#NativeNationsRise in DeeCee (earlier today)

(Yeah, I know…who paid for all their travel expenses to DeeCee?  George Soros?   350.org?  For now, who cares?  It’s a gorgeous event.)

RT has videos.

Censored News: ‘Standing Rock Tribe  Bulldozed School at Sacred Stone Camp‘, with heart-rending quotes from Ladonna Brave Bull Allard.

39 responses to “#NativeNationsRise in DeeCee (earlier today)

  1. RL stuff led me to be completely unaware of this today. too bad. tomorrow?

    • shoot, i knew the date and completely forgot this was ‘that’ day. brain duds r me. thank goodness i’d clicked into telesur; they reminded me. i reckon it’s just today. hope you’re well, or well enough, anyway.

  2. I caught a bit of Max Keiser’s show today, a segment on the coming explosion of automation. Unemployment won’t just be for philosophy majors any more.

    Superfluity will be wiped out. it’s coming. it’s inevitable under capitalism.

    alas for the natives but they are precursors to us all.

    for Babylon have fallen all the slain of the earth – Jeremiah 51

    (Disney goes gay! I hope Foucault is vomiting in his grave right now. I think the gang at wsws et al may be right: sexual transgression, alterity from hetero-normativity, will be, is, just another consumer lifestyle choice. or so they would have it. gah. i’m sure a lot of academic ink will be spilled over the “mainstreaming” of gayness in the culture industry. that’ll show ’em.)

    • ha; i’ll have to go read it, assuming it’s from today? but…more later. i’m kinda outta time for now.

    • before i get on w/ a few chores, i’d almost put this into one thread or another recently, but nixed in the end. when i poked around for more articles on the vaunted summit, all i found were at gulf news.com or some such. but you’ll love it.

      from march 2: “The World Government Summit 2017 just wound down in the UAE. Before all was said and done the globalists revealed a stunning agenda of big government, neo-socialist ideals, and even social engineering. The failed and failing institutions we’ve seen destroying our economies, values and millions of people’s lives is audacious as ever. Here’s some short takes from the conference.

      When billionaire Elon Musk took the stage in Dubai, the thousands gathered to absorb the greater glory of elites assembled there crooned at his prophesies of humans merging with machines. The engineers of the new liberal empire seek to engineer it all you see. But Elon Musk was the most reasonable and pragmatic of the business leaders assembled, I assure you. Of course Musk was there seeking funding and PR for his developing technologies, but his ideas on universal incomes and truly “sustainable” projects are stunningly logical, especially compared with other ideals expressed. In contrast, Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos, told attendees that governments should promote his vision! Yes, Schwab said the world needs a global regulatory regime, and he went on to say:
      “The role of governments in shaping the future of their citizens has never been as important as it is today.”

      UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave a keynote speech that was chilling in its tone and ultimate meaning. Guterres told delegates; “national independence was a relic of the past”, and that lack of trust in national leadership requires a global institution to handle all our issues. He said; “We need global responses, and global responses need multilateral institutions able to play their role.”

      In a most bizarre moment of the conference, IMF Christine Lagarde heaped praised His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Dubai’s “efforts to thrust the wellbeing and happiness of people at the center of the global debate”. Isn’t it rich when the world’s richest and most powerful bankers and financiers care so much for the waking world? Excuse my cynicism, but we always knew banks just wanted us to be elated, euphoric, happy beyond measure! Good God. Lagarde had the unmitigated and shameless audacity to pour praise on one of the most repressive regimes in the world:

      “The fact that there is willingness to openly discuss even the most difficult issues, and the fact that the well-being and happiness of people is right at the centre of this debate is very good.”


      • the UN Gen Sec thinks we need a global institution to blah blah blah? get outta here. that Elon Musk’s faith is in trans-humanism is not in the least surprising. i’m sure he’ll invest a trillion or whatev to cyber up the cerebrum. for the future. as for now? screw it. Lagarde tongue bathes her hosts? well, that’s the route to success, ain’t it? (hard for me to give too much of a care about the demise of the authority of the nation-state, whatever that means.)

        it’s funny you posted this, though. in the bit I caught of Max K, he mentioned that the future belongs to “cyber-avatars”. but these cybernauts will have the same questions we all do: who made me? why am I here? what does it all mean? like the replicants in “Blade Runner.” I seriously doubt we’ll survive long enough for any of this, or that consciousness & identity are what these Omega Men think they are, but I like Max’s point.

