Catching up with Standing Rock; Update: protectors report that drilling has begun

I may have doubled up on a few things, especially the interviews with Jordan Chariton, tra la la.  The tweets will give hint as to what they contain so you can choose which to watch.

 From Ladonna Brave Bull Allard from ‘To save the water, we must break the cycle of colonial trauma’

“The police came to Last Child Camp in broad daylight, with armored vehicles and guns drawn, to rip our people from our land.  Many water protectors were on prayer walks and in ceremony. We watched from the top of the hill at Oceti Oyate Camp as the troops moved in against them. We sent our prayers to those innocent and brave warriors who came to stand with the people of Standing Rock, and to protect the sacred waters of Unci Maka (Mother Earth).

Then they came for our Sacred Stone Camp, the original spirit camp we built to lay our prayers and our water from the Dakota Access Pipeline.  But this time, they were accompanied by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council.  They had no warrant, but they forced their way onto my private land, my family’s land, where I grew up on the banks of the Cannonball River.  It was our own council members together with the Standing Rock Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the US Army Corps, all seeking to evict me from my homeland.

The world wants to stand with Standing Rock, but Standing Rock stands against us.  Chairman Dave Archambault threw our people to the dogs when he said the camps’ actions “…do not represent the tribe nor the original intent of the water protectors.”  He forgets that we at Sacred Stone Camp were the first to stand up for the water, and that we stand with all the camps who have joined our struggle.

This movement was started by the people, and led by our youth. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s decision to negotiate with the State and disown the people who came to fight for our water is what could ultimately be our downfall.  We have had many thousands of people ready to stand together in front of those machines.  The Indigenous nations of Turtle Island had united as never before.   But as division grows, it is very difficult to see a path forward.

I could not sleep last night, so I sat and made tobacco. There is something calming in working with red willow, sitting and thinking of those times with Grandma, who has been on my mind a lot. It is wintertime; this is supposed to be the time of stories and passing our history down to the young.

It was this time of year, a century and a half ago, when the “Long Knives” of the military forts and the Indian agents told the people they must either move to the reservations or die (known as the Sell or Starve, Act of February 28, 1877).

Historically, our people’s resistance has been repressed with bloody battles and massacres — but also by the hands of Indian collaborators. Our relatives did not see who the enemy was, because it was their own relatives who turned against them, enabled by the same kind of lies from the same kind of corporate media.   

Our traditional leaders were forced aside by the Indian Reorganization Act of 1936, when federal authorities forced the establishment of tribal councils on the reservations.  This is a colonial system of government with no basis in Lakota/Dakota/Nakota culture or teachings.  It is the same tactic they used with the Indian agents and the Hangs Around the Fort betrayals. They fabricate a leader that will allow them to take what they want from us.  The hunger for power can divide a people.

As everyone knows, there are many leaders to this movement, and yet there are none. This is a people’s movement; this is a movement for the water, not owned or controlled by anyone.

Like Red Cloud and Spotted Tail, and the other “agency” Lakota who so quickly surrendered our lands and way of life while thousands fought back alongside Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, today our tribal council has misunderstood what is really at stake.


This movement is not just about a pipeline.  We are not fighting for a reroute, or a better process in the white man’s courts.  We are fighting for our rights as the indigenous peoples of this land; we are fighting for our liberation, and the liberation of Unci Maka, Mother Earth.  We want every last oil and gas pipe removed from her body.  We want healing.  We want clean water.  We want to determine our own future.  

Each one of us is fighting for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and for our relatives who cannot speak or fight back. Imagine if we had stood together on October 27th, the day they pushed us out the Treaty Camp we built in the very path of the Black Snake — our most powerful position in this entire struggle. What if our own people had not negotiated away our power? What if our people had not opened the roads and then turned to march against us with outstretched arms, in line with the riot police and armored vehicles?  Why pass resolutions calling federal agents to attack our people and evict the camps as the drill digs beneath our sacred water? How powerful could we be if we agree to stand our ground on our treaty land where we have laid thousands of prayers?

