Will Pulp Fiction Bring Trump Down Before He’s Even…In?

Now let’s file this under: ‘Ya couldn’t even make this shite up’.  The story goes something like this….

Anti-Trump Republicans solicited an anonymous former MI6 spook to compile a dossier on Herr T’s relationship to Russia; disaffected disgruntled Ds later joined the hunt.  Boy, howdy, did said spook report on T’s deep ties, sexual escapades (‘sexcapades’) with hookers he’d hired to piss on the bed that POTUS and FLOTUS once used.  In addition:‘Moscow had been cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump for 5 years and had collected material that could be used to blackmail him’. So the brilliant Mr. T, offered to stay outta Russia’s bidness in Ukraine if the Rooskies wouldn’t nail his ass to the wall.  Or something.

It was only a coincidence that the Pulp Fiction was publish just ahead of Mr. T’s first scheduled press conference as Prez-elect.  What do you think the questions will be about?

Our old buddy John Bomb-Iran McCrankypants ‘received’ the document and gave it to James Comey back at the start of December, who…sat on it.

A two-page summary was given to the Gang of Eight who…well, who knows what they did with it?

But let’s see.  CNN is reporting on the gist of it, but hadn’t published either version, (although th3 alleged ‘2 page summary’ seems to be quite elusive), which seems to have given Buzzfeed (on the approved media list, as the are ‘NotProp’, got it?

Hmmmm.  Buzzfeed notes that none of the report has actually been verified, and it does contain some ‘factual errors’, but goddammit, people have a right to know and make up their own goddam minds, don’t they?  (Subtext: if the Prez-elect is guilty of treason!!…)

But wait!  It gets more surreal!  His former campaign manager and current senior White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, denied the claims during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, adding that “nothing has been confirmed.” She also said Trump was “not aware” of any briefing on the matter.

But fear not; it’s all true.  The joint intel agencies have most thoroughly investigated the UK spook, and have found him utterly credible and reliable.  They note that: he even has his own private intelligency agency now!

Predictably, the smut has taken center stage compared to…that other stuff.

(wsws.org has more…er…rational…coverage of the “story”.)

On edit: this is supposed to add verisimilitude to the Truth of the dossier, lol:

‘Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, ‘terrified for his safety’ and went to ground before name released’ the Telegraph

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  1. Carcosa is inside the Kremlin! Trump has been to Carcosa! lol, he peed or had someone pee on the obama’s bed. good for him. i mean, as far as empty gestures go.

    sanctity of the privacy of the bedroom? nah. libs don’t actually believe in anything. ex-MI6-relates details of Russian spying on Trump’s sexual peccadillos (& crimes. prostitution and Russian=underage, maybe.) the likelihood that this particular narrative about trump’s sex life is absolute BS is so high, but i guess spying on the bedroom is kosher now.

    whistles blown about the actual operations of gov’t & its espionage wings merit prosecution, or worse.

    but hey, let’s let leaky spooks tell us what’s what about elected (or “elected”) officials. and gin up WW3 in the process.

    all the while pat ourselves on the back b/c, good little apple pie & mom libs that we are, we are offended at the trump troglodyte & too obtuse not to be suspicious of such rubbish.

    • ‘good for him’ got me howling w/ laughter! but fancy james bond fessing up: “it was me! it was me! i’m terrified and going to ground! will somebody feed my pigeons? okay, catz. psyop much?

      yeah, well, if it was okay to spy on hulk hogan, it was okay to…yanno. cuz that’s the biggest deal here. i admit, someone this afternoon had given a link to ishy pat laing’s place, a guest post. a commenter posited that given that so many of the alleged hacks had signatures indicating ukrainans, this all might be way of a nulandia operation to discredit russia, and invalidate any potential herr T rapprochement with ‘the big bad bear’.

      yeah but teh T sexcapades are believed and predominant cuz he’s a sexist troglodyte of his own admission. a new hashtag was born, srsly; “golden showers”. took off like like one of nato’s ballistic missiles from hell. or is it heaven (it depends)? more on that later…

      • oh lord. puritanical, prurient (same thing, right?) 3rd graders shocked, grossed out, & fascinated w/the knowledge that (wait for it!)…people get up to kinky shit in the bedroom. sorry. only a child would think their plastic toy 6 inch action hero Bill “Big Dog” Clinton hasn’t gotten up to stuff just as bad as Trump.

        busy here. work, fambly. and Zeus has decided to send a little weather our way & everyone in this tower of babel is freaking out. oh noes! building the giant staircase to nowhere will have to stop or slow down for a day or two.

