partition-iraq/friend of hindu nationalists-‘I’m here!’ Tulsi Gabbard .  pfffft.

yes.  this.  even if one is not a believer per se.

it would serve their purposes in spades; nice agitprop, Sheriff.

Tell it John, and may you rest in power forevermore; with all my love and respect.

Please add news as you will.  For all of the protectors, veteran allies, the assembled ‘security’ forces, and me and thee, an adaptation of the Dinéh ‘Walk in Beauty’ prayer:

beauty before…beauty behind…
beauty above…beauty below…
beauty all around…
love will lay hatred down…

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  1. WaPo comes out with its propaganda on schedule.

    Local pipeline union guy is pro-pipeline.

    Morton County deputy sheriff inserts the usual bags of urine and feces smear (the “health” part of using health and safety to suppress 1st Amendment rights).

    Sorta a “Git yo programme rat cheer. Can’t tell the players without a program” kind of article.

    Someone thinks that there will be enough force to shut down the camp shortly is my reading of this press. Now they publish and fuzz up the issues to all gitout.

    • you’d predicted it, amigo. but see, it’s a ‘fair and balanced’ smear. yeppers, setting the stage. among other things, the author doesn’t seem to believe the film footage of the military attacks on the protectors. “allegedly” used w/ abandon. choices of interviewees was almost hilarious, eh?

      but then most msn stories had quotes the morton county sheriff’s lies, including ‘local citizen complaints against them damned induns’, thus setting the stage for an eradication of the camp even earlier.

  2. bwa ha ha, the DoJ weighs in; gotta love its head being named ‘Lynch’, dontcha?

    i could kiss her!
    “Xhopakelxhit, a member of the Nuu Chah Nulth, Coast Salish, and Cree who has been at Standing Rock since September, was doubtful that “conciliators” could have a positive impact.
    What real conciliation looks like is giving us all our land back,” she said. “That’s not going to happen.

    we wanna keep the po-po, local citizens…and them induns safe’.

    • what do you have against loretta lynn??? she wrote that song about The Pill!!! oh wait…hard to think of another occasion in which i could say, “wrong loretta.” i like these decryings of violence from state reps, lofty state reps. she’s head of the dept that runs about 95% of the kiddy porn on the innerwebs (to catch a predator!!!), so of course her words are golden, pyrite gold.

      there’s violence & there’s violence. one of my (very few) very successful very middle class, so middle class he’s upper upper, just watched gnome chomsky’s “the decline of the american dream” or whatever title the movie had in order to appeal to people who worry about such retarded BS b/c of their luxury, anyway, i asked him, “so now, post-flick, what do you think about tossing molotoff cocktails thru bank windows?”

      it’s a tho’t experiment. to what ends are you to go when ms. “we decry violence” lynch is about to sanction (yes) the destruction of your water supply?

      it’s enough, actually an ethical leap, to recognize the distinction b/n the destruction of property and injury/death to people. (how far we’ve gone when gunning down a child, a minor, is equated w/burning up a CVS pharmacy. looking at you w. baltimore.) our gov’t doesn’t give a fuck about either, as is overwhelmingly evident. uncle sam isn’t at this moment spraying bullets thru these protestors b/c of “the optics,” b/c the machine gun fire would be “tin-eared.” oh, the gov’t cares about property? is that why they engage in actions that destroy rivers? and the livelihoods & property of those on those rivers? uh huh. methinks they care about domination. and nothing else. evidenced by the millions they do not give a fuck about spraying bullets & bombs thru.

      anyway….as i sit here in my little ‘burbs far from the action…rant off. thanks to you keeping up. been a busy few days.

      • i like loretta lynn, but patsy cline more. ;-) never heard of gnome’s movie, but the title doesn’t surprise me. yes, certain violence is preferred by our rulers, as we remember that the first police depts. were to formed to capture runaway slaves, help w/ ‘the indun problem’, and later private po-po like the pinkertons, to bust strikers (first: miners?), later go after x, y, or , kill, capture to collect bounties.

        all…about property, really. bidness is property of the organized sort, isn’t it? and it needs protecting, else what is this country really about??? free markets! success as wealth! so if our rulers have to kill or maim a few among the rabble castes, well…let it stand as an object lesson to others.

        i can’t find any site w/ these lyrics, and i know folks here don’t seem to ‘hear’ trudell so much, but this is directly to those points. he could have been singing it to O from oceti sakowin, and i’d like to think that some of the indigenous there may have heard it on the wind. for me, not only the lyrics, but the music…hit me like arrows that penetrate my gut, the palms of my outstretched hands, then…my heart.

        • that trudell is powerful.

          just for the record, for whatever my little opinions are worth, i am not advocating property destruction per se. it’s just annoying to listen to talking heads babble on about violence. tell it to iraq, assholes. O.peration I.raqi L.iberation.

          • above all, i’m grateful that you took the time to listen to that trudell spoken song; than you. i do hear you on the ‘property damage’ trope, and keeping thinking of old sourpuss’s the cancer in occupy‘ the whole movement paused to discuss it, but some tried to provide evidence that agents provocateurs in police issue boots w/ the same vibram soles were doing the smashings an whatnot

            but i lived in shaker heights, OH, one summer w/ my parental units before heading to CU, boulder, the summer after blacks in the hough ave. district had burned down their stinking ghetto. as mlk always said, ‘riots are the expressions of the oppressed’. as it turned out, what the city did afterward was kinda amazing: they incentivized putting in actual banks and grocery stores, mebbe some public transportation, i forget what all.

            later, when the big mansions in predominately jewish shaker heights were too expensive to support, they were rented out. to whom? to blacks. another crisis, right? but the mayor at the time held big block party get-togethers, and actually counted the numbers of backs and whites. histories i’ve read seemed to have counted successes, not failures in those endeavors, although when we read about ‘cleveland police’ and abject citizen assassinations, i dunno which burghs those entail.

            not caring for neil young after buffalo springfield days (which group i loved dearly), i scouted up the the lyrics; thank you. mr. wd and i live close to cortez, co, in montezuma county. weird combo disconnect, no? ed abbey called our county ‘dipstick county, colorado’. it still is, bless his heart, only more so. ;-)

    • The ‘special’ case of the Native Americans is not that complicated. If a bunch of fat cat bankers and oil pipeline tycoons were ramming their pipe through anyone* else’s church+graveyard , bulldozing the ancestral graves while the police assaulted &/or arrested the local parishoners prayer meetings and blocked the main road for weeks [for safety?!?!?] … there would be a hue and cry about the government’s incessant and violent abrogation of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

      * Muslims may not be included in your area.

  3. This morning I read Denise Oliver Velez’s article on Daily Kos “My identity can get me killed”. It is family history arguing that cultural resistance (so-called “identity politics” when it is played by the misleadership classes) is in fact the major form of resistance that people without wealth and power have. But no matter on that one.

    What struck me was what it took for Arvol Looking Horse to understand himself as the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. And what time span those 19 holders cover.