Our ancestors did not abandon the Pȟežísla Wakpá (the Little Bighorn River), when we last unified the Oceti Sakowin and defended our land from the Seventh Calvary; we too must not abandon Mni Sose (the Missouri River). We must not sell our people’s blood, land, and water to uphold the dysfunction we live under now. We have no choice but to break the cycle of trauma so our future generations can have a better life. I believe it starts with the water and ends with the water.  Water is life. Will you stand with us?”

Her last missive reminded us that Hunkpapa Sioux holy man Sitting Bull was killed by his own people, as well.

In this interview with Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks, Chase Iron Eyes tells why some warrior water protectors set up the camp in the photo that was raided, and led to the arrest of 76 protectors.  They weren’t arraigned until the next day, so had had to stay in jail until they bonded out.

The story goes that they were descendants of Crazy Horse who had created a Last Child Warrior Society, and that they had collectively had a vision that they were to leave Oceti Sakowan, move to higher ground west of the camp.  It turned out they were on company land; Chase tried to speak to the po-po, was arrested, and charged with a Class C felony: inciting a riot, as was Vanessa Castle, the maximum penalty for which is five years in prison.  The other 74 were charged with trespassing and rioting.

Read below at Censored News how they were treated on the way to jail; it will make your blood boil.

Last Child Camp Warriors Released from Jail’, Feb. 4, CensoredNews

Below the video: “Live stream provided by Chase Iron Eyes…”In honor of the Last Child Warrior Society, the only such society created by Crazy Horse we are asking all frontliners in camp to come to the high ground west of the Oceti camps to put out a call for others to join this stand. It’s time brothers & sisters. Our conscience won’t let us back down. In the spirit of Crazy Horse. *song by Mercedes Terrance*…”

from what we’ve heard from ladonna and chase, this seems like crap to me:

but is this anything new, or just DLP dialing for dollars?

@ChaseIronEyes Feb 4  “I’m not the chief, the leader. I’m just drawing the line. You all need to look within and find where you draw your line. I’m ready.”

@ChaseIronEyes Feb 5  “I am not perfect. I’ve been here before. I’ve been to prison. I’ve been to the bottom. I’ve been to law school. I walk without fear.”

@ChaseIronEyes Feb 5  “I want to walk with compassion. I’m thankful Wakan Tanka grants me the strength to take risks. I must earn my name, I must earn honors.”

@ChaseIronEyes Feb 5  “I wish to be invited to the lodges of the Tokalas & StrongHearts when I get to the star camps.”

Hoka hey, Chase Iron Eyes.

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  1. well, holy hell and hoka hey; things are about to get dicey: minutes ago

    abc this week:

    ” The Army Corps of Engineers told Congress it intends to grant an easement to allow for the completion of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), according to a statement from the Army.

    The pipeline has become a focal point of protests against the final stage of the project, which is opposed by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, stemming from fears of damage to Lake Oahe, next to their reservation.

    “Today’s announcement will allow for the final step, which is granting of the easement,” said Robert Speer, acting Secretary of the Army. “Once that it done, we will have completed all the tasks in the Presidential Memorandum of January 24, 2017.”

    Speer said the decision was made based on a sufficient amount of information already available which supported approval to grant the easement request and as a result, made the choice to terminate the notice of intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.” (the ugly rest is here.)

    none of the Twitter hashtags seem to have seen the news yet. mr. wd just reminded me of this poignant song; thanks, nanci. “…and they thank the lord for the land that they live in…where the white man does as he pleases…”

    h/t ché pasa: ‘‘Fierce Resistance’ Promised after Dakota Access Approved’
    included is a video statement from chase iron eyes who’s in kamloops, bc, looking for solidarity. among other things, he says that ‘three contingents’ if i heard right, will be coming to the camps. i’d checked, and michael wood,, had received $170 grand to come “just in case” or something. so i hope they’re saddling their ponies, and are about ride out to ‘protect the water’.