        • thank god for the internet. and drugs.

        • glad you were able to stop by, and best w/ sorting out all three agents of your busy-bee-ness. now rosie o’donell is calling for martial law to be declared in deecee so herr hairball can’t be sworn in. librul antifascists: what re ya gonna do?

          when you can, check your email; i’m gonna try to find a good scene or two from ‘justified’ to send you. elmore leonard and his son, but as always, the dialogue is incomparable.

          on a sad note, our daughter in c springs is a school crossing guard at their chirren’s elementary school. (lollipop lady in the UK). yesterday morn some guy rammed into four chirren from one family, a couple got trapped under the car….but she was almost beside herself, although it happened on the other side of the four-lane road. goddam. goddam. no updates on the most critical one yet. i sent her this piece cuz it had an homage to crossing guards. she fits this to a T, amazingly enough. she went to work in the afternoon to be a constant for the chirren…even though they’d gotten some replacements to fill in.

          let’s hear it from the internet…and libations! and botanical painkillers!

          • will do.

            fucking cars. a somewhat casual friend of mine was killed when hit by a car in a cross walk two or so weeks ago. wife & mother of two lovely girls. an elder driving at dusk just didn’t see her.

            some days i walk a bridge over 395, the main artery thru DC, during rush hour & think: what an ingenious system of control it is to convince people that freedom=sitting for hours a day in traffic. and am thankful that i decided to live w/o a car 10 years ago.

            i’m sorry about your daughter.

            • oh, what a tragic story, jason. may the mother and chirren eventually find some measure of peace. maybe only as enough time passes….

              tweak: freedom = sitting in a mercedes benz or a humvee for hours a day while heading to the malls of amerika. no sacrifice is too great! but srsly, the last time i had to go to denver, i swore i was gonna have a panic attack/heart attack and die. no amount of singing seemed to assuage my panic. terrifying, the 12 lanes and speeds and…i was a total country mouse by then. even if the public transportation in deecee sux by now, i’m glad you made that car-less choice.

              ah, our daughter’s doin’ a bit better, thanks, as are two of their three chirren. she was obliged to do the lollipop job on melissa’s side of the highway (really). melissa is still so inconsolable that miz dancing sky told us that upon hearing that, the mum/auntie of the four chirren…sent her flowers. can ya fancy that? only one remains in the hospital, the 2nd grader is in the ICU, but expected to recover.

              what bugged miz d.s. was: the media; she told them to kiss her grits, no comment, and good on her.

  2. Saker has a good analysis up, I think. And this was rather a good comment I thought[same commenter had wondered how tabloids would feel about the usurpation of their domain]:

    SanctuaryOne on January 11, 2017 · at 11:59 pm UTC
    I have heard back from an anonymous credible source and was given a report -for which I have ‘high confidence’ and which is summarised below:

    “Tabloids are outraged at this theft of their revenue. One said ” that they have all but killed satire sites like the Onion – how can the Onion News Network compete with the Clinton News Network when they are virtually indistinguishable? Now, he said they are going after us.

    It’s totally unacceptable and we are going to fight back and beat them at their own game -we are going to start telling the truth””

    [my comment here is that I felt the Onion already was doing that – at least tweaking the truth out of the general falsity – extremely adroitly. So, nothing new there, though timing is making us all very antsy.]

    • thanks for bringin’ it, juliania; yes, it’s all self-satire at its best. did the onion turn the corner, then, to call out this sort of hilarious #fake news? i haven’t peeked in for so long.

      will this stuff as someone suggested, possibly lead to a T assassination that leads to a throw-away oswald sort? and what do folks who maintain that T/pence should ‘not be seated’ imagine as an alternative? all of it is so much like a movie plot no one would ever believe.

      as a side note: if i were able, i’d write a lyrical rhapsody to the sky tonight. first night the clouds have lifted long enough to see la bella luna unveiling at intervals among the white-lit cloud trails. gemini’s castor and pollux, as well as orion’s belt. but at sunset, oh my: enough clouds to mostly obscure all the mountains above timberline, lit with pink …while the peaks were just barely visible behind the clouds…like ghosts of themselves.

