(reblogs): ‘The Celebrity Left is Still the Enemy’ & ‘Back to the Future: From the USSR to the Eurasian Century’


From StupidityTries, Dec. 28, 2016:

“It seems the electoral spectacle of 2016 is never going to fucking end. This interminable state of affairs has long been dragging this country even deeper into a reactionary abyss, but since the Washington Post reported the CIA claim that Russia hacked the DNC/John’s Podesta’s emails to help Trump spoil Clinton’s coronation, the liberal meltdown has really reached a fever pitch. This video of Sorkin caricature Keith Olbermann channeling all this reactionary outrage into one of the most absurd rants I’ve seen all year is a pretty perfect illustration of the liberal transition to an open embrace of their latent fascism:


“Since the initial story broke, the Post also reported the FBI has signed onto this assessment as well and NBC reported Putin is personally responsible for all of it. Naturally no evidence has been presented for any of this (good analysis of that here), but the response has nonetheless been intense.

Regardless of the veracity of these claims, there’s clearly a multifaceted propaganda push (fake news, Aleppo etc) to make sure Americans see Russia as the Evil Empire once again. The reckless chauvinism dominating liberal discourse at the moment makes their repulsive apologia for Clinton during election season look almost reasonable by comparison. Now that they’ve lost to a candidate that wasn’t even really running, liberals are fully embracing their delusions of being the vanguard in an effort to protect the republic from a Russian-backed fascist coup, allying with other progressive forces like the CIA.

Crucially all this inflamed jingoism is being fanned and directed at an official enemy that happens to be a heavily armed nuclear power active in the proxy war the US and its allies are waging on Syria. And of course all this is emerging on a foundation of deep hostility towards Russia that was built up over generations during the cold war, the lasting impact of which has made this messaging very easy to deliver to people whose critical faculties have long since been eroded by the relentless propaganda assault otherwise known as “news” and “pop culture.” Things are so fucked right now that space has opened up for professional opinion havers to applaud the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and for so-called anti-racists and Russia experts to tweet openly xenophobic shit like this:

(the rest is here; it’s a long and worthy polemic, and much of it was totally new to me, although i admit that my fave moment was that at the finale of his russian derangement rant, Olberman put up his hand in some sort of salute and yelled: “peace”.  allow me to ask rhetorically: ‘scahill: wtf?’ and ‘reform or ‘take over the democrat party’: ‘wtf’?  and yeppers, Olberman’s new gig is at gentlemen’s quarterly (gq.com, srsly).  the author also deftly demonstrates how many celebs inadvertently show their inner imperialists.) a foreshadowing taste:

ha; seeing that image of Olberman reminded me so much of this creepiness; how could it not?



Allow me to add a bit from Pepe Escobar’s new op-ed at Sputnik: ‘Back to the Future: From the USSR to the Eurasian Century

“Putin already cut to the chase – when he spoke at the defense ministry’s HQ in Moscow before the holiday season; “We can say with certainty: we are stronger now than any potential aggressor.” And he added; “Anyone.” This after Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stressed Russia “for the first time in its history” has fully protected the extensive Russian borders with early warning anti-missile systems.
The Pentagon must be processing the information with extreme seriousness.

That means, essentially, that before the S-500s were fully rolled out, Moscow could not but exercise extreme prudence. Now Russian air space seems to be effectively sealed. Putin could not actually admit on the record that Russia is the strongest military power in the world until the rollout of the S-500s is complete. All US offensive missiles and stealth aircraft as it stands are rendered useless. And that does no even take into account nuclear weaponized Russian silent submarines.

Putin’s frank admission is extremely surprising, because the nature of Russian strategy is always to conceal strength. Yet in the new, geopolitical configuration, possibly a preamble to post-Cold War 2.0, the most important element was to send a clear preemptive “message” to the Pentagon.