    “The Indigenous Coalition at Standing Rock is calling for February 8th to be an international day of emergency actions to disrupt business as usual and unleash a global intersectional resistance to fossil fuels and fascism. Connect with other struggles. Think long-term movement building. We are in this for the long haul.
    The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has consistently asked for people to go home, and we understand this. Regardless, water protectors remain on the ground at the Sacred Stone Camp, determined to stop the black snake, and we support them. If you go, expect police violence, mass arrests, felony charges for just about anything, abuse while in custody, targeted persecution and racial profiling while driving around the area, etc.
    We are calling for emergency actions all over the world. PLEASE, THIS IS OUR LAST STAND. Please visit to find or register an action wherever you are. Check out our world action map to join the mass distributed actions TOMORROW, February 8th.
    Please also donate to the legal defense of water protectors who will be facing intensifying repression.”
    (the rest is here)

    3 hrs ago:

  2. Hi Wendy, thanks for this post. Been following the events at Standing Rock for some months now. Quite a few activists from Salt Lake, many whom I’ve known for years and some whom I’ve only recently met, have spent varying periods of time there; some have been there multiple times. I was there Dec 3rd – 7th with fellow veterans, spent my birthday there in the blizzard, left late on the 7th with two lady activist passengers & headed back to Salt Lake. Was glad to be there and to help in various ways. The various native tribal members in camp were welcoming and friendly, and I met hundreds of kindred spirits and made some new friends. The veterans’ presence there I feel helped get the cops to back off. I personally wanted to confront their hateful eyes at the bridge, however after I got home I read that there may have been backroom dealing going on, and the tribal leadership seemed to be putting out mixed messages. Now it appears that the vets may be are needed there again. VeteransStand is calling for volunteers. We shall see what develops.

    • ah, pasta; how wonderful that you went to be a protector! i’m not a little envious, to say the truth. how wonderful to hear that you met kindred spirits and made new friends, as well. some blizzard it was, my stars. i do think you’re right that the vets being there backed off the po-po, but no, we’ll never know what deals were struck among obama, the corps, and archambault. to say that he is putting out mixed messages is a polite way of saying it. ladonna in the call above was more circumspect, but some of the most dedicated protectors have been pissed. ‘why did you take the # million given to the camps, dave? what expenses are you claiming? oh, well…’

      yes to the call for vets, and they’re still asking for money, and they’ve gotten close to $185 grand already. michael wood says they have an advance team there already, fwiw. but this really bugged me; see what you think. dave was on democracy now (as were dallas goldtooth and chase iron eyes this a.m.) from deecee. he made these statements:

      “I had a meeting set up with Intergovernmental Affairs, William Kirkland. As soon as I landed, I got notice. And it was just disheartening. I just canceled my meeting with the White House, because, obviously, they’re not willing to listen. They don’t want to hear from the tribe, which is unfortunate. And this is something that we were so thankful that the previous administration at least took time and looked at all angles and all perspectives of this argument.”


      “Well, they don’t have the easement yet, Amy. And if they’re going to get the easement, I would wait to see whether or not the notice to Congress is going to be waived or not. So, every time something comes out in the news, it appears that people take it as definite. But we always stop and take a look. And we’re going to start working with the Congress and say, “Don’t waive the 14-day period. Give us time to inform Congress of what’s going on and what has happened.”

      given all this claims that the trump admin wouldn’t meet w/ him, why in hell didn’t he keep the meeting?

      i’d grabbed part of chase’s interview earlier (the one that’s in ché’s link, and hadn’t put it up. didn’t seem like anyone was interested, so i’m so glad you came, and with such a personal experience take. bless your heart, and i hope your family is well.

      oh, and this is the protectors’ legal team, not the lakota law project.

      this is the #risewithstandingrock hashtag.

  3. 6 p.m. MST:

  4. Who is William Kirkland? I can’t get a giggle on him.

    If the “intergovernmental affairs” refers to the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs, Valarie Jarrett is of course gone, but Anthony Scaramucci has not been confirmed and in place. That little staffing issue could have made Archambault’s visit irrelevant. No use talking to a temporary placeholder or someone giving the tribal council the brushoff. “President Trump signed the executive order today for the DAPL to get permits as rapidly as possible….. Now what was it you wanted an appointment for?”