  3. In answer to your title question.
    By the end of the day DNI Clapper had a letter documenting a meeting with Trump in which DNI Clapper seems to have adopted the “Tickle me Donald” position in hopes all will be forgiven.

    What this story did do is once again show McCain’s cowardice by first saying he would not get involved and then taking the story to Comey, who put it in front of the President and President-Elect. McCain’s going to find the next four years very interesting, I predict.

    Sounds like a research firm did some stuff on spec and were too slow so were shopping it around to whoever until some journalists took the bait.

    To me, it has the air of a falsehood used to sort out friends and enemies. Too good to be true.

    Meanwhile the Republican Congress is now the horses revving up to pull the racing juggernaut. Railroading through the straight-up repeal of Obamacare in the Senate. The pre-existing conditions restriction on insurers just went down as did the extension of coverage to age 26. Those who did nothing at all for eight years are suddenly manic in their hyperactivity. They might even taunt Obama in his last days by putting the completed bill on his desk.

    Interesting times indeed.

    • lol on: “Pence is Trump’s assassination protection.” at least he has one worthy job. but by your reckoning he’s a worse actor (in the policy sense) than herr T? i read at one site that he’s more like the red queen; i admit i’m agnostic in my ignorance.

      yep, RT has both the clapper being miserable over the leaked dossier, and the obama care repeal. i didn’t get this procedure: “Thursday’s Senate vote sets up special rules for the repeal vote – the GOP will be able to pass it through a process known as reconciliation, which would require a simple majority in the 100-member Senate, instead of the 60 votes required to move most legislation. That means Republicans, who have 52 seats, can pass repeal legislation without any cooperation from Democrats.”

      zo. the senate didn’t vote on filibusters or not, but they can do it issue by issue? and yeah, it sucks, and RT said T wanted replacement policy before repeals. hmmm. to fricking bad that O had used romney-care as his gift to insurance companies template rather than advocating and creating single payer, isn’t it?

      i’m not getting your meaning here, though: “To me, it has the air of a falsehood used to sort out friends and enemies.” friends *didn’t publish* the dreck? sure, i get sir bomb iran, dunno about david corn, but his coverage was quite careful, considering.

      i read an essay on the whopping increase of economic nationalism globally, and the author quipped that it prolly wouldn’t work too well for a german candidate to use the slogan: “make germany great again!” ;-)

      and still and all, a prez trump will certainly be fought on his rapprochement w/ roosia, though he and his team are certainly on a trajectory for a fight w/ both china and iran. war? maybe.

      • The idea of budget reconciliation is that there is a budget that has already been voted on separately in the Senate and the House that require reconciling of different versions and includes reconciliation instructions for entitlements. The Senate and House have a ad hoc reconciliation committee for that one bill that compromises the differences. That reconciliation bill then goes to the House, which holds a majority vote because it is the House, not the filibustery Senate. And since this is reconciliation instead of the original bill, the Senate has a rule that allows it to be passed with 50 votes.

        The importance of this is that the regulatory provisions of Obamacare (prohibition of exluding pre-existing conditions, recissions of coverage for use, annual and lifetime limits, etc.) were passed with regular legislation beating the filibuster. The budget aspects (mandatory coverage, taxes, tax credits, and appropriations for subsidies, etc.) were passed with a reconciliation bill and 50 votes.

        The rule change occurs at the beginning of the two-year session (shortly after January 6 this session) and now the vote on the bill uses the rule. The rule is not on a bill-by-bill basis but the reconciliation instructions are.

        Yes on the use of Heritage Foundation/Romneycare as basis and writing to benefit Wellpoint. But it was not Obama who did this it was Max Baucus and the former VP-Government Relations for Wellpoint, who was a Baucus staffer just for the writing of this bill. Obama started without the votes in Congress to pass any healthcare bill, build the special interest pressure that moved the Democrats, was building the pressure to pass by July 2009, but got cut off at the knees with the “death panels” attack in August 2009 and the GOP picking up that line of attack without having honest debate. Baucus and Kent Conrad did in the public option and made sure that single-payer was never discussed; both had the power not to introduce the bill into their committees. Baucus’s finance committee is key to large money bills; Conrad’s budget committee was key to allowing a reconciliation bill. (Conrad also extracted the setting up of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission that set up the debt crisis of 2010.)