    In the 1970s when we were there, the public school in Cannon Ball had just started (no doubt under bilingual education grants to rebuild the base of Lakota speakers, Lakota being the dialect of the Húŋkpapȟa council fire). It was 1976 and 1977. The rebellion at Wounded Knee had occurred in 1973, and the consequences of the arrest of Russell Means by the local BIA Police in 1975 or 1976 still split the community.

    It occurred to us that in communities that are denied wealth and have culture suppressed, that politics is the only means of social conversation and that was the reason that politics continually fragmented the community. We also came to understand that under these circumstances, not only the cultural life was underground (secretive and informal for preservation) but so was the economy and the the actual political life of the community and that it was organized by families and segmented along the degree to which those families has assimilated American white middle-class cultural tropes.

    To see cultural life so openly celebrated in this assertion of political and economic power forty years later is quite striking. And that assertion–the prayers, the traditional ceremonies, the legitimacy of the generations of keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe as speaking wisdom to the community and for the community–is a kind of identity politics that brings power. It creates the narrative behind the opposition to pipeline as being broader than this one place and struggle; it links it to a defense of the earth.

    The class elements of that struggle are imposed by a different and outside culture of Western European capitalism, which seeks to create a civilization in which only commodities matter. This is in fact the economic tyranny of the social. The most immediate consequence is that commodification saps the power of the cultural even before it corrupts the political. From a culture of communities to a culture of bosses and employees and consumers and vendors. The shopping mall and office parks are the nucleus of American social life most of the time, with some allowed the luxury of commodified churches and cultural events. Those outside that white definition of society are held suspect. Their culture is held to be subversive whenever it gets imported and commodified — rock and roll, rap, hip-hop, punk, and whatever is bubbling up from those outside the commodified bubble.

    And that includes the commodified education and cosmopolitanization of the elites that define the classes within the bubble.

    And here I rambled far beyond Arvol Looking Horse and Denise Oliver-Velez. It is departing in various ways of identity from that commodified bubble that can get one killed. The film at the edge of that bubble becomes a elite-defined war zone in which the authorities seek to educate those outside the bubble into assimilation. That education can seek other means and become genocidal. In every settler colonialist nation formed from capitalist civilization, class and identity are intertwined in complex ways.

    The misleadership classes seek to benefit themselves through reduction of that complexity to something that is safe and provides personal opportunity.

    What we haven’t learned on the left is how to express what happens culturally to whites who are and are not at the same time part of the elite culture. The cultural resistance there are the invented differences of country music, fundamentalist religion, emphasis on family, and further isolation. And that leads further into assimiliation into the commodification of capitalist civilization–the monetization of “protection of traditional values”.

    • i apologize for commenting so briefly on such a thorough thought-ramble, but it reminded me in part of cockburn’s lyrics:

      noble savage on the cinema screen
      and indian’s good when he cannot be seen….

      how long and why did it take arvol looking horse to believe that he was the keeper? i do remember than what, a decade ago, a white buffalo calf was born…but didn’t live long. i’d wondered how many saw that as portentous.
      mr. wd and i have also spoken of this being the first time in our memories that first americans have had so many allies…it’s been thrilling, hasn’t it? we can hope that the lessons have become part of the fabric of the allies lives, as well as the importance of water and mother earth herself.

      the other glorious part was that so many tribal individuals felt the power of prayer, drumming, and song themselves, and as the Iktce Wichasa Oyate at the automatic earth said: “oceti sakowin is a place of prayer and power, and the delaying tactic will move the power of the camp, and make it diffuse. they know they cannot win here.” they also believe that no man or woman is above another. durned socialists. ;-)

      • how long and why did it take arvol looking horse to believe that he was the keeper?

        When traditional societies pick someone out for a particular role, that is quite a heavy question. Ask the same about the Dalai Lama. How long and why did it take the Dalai Lama to believe and understand his role?

        The notion of prayer is typically dismissed by those still stuck in the Enlightenment rebellion against religious war and religious ideology. I understand that. But I understand that there is something going on in those practices that keep them around. One of the clergy who helped out when we were at Cannon Ball often expressed the idea that prayer was “the action before the action”. That there was something transformative of the action that the human activity of prayer added. That certainly seemed to be the case here.

        • they’re worthy questions and postulations, and hold those thoughts: they might just provide food for a separate dairy, so i won’t add my thoughts now.

          but i was shy/withheld enough to not have said up yonder that while i appreciate your contributions enormously, i wish you wouldn’t treat me like an idiot so often, *and* that i know you have a funny bone somewhere, herr wonkman. even mr. wd had laughed at my comment to v arnold about funny word characters/spellngs. but please know that i stand before you declaring that even in my before-my-time-dotage: i yam only half an idiot, see?

          • Apologies, wd. I missed the humorous twist and am rightly the idiot. I would plead trauma, but I won’t; my 10th grade English teacher in SC (of all places) insisted on the entire class learning the International Phonetic Alphabets and all the sounds that go with the funny letters. He was a freshly minted college grad and also assigned Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger as required reading. Not sure how long he lasted teaching in a textile mill town.

            No idiots around here, thank FSM. After worrying for several weeks about people whose parents I knew, the funny bone is a little MIA.

            On another topic: Saw the video of Wes Clark Jr. and representative vets taking a knee and asking the elders for forgiveness for the actions of the historical versions of their units. And the response. Striking.

            • apology accepted, and thanks for taking it so graciously. i expect i was bugged as well that you breezed by my link to the response by ET/sunoco, as it was directly above your comment. but sure, i am half an idiot now due to brain damage hastening my early-onset leaking memory.

              but you’ve reminded me i had a bit of fun at my.fdl in 2011 over the FSM. ‘Pastafarian Tribulations and Smokey’s Divine Light

              most folks had a hella lot of fun w/ it, but a few were srsly pissed at me. i only scanned it this a.m., but it still strikes my funny bone.

              sure, you’ve noted how much more personal all this is for you, and i do understand that mightily. for some of us, they’re all our relations (mitakuye oyasin, aho!), thus brothers and sisters, and each and every injury…hurts us. i think it was MLK who preached that love for all the oppressed would be the driver of the revolution to bring the moral arc of the universe closer to the horizon. or something like that, anyway. ;-) ‘Universal’ not just personal, is what i’m trying to convey…

  4. Pretty convenient announcement.

    Ayman Mohyeldin ‏@AymanM 2m2 minutes ago

    Breaking: Army Corps of Engineers has told Standing Rock Sioux Chairman that the current route for the pipeline will be denied #nadpl

    I suggest that they keep increasing the numbers at the camp until the equipment is taken away. Looks to me like a feint.

  5. Jim White (of emptywheel) shares my scepticism.

    Jim White ‏@JimWhiteGNV 9m9 minutes ago

    Even though we are hearing that #DAPL construction will now halt, I worry more than ever about a police riot against the protesters tonight
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    Kit O’Connell ‏@KitOConnell 16s17 seconds ago

    Kit O’Connell Retweeted Jordan

    via sources on the ground, NOT a denial of final permit. Final easement is SUSPENDED pending further federal evaluation. #NoDAPL

  6. Disposition of forces:

    Ruth Hopkins ‏@RuthHHopkins 1h1 hour ago

    Current camp population estimate, roughly 20,000 #NoDAPL

    In a formal statement, Archambault takes it as a win and says that the US Army Corps of Engineers is having the pipeline do environmental impact statements on alternative routes. Of course, McKibben tweets this out without scepticism as a win.