    I’m reading Archambault as an indicator of the Fed pressures on tribal governments in general and not just Standing Rock. However, Standing Rock has had fractious politics in its tribal council–district parochialism, traditional inter-family squabbles, modernist-traditionalist splits, pro- and anti-AIM — all of it plays out complexly. And it seems very much like it was 40 years ago on that score. The main difference is that the Feds are going to be much less sympathetic now than 40 years ago.

    Politics is very much among people who know they will have to live a very long time with each other and have some courtesies and reconciliations in order to maintain those relationships from rupture. Writing off people is not so easy within that community culture. Overeading shifts of tone can exaggerate where the political splits actually are.

    As long as the drills are not drilling under the river, the water protectors have not lost. And each day delayed costs Energy Transfer Partners money and opportunity costs. And allows the external BDS movement to grow and exert pressure on the banks financing DAPL.

    The availability of outside-the-state legal counsel to represent the water protectors is welcome but runs into juries treating them as “outsiders”. But appeals will likely be better prepared. Failure to change venue from Morton County likely will be a key issue in appeals.

    I’m still of the opinion that LaDonna BraveBull Allard has the best sense of how to get this done. Archambault is trying to increase the tribal chairman’s institutional power by playing both sides. I find scant evidence that he will succeed.

    • this you said is likely very true, THD: ” Overeading shifts of tone can exaggerate where the political splits actually are.” and for the most part, all we have is typed words and video interviews to gauge by. i agree w/ you about ladonna, but i’d add chase iron eyes as well. when he’d noted that he wants to be able to join the takalas and stronghearts (both warrior societies of which crazy horse was a member) before creating his last last child society) when he gets to the star camps, it gave me the shivers and made my eyes brim w/ tears. wouldn’t it be great to hear the two of them talk and plan and imagine?

      where i disagree w/ you is that dave archambault was correct to not keep the meeting, even not knowing if kirkland replaced scaramucci when ir if this:

      “Anthony Scaramucci (born January 6, 1964) is an American entrepreneur, financier, political figure, and best-selling author.[1] On January 12, 2017, Scaramucci was named Assistant to President Donald Trump and Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs.[2] On January 31, 2017, however, Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus called Scaramucci “to tell him he should pull out of consideration,” according to Politico.”

      good point about the drilling, and there’s a lot of misinformation out and about, but:

      10 hrs:

    • i forgot to mention that there’s little news from the ground recently, at least on twitter. no news on the vets, no nothin’. but last night i was wondering aloud if this wouldn’t be the perfect time for jamming all cell service. those who do facebook might want to check there. even for this, i can’t bring myself to join. it’s nigh onto impossible to quit them….as i discovered the hard way long ago.

      • Seems more recent reporting (The Guardian) is that Archambault flew to DC for his meeting with the Trump administration. When he checked in with his contact, they told him that Trump had just issued the executive order permitting the drilling. That is how Trump treats those perceived as his enemies (Archambault was much closer to the Obama administration, for all the good that was worth). The reason for the meeting was moot and in a way that made it clear the contempt that Trump had for the tribal council at the very least.

        • yes, i’d seen that. plus sally jewel’s “this is outrageous!” statements. day late, gurlfriend.

          but thanks for checking facebook, a number of accounts, i assume? i just can’t find anything remotely live. it’s spooky. oh: come to that, it finally occurred to me that (duh) anyone at the camps would need to go to a land line to phone out any news, including if cell service had been jammed. i even checked the usual live-streamers, none of whom seem to be there.

          no one’s even given anything new to brenda norrell. odd bodkins, all of it. no news from the vets, either, pst yesterday’s: ‘we have a few folks on the ground’, stay tuned.

      • Nothing more recent than 23 hours ago on Facebook.

  5. the text is worth making visible, but it’s an image, not copyable. click for larger, i guess. thank you, tara houska, and all of the others at standing rock. mitakuye oyasin! i’m knackered; good night.