        Full-out repeal of Obamacare root-and-branch will likely increase total healthcare costs once again; seems counter-intuitive but repeal allows insurers to go back to extracting larger administrative and marketing costs that the 20% that Obamacare limits them to for all policies (the so-called 80% medical loss ratio, or the 80% actually paid to providers). And people with pre-existing conditions will again be uninsured; people will again be kicked off insurance for using it (recissions); there will be annual and lifetime limits on coverage; deductibles and co-pays will be set by the insurers instead of DHHS CMS. In normal times this would be incredibly inflammatory politically, moreso that the hysteria of the Tea Party and “death panels”. Trump seems to understand this bind and wants Congress to pass a replacement before stripping the good things in Obamacare through total repeal.

        For McConnell, what this could be is a rush to shove the repeal bill through so it hits Obama’s desk before he leaves and makes one of his last acts the veto of repeal. The bill goes back to Congress, which rejiggers it (with or without replacement) for Trump to sign early in his term. A Congressional repudiation of Obama’s signature legislation, a final humiliation.

        Trump seems to play multiple directions at once to preserve his freedom to make the final decision. Reading the tea leaves of the Trump administration (what in the Cold War was called Kremlinology) is difficult right now. He has signalled closer relations with Russia, conflict with China on currency valuation and trade issues, undoing the Iranian agreement because Netanyahu wants him to and because it was another Obama signature move, and renegotiation of trade agreements. How much does he actually wind up doing?

        Pepe Escobar fantasizes (from Bali), in his latest, an early summit of Trump, Xi, and Putin, a counterpart of the Yalta summit at the end of World War II that sets the global framework for international relations within which the Great Game can continue without as much risk. I hope that Pepe is right. There is substantial opportunity for outside investment in One Belt-One Road, which would be economically stimulative (and cause commodity inflation) but will lower the cost of Russia and China doing business, create a subsidiary boom in Western Europe (a major threat, in NATO’s view) and make Eurasia’s infrastructure more like that of the US and Canadian West. It changes the mood of the international zeitgeist at least temporarily.

        Even if Trump aims toward Pepe’s scenario, can he bring his direct reports and public followers along? Or is he all talk, all show, and incapable of herding the Cabinet cats toward a focused policy.

        But Pepe rightly also emphasizes the continuation of the Great Game between now three empires instead of just one dominant one. In balance-of-power theory, three powers become stable when there parity of power and frequent realignment of the two-against-one pattern that soon appears. Is that where we are heading with with a global total of roughly 10,000 nuclear warheads in inventory in all nuclear powers. It is not clear that Trump and his advisers understand the notion of deterrence outside of Nixon’s madman theory.

        • thanks for the procedural explanation; i of course knew about reconciling house and senate versions of similar bills, but hadn’t twigged that this was about reconciling budgets. good to know. the coverage on the senate tanking the klobuchar/sanders ‘import drugs from canada’ was so ubiquitously crap that i had to hunt to find that the amendment was actually one to the budget CR. and ah, gotta love those corporate dems!

          funny how many tell the tale of the evolution of obama care so differently, even now, but i do remember that the WH failed to do anything much in that astroturfed tea party summer of discontent.

          mr. w recommended that i’d love pepe’s new cosmic vision from bali, and i did. i’m including some snippets in a new diary, and even found some great balinese play art. v arnold said that’s also a major art form in thailand.

          i was totally disheartened to read that in his confirmation hearing, tillerson spun on his heel when being bullied by red scare questioning, and is now towing the line on sanctions and “stolen crimea”. and that in his presser, herr trump ‘conceded’ that roosia did the hacking. did his meeting w/ clapper advise him to stf up or else?

          • …hi wd

            …Odd in a dodgy way how Obamapologists / Pro D Partisans are so willing/able to process and run pretzel logic explanations and reasonings for the Wins and Fails of B.H.Obama and the D’s who had won majority status on Cap Hill after 2006 mid term elections and controlled both WH and CapHill post 2008 elections. Wall Street, BigBank Street, Empire Street, Spook Street and War Street seem to have known a different B.H.Obama since Jan.20, 2009 from the B.H.Obama who did USian HealthCare Reform in 2009-2010. Peculiar how Obama is excused/scored by D hacks.