    Most comments see this as kicking the can down the road into the Trump administration.

    So now we know that it takes tens of thousands of protesters to deter militarized policing—if we go through some more days without mobilization of the sheriff’s task force of 76 jurisdictions. My sense is that it will not be that easy. And ramping up again after Trump takes office will be difficult.

  7. UK Daily News

    Rebelutionary Z ‏@Rebelutionary_Z 11m11 minutes ago

    Rebelutionary Z Retweeted Paul Bruce

    I too am skeptical about motives and timing. The camp will remain for now, trust me.
    #NoDAPL #standingrock

    Trust but verify.

    • ay yi yi: ‘the hill’ is reporting this utter nonsense:

      “The Army Corps of Engineers on Sunday announced it would instead conduct an environmental impact review of the 1,170-mile pipeline project and determine if there are other ways to route it to avoid a crossing on the Missouri River.”

      ‘explore if there are’…etc. EIS to slow it all down. hopkins is now tweeting that folks should stay, as the construction co. will likely keep drilling. betcha she went to brenda norrell’s site. now mr. wd’s they haven’t begun the slant drilling; i’d read they had. so much news that might not be close to true.

  8. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe formal statement

    Of course, there is loads of diplomacy in this. The US government funds their existence through the BIA and other federal grants.

  9. hoo, boy; a person takes a bit of a break from being online, and so much breaks! i thank you for your diligence in bringing all the news. i’m having a bit of a time getting my head in the game, but mr. advised me to go to censored news.

    so brenda norrell is reporting that the corps has denied the permit, but that that dakota access says it will keep drilling, according to standing rock spirit resistance radio, and that water protectors are being urged NOT to leave the camp.

    she gives a link to govinda’s broadcast. only a drum group singing now… earlier i’d been remembering that wambli gleska (sp) singers…

    more in a sec.

    • first, hopkins is likely completely full of shittt on 20,000. she’s not even there, as i understand it. bill mcK is also full of shittt, as ever. daily mail quotes:

      “Standing Rock tribal chairman Dave Archambault II said ‘The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will forever be grateful to the Obama administration for this historic decision’”
      “’We hope that [Energy Transfer Partner CEO] Kelcy Warren, [North Dakota Governor Jack] Dalrymple and the incoming Trump administration respect this decision and understand the complex process that led us to this point,’ he added.”

      (someone should tell the dude who’s splitting wood that he should be using a wedge and the dull side of the axe…)

      “Several members of the North Dakota Veterans Coordinating Council, which represents five veterans organizations in the state, held a news conference to decry the involvement of veterans in a protest that has damaged property and asked veterans not to participate in the demonstration.”

      was it dave archambault who’d said ‘now we can go home and get warm, see our families’? yes, i just saw it again at RT. the vets were due to leave on dec. 7, iirc, so wouldn’t that be a more likely time to pull off a camp clearing?

  10. Not surprising about the vets leaving on Dec. 7 (a day that will live in infamy, whoops–another context). Most likely took a long weekend from work.

    The tribal chairman has grant relationships he can’t scuttle even this late in an administration; of course, he is diplomatic (if not obsequious).

    Yes, the company might just fait accompli it and pay whatever penalties as the cost of doing business; it ties it up in courts long into the Trump regime.

  11. Heidi Heitkamp (Sen – D- ND) panders to the Fargo media market.

    As some of the protesters have become increasingly violent and unlawful, and as North Dakota’s winter has already arrived – with a blizzard raging last week through the area where protesters are located — I’m hoping now that protesters will act responsibly to avoid endangering their health and safety, and move off of the Corps land north of the Cannonball River.”

    “Additionally, our federal delegation and governor have been working together in a bipartisan effort to push for more federal resources for law enforcement who have worked day and night through weekends and holidays to support the safety of our communities. The administration needs to provide those funds – whether the protesters remain or not.”

    Will Bunch declares the style of protest at Oceti Sakowin a model going forward.

    Kevin Gosztola’s report.

    • from headlines i’ve seen, ol’ heidi’ll be gettin’ her wish w/ the new administration. po’ exhausted po-po, though! such a tough gig brutalizin’ those theivin’ redskins. ‘they looked like they wuz gonna scalp us, i swear!’

      ah, bunch can write all that and then claim “It didn’t hurt that the president — for the next 47 days — is a man willing to listen to pleas from everyday people and not just from billionaire businessmen. President Obama deserves enormous credit for what his administration did today.” well, okay…

      what did O ever do to stop the massive violence perpetrated on those pleading for relief from their macings, shootings, water cannonings, percussion chargings? oh, yeah: to urge both sides to de-escalate the violence…

      now kevin did a sincerely impressive job with his news, from the timeline and internal links to what might be next. what a memory he has, for one thing. whoosh; ’bout like yours, eh? whether it will prove to be a body blow against big oil isn’t quite certain yet, although some say that if the dapl isn’t completed by jan. 1…some resets or other can occur. contracts voided? banks can discontinue loans? but yes, we all ant it to be.

      but what a cryin’ shame he’s paying homage to indian country news; as far as i can tell from their website, hopkins ain’t written nothin’ on #nodapl, and the only film i see is from other sources. but dammit, that 20,000 !!! number will now be told around campfires from now on.

      as to ‘trust but verify’: i cannot. ‘our father in washington always speaks w/ forked tongue’.

  12. I am, likewise, skeptical. I do not trust this government or its motives…

  13. Please follow this link and scroll down to the very last article entry;
    A very important message (which I cannot C&P) re: DAPL

    • i assume that you’d meant Iktce Wichasa Oyate’s statements in response to the reuters coverage. i have to agree, although how easy it is for me to say so. as i’d commented earlier, from what ladonna brave bull allard had implied to tyt’s jordan chariton, the black snake must be stopped altogether, as when it breaks, all that oil will wash downstream, percolate into the ground and aquifers, and still kill life, not just lakota lives. ‘all my relations’, and all that.

      i did poke around a bit to find out who they are, as i liked the message so very much. they explain here who they are:

      ” (the) “Common Man Society” is a band of about 45 men and women who have taken an oath to Serve, Protect, and Tend to the wellbeing of the Water Protectors and Oceti Sakowin Camp. They live and work in prayer, and believe that not one man or woman is above another; thus their name, Common Man Society. They are the camp security team.

      Iktce Wichasa Oyate is not a camp unto itself but lives within Oceti Sakowin where the Seven Nations Council Fire is lit. They take their guidance and directives from the Spiritual Leaders and Elders and answer directly to them. They can be identified by armbands made of the four sacred color ribbons: yellow, red, white and black.”

      well, we’ll see what happens in the near future. i dunno how long a formal EIS would take at this point, but it would sure run the clock out on O’s administration, as the army ‘considers other routes’, yada yada.

      but energy transfer/sunoco have issued a statement, and it can of course be read in different lights. i see it as a raised middle finger; others may call it empty bravado: ‘Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners Respond to the Statement from the Department of the Army’

      • Cheers and kudos WD.
        A lot of work well rewarded.
        Thanks for that well earned reply…

        • welcome, v arnold, but t’was you who steered us toward the group; i love knowing of them. too bad they use such funny characters for their name. ;-)

          • The characters are International Phonetic Alphabet characters for transcribing Lakota.