  6. I see no way the DAPL isn’t going to happen; since when did the U.S. government give a flying fuck about indigenous people?
    History has the easy answer; NEVER!!!
    The reality of the Trump presidency is coming fast and furious and the facts are horrendous.
    This will not end well; for the U.S., Russia, the ME, or China.
    There will be a scramble of the Eurasian alliance to come together; but war is inevitable, IMO.
    Trumps cabinet is an abomination, not seen since the Weirmacht.
    In a twisted sort of way; war may be a blessing in-disguise;
    the end of U.S. hegemon and at least the possibility of a new beginning…
    But the horror, the horror…

    • it’s hard to see what ‘stopping it’ might look like, but i reckon that in archambault’s mind it would be getting the full 14-day waiver, winning an eis in court, tra la la, but a chase has said many times, too many shouted “hurrah, we won!” when obama kicked the can down the road by saying hold on…do the full eis. other than that, to actually stop it, not even just reroute it, would take some sort of miracle, wouldn’t it? i reckon that may be what some of their most fervent prayers are about.

      if it comes to a physical confrontation, all i can see is that there will be martyrs… not much news about the vets arriving yet, so…i dunno.

      yes, fast and furious herr T is building his ship of billionaires for billionaires. heh; last night as we were preparing to sleep, i told mr. wd that all of a sudden i’d had this image of T in my mind, and simply reeled to truly grasp the enormity of…’this is the culminating face of the trajectory this nation has been on…’. i suppose it was seeing that sessions had been confirmed that finally did it, but the day before…it was devos (and yes, pence was thrilled he broke the tie). after reading some coverage of her abject and cavalierly clueless testimony during the hearings…i almost wept. but then i felt that way about arne duncan the dunce almost half as much.

      i have to agree that this almost had to happen, and as mr. wd wondered aloud again last night: “who will stop the imperium?”. who will die, and how, as the empire collapses is another question. but really, i’d been trying so hard not to get over-exercised until old yeller-hair started actually *doing things*. hard now, that is. some populist he is.

  7. It is hard to authenticate news these days, but a recent “scoop” about Trump’s call to Putin said that he put the New START treaty that Obama signed with Putin in jeopardy because (1) Trump doesn’t know what’s in that treaty and is not distracted to get briefed and (2) It was hailed as an Obama accomplishment.

    I’m hoping this is another case of poor reporting because it is scary to contemplate a guy destroying a nuclear arms reduction treaty that has been working just because he wants to make (and use?) things that make really big booms.

    Especially if the situation in Eurasia really argues for negotiating further nuclear arms reduction that include China, India, and Pakistan along with Russia and the US and then pulls in UK and France, leaving Iran without a program and Israel the odd nation out with the eyes of the world on it.

    Makes you want to find the Reagan aide who made him pull back from full nuclear disarmament with Gorbachev and ask him what he was thinking.

  8. This from the Freshet Collective by way of Facebook.
    “Relatives, federal agents are intensifying efforts to repress our movement. Just yesterday, the Department of Justice announced 4 more federal indictments allegedly connected to incidents on the day they cleared us from the 1851 treaty camp.

    We know a federal grand jury has been convened, and we know that grand juries have a long history of being used to target those in resistance to the state and engaged in political or revolutionary movements. The purpose of this grand jury and all grand juries that target revolutionary people and communities is to cause division, manufacture prisoners of war, create paranoia and suspicion amongst comrades. We will not be intimidated and resistance to this is only strengthening our resolve to kill this black snake and all the others.

    Water protectors stand in resistance to this grand jury and all tools of state repression, be it on the ground through Morton County’s violent tactics or in the shrouded secrecy of a grand jury courtroom.”

    More details here:

    Putting a federal grand jury in place would seem to be what a hostile administration would do. Trying to put a quick end to what could become a political struggle more than just a neat and tidy law enforcement issue.