            …As it is the D’s in WashDC on either end of PA Ave. were up to bat for some home run out of the park hits and running the bases to score home runs at doing/getting some real USian healthcare regime(USHCR) reform and reforming done during 2009 – 2010. Had B.H.Obama been truer to his campaign self sells and a actual Profile In Courage politically, legally and morally instead of the political fraud and moral blind visioned shortfall B.H.Obama turned out to be some real and actual USHCR may have taken form back in 2009-2010. D’s could have steamrolled the R’s during 2010 elections and then gone after bigger game in WashDC doing some indepth CIA/NSA/Pentagon removals, reductions and reforms. Imagine a D Party actually doing that. Talk about hallucinations.

            … Placing the blame for the multiple politics/policy failures and fails of ObamaAHIPCare on Ted Kennedy or Max Baucus or Nancy Pelosi or Karen Ignani/AHIP or the KStreet /Tauzin orcs or on Mitt Romney or Bob Dole and the R’s is E-Z Cheap Seat politics. Point being it was absolutely needful to do/get some actual USHCR done while not letting the usual bad eggs/suspects get in the way.

            …It was knowable in 2009 that USHCR was going to have to entail gutting and demolishing the entire Post WW2 healthcare regime in order to draw new blueprints, rebuild the foundations and then erect a new USian healthcare regime. USHCR that could be sold to most USians as being a net positive advance whether poor working class, middle income working class, working professional, self employed, under employed, not employed, divorced or single parent, small business owner, corporation or 1% obscene wealthy.
            Sure seems/seemed a MedicareForAllPlan could be/was just that.

            …Too bad B.H.Obama failed to walk his campaign talk and indeed do Hope And Change instead of being a fraud from Chicago who was picked and backed by unseen and odious hands and minds to be made POTUS to keep or put in place wicked and evil policy and political choices and fixed tilt outcomes ala Bush/Cheney.

            …B.H. Obama could/should have been a genuine reforming Profile In Courage POTUS if that was required but we know here in early 2017 that is not what B.H.Obama was/is. So D hacks and zealots will now giddily accuse and blame Trump and the R’s for junking ObamaCare which if one looks at the facts and truths and numbers of ObamaCare was crashing real bad anyway. It was always so very fishy how Obama WH and the CapHill D’s did not want ObamaCare to kick in until > after < 2012 WH election as tho they knew it was always going to be DOA…imagine that.

            …Well as it is here in early 2017 the political/social/economic POS that ObamaAHIPCare was from Day One is very likely about to be flushed down the crapper by Trump and the R's as Slick Obama and Co. heads for the nearest WH exit while dropping some big shitbombs on the way out for D. Trump to step into on the way in.

            …Donald Trump has little or no reason to abide with ObamaCare, the WashDC R's never voted for ObamaCare while WashDC Dems sabotaged the entire premise of any real reformation of USHCR back in 2009 for the worst reasons of pay to play / buy and sell / misdirection and big lies told politics. D's now reaping what they sowed despite the multiple denials they keep tossing out. It is a wonder V. Putin and the Russians not being blamed by the D's for ObamaAHIP now flaming out and crashing.

            …Common USians evidently have now seen and needlessly been led thru 8 more years of delayed and lost time, wasted effort and greatly increased costs and bad endings regarding USHCR. All 535 USians up on CapHill should resign on Jan.20, 2017 in disgrace as should the rest of USians across USG in all parts of USG from the CIA/NSA to the Pentagon to VA and DoE, DoT and DoJ. Do a clean sweep of WashDC and zero hour the whole place and then start again. Of course that will not be happening will it? Too bad too. Really too bad.

            …Judging from how Trump's cabinet " picks " have been talking up on CapHill these past few days we USians may well be still getting front row seats to The Last Atomic War here in North America anyway soon enough courtesy of China and Russia having to react to USian Empire perfidious / malificent / malevolent actions.

            …To think I thought keeping Hillary out of the Oval Office was maybe a small win regarding Atomic War not happening. Sheesh…

            ….One can hope WashDC is on Page One / First Ten Targets List of both China and Russia Atomic WarHeads Targeting Lists as those asswipes in WashDC at CIA, NSA and the Pentagon and up on CapHill and at 1600 PA Ave. got it coming in a big way for being the asswipes they are. Bunch of fuckwits if ever there were.