            They are correct about it being whack-a-mole as to where to go across. The Army Corps of Engineers owns all of the navigable portions of the Missouri River, which pretty much prevents crossing from private-to-private land and requires re-permitting. That’s what the environmental impact statement will identify– where can they legally cross under the Clean Water Act and the National Environmental Protection Act.

            Shaun King is promoting an Injustice Boycott that includes Standing Rock (actually North Dakota and the backers of the pipeline), New York City, and San Francisco. It is a boycott of banking, which is already going on, for Standing Rock. And a boycott of tourism, corporations headquartered in the city, and banks in the city for New York City and San Francisco. The Standing Rock boycott is until the pipeline is stopped, indigenous rights and treaties respected, etc. New York City and San Francisco are about police brutality. The fight just added new tactics.

            View at

            And Energy Transfer is not giving up:


            The movement is moving again. The indigenous folks at Standing Rock have given it some helpful form and order that allows it to keep moving–at least for now. I suspect they will still need more toilets to accommodate people for some time to come. And other supplies and support.

            What is likely to happen shortly is attempts to separate the Standing Rock Tribal Council (or any of the 280 or so tribal councils of the nations represented) from the protest. Having a united voice of the elected officials of the US-created entities continuing to stand up for the earth will be critical in the next year. So far, they have been surprisingly strong.

            • er…it was a jest about the funny characters, tarheeldem, and i put the link to the ET/sunoco response in my comment to v arnold. i reckon i should have bolded it. more later;; lots to do.

  14. The movement better grow fast.
    Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations

    That has the effect of fragmenting the locations of action at sites where local law enforcement still are flummoxed and vicious. An attempt to restart the Indian Wars of the 19th Century?

    • it would be good to hear more legal opinions on that possibility than ones from bia folks, wouldn’t it? what a detestable idea, but it looks like it’s possible that there are even more comprador native american leaders than were visible during the ’70s. the author of the piece forgot to mention the federal g ‘losing’ billions, trillions of the mineral management trust account (i forget its actual name: indian trust account?)) that salazar and O settled for pennies on the dollar….

      i reckon his team has plenty of sagebrush rebellion folks who want all federal land returned to the states? i can’t see it happening, myownself.

      the good news is that one or two tweeters are saying that: no, the dapl is NOT dead; this portion just *may be* rerouted; the whole black snake needs to have its head cut off. thanks for the info re: what the corps controls.

      guess i don’t see that the indian wars ever did stop, thd, but that vicious move would make them burn like wildfire again.

    • how are they going to power the weapons needed to steal the oil from iran if they don’t steal the oil from the natives here first? i’m sure the obama admin is all like: Jolly good idea President Trump!

      • how prescient of you, jason! this looks fascinating, but do remember that it’s all about ‘al qaeda’, not ‘resources’. ;-) oh, and trump?

        ‘New report reveals spread of US war on Al-Qaeda to 6 new countries’, from RT not eritrea yet? hmmmm; some of those were on clooney and the sentry‘s list, weren’t they?

        “The 60-page report and the accompanying letter shows deployments in over half a dozen areas – including Somalia, Yemen, Jordan, Niger, Cameroon, Central Africa, the Red Sea, and South Sudan – involving troops on the ground, regular airstrikes, and surveillance efforts, all in the name of counter-terrorism.”

        internal tweet to the wapo: ‘Ahead of Trump White House, Obama administration releases memo outlining use of force rules’, wapo

        Obama said that, together with the report, he was issuing a presidential memorandum “that encourages future Administrations to build on this report and carry forward the principles of transparency it represents.” The memorandum, he said, asks for it to be updated by the National Security Council staff at least on an annual basis and released to the public.

        (ha ha ha ha!)

        “A senior administration official said that the White House-compiled report had “been in the works” since before the election and is not targeted at the incoming Trump administration, which will be led by a president who has spoken approvingly of using torture.”

  15. Here is a TYT interview with one of the primary organizers of Veterans for Standing Rock. Michael Wood is an Iraq vet and a former Baltimore PO who has spoken out about the thin blue line – the hermetic secretive police culture as a primary issue in the militarization/over-the-top policing we all abhor. He touches on that (‘I am not a whistleblower… yet’) and promises the PTB that he and the other vets have the po-pos beaten already… They want to be there in the middle with winter coming on.

    Morale ratings:
    Oceti Sakowin A+
    Random assortment of imported [ahem!] officers of the law C- and fading.

    I trust the interview sets your mind a little more at ease WD. The VFSR are there to serve as needed and ready to take the brunt of police action. Doing their best to be logistically complete so that they are no burden. Definitely beginning to transition towards plans for the long haul through the winter.

    And thanks so much for the night mission tweet WD … grins and chuckles whenever I think of that and remember possession is 9/10 of the law. The invader morale must have plummeted even further when the fusion center informed them that the natives (the home team) have stolen back the seized boats (having read the tweet on its way out).

    • bless your heart, le moyne, and sure i know who michael wood is, as well as wesly clark, jr, is. the interview seems to be form dec. 1, but are you saying that they intend to stay in oceti sakowin to ee what develops? last i’d heard woods say is that they’d be heading to flint, mi, cuz of the cosmic black man (whose name i’ve forgotten) and co. who’d come to the camp because: water. is life, and only some wee percentage of their city’s pipes had been replaed. hadn’t the emergency manager balked at the orders to deliver some pittance of bottled water to citizens w/o water, as well? fookers. greedy austerity-driven foookers.

      anyway, 38 minutes? might you provide some cliffs notes at least? my brain dudn’t do well w/ videos at best; i usually hope for transcripts… but i thank you for trying to set my mind at ease, amigo. for tonight, i’m down for the count.

      • I have seen Wes Clark say that other actions are being planned and that they named NA woman vets to head all of their sections [areas like logistics, transportation, mess, construction…]. MW makes a solid impression as a guy trying to jiu-jitsu the US veneration for veterans into a power for good. Woods is drowning in the huge response and he was struggling to get a fraction of the donations made from gofundme’s bank (MNT?). In a later interview he said he literally spent 24hrs on the phone with them in the last week – the bank’s final answer: ‘too bad’.

        The intersectional argument is truncated in this interview – the TYT news hosts can rattle off half a dozen reasons to take action against what happened this fall in Standing Rock: futher derogation of natives, wasteful govt spending, violent police repression, climate change, risk of large scale water pollution, and all of the above for a pipeline corporation’s profit over thousands of actual people. It is so nice to see people taking on intersectionality as an important answer to all the ‘divide and conquer’ agitpropand the dirty Don.

        Oh, and I heard someone say that most of the vets are out of work. The plan & timing that I thought was too little too late in Nov. turned out quite well. I think the vets stymied a plan to roust the camp and the quick exit fits both the denial of the easement and the weather.