    • i hadn’t known about “…the Reagan aide who made him pull back from full nuclear disarmament with Gorbachev and ask him what he was thinking.”

      thanks for digging that up; i’d seen a couple of the items, such as the judge ruling that the collective po-po were not using excessive violence, oh no. those dirty redskins. yeah, i reckon this administration will be more vengeful, but if O had had another year…mebbe not so much.

      i did see something at RT concerning three of sessions’ law-and-order executive orders yeller hair had announced, but the gist of it was that no text was release. mebbe they’ll announce them piecemeal on tweet longer? i did find this on jordan chariton’s account, but sigh, no link:

      mebbe AP has it; i’m too frazzled to hunt it down. re: our crisis w/ mr. wd’s surgery/no surgery, ‘”shut up, old man, and live w/ our schedule; i’m tryin’ to save your scurvy life!”

      what’s the difference between a heart surgeon and god?

      god doesn’t think he’s a heart surgeon.

    • a chilling companion piece to the freshet collective news:

      ‘Revealed: FBI terrorism task force investigating Standing Rock activists’;
      FBI representatives have contacted several ‘water protectors’, raising alarm that an indigenous-led movement is being construed as domestic terrorism, the guardian

  9. more chicanery/fukkery from morton county to prove ‘the health and safety issues for the EPA’s(???) bulldozing and disposal of mountains of toxic trash from the camps.

    February 8, 2017 By Kristie McDonald; ‘SHOCKING HYPOCRISY: Standing Rock ‘Environmental’ Protesters Leave Mountain of Toxic Garbage [VIDEO]’

    but mr. wd had mentioned this earlier:

    morton county illegally dumping garbage in standing rock camp’, brenda norrell

  10. First, Reagan/Gorbachev at Reykjavik:

    Second, Morton County news management. Those northern plains tiny county governments can engage in fukkery as good at anything the NYPD or CPD can do. Hauling in trash to make a show of taking it out to charge hypocrisy. I’m surprised they didn’t bring out their never-yet-been-used HAZMAT suits.

    Third, Cheyenne River is Standing Rock’s neighbor to the south. Starting to play a little tag-team with that indigenous unity?

    Fourth, of course they will move to charge terrorism of persistent protesters and resisters no matter how non-violent.

    Fifth, on God not thinking he’s a heart surgeon. Likely, God doesn’t fancy himself a proctologist Member of Congress either, but those seem to be the worst about their concern over “socialized medicine”. I’ve noticed the number of physicians in Congress who are non-practicing specialists and loony as they come. And for some reason wanting an end to malpractice tort claims. It does make one go “Hmmmmm.”

    • first: ‘God doesn’t fancy himself a proctologist Member of Congress either.’ ;-) malpractice tort claims: “they’re coming to take me away, ha ha.”

      oh, my, thanks for the archival material. tragic FUBAR stuff. poindexter, shulz, those names are flashes from the past.

      wonder how long it will take for the decision on the cheyenne suit? new haz-mat suits was a good un, too. but yes, fbi on the prowl. some détente between herr T and the fibbies, then?

      i just read an interesting piece by jeffrey st. clair narrating some scenarios that proved again to him that T’s inner weakling enjoys smashing little flies best. can’t wait to see the text of his new police state orders.

      i’ve just written back to brenda norrell to clarify a few things she’d emailed back to me, in some ways related to this 3 hrs ago, no date on the retweet or whatever ya call it. but she said he has been in contact w/ a few folks at the camps, no news. meaning by cell? i’d asked.

      on edit: the subtweet does have a date: feb. 2:

      i’ve long wondered why are the bds calls are about wells fargo, and was glad to see this list finally:

      • Thanks. Not sure about what EPA in the camps means concretely–water? air? solid waste? Not some other EPA than what I’m thinking of, is it?

        Prairie Knights Casino in Fort Yates would intercept travelers from the south. The Morton County Sheriff’s operation would intercept travelers from the north.

        Wonder what the grounds for arrests are. Sure seems like some extraordinary powers are going down.