At his year-end presser, Putin also remarked that, “what we have between Russia and China is more than just a strategic partnership.” That was another subtle but clear message to any actors, inside or around the US deep state, Brzezinski included, or inside or lateral to the Trump administration, bent on deploying the usual Divide and Rule tactics to play Russia against China; moreover, the three crucial Eurasian actors, Russia, China and Iran, have already agreed on a mutual defense policy. So any fancy Pentagon ideas on Iran instantly hit a no-go area.”

(the rest is here)

I know we’ll all find this educational empty nonsense….

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  1. there are several fun videos out there like this one:

    since the US is clearly not a “rational actor,” do these developments in weapons systems make the world any safer? however much seeing US generals, politicians, talking heads, and weapons contractors gnashing their teeth may be a pleasure, it’s a fair question.

    lol. those ex(???) commies are better at defense budgeting than we capitalists, too. they are doing it wrong! you are supposed to inflate everything.

    • ha! i’ll be back, but it’s time for mr. wd’s turn on HIS machine. check your inbox, please?

    • love the ‘i.robot’ translation. s 500s: ‘mostly nuclear’? well, i poked around a bit, and nato was freaking out about the s 400s deployed around kaliningrad not long ago, but cripes. while it seems whacked that roosia is increasing its defense, why wouldn’t they? nato has ringed the federation with alleged missile defense, has deployed aegis destroyers anywhere it feels they’re the biggest, baddest muscular ‘our wang is bigger ‘n your wang’ threats, moar troops to poland…but haven’t some said that they’re not just ‘defensive’ weapons systems?

      i looked at janes defense weekly, but got kinda bored poking around, esp. as i know almost zip about this stuff. at nato’s wiki, they blame everything on the rooskies, ‘suspending icbm treaties’, tra la la. but yeah, MAD is working out so very well, isn’t it?

      • “‘ i, robot’ translation”???? oh yeah, yeah, (which one was that again?)

        we’ve probably jabbered a bit about how the US DOD budget is, partially, fake. “NBC Nightly News would like to present a new segment of “The Fleecing of America”. This time, on the entirety of the Pentagon budget.” you know, instead of some little rounding error in the HUD budget or whatever in this stupid little segment the NBC lot do (or used to) every week.

        on the martial side, as opposed to say American football, defense is a hell of a lot easier than offense, so Putin doesn’t necessarily have to be a genius to counter moves by aggressive, ‘roid-raged morons bedazzled by the latest sparkling lights Lockheed Martin shows them in a Power Point presentation.

        anyway, Trump has been pretty vocal about his Sino-phobia. Makes me wonder if the Syria, Ukraine, and Georgia adventures haven’t been attempts to test the, as it were, “soft underbelly” of the Bear, which attempts, at the moment, appear to have failed. miserably. The true actors, the deep state folks, know this, so attention is being turned to China (not that the Obama admin hasn’t laid the groundwork for that turn against the dragon as well.) don’t know. time will tell.

        still negative two weeks or so into the trump admin! save us, obi wan obamaphile. you are our only hope.

      • …Hi wd

        …USian Empire having “conquered” the lands and pushed out or annihilated/genocided or gulagged/imprisoned to “reservations ” the Native Americans/tribes who dwelled in/on land(s) east of the Mississippi River largely by early 1840’s continued doing the same to lands / Native Americans west of the Mississippi River from 1850 to 1900 or continue doing so to the present time. Native Americans still getting it in the neck here in 2016 for not being submissive ( enough ) as being seen in North Dakota.

        …USian Empire showed it’s true colors in plain daylight with what it overtly/covertly did in lead up to Texas being broken away from / breaking away from Mexico. In 1845 POTUS James Polk sent John Slidell to Mexico City to pay Mexico $25 million and cancel all claims and make Rio Grande the boundary between Mexico and USian Empire. Mexico was to also ” sell ” New Mexico and California to USian Empire. Well the Mexicans instead did a Assad/Syria and told the USians to go pound sand. Soon enough USian Empire decided Mexico needed to be ” chastised ” and then fully invaded Mexico. USian Exceptionalism much? USians set up a ruse similar in guile and deception to Gulf of Tonkin or Saddam Has WMD!! ruses and then self righteously declared Holy War on Mexico and proceeded to kill lots of innocent Mexicans. Mexico City actually was occupied by USian Empire army troops in 1847. The more one examines the causes, motives and actions taken betwixt USian Empire and Mexico during 1830’s and 1840’s and who did what to who? The more what USian Empire has done /been doing since 1898, since 1916,since 1935, since 1945 and since 2001 becomes plainer to see as being nothing new.