        • ach on the banksters and the money; hope they get it resolved. their defense caused the world to watch even more closely didn’t it? one thing that few of them say, mabye none, is that all this shit oil is for exportation, so claiming it’s in any way leading to ‘american energy independence’ is a con beyond con. it wasn’t all that long ago that the law said: ‘the US will not export oil’, was it?

          there are some great reshufflings that mr. wd alerted me to last night going on at the camps right now; it’s a bit complicated, but when i have at least part of a handle on it, i’ll post it. hope you’re well, lemoyne.

          p.s. i’m still not sure what you’d reckoned was unrestful in my mind about the vets coming, but it’s a small matter. ;-)

  16. According to the news (?), Trump just sold his entire holdings in DAPL.
    Kudos to Trump if true…

  17. morning, all. here are some of the overnights:

    silly caption, unicorn riot, but a white-out blizzard yesterday. brrrr-d-brrrrr.

    ‘marchers in blizzard, dapl says it will drill w/o a permit’, censored news. lots of cold blizzard photos, many from the dakota law project

    dave archambault: “thank you all, now go home.” it’s official; we kept hearing this. but watch his eyes…constantly shifting to his right, sometimes down and to the right. while it was never proof positive, of course, ‘experts’ would say what that meant. i, of course, have…forgotten.

    i just checked, v arnold, and yahoo news has it that trump did indeed divest of his energy transfer stock. does he own sunoco stock? i’d seen a piece a few days ago that he’d be putting all his holdings in trust for his relations. folks had been noting the ’emolument clause’ (?), perhaps in the constitution, saying if he didn’t….something or other. but as if ceding his portfolio to his relatives would obviate his self-interest. ;-)

    this will go viral, as it should:

    ‘Artie from Lakota People’s law project gives the bad news that DAPL is drilling currently! (he also gives facts and figures on sunoco’s many, many leaks and spills.

    updated in the afternoon: thru censored news to mohawknation news: ‘LET’S NOT EXTINGUISH OUR FIRE’:

    “MNN. DEC. 6, 2016. Don.t allow anyone to extinguish our fire. We must continue to kindle it, not let it turn into a smouldering cinder again. In the early 1970’s Wounded Knee’s fire was extinguished when the corporate chiefs told AIM, American Indian Movement, to leave. The world was focusing on the human rights, murders and treaty violations. A man was killed. We all know that could happen.

    Now Green Peace, celebrities, human rights, environmentalists, allies and millions of our people have come together creating pressure across the world about inhumanity, injustice and criminality. We are standing together to fight against the corporation.

    The Army Corps of Engineers won’t give the Dakota Access Pipeline a permit to dig up our bodies and our mother!! DAPL says, “This changes nothing”. If there’s nobody there, they’ll go ahead.

    Corpo Tribal guy, Archambault, says, “Winter’s coming. Go home and spend Christmas with your family”. Winter always comes. The corporation knows that once they leave they can’t return. Many have their families right there.

    It’s taken almost 45 years to get this momentum going again. Are we going to wait another 50 years to do this again? In 60 years there will be no viable land to plant on to feed the people.

    Archambault say there was a victory. We are celebrating prematurely. Our morale was temporarily lifted. For the first time the veterans of all colors are standing with us and creation. We have to save the water. It’s causing stomach cancer among people, animals and plants. .

    Archampault refers to Obama as his president and the North Dakota politician as his governor. He’s admitting he’s an agent for the government. He does not represent the Lakota.It is perfect for the corporation when the sheep control themselves. The ultimate form of slavery is when slaves believe they are free. Archambault is the sheep dog for the corporation.

    Obama’s last executive order should be: no new pipelines in the US. Laws of the land are being broken. They are making the laws that say we have no free use of our land, water and air. FEMA concentration camps are ready for the water defenders. Donald Trump is getting ready to ride in as General George Armstrong Custer did. Their political games are always about money and control. Religion is mind control, money is debt, Your government is a corporation and the shareholders all have names and addresses.

    The fire has been kindled and the paths have been laid from all directions.”


    chili yazzie, chair of the shiprock diné say they’re heading home as per archambault’s wishes, but that they’ll be back if needed ‘later’; roads are closed, or were when he wrote the news. he also reports that communications got scrambled last night, and to paraphrase, it was a small miracle that three groups of them finally found lodging. cripes, in a white-out blizzard like that, people could have died out there. mr. wd said he saw somewhere that woods had apologized.

    he also said that some warriors wanted to stay because the destroyers are conniving, deceitful, filthy rich, and determined.

    acoma poet simon ortiz echoed his words later in his ‘the lie that’s choking america‘.

    thanks, brenda.

    it’d be a fine thing if the same spirit so evident at standing rock spreads abroad in canada as the struggles to stop the enbridge 3 and kindermorgan trans-mountain pipelines commence in earnest.

  18. Woooot! the guardian:

    “Archambault’s directive was rejected by many long-term water protectors, however, as the camps hunkered down amid a fierce blizzard.

    “The chairman does not tell us what to do. The chairman is not in charge of the camp,” said Ladonna Bravebull Allard. “We stand. We don’t move. We don’t go nowhere.”

    Allard, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, founded the first of several “spiritual camps”, known as Sacred Stone, in April.

    We came to fight a black snake,” she said, referring to the pipeline. “Until it’s dead, we stand. That doesn’t mean put it five miles up the river. That means kill it dead.

    “It [the movement] was started in prayer, not in [the chairman’s] office,” Chumash Howaste Wakiya said.

  19. speechless. now i’m not. what will you say, governor, when a protector dies because they couldn’t get necessary medical help soon enough? or when a dozen do? that they should have left when you’d ordered them to? you sick bastard: open the highway! and thank you, jordan chariton and thank you medics and healers.

    • but, but, but i tho’t this country loved loved LOVED its veterans! they sure as hell love using them as props. “i love hearing from the community how proud they are that my father served. that’s why i’m proud to say that Comcast will be hiring 10,000 vets.” [over what time frame? to do what? for what pay?] well, comcast, you will likely never run out of vets. the gov’t creates them & comcast hires them, to tell us how great the vets serving the guvmint w/ comcast are.

      ok, back to Standing Rock…i got nothing. may the weather break soon…and somebody tomahawk chop the guvnah! (j/k, Fibbies. don’t come get me w/one of your flying rocket-fueled tomahawk thingies…)

      • keeeeee-rikey, jason. yours is the first comment here in thirty-six hours or so. started imagining i was living in some twilight zone episode er somethin’. i was even down to commenting at *other* sites, and ya know how i hate that. ;-) (yeah, a post brewing, too, that’s blowin’ my mind to bits).

        yeah, fook the gov and the commander-in-chief, forget the tommyhawk drone cruise missiles: (sorry, it’s the only copy on youtube, and so sour it’s unbelievable)

        • lol. “please drone strike yourself.” cuz w/an H-bomb, shortly after clipping the national phallus, the shock wave would, from what i gather, clip yours truly. all too shortly. happy here w/time’s thievish progress to eternity, thank you.

          Trump called John Glenn a “great American hero.” so we know there will be no lack of cliches & mephitic hot air in his admin. continuity you can believe in!