        • thanks for the geographic locations. but ‘epa’ must be hand in glove with part of the ‘Shocking Hypocrisy!’ link above was from ‘the conservative treehouse’:

          “Defeated by Trump, the various ‘resist-we-much‘ environmental groups who were protesting the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota have given up and gone home.
          However, in their wake, the EPA is now involved as part of a massive clean-up operation to remove over 50 tons of toxic waste and garbage they left behind.”, no? talk about contrived, my stars. but if it’s so, i’ve seen no other news of *anything* from the ground save for that from VS, so i sent it to brenda norrell, and haven’t heard back.

          i think someone asked in a subtweet ‘on what grounds’, no answer then, save for ‘dunno, we’re tracking’. baffling stuff.

          on edit: i guess i’d say that brenda had mentioned some of VS’s dirty laundry.

  11. Another FB report says that people who were there a month or so ago are drifting back into camp and that there are still around 500 at Oceti Sacowin. Also saying the rumor is that something is coming down from the Feds on the 20th or 22nd. Mmmm, that would be President’s Day, wouldn’t it? Don’t the po-pos get some family time anymore?

    • i’m pretty sure i’ve read the feb. 22 date for a total clearout. but funny on the po-pos not getting family time any more. ;-) and oh, how they howl about being over-tired and underpaid! but clearly many enjoy what seems to be ‘their work’.

      but here’s a new wrinkle, as a second group of vets has formed under a navy vet, seemingly having to to do w/ some of that (cough) dirty laundry.

      ‘Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police’;
      A growing group of military veterans are willing to put their bodies between Native American activists and the police trying to remove them

      “But the presence of vets was not without controversy. Some said the groups were disorganized and unprepared to camp in harsh winter conditions, and others lamented that they weren’t following the directions of the Native Americans leading the movement.

      Vets with post-traumatic stress disorder also suffered in the cold and chaotic environment without proper support, said Matthew Crane, a US Navy veteran who is helping coordinate a return group with the organization VeteransRespond. His group has vowed to be self-sufficient and help the activists, who call themselves “water protectors”, with a wide range of services, including clean up efforts, kitchen duties, medical support and, if needed, protection from police.” the guardian, today the group is, sigh, on facebook, dammit.

      which group’s or person’s facebooks are you reading?

      • That was from a friend on FB that I have reason from experience to consider independent and credible.

        The value of the vets is to the cause the militarize police to hesitate in their usual paramilitary tactics. Good that the PTSD-culture shock has caused some reflection of how better to be an ally.

        Important today is the Indigenous Summit in Minnesota that Winona LaDuke and others were at. Apparently LaDonna Brave Bull Allard gave a kick-ass vision of how to expand the water protectors into actually delivering renewables for communities. Interested to see what she said.

        It occurred to me that the executive order that allowed the black snake burrowing under the Missouri River also likely revived the dead black snake threatening the wild rice fields of northeaster Minnesota.

        • i wasn’t trying to cast aspersions, amigo; i just wondered if it were from someone in the cannonball/standing rock area, esp. any of the most familiar names. ;-) and yes, i do realize the value of the vets. and i’m glad if they are taking more cultural advice from the indigenous.

          it will be nice to see what occurred at the summit; more and more water protectors are taking action at the sites of their local rivers and lakes; it’s actually become a serious movement. i had a list, but it’s likely already expanded by now.

  12. breaking: ‘Judge rejects Standing Rock request to block Dakota Access pipeline drilling’; Tribes lost a challenge of the president’s decision to speed approvals for the last stretch of the $3.7bn pipeline under the Missouri river in North Dakota’, the guardian

    Dave archambault: ‘all those induns hate me!’, the guardian

    Winona LaDuke on New Ways to Keep Pipelines Out of the Great Lakes’; The surge of formal opposition to tar sands and fracked oil pipelines shows how Standing Rock resistance has emboldened Great Lakes tribes., yes magazine

    on morning edit:

    well sure they’re being targeted, but this?
    “Officers in North Dakota and South Dakota have pulled over and searched at least four veterans on their way to the camps at Standing Rock in recent days, charging two of them for medical cannabis. Police confiscated one veteran’s car and also seized what officials called “protester gear”, which included camping supplies.” the guardian

    the rules were to have been: no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons. i suppose they might not consider cannabis as ‘a drug’, but did they allow the po-pos to search their cars? the water protector attorneys and NLG might have their hands full on these charges.

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