        …Iraq?Libya?Syria? Ukraine? NATO belicosity/beligerence being done with full USian Empire complicity? Now POTUS-Elect D.Trump wants to ” show Mexico and Mexicans Who is the Boss “?
        …Nothing new. Nothing new at all.

        … Who will or can stop the USian Empire’s self claimed merits of being able to impose / inflict USian Empire death and destruction exceptionalism? Those who can and will. Native Americans could not. Mexicans could not ( Well not yet tho likely one day will ). Spanish could not. Germans thus far have not. Japanese could not. Vietnamese could and did. Syrians now doing so. Russia and China? Likely will do so when pushed too far by USian Empire. Imagine had the Mexican Army occupied WashDC back in 1830’s or 1840’s to impose Mexican will on USians. Imagine that…
        …Too bad that did not happen.

        …Common USians need a good hard kick to the ass and head to make common USians forcibly rid the USian political/economic aristocracy of it’s inclinations for/of doing imperialism and fascism and militarism. Seems likely the role of Who Can And Will Do So will now fall to China or Russia or both. Way past time for USians to feel first hand what we so willingly have been inflicting on other humans since the 18th century. Or just the past 16 to 26 years. See 1990 to 2000. See G.H.W.Bush. See W.J Clinton. See 2000 to 2016. See G.W.Bush. See Barack H. Obama. R? D? Same same.

        … It is all there in plain daylight to see. Tick Tock.


        • “Who will or can stop the USian Empire”?

          Hah. Chinese will use clever martial art: let attacker defeat self!


          Only way for the Kwistian guilt to take hold.

          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

        • …Hi wd

          …Came across this comment this Thurs AM that someone over at ZeroHedge made…just had to relay it as it was/is spot on..;-)

          …Democrats don’t know why they lost….
          …Republicans don’t know why they won…

          … As ZH Comments go this Goes And Gets To The Middle …


          • ha; thanks. yeah, both parties had been reported to be zombies, but not so much the Rs…now. and the Ds are genuflecting before them, as will the media scribes, no? how does one write up ‘foreign policy by tweet’, tho?

            on break, i’ve been tryin’ to pull together a new diary, and mine eyes and soul need a siesta. wish i thought i could zleeeeep, perchance to dream, at least a good dream. ;-)

  2. MeWonders if Messieur-twit “Wise” would consider US’ world contributions to be ‘merely’ Old Gory worship, slavery and indigenous genocide? E卍TREMELY CARELEϟϟ !

    • good question, bruce. well, his twitter says he’s an anti-racism educator, and Tim Wise Retweeted:

      Col. Morris Davis ‏@ColMorrisDavis 29 Dec 2016 “It didn’t take a $600B a year Army for Russia to conquer the White House, just the Internet and a useful idiot.” above a link to that mmmm…fbi/dhs ‘proof’ document. boy howdy, have some seemingly knowledgeable techies studied it and found it almost laughable.

  3. This is indeed a strange ‘interim’ period, when the only thing to fear is the only thing being feared, quite obviously, by those who are momentarily still in power. It is to be hoped that ‘transition’ means what it is supposed to mean – that like the imperceptible melting of vast segments of Antarctic landscape from underneath, the cracks which will appear suddenly once there is an ‘up top’ inauguration will be a sign that the crazies have all morphed into nonrelevancy as the new regime takes its trembling baby steps.