          “we’ve got to preserve obama’s enviro legacy!” mega super hyper lol. president frack? Standing Rock is part of the legacy of awfulness *Black Reagan Super Jesus inherited from the previous Trump incarnation, aka W., right? (*designation not original to me.)

          • lol squared.

            (not david) frumm abc news; news???: “Appearing at the 20th anniversary of the yearly Lake Tahoe Summit, Obama spoke about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and targeted Republican critics skeptical of climate change –- referencing Donald Trump, though not by name.

            “The fact is that it’s man-made,” he said. “It’s not, ‘We think it’s man-made.’ It’s not, ‘A lot of people are saying it’s man-made.’”
            Protecting the environment, he said, won’t happen “if we pretend a snowball in winter means nothing’s wrong…if we boast about how we’re going to scrap international treaties.”

            sleep tight; yer national guard is WOKE!

  20. Armchambault’s statement telegraphed his shift. Wonder who’s twisting his arm or had him supportive up until now? Be interesting to see how many other tribal council types start making the same noises. Trump’s advisor’s privatization scheme must be a huge shot across the bow of the BIA-affiliated people on reservations.

    Thanks for these updates.

    • welcome, thd. mr. wd and i have been been figuring that archambault’s not dickie wilson, but yes, his shifting eyes may have indicated that he sees something in it for him. it had been posited that some generation would finally make a move toward accepting the what, $2billion by now? trust account for the stealing of the black hills.

      how many native american compradors were on that list? cripes, in dinetah and the ute mtn utes, there are far too many chiefs who were schooled by the bia. shoot, we were even friends w/ a few ourselves.

      but i was sooooo glad to see that my intuition was right as to ladonna allard: was it down to women that the seventh generation concept was born? ‘kill the snake; don’t move it!’

      i’d forgotten to stick a couple things in, but i did go find this one again.

      oddly, the camp map is gone, as are a couple more tweets by the lakota law project. but this, and my thanks to unicorn riot for being there and filming/narrating so wholeheartedly:

      • Several ways besides personal enrichment to control politicians who depend on federal funding to get things done (for themselves or the tribal government). And tribal governments, as you know, are one of the prime employers and sources of income on reservations. So the pressure could either be personal or institutional; no matter, it can get the same results.

        Glad that such a large number are persevering in the face of Energy Transfer’s contempt for the law and also the blizzard weather. Numbers are the main thing right now.

        Yes, about LoDonna Brave Bull Allard being solid. Very encouraging to see. And she holds the land for Sacred Stone Camp on the south side of the river. There are multiple camps. And Oceti Sakowin is on treaty-granted land currently held by the USACE, breaking the treaty.

        Yes, about the tension between the traditionalists holding onto sacred space and the pragmatists who might at some point settle claims. So far the cultural power of tradition has held even powerful pragmatists in check. And there are generally some tradtionalists on the Standing Rock tribal council. A chair does not find it easy to act unilaterally without stacking the tribal council by hook or crook. The worst cases of this involved the organization of goon squads to suppress dissent or the subversion of the BIA police.

        With the Trump administration rumored to be thinking of privatizing rez land, there either will be more legal pressure causing the tribal councils to align more strongly with the people or there will be more generous side deals for the council members who facilitate privatization in the face of popular opposition. Resistance is required beyond a single pipeline, and no reservation land is safe unless it is absolutely without any possible economic value.

        • point taken on the various pressures he might be under, and it’s good to know that there are traditionals on the council. good thoughts on the competing forces *if* the trumpistas do try, or can…privatize re mineral rights. not just oil, gas, but gold, silver…who knows what all? but it’s hard for me to imagine that if congress did pass such a law that the high courts might not come into play.

          dunno how many are still there, but mr. wd said he’d seen a dr. adrienne keen noting that about a thousand are left, although more are in the casino med facilities; hope they’re getting what they need.

          i have a different post to write for now rather than one on sacred spaces and prayer.

          keene also reminds us, although the judge’s ruling might take however long:

  21. The depth of the U.S.s’ deep state is not to be underestimated in the DAPL protests.
    Here’s a link, which, while not about DAPL, is illustrative of the dark forces at work here in Thailand;
    Very disturbing; autonomy is not to be tolerated…

    • fuk soros; his hegemonic greedy fingers are in so many dastardly overthrow pies! yes, ned is a cia front, as is usaid. the same deep pockets oligarchs fund so much of this ugliness. the coup in turkey has US fingerprints all over it as well, and will never extradite gullen to turkey, no?

      yep, the non-profit industrial ngo complex is the perfect example of ‘soft power’, but as maavak says in the related article on soros and maylasian revolutions, so much money can be made! cripes, in that one, it looks as though he single-handedly has crashed thai currency. ooof, though, i know zip about the history of coup s and revolutions in thailand. but yep, if thailand is indeed one of the ASEAN members, it’s mall wonder you’re getting so much attention from soros.

      this is a keeper of a concept, though; i’m gonna steal it if i can remember it:
      “Maavak dubbed these human rights entities and philanthropists “agitprop entrepreneurs.” “To the agitprop entrepreneur, the returns on revolutionary investments are immense,” he underscored.”

      there’s a category of diaries on the right sidebar: ‘compromised NGOs’ i strung together largely based on the investigative work of cory morningstar, jay taber, and a few others. feel free to peek at them, even if just for the agitprop images. yanno, though, i read cartalucci at NEO and land destroyer now and again, but if i ever knew he’s based in bangkok, i’d forgotten.

      • Thanks for the feed back WD, much appreciated. Any and everything pushed by the government is backed by the deep state; DAPL, the coup in Thailand (not backed by the U.S.) and the dick head U.S. ambassador Glynn Davies; pissing off the Thai junta, and obviously supporting the Shinawats.
        I’m hoping the junta does not give up power anytime soon here; corruption is being busted at a rate I’ve not seen in almost 14 years.
        As to DAPL; they need to persevere at all costs and fuck Trump!

        • welcome, v arnold. as i’d said, i wish i knew more about recent thai history, but there are just too many things to try to know better. clearly the conventional wisdom concerning dying empires being at their most dangerous is operative. the US and western clients states are simply not willing to allow a multi-polar world, and that means the compromised NGOs are overly busy putting out #fakenews. @coreliers tracks it as does b at moa. ‘bana’ rubbish is almost funny; the white helmets…not so much..

          on edit: i didn’t want to trut my memory on this, so i scrolled down cord’s twitter thing, and yep: moar soros agitprop; might just have to find the trailer for the ukraine film:

          the wapo’s trumpeting of #propornot is falling apart; their defense is so lame-ass as to be comical…for now. RT has some coverage, as does yves smith; she got her attorney on the case, and good on her. oddly, she never mentioned that there are actually chrome an firefox apps available to expose the roosian news sites. gadzukes.

          tough time of year for the oceti sakowin camp; i have a bit of news on that.

