holy hell! neil is ann gorsuch’s son!

This is a bit of a place-holder for a later (as yet unfinished) Part II concerning the potential for an aniticapitlist revolutionary movement; it’s Mr. wd’s birthday this weekend, and there are a few things I’d like to make for him. 

Oh, my; how serendipitous this.  My two-bit brain kept thinking ‘Ann Gorsuch’ when I’d read ‘Neil Gorsuch’, but was too lazy to even check out why.  Now I know, thank the gods and goddesses.  Now depending how many years you’ve been kickin’ around the planet, and if you’d been paying attention to the de facto murder attempts on the ecology movement under Reagan…this may not be new, but what a flash from the past!  Now Mr. wd and I were Whole Earth Catalog hippies at the time, as well as mountain trekkers, so we paid as much attention as we able, all by…newspaper and magazine.  Remember them things?  Later when we moved to SW Colorado, we added canyon trekking to our lives, and we part of a large environmental movement in our county.  Our wilderness-specific group had one main enemy: Gale Norton.  But of course there were others… So some of these names and attendant hideous assaults on the planet are not only fascinating, but put our likely future under Republican eco-assault into perspective.

Let me say straightaway that some of the names were unfamiliar, as were some of their collective deeds.

From Jeffrey St. Clair’s ‘Roaming Charges: Toxic Mom: the Short, Terrible Career of Ann Gorsuch’ February 3, 2017

He’s pasted in a longish excerpt from Heatstroke: Earth on the Brink by Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank, forthcoming this spring from CounterPunch Books.  A couple bits and bobs that follow their narrative of the early eco-groups at the beginning is fascinating, then later their cynical cooptation by finance capital NGOs, and mega reversals of environmental policy under Reagan, then later.

“That bright afternoon on the Mall was the last light that shone on the DC-centered green movment. In a decade and a half of Reagan, Bush and Clinton, the environmental corps in DC ripened into a complacent putty. The corporate counter-attack on greens began in the West with the rise of the Sagebrush Rebels, an amalgam of ranchers, corporate executives, free-market economists and rightwing politicians who decried environmentalism as socialism-by-another-name and as a backdoor assault on property rights.

The Sagebrush Rebels were largely ignored until the election of Ronald Reagan, who bowed to the enthusiasms of Joseph Coors?the leading money dispenser of the far right and owner of substantial mineral claims on federal lands?and selected a suite of Sagebrush leaders to fill important posts in his administration. These Reagan rebels, headed by James Watt (who ran Coors’ Mountain States Legal Foundation) and Anne Gorsuch, called themselves “the Crazies on the Hill.”

Watt, a millennialist Christian and rabid anti-communist, was given the Department of the Interior, which oversees nearly 500 million acres of public land.  He proclaimed he would make the “bureaucracy yield to my blows” and got off to a fast start. Within a matter of months, Watt proposed the sale of 30 million acres of public lands to private companies, gave away billions of dollars worth of publicly owned coal resources, fought to permit corporations to manage national parks, refused to enforce the nation’s strip mining laws, offered up the Outer Continental Shelf oil reserves to exploration and drilling, ignored the Endangered Species Act, and purged the Interior Department of any employee who objected to his agenda.

Watt defended his actions on religious grounds, arguing that conservation of resources for future generations amounted to a waste of “God’s gift to mankind.”

“I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns,” Watt warned. Use it or lose it.” [snip]

“Over at the Environmental Protection Agency, Watt’s counterpart was Anne Gorsuch, a rough-hewn and ignorant Colorado legislator. Gorsuch, who later married Robert Burford, the rancher and mining engineer Watt selected to run the Bureau of Land Management, surrounded herself with advisers from the pollution lobby, including lawyers from General Motors, Exxon and DuPont. Her objective was to cripple environmental laws passed in the 1970s which, she argued, had created an “overburden” of regulations that had “stifled economic growth.”

To lead the toxic waste division of the EPA Gorsuch chose Rita Levelle, a public relations executive with the Aerojet General Corporation, a defense contractor with potentially vast hazardous waste liabilities. At her appointment many of the EPA’s top scientists and administrators promptly quit.

Gorsuch and Levelle left a miasma of suspended regulations, secret meetings with industry lobbyists, waived fines and suppressed recommendations of angency scientists. In one piquant case, Levelle refused?at the request of Joseph Coors?to enforce new rules that prohibited dumping liquid hazardous waste into community landfills. Coors’s breweries disposed of millions of gallons of such waste near Denver.”  (the rest is here)

One of his Roaming Charges concerned scotus nominee Neil, and he cites:

“+ A cursory review of Gorsuch’s opinions from the appellate bench suggest that he may circulate in a judicial orbit even farther out than his dead idol Antonin Scalia. One particular case, Porro vs. Barnes, tells the tale for me.”, explains the case, and at the end notes:

“But Gorsuch rejected Porro’s claim, saying the sheriff and the county could not be held accountable for the crimes committed by their employees. This will come as a welcome relief to the generals and CIA officers, like new Deputy Director Gina Haspel, slated to supervise the torturers at those black sites Trump is so eager to reopen.”  (she’d supervised a black torture site under Bush; it may be an NYT link, and I don’t want to use up another free hit looking again.)