    In other words, the craziness of every current public manifestation and press (even twitter) account serves to align the public against what is going on now. Who could praise Obama for his miserable expulsions, for example? He’s like an old, warped player piano, totally out of tune, keys yellowed and missing, mindlessly keeping on rolling that torn fragment of dots and dashes that are supposed to provide some sort of melody to waiting audiences, whilst an admittedly old Steinway stands in the wings. And the worse Obama plays himself, the better the new/old instrument will sound. Maybe it too, will be out of tune, but let’s wheel off the player piano and get a real person to tickle the ivories!

    When I recently re-read the malaise inflicting the general Russian population in the years we in the west rejoiced over Communism’s abrupt downfall, I realized that what we are not being told isn’t scary stuff about Russia’s re-militarization (was Rosy the Riveter scary?)- we are not being told how happy Russians are to be proud of their country’s actions right now. That’s the real story, and it is a positive one. A single leader accomplished this. In a very short time. I don’t think he was a genius, and he has made mistakes, but he is a real person.

  4. While the DNC sets up a “war room” and staffs it with former Clinton staffers (I’ll spare you the link), an offshoot of Dr. Barber’s Moral Monday efforts kicks off with direct action aimed at blocking Jeff Sessions’s nomination as attorney general.

    The Alabama NAACP is sitting in at all of Sen. Sessions’s local offices in Alabama.

    The most local source in this case is the fullest:

    And there is already a support network for phoning in pizzas and raising bail money established through Twitter. (…as well as locally in Alabama.)

    Seems that existing organizations can act movementally when they put their minds to it.

    Watch the response of Sessions, the Alabama authorities, and President Obama in this. That will tell how long and how far resistance will be allowed without attempts to shut it completely down with “Well kids, you’ve had your fun. Now time to buckle down.”

  5. This first round ended in a formal arrest. Officers arrived. Those sitting in shook hands with the officers. Officers allowed them to kneel in prayer. Those sitting in allowed officers to zip-tie them and lead them to the paddy wagon. The first one often looks like a catch-and-release PR and co-option operation. The persistence of the movement leaders and the number of people mobilized will tell how effective this will be. Will there be sit-ins tomorrow by other leaders? Will there be larger numbers mobilized? How fast can the numbers increase given that Sessions’s confirmation hearing starts January 11? What form of solidarity actions can occur, such as sit-ins in the local offices of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee?

    It will either get interesting or it will get challenging.

  6. Interesting mind jump today. Thirty years ago there was this:

    The Wikipedia gives the backstory of a project that was to be the balance for the 1983 ABC drama The Day After. And more…


    I wonder if the helicopter sequences from this 15 hour miniseries were the “memories” people had of seeing UN helicopters in the Upper Midwest and the “black helicopter” sightings thereafter.

    It is very interesting seeing again the scary commies of the American imagination and noticing how the politics of this drama is very much like the politics within the US parties.

    But it has fascinated me for some time the transformation of the dragon-killers who won the 1946 election for the GOP and how obsessed they were with Stalin’s path to power and how he retained power. And then they gradually implemented similar systems — Nixon had his surveillance state; Reagan and W had their internal political bureaucrats in agencies to ensure that the bosses’ agenda didn’t get sidetracked and later burrowed them into the civil service for the subsequent administration. And the dragon-killers turned into dragons themselves.

    So we come full circle after 70 years with the 1946 bunch having built Stalinist propaganda and party discipline into US institutions but with them being capitalist tools (Don’t you miss the silliness of Malcolm Forbes’s jet, the “Capitalist Tool” and Forbes’s wry take on his closet homosexuality?) And the scared and panicked Democrats of the Truman administration flipping into Red Scare mode complete with loyalty oaths and firings and the acceleration of the role of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). And here we are again at “Fear the Russkies.”

    My take on Amerika in 1987 was that it was a better than average political film if you abstracted out the ideological polarization that it was intended to push but in some respects merely winked at. [Cue a “librul media” rant from the right] The protagonist’s protest was even for the day pretty lame and symbolic. The plot revolved around the antagonists and pretty conventional conflict between idealism and corruption. With what was supposed to be an ambiguous ending but really was a bum-out.