  22. brenda norrell has a statement from the camp’s organization, but i can’t find it there. ‘stand strong and resonate across the world’, dec. 7, so i’ll paraphrase a bit of it.

    it’s being wisely advised that anyone who wants and *can* to return home, esp. those elderly, folks w/ medical conditions and/or chirren…should do so.
    allies are asked to ‘cooperate w/ the ancient wisdom of these lands and ways’ so they may fare well together…in prayer and peaceful consciousness elevating…a very nice message. also very kewl:

    “A Quebec Mohawk chief is promising a coordinated campaign of civil disobedience if recently approved pipeline construction (kinder-morgan trans mtn,) encroaches on aboriginal territory in British Columbia.
    The actions could range from demonstrations and rail blockades to people occupying government offices across Canada, according to Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Simon.
    “I’ve always said my favourite form of action is civil disobedience,” said Simon, in an interview with the Montreal Gazette. “If the government insists on ignoring its commitment to First Nations, we’re looking at unrest in many areas of the country, not just in British Columbia.”
    The chief’s comments come as Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr suggested Friday that the federal government will consider deploying military forces in response to non-peaceful forms of protest.
    “If people choose for their own reasons not be peaceful, then the government of Canada — through its defence forces, through its police forces — will ensure that people are kept safe,” said Carr, in an interview with BNN.

    • super mega hyper deka killa quingoogle lol! please keep us people safe! we’ve been lacking our gov’t recommended daily allowance of petro-chemicals in our water for far too long.

      • hey, jason; i’d just advised our daughter that our New! Xmas tree is eco-friendly in that only 70000000 hydrocarbons died to make us soooo
        happy xmas.

        for johnny, RIP:

        more in a bit; RL, yanno?

  23. mr. wd found this yesterday: ‘Coalition Statement: What’s Next for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock?

    “We, the below stated, are a coalition of grassroots groups living and working in the Dakota Access resistance camps along the Cannon Ball River in Oceti Sakowin treaty lands.

    Honor the Earth
    Indigenous Environmental Network
    Sacred Stone Camp
    International Indigenous Youth Council

    “As such, we support the tribe’s request for a transition and are working with many different groups to design and implement that transition in a good way – one that honors our ceremonial responsibilities, the sacrifices we have made to be here, and the deep commitment we have each made to defend the land. We ask anyone that is considering traveling to join the encampments at Standing Rock to stay home for now and instead take bold action in your local communities to force investors to divest from the project.

    We also support those who choose to stay, if they are able to live comfortably and self-sufficiently through a winter in the Great Plains. We support the Sacred Stone Camp, the original encampment established in opposition to the pipeline back on April 1st, 2016. This community space was opened on Ladonna Bravebull Allard’s private land and will continue through the winter. Rest assured, LaDonna is not going anywhere. “I have not changed my mind. We stand until the black snake is dead,” she said yesterday. But due to limited space and infrastructure, there is no longer an open call for people to come join Sacred Stone Camp unless personally invited.

    Oceti Sakowin on Facebook: ‘DO NOT TRAVEL HERE AT THIS TIME’

    there’s much more, of course. and i found the map again.

    • That statement issued a call for supporters away from Cannon Ball to add muscle to a boycott, divest, sanction campaign against the banks that are financing DAPL and other pipelines. Current major target is Wells Fargo, which is opposable for other reasons. Wells Fargo essentially has become a criminal enterprise over the past decade or so. Others on the list are TD, which has gotten some actions against its Montpelier VT branch, and Citigroup. Secondary targets are Mizuho Bank worldwide, Wells Fargo (a current priority for a number of intersectional campaigns), and SunTrust.

      G4S provides the mercenaries doing security.
      Michels Corporation is the contractor at the site.
      Global law firms Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Fredrikson & Byron are providing legal representation to the DAPL project partners.

      The movement seeks to expand geographically even as the winter forces some contraction locally.

      • yes, thanks. but why not sunoco bankers? and really, allard and others were underwhelmed by too many who arrived at the camps w/o being able to care for their own needs. the diné vets tried hard to excuse organizers wood and clarke, jr. for their being left to their own devices the night before they left. yep, blizzards and maybe even cell service interruptions, but ‘by invitation only’ seems pretty clear. and perhaps correct *and* pragmatic at this point.

  24. Dec. 9,
    “A federal judge has agreed to move forward with a decision on the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline but on a slower schedule than the wealthy backers of the project wanted.
    Before a packed courtroom in Washington, D.C., Judge James E. Boasberg said he plans to convene hearing on the matter in early February 2017. That’s a month later than Dakota Access was seeking, essentially delaying the costly and controversial project even further.

    “We’ll move forward the best we can,” Boasberg said on Friday as he acknowledged a “full house” that included a large number of supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose fight against the pipeline has drawn worldwide attention.

    But in ordering the Obama administration to submit a key brief by January 6, Boasberg noted that change is afoot. Republican president-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office on January 20 and he has expressed support for the pipeline.

    “None of us have any idea whether the incoming administration will make any or all of this moot,” Boasberg said. He added: “It’s not my business to guess.”

    The brief that is due in less than a month will be a response to the cross-claim that Dakota Access has filed against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. According to the firm, the agency has already issued the easement for the final portion of the pipeline in North Dakota.
    “Our argument is the decision has already been made on July 25,” attorney David Debold told the court, referring to the date when the Army Corps issued a finding of no significant impact regarding the crossing at Lake Oahe along the Missouri River.

    The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, which has intervened as a plaintiff in the case, will also be able to submit a response by January 6. The tribes have already described the cross-claim by Dakota Access as one without “merit.”
    “These are complex issues,” Boasberg said. “I want to give everyone a chance to be heard.”

  25. wtf? mr. wd found this, via RT, tyt’s jordan chariton:
    Jordan Chariton (facebook, no sourcing) 6 hrs •

    EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. Army Corps has agreed to raise the water level at Lake Oahe (Missouri River flows into Lake Oahe) which would prevent Energy Transfer Partners from drilling underneath Lake Oahe (raising the water makes it so the drilling would not be stable).
    This, at the same time as a U.S. District Judge denying #DAPL an expedited ruling on whether to overturn the Army Corps denial of a permit to drill under Lake Oahe, is a victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Energy Transfer Partners’ contract with investors ends on 1/2/17, where investors will be able to pull their money. They say they are losing $20 million per week if the pipeline isn’t operational.

    [wd here: that number keeps being inflated, of course.]

    “The decision came after Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault met with Governor Jack Dalrymple and the Army Corps of Engineers. To raise the water levels, they will have to release a dam upstream, which could result in the flooding of the Oceti Sakowin Camp.

    mr. wd also discovered that oahe is the 4th largest lake by dam in the us, stretching 231 mi. or so, i’ve forgotten how many cu. ft., but huuuuuge.

    on edit: ‘good news all around?’ i’m buffaloed altogether. including how long it would take to raise oahe’s water level w/ a lake that size, but flooding the camp/s? what am i missing, and where did he hear this?

    on edit: where in the world did that ‘perry’ video come from? gremlins? i hadn’t even known that.

    • thanks for the updates. not sure but if flooding gets rid of the protestors’ camps…over time would the water recede so that you know…drilling could be started back up?