            • oh tiddly pom, amigo arrow; my eyes are too tired to red, my brain too holey (not holy, lol) to make sense now. i’ll rest a bit and be back. if ya have time to spare, read my new john pilger on the coming war w/ china diary. it’s verrrry long, and might take reading in stages.

            • my apologies again, arrow. real life needed attention, and it has to come first. ♪ life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…♫ tomorrow? our dear daughter…took their hands to cross the street; i’m so fucking proud of her i cry every time i picture it. darlin’, darlin’ darlin’… daughter dancing sky…


            • i’d paid only scant attention to the aca sausage-making, so it may be that tarheeldem’s correct. my most vivid memory from the time is that obama took dennis kucinish for a ride on air force one and told him they’d drop him out the door w/o a parachute (j/k, but kinda) if he didn’t give up his nader-esque quixotic demands for a public option.

              this fella, ‘health care provider, bashar salame, says mr. T met w/ the Creator™ (Jonathan Gruber) and that he loved the individual components! salame likes it quite well, overall, and says that w/o the mandate to buy a plan, it would suck. and isn’t that the Biggest Deal for those of us who loathe it? i didn’t buy a plan, told the irs to name my penalty, etc., but i ain’t heard a word back. yet.

              i’d forgotten this: “It was always so very fishy how Obama WH and the CapHill D’s did not want ObamaCare to kick in until > after < 2012 WH election". also odd is that many who evolved into major critics, esp. when many of the insurance 'providers' dropped out of the exchanges…were up in arms at the repeal even before congress began repealing portions. how many were still w/o adequate health care in the past few years? insurance ain't health care, of course.

              but maybe as mr. salame says: herr T will do him some negotiatin', though it's hard to imagine it would be for the peoples' benefit.

        • and again: where are my not-barbarian manners, thd? thanks for the interpretative cliffs notes on pepe’s piece: they’re g-rrrrr-eat!

  4. Here’s my last post for awhile; I put it at Ian’s place first.

    Just to be clear; I no longer care who is the president of the U.S.; they’re all the same pieces of shit; same shit, different year. As a commentor I’m going into sleep mode, to get away from the insane bull shit. Actually, for the life of me, I can no longer remember my reason for commenting in the first place…
    That said; for entertainment value Trump is hard to beat; he told CNN directly they’re fake news and wouldn’t take a question from their reporter. That counts for him.
    Cheers WD and all…

    • can’t blame you one iota, v arnold. enjoy your sleep mode; we’ll likely be here when you feel like pokin’ your head up now and again. but you have me considering why i chose to begin blogging, moving to various sites, tra la la, and how much any of it changed opinions…or just gave others a place to vent and or discuss.

      in the end, it’s always been the issues, not the horse race for me. but this horse race has recently become so surreal that it’s been hard to stay away from. best to you and miz arnold in your hermitage.

    • and where in the world of carmen sandiego were my manners v arnold? thanks for being here and for the links and tips and clues you’ve provided.

      best heart,

      • Thanks, and you’re very welcome. It’s nice to know I’m accepted with some value.
        I have a lot to do for personal house keeping and mental health.
        You have a very warm/welcoming site which has value not often found these days.
        My very best to you and Mr. WD; live well and full…

        • thank you for your warm wishes, and i return them. we’re doing the best we can under kinda trying circumstances right now. ;-) my guess is given your having brought us thai shadow play art, you’ll love Pepe Escobar’s Jan. 11 Cosmic possibility-dreaming: (balinese) ‘Shadow Play: The New Great Game in Eurasia’ that i used a bit on my current ‘coming war w/ china’ diary.

          ‘accepted w/ some value’ made me smile.


  5. Wendy,
    Like you, I too have been attracted to the issues and not the horse race, especially, when Obama ripped off my rhetorical flourish for the “long game.”

    And yet, this week, I begin my 18th year of writing a column for the Chicano Veterans Organization, Thus, my addiction for the written word! However, were I to write Obama’s “legacy”, I would label it with this starter: “The Genius that is found in the rhetorical flourish for ‘An Easy Effort.'” Therefore, all of us here at the Café, would easily qualify. As such, tenacious is as tenacious does!