    I wonder how it would resonate today in the DNC war room.

    • HA HA HA. You mean Forbes’ “Crapitalist’s Tool”? Jah, them crapitalists love the Purple Helmets!

      Anyway, it may be rewarding to see them Becoming their Enemy but why is it so fucking amusing to proles? Maybe ’cause they’re raised with too much Bad Faith?

  7. (interesting comments THD. you can find stuff by Carlin or Pryor or hell even stuff like “All in the Family” from the ’70’s, do the ol’ comparison thing and come up w/WTF???? for the idiocy of today. i don’t know. ’60’s hippies et al scared the PTB’s and a program of mass dumbing down over a generation or so has been undertaken? yeah, probably.)

    anyway, in honor of the upcoming “Obama for a 3rd term! cuz democracy” protests that are coming my way in two weeks (ugh), i have a suggestion for all the people still in Gitmo b/c when it needs to be, this commander in chief stuff is utter bullshit.

    Applying the skills you learned in Gitmo to today’s world: Hollywood is always in need of professional screamers. Have a positive attitude & maximize your skill set! Call 1-800-ISRVIVEDGTMO today to apply! Ululation a big plus! Turn your nightmares to gold in the world’s premier dream factory as you scream your way to a bright tomorrow.

    hey liberal, why do you think obama did NOT “close” Gitmo? think maybe it’s cuz he’s happy, and i mean happy happy, w/the optics, the semiotics, in quaint old King James English, the message, the meaning, of keeping this world-renowned torture symbol open to the public eye? but he seyz he weally weally wants to cwose it, but it’s hard. being the boss is hard.

  8. good afternoon. an update: the adapter for my laptop has arrived, and mercifully seems to have fixed it, at least for now. but after catching up on emails, various newsletters, and subscriptions, i am so fucking depressed at both putin and trump derangement syndromes that i swear i could shut down this site and never blog again. i won’t, but i will spend the rest of the day mending, repairing, reconstructing broken-down stuff, meditating, doing more EFT meridian-tapping and whatnot…and maybe post about it tomorrow.

    i’m glad you’re talking to one another, and you should feel free to treat this as an ‘open menu’; although it seems you already have been, as in my despondent weariness…i can’t even tell how many comments have much to do with the two reblogs.

    best♥ to you all…no. check that: best ♥ to Us All. ;-)
    “it is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”

  9. Comrade. Tell me who believes that Pootine has defense that Amurka wasted trillions of Star War dollahs on? Maybe Pootine the Strongman is bit in Theatre of Power?


    Maybe Pootine is vampire too?


    • Maybe. i had the same tho’t w/the “this will shoot down ICBM’s” thing. really? airplanes & crappy jets that don’t work, sure.

      still, and i don’t follow this stuff closely, they aren’t claiming that the system can’t be overwhelmed, are they? no matter. better dead than pootine, right? even if we it means we are all dead.

      • “i don’t follow this stuff closely.” Jah. Is what Pootine Ringleader banking on.

        Question is, what the hell is Pootine up too, pretending “we are stronger now than any potential aggressor”? Is comrade Pootine’s bunker much deeper than Donald’s?


        Whole charade is to convince all proles that they may have to duck and cover at any moment? Remember, proles, keep your buttocks high!!!!!!


        • i’m not sure that putin’s announcement is a charade entirely, although i wouldn’t trust the s500 video so much, esp the robotic key translation, much like anon’s voice anonymization software. but sure, it may not be a feint, but a warning besides. iirc, in contests (srsly) the roosian weapons kicked US ass. how humiliating if i’m remembering correctly (hint: google-bing it, don’t trust my holy brain).

          • C’mon. it’s ridiculous to “rationally” game out the nightmare of a US strike on Russia. Star Wars defense is a ruse – it can be overcome by a first strike.

            Are you considering that Pootine may be signalling that they can survive after they strike US first? No. I didn’t think so.