On edit; here’s her gruesome history at Telesur.

Now Herr Trump has noted he fancies himself a bit of Teddy Roosevelt as far as loving the great outdoors, and I hope there’s at least part of him that might cause him to protect at least the nation’s public lands by veto.  Guess we’ll see soon enough.

10 responses to “holy hell! neil is ann gorsuch’s son!

  1. Thank you for seeing the nickel drop.

    So Trump intends to ensure that his dismantling of legislation sticks by stacking his court to stick it.

    • looks like it. jason chaffetz pulled his 3 million acre bill, left another ugly one, and orin the hatchet has a ‘we ♥ the bundys; local po-po only’ one goin’. but dayum, it was bad to see b at moa defending trumpeter’s seal team 6 civilian killings, including narwa al-awlaki. sure, obama gave him the program, and many other ugly ones, but this is on trump.

  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea to put much hope in Mr. Tinyhands love for the great outdoors. A golf course, sure, that’s nature. But a NY real estate developer concerned with conservation? You were kidding, right?

    • ach, i wish i’d been kidding altogether, doug, but hope (that new four-letter-word given uber-toxicity by obama) can sometimes spring infernal.

      i loved ‘a golf course is nature, sure..’, but imagine tricky dicky givin’ a crap about eco-ideas. sometimes even the worst assholes see some virtue in the natural world’s public lands. but yeah, i’m a fool, and while trudeau is obama, fucking over canada and the first nations people, at least he does it with his handsome face smiling… and he’ll no doubt approve the northern gateway soon enough.

      did chaffetz really withdraw his bill cuz: widespread anglers and hunters angst? or for some other reason? see how i yam? goddess forgive me.. ;-)

    • lol. i’d meant to add that mebbe he’d flown thru the grand canyon once, and had said: “man, this is one bigly place! mebbe it should keep bein’ bigly?” but by now, mebbe there’s a par 27 course at a resort on the floor of the canyon?

  3. I just saw something I must pass on. “Orange Julius”

    • Caesarean Sectionalist.

    • ha! orange julius cheezer. jason had said earlier close to “sure, wd; he’ll build a casino at the bottom of the grand canyon”. yeah, but given his massive ego, i’d reckoned he just might want to be a TR in one of the good ways… oh, well.

      to davidly: yikers! ;-)

  4. Fergot premier Sagebrusher Cheney, also at inaugural https://static01.nyt.com/images/2017/01/20/us/20170121-Inaugural-slide-MXFZ/20170121-Inaugural-slide-MXFZ-superJumbo.jpg ; who was followed by Dam Watt, Gut Gorsuch und Corps Gianelli (and his FL mouthpiece, Lloyd Piker), ardently opposed by US conscientious federal Public SERVANTS back in the actual day of possible environmental law enforcement; over 3 decades of alternative lip service, up to Barry-0.And as far as Our premier national park’s concerned; yeppers, even teh indigenous’ gots schizophrenic capitalize-on-nature plans :

    • yeah, that photo deserves a caption contest, arrrgh. that nat’l geo was from 2014, so i poked around a bit. their official website’s most recent propaganda is from 2016 doing the “people say that protestors are being paid to protest”, yada, yada. the official grand canyon trust, one org fighting it doesn’t have much recent either, but ooof: the photo!

      yep, hopi creation stories consider the confluence to be exactly where the first peaceful people came out of the underworld (we’re now in the fourth world), and led to the kiva being at the core of hopi spiritual practice (zuni, too). best times i ever had among people were w/ the hopi and zuni.

      russell begaye was elected prez of the dinéh in 2015; wonder what he’s about concerning the hideous project. tramways? hotels? so many compradors, so little time, yes? with 110 chapter houses in the navao nation, they must be hard to wrangle into submission. for decades, they resisted casinos, now, iirc, they’re aplenty.

      i finished mr wd’s birthirthithday (owl) gift, and is he gonna love it. i’d dried small, thin, terminal branches of wine-colored chokecherry, green quakie, maple leaves of every color, cannabis leaves, and made an arrangement in an antique brass oval dish on claw feet. yummie, it’s scrumptious. don’t tell him, though, okay? shhhhhhhh. ;-) and he wants falafel and hummus wraps for his dinner.

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