    • i’d always thought that ‘the long game’ was primarily seen in reference to china, and was part of various chinese philosophical thought. xi xingping, however, seems to have vacated that to a certain extent in the south china sea and finding new partners in the attempts to create a multi-polar world. but that’s a longer story that i thought i might bring soon-ish.

      what do you mean here, jaango?..”…Obama’s “legacy”, I would label it with this starter: “The Genius that is found in the rhetorical flourish for ‘An Easy Effort.’” i’d have said off the top of my head that his reign was a con from day one. ;-)

  6. In response, I have this innate ability to refuse to eliminate his “telling success” that comes with Executive Actions and not on what legislation has been passed into Public Law. Therefore, Trump will announce his rejection of Obama’s executive actions, and it span across all agencies.


  7. Obama has been a Neo-liberal or Center-Right Democrat. His first two years, he had free rein, and yet, spent most of his time repairing GWBush’s Second Depression, and thusly, neglected the bigger items that should have been addressed. And for the past six years, he’s been fighting the conservative Republicans married to Wall Street. Consequently, nothing occurred other than the rhetorical “populist” became a matter of competition between Democrats and Republicans. To wit, Clinton’s loss, as well.


    • maybe i shouldn’t have asked, and given this, you may want to modify your belief: from ‘wallstreetonparade’: ‘Financial Crash Analysis: $22.6 Billion in Homeowner Relief; $7.8 Trillion to Four Wall Street Banks’

      “As Goldman Sachs guys prepare to take the reins of power in Washington under the Trump administration, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) provided a tragic reminder on Monday regarding the power of the U.S. citizen versus their Wall Street overlords. The GAO released a study showing that as of October 31, 2016, the government “had disbursed $22.6 billion (60 percent) of the $37.51 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds” that were directed at helping distressed homeowners as a result of the 2008 Wall Street financial crash and the resulting housing bust.

      Those paltry billions stand in stark contrast to the $7.8 trillion in near-zero interest loans that the Federal Reserve secretly funneled to just four Wall Street banks from 2007 to 2010. The Fed funneled $2.5 trillion to Citigroup; $2 trillion to Morgan Stanley; $1.9 trillion to Merrill Lynch; and $1.3 trillion to Bank of America. The total amount that the Fed secretly loaned to both U.S. and foreign banks came to $16.1 trillion. (See the chart below from the 2011 GAO report for the full list of bailed out banks.)”

      that was Obama’s fed chair, helicopter ben bernanke (before yellen), and O’s TARP. bush’s second depression was of course designed by bill clinton, then failed to be ‘fixed’ under obama. the upward wealth transfer has been obscene under obama’s rule. yeah, i have the figures on some word doc or other, but i won’t take the time to look it up, okay?

      just got horrific news from our daughter, and my energy is depleted for tonight.

  8. prediction: Trump will veto the overturning of ACA. he’ll hem & haw around about making it better. and say it’s too disruptive to overturn.

    why? well, money of course. but to bring the idiotic liberals back into the fold. it’s the kind of cheap gesture that will also allow the NPR crowd to crow about how great Obama was, after all, so great that even Trump has seen the light.

    wanna bet?

    • i love it! you heard it here first from jason, peeps! but at first i’d wondered if mr. salame had been ‘softening the landing’ for that, and wondered if the op-ed were out and about. instead i got hits on gruber, great fun:

      Gruber, oct 2016: Trump’s Health Policy Is ‘Garbage Salad’

      “After Donald Trump brought up MIT economist Jonathan Gruber in Sunday night’s debate, the title of the piece. but his is too funny for words, and was the first hit i’d gotten poking about:

      “Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, was said — he said it was a great lie, it was a big lie. President Obama said you keep your doctor, you keep your plan. The whole thing was a fraud, and it doesn’t work,” Trump said.
      Trump was apparently referring to Gruber’s 2014 comments in which he said the “stupidity of the American voter” was critical to getting the health care law passed.”

      except the wapo had it this way: “The month before he was hired, Gruber had appeared at a health-care policy conference in Pennsylvania, where he credited “the stupidity of the American voter” with helping pass the Affordable Care Act.”

      zo…which is it?

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