            It’s so much bullshit to treat a nuclear war as survivable. Thus, Pootine is bullshitting.

            Of course, the Rooskies are no Pussies like Trump and his Trumpster nation. So, maybe they like a little warrior theater before they die.

        • i reckon it’s by way of deterrence, and i dunno that jason’s video is right about using nukes above the atmosphere (was it?) to kill incomings. don’t have the energy to poke around for if that’s right or not.

          but i did find as i’d remembered it:

          Sept 6, 2016: “President Obama will not rule out the possibility of the United States conducting a first nuclear strike, keeping intact a policy that has been in place since the Cold War.
          The New York Times reported Tuesday that Obama won’t attempt to revise the so-called “First Strike” doctrine before leaving office in January 2017.
          The paper noted he had faced criticism, including some from “former senior aides,” over unfulfilled campaign and first-term promises, to work towards “a world without nuclear weapons.” a real tower of jello, Obomba noted that the next CiC could change it anyhoo, then:
          ““[Donald] Trump bristled at the idea [of abandoning first strike], saying he would never want to weaken America’s leverage,” The Times said. “[Hillary] Clinton has not spoken on the issue during her campaign.”


          2014: “A new Russian nuclear doctrine revealed this week spells out exactly when Russia will use nuclear weapons, and places the authority to fire Russia’s nukes solely in the hands of the country’s president, Vladimir Putin.
          But in an important and somewhat unexpected provision, the new nuclear doctrine rules out launching the Russian nukes in a “preemptive” first strike against an enemy — most likely the United States or its NATO allies.
          A “preemptive” strike is an attack launched in order to prevent a suspected future attack. But while Russia has ruled out using its nuclear arsenal simply because it suspects NATO might launch at attack on the Russian Federation, the newly revised doctrine allows a wide range of circumstances when a Russian nuclear strike could be unleashed.”


  10. Happy blue year!

  11. A wee bit late to the party, but, OMG, wow; is Olbermann the new Joseph Goebbels?
    This is straight out of George Orwell, 1984.
    “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”.
    The U.S. is doomed if that is the level of critical thinking extant in the U.S..
    Repeat the lies over and over and over again; ya’ll have my profound sympathies…

    • he really is most sincerely deranged, isn’t he? and he’s by no means the only one, although most aren’t quite as verbally irrationally bellicose in their belief that ‘the roosians stole the election from the woman who would have become president w/o their hacking!’

      i keep being amazed that so many amerikans seem to believe the cia, fbi, dhs…down to the point of believing the “there is credible evidence that…”.

      didn’t ya love: “Peace” at the end? ;-)

      • Indeed WD; nice to see you at Ian’s place (where we met).
        And yes, Olbermann’s deranged, like I’ve never seen him before.
        It’s been literally years since I’ve watched him; an obvious dementia case.
        I couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing, so I missed the peace thingy…
        Olbermann’s one fucked up human…

        • kevin dooley’s polemic was designed to demonstrate how easily the celebrity ‘left’ (i’d add the fake left ‘libruls and progressives’, as well) inadvertently unleash their inner neo-fascists. on edit: *as in chomsky calling hrc dovish’ in ways…* a place i used to write long ago is similar to olberman in their putin hate trump derangement syndrome, and the intersection of both. all putin/trump hate all the time, although i just clicked in to see a comparison to chavez/maduro Lies as analogous to trump Lies. yep, all the links were msm. jayzus, v arnold, the empire sure made sure that socialism is evil..

          ach, i should stay away from ian’s; i just seem to get into scraps. ;-)

  12. ach, i should stay away from ian’s; i just seem to get into scraps. ;-)
    Nah, give’m hell for there pedestrian views.
    As you must have seen; I mix it up there often; lots of less than informed Usians there, piss me off, they do.
    Bed time is fast approaching, for this old fart.
    Keep on keeping on…

    • ha, yes, you do. to me, most of the commentariat seem to be relatively comfortable, and clueless about the suffering of the underclass. i’d have to conclude that they’re all pretty darn fine w/ capitalism, as well, only it might need some ‘reforms’.

      well, sleep well in the hermitage.