      • i have no answer for that, but none of it makes sense to me, so we’ll see…or we won’t see; it might depend on how saturated (unstable?) the land would have become . mr wd did a lot of poking around at the many army corps lake/damned reservoir sites upstream , and ooof, the missouri upstream is full of them. lots of hydro-power included, plus recreation, prolly ag, i’ve forgotten.

        but the most tragic thing he found, iirc, came from da wiki, saying that when the dam was built for lake oahe, many lakota elders died of grief after seeing their ancestral homes and farming fields…buried under water. a similar project here on the dolores river was similar, but not the same, of course. still, devastating to many of the folks living there.

        sleep tight; fambly bidness is breaking here again. oh, and we’ve been watching ‘true detective’ (holy crow) , and one of the key songs was by the incredible townes van zandt. i’ll go fetch it, cuz while not all the lyrics are apt here, many are.

        ‘Fingers walk the darkness down
        Mind is on the midnight
        Gather up the gold you’ve found
        You fool, it’s only moonlight.
        If you try to take it home
        Your hands will turn to butter
        You better leave this dream alone
        Try to find another.

        Salvation sat and crossed herself
        Called the devil partner
        Wisdom burned upon a shelf
        Who’ll kill the raging cancer
        Seal the river at its mouth
        Take the water prisoner
        Fill the sky with screams and cries
        Bathe in fiery answers…..’

        • True Detective? season 1, i gather. i think jay @ is full of crap about lots of stuff, but some/many of his movie/viddy reviews are gold. I’d def check out his analysis of T.D., season 1 or 2.

          i’ll spill it: satanic child torture rings are too easy a topic. & one of the techniques of intrigue b/n the show, season 1, & the viewer is a whole “cajun-fried bayou country crackers are crazy as a crawdad & who knows which one of these fundy trailer trash are making lampshades of the neighborhood chilrens.” Season 1 of T.D. is just so dark & harrowing & in a superficial way, in its narrow focus. not gonna lie: i really liked it. Season 2, however, is quite different in its focus on urban(e) So Cal & the L.A. area. it’s not as emotionally haunting but its way more insightful & penetrating about US society overall.

          that’s a nice song. sure i missed it when watching T.D. enjoy the show(s). In the book version, not hyper-lame-oid movie version, of World War Z, it’s the damming of rivers that starts the “zombie apocalypse,” China’s Three Gorges Dam.

          • ha; i did go and fetch some of jay’s llinks; thanx. i’d always been srsly ‘meh’ about matthew mconagukelele or whatever, and woot! did he change my mind. rust is the most fascinating character i’ve met in a long time, esp. his personal psychology and what i’d have to call his ‘philosophical belief system’. i’d also grabbed a link (srsly) from psychology today or some such trying to shrink him, although i haven’t read it, and will likely have lost it by the time…i have time. but the opening credits season one i did read about in the wiki, cuz they simply blew me away. not trompe l’oeil, but close.

            can’t find the version w/ the art, but it was: Handsome Family – Far From Any Road

            but as for ” “cajun-fried bayou country crackers are crazy as a crawdad & who knows which one of these fundy trailer trash” setting, raylan gibbs in :justified” is the US marshal/vigilante ya hate to love. or close. not cajun country, but them thar kentucky backwoods hollers.

            • the performances are better in season 1, fer sure. have you finished it? cuz i wouldn’t psycho-analyze russ till the last frame of the movie. the whole “poor people are crazy” thing bothers me. i mean, it may be true of me, but it’s not true of all of us.

              and mattie mcarnagle was a motive force behind “free state of jones”, so he can’t be all bad.

              • yes, i’ve finished it, and hope to be able to watch it again. and i don’t remember his ‘poor people are crazy’, but i’d forgottne that mcbeagledy was in ‘free state of jones’; we’ll sore that when it’s possible. but meanwhile you’ll love both of these, but for different reasons, or so i suppose.

                ‘Human Tracking Bill Passes House’, daily caller, 12/08

                #fake news we knew was fake now confirmed.

                damn, i’m bushed…an clintoned. obamaed, van jonesed, and trumped.

  26. 46 mins ago. ;-)

    and in the long version of jordan chariton’s interview w/ ladonna allard, he said that all of the porta-potties at the camp were sent away as they were freezing. so they’re looking for ‘eco-friendly’ johns, whatever that means. but folks are having to go to the casino to use the bathrooms; what a trial.

    he also said that he has a call into the army corps to ask the particulars of raising the level of lake oahe; still no word on where he’d heard that bit of info (or disinfo, for that matter).

    • is the “ruskie hackers” etc. post-election hysteria really just a gigantic distraction from actual on the ground action? let’s all read the tea leaves of what awful but completely inside-the-beltway & thus completely normal for our society asshole trump has picked for HUD or one of the DoE’s. “i don’t need to be told the same crap over & over,” says he of the daily intelligence briefings. bully for him, i say. i’m not sure how his secretary coordinates the MS Office Outlook schedule matters. shifting priorities in the not-yet-potus’ daily briefing schedule can’t matter that much, can it? can it matter *at all*????

      • was it b, st. clair, or someone else who’d posited that the rookie-hacks may have been partially apart the fact that the astroturf syrian revolution may about to be *won* by roosians. and the corollary to that is that ‘israels fingerprints seem to be all over this’. [on edit]: meaning that isil will be defeated no matter how hard the US and allies try to make sure it doesn’t happen, and stir in that trump must NOT make rapprochement w/ the rooskies. oh, how nato would loathe that.

        now orangutan hair may be signalling that he doesn’t trust the DIA’s combined agency intel briefing, esp. after all this ‘we kinda sorta are convinced the rooskies did it’ mantra. it’s awesome to me that so many libruls take it as The Truth Verified, rather than a leak that the scribes to the imperium dutifully wrote up w/ no notice of the utter lack of verisimilitude.

        can’t you just hear edward bernays howling w/ laughter at the rubes’ credulousness and utter conviction based on their confirmation bias? when you asked about how many amerikuns would ever stopping doing what the G wants? later it occurred to me that they’d first have to stop saluting the flag long enough to desist/resist.

        fun aside: that site at which i check in for the center/right librul zeitgeist? a banner blogger has a post up named something like: “trump’s nicaragua afoot: banana republic alert”. christ, the white privilege oozing out of that…and he writes for the new yawker, as well, iirc.

        anyhoo, i ain’t a-gwine to get that new standing rock diary today; the time melted away w/ home obligations, and a quickie won’t do. moar chores now, i’ll read your other comment again soon.

        • yes, the msm, fox, npr, etc., are going full court press on the “atrocities in aleppo” thing. uh, let me guess what that means for the future.

          i take trump dismissing the intelligence briefings as a good sign. i seriously think the NYT & co are pushing this “russia hacked the elections” thing cuz they are pissed about how much ink they spilled on HRC’s behalf. every damn day in the election run-up: HRC 84% chance to win, Trump 16%. & this gauche nouveau riche frat boy asshole clod is going to show them up for the fools they are? they can’t let him get away w/it. plus if trump doesn’t do what the actual PTB’s want, they can always taint him w/the “you are a russian stooge.” given that he may be a bit of a loose cannon (not that much, for sure), this russia thing may be a preemptive control device. escalate in syria or you are a “siberian candidate,” as nobel winning paul welt-krieg man opined in the NYT.

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