      • “most of the commentariat seem to be relatively comfortable, and clueless about the suffering of the underclass”

        Jah, that’s part of the compradors’ fucking job, comrade. And when you can see what they’re up to, then you’re an enemy.


        • the most recent thing that prompted my response (not only by any means) was ian’s assertion that (close to) “unless you were living in syria or somewhere, 2016 wasn’t all that bad’. blink, blink. my mind tripped on just how many in the US are homeless, esp. children, being routed from homeless camps galore, dying for lack of health care and food, dissidents in prison, you know… but i only said: ‘maybe in the mind of the beholder, not in the recipients’ or some such. never mind globally, kee-rist.

          but yeah, i’ve not done well challenging mark from ireland and reality checker for their hubristic bullying ways, never mind.

          • O My Goodness. The Mother.F**cking.Irishman.

            Jah. You can understand why the comprador fog has confused so many proles … but … the compradors themselves must believe all kind of shite to cover their complicity.

            I didn’t realize that particular (paleoconservative ?) bonehead was in the same class as RealityChecked.

            HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

            • ah, well. RC had been here not all that long ago instructing us as to how craven political correctness had become, and one reason he voted for mr. T. ‘safe spaces’ and ‘micro-aggressions’ some college dorms were saying led to violence, and so on. but at ian’s, he trounced a trans woman, lisa. who used to help write jck balkwill’s ‘liberty underground newsletter’. dayum, he was a rude bully, and i (ahem) mentioned that he’d turned into an mfi 2.0, neither liked it. i went back too late to reply to them, but RC had outgrown me, and a fine attack followed; mfi said i, wd, was the cause of jane hamsher herselfsher shutting down FDL. at least RC sorta rejected that utter goofiness. kinda wish i’d seen it earlier; i might have had something to say. but i had reminded mfi earlier how he and two of his comrades dogged my trail at my.fdl. those two i can’t even think about without feeling sick.

              • …Hi wd

                …My take on demise of FDL was that too many longtime firedoggies wanted FDL to be a R vs. D junk politics / pro D forum. As I recall that guy ( cannot recall his name ) who along with his D Zealots had the Pro D website embedded at FDL were simply and stupidly politically incapablle and unwilling to face truths and facts that Barack Obama ( D ) was plainly covering up, continuing and expanding what Bush, Cheney and the NeoCons had been doing since 2001. Obama was (is) just a much more slickly sold Bush /Cheney POTUS who being a D was given a big IOKIYAD pass. It was OK with the D zealots at FDL to bash/mock Bush/Cheney(R) up thru 2008 at FDL but post Jan.20, 2009 doing the same to R Lite/Big Liar WarMonger/WarCriminal/ObamaPelosiCare Barqck Obama and PhoneyBaloney Nancy Pelosi was not.

                Sadly the FDL R vs. D junk politics pro D stalwarts/zealots/junkies wanted FDL to be just another DKos or MoveOn or CrooksAndLiars clone. As it was the D Zealots at FDL were so out of touch with the hypocrisy of backing Obama and the Ds again in 2012 that it was easier to just shut down FDL than to evolve politically and stop being pro D’s and doing dead end R vs. D junk politics. Here in early 2017 it is plainly evident why staying with dumbassed R vs. D junk politics is a USian political dead end.

                See Barack Obama. See Hillary Clinton. See Chuck Schumer. See Nancy Pelosi. The D’s are political sell outs who deserve the fate of the Whigs. Not to say or suggest the R’s should not meet the same fate. It is now obvious R vs. D junk politics is not what USians need to get to the end of this 21st century. We need new and improved national politics and ways of reaching and doing national political functions and functioning. One does not need a PoliSci degree to see/get this.


                • i believe that you’re exactly right about fdl’s failure to become radicalized in the face of obama’s ‘more than bush’ policies, but to actually support them. one of my funniest satires was held in moderation for a long time until the powers there decided what to do about it; eventually they let it back in. but it was right after the sainted van jones had done a book salon, and when i read the thread later, some of the commenatariat were fuming cuz their pointed questions had been freaking moderated out of existence! “i’ve been van jonesed and democRatted…” tra la la, a takeoff on the paul simon tune.

                  but you just might be thinking of miz hamsher’s ‘favorite writer ever’, tbogg the grifter, eh? even after her begging him to stay on, he eventually moved to raw story. but really, josh marshall shit-canned tpm café once the rabble got too radical; he wanted to get a talking head gig, which he did of course.

                  • ..wd

                    …Yes! …tboog!…I tried pulling that name up outta the memory cob webs. As it was FDL as a politics website could be a bit bi polar for those of us who did not do or abide with the R vs. D junk politics Pro D angles so much or at all. Moreso from mid 2011 into late 2012 when FDL D Zealots went Full Court Press with the Obamapolgia / IOKIYAAD broad swipes and strokes.

                    … Seeing R vs. D junk politics as being just that — junk — seemingly was not on very many radar screens at FDL.

                    …It was always amusing in a good / bad kinda way to once in the while meander over / into that part of FDL where tbogg and his fellow tboggite groupies dwelled to see who was being mercilessly lacerated or put to the D Zealots clubs like seals for not going along with or worse challenging tboggborg Pro D takes and pov’s. Or on those occasions when the tboggites would emerge from the tbogg lair at FDL onto other FDL comments threads/forums for purposes of having sport taunting and insulting other ( sometimes upon unsuspecting or unknowing firedogs of the political malice aforethought ) firedogs. It was easy to eventually see and learn which firedogs liked tbogg. tbogg’s departure foreshadowed the coming demise of FDL plainly enough.

                    …Some mourned his departure and drifted away with him.

                    …Some missed tbogg lots.



                    • i just checked at raw story, and tbogg doesn’t have his own tab as i’d remembered. but i used their search engine, found some of his work,if one could call it that. his flying monkeys seem to have followed him there, although i didn’t check the comments for remembered names.

                      miz hamsher took the site meter down long before he left though; it must have been an embarrassment or something. individual clicks is what prices adware, though, so maybe they weren’t raking in the bucks as before?

                      i rarely looked at his tab, for obvious reasons. i thought he was an embarrassment to the site, not so jane hamsher an many other members.

  13. There’s still life here; yes, you got Ian’s place to a tee, for the most part.
    He (Ian) allows my rants and admonitions, so I keep on keeping on there; in the end, we’ll see…
    Good night and a pleasant awakening…

  14. Jah. Gowans:

    once decisions that are, in effect, working hypotheses become received doctrine […] the process degenerates into propaganda.

    Well, comrades, those shitheads at one time pretended they were scientists when now they prefer to be priests. After all, casting spells on enemies was how they started out, so it’s no surprise that what they pretend is analysis serving “US” grows indistinguishable from “propaganda”.

    HA HA HA HA.

    One can only guess […] that there is a struggle within the US ruling class over the outcome of the US election, with the faction to which the Clintons belong resolved to prevent Trump from becoming president, or, at least, undermining his presidency.

    O yeah; the Intelligent Community know how to struggle for domination. When their convenient “common enemy” looks more sensible than them, they must make new enemy!

    Comrade Mao smiles.

  15. Further musings from the heritage; U.S. Spy Chief ‘Resolute’ On Russia Cyber Attack, Differs With Trump
    True to form; when people don’t believe you, double down until they do…
    Clapper, hopefully isn’t long for his job. Get the rubes out for good.
    Usian’s are just too damn gullible.

    • fuck yea, v arnold. if ya say it enough times (earnestly and w/ conviction), peeps start believin’ in the upside down world. be funny if mr. T kept clap-clapper, eh? he’s on twit saying he *loves* intel stuff now, lol.

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