        One obvious thing he & all these techno-fetishists fail to realize is that human beings look to the dead for so many things, incl. some rudimentary guidance. if we (non-proles, that is; the brights, the uppers), to whatever degree, can just up/download our “selves” (ugh. will NSA have access? Google?), why should I give a shit about native American burial grounds? meat puppets are so early 21st century!

        as much as I am annoyed by agreeing w/Jay Dyer, cuz he’s such an idiot in some major ways, and a prick, he’s (& others) got some superb points about the “cyber-Gnosticism” of these trans-humanist assholes like Musk.
        it’s an anti-human, omni-cidal, nihilism. shall we escape history, its consequences, our own connection to the past from which we come, by flipping a switch? if so, i’m quite sure the flipped switch will be the one destroying all life on this planet, not some bullshit cyber-topia. in some ways, that would be more fair than a cheap huckster like Musk attaining some kind of digital “immortality.”

        • it’s entirely possible that you first introduced me to musk, and i’d had to hit da wiki. i might need to again, mah memory being so holey and all. i’ll see if we can get ‘blade runner’ as i read da wiki on it, as well, and reckon we should see it.

          what you’re saying keiser had posited reminds me of a great STNG episode in which Data was facing being disassembled by some cretin who wanted to study him and mass reproduce him. the questions jean luc (iirc) brought up as his attorney were somewhat similar: was he a sentient being, did he have rights, and would an army of warrior Datas have any human rights, and so on? and what did he believe about his own existence and singularity, as i remember it. i just read a headline that said the bots trying to ‘fix’ fukushima were…melting. yeah, that’s getting worse and worse, not better what.so.ever.

          • ugh. uh, thanks for the fukushima update? boy, I think The Who may have been right: better get on our knees and pray.

            in either the opera-api article or one of the many articles linked in that article, one commentator stated, no worries. scienticians have just genetically modified E coli to be completely radioactive resistant.

            maybe such gene therapy will be in pill form before we need to worry about it too much. don’t you feel better already? hope there’s enough E coli to go around for the kittens & lilacs & guppies, too. and who would want to live in a world w/o titmice? E coli modified titmice?

            the anthropocentrism of the techno-fetishist is really appalling.

            • this tweet from arnie gundersen has more of the tragic story:

              ““Now, another year has passed. Radiation continues to bleed into the Pacific Ocean. No one has discovered where the nuclear cores have disappeared to. The $400,000,000 “ice wall” continues to leak. Radiation invades almost everything in Fukushima Prefecture as well as communities in other prefectures that are considered ‘clean’, and residents are rightfully afraid to return home. Moreover, the cover-up continues, with the health effects from radiation being camouflaged as stress related illnesses thereby masking important scientific information. Nuclear corporations in Japan, in collusion with the Japanese government and banks, are still trying to recover their financial assets by attempting to restart old atomic power plants, even though a majority of Japanese want those nukes to stay closed.”

    • “I think the gang at wsws et al may be right: sexual transgression, alterity from hetero-normativity, will be, is, just another consumer lifestyle choice. or so they would have it. ”

      That seems to be a pillar of homophobic theology as well.

      • i’d be interested to hear a response; i went to wsws to see if i could read what it might have been about in context (disney?), didn’t find anything on that subject, but did find a new and disgusting diary.

        b’s thing at MOA equating a mother allowing her child henry to explore his/her gender equaling an ISIS beheader offended me greatly, and a few trans folks as well.

      • I wasn’t referring to a specific comment by wsws, but rather to sexual politics (in this regard, like racial politics) being coopted by the PTB, esp. the mules, when these issues are divorced from class analysis.

        • yes, it’s true that most don’t see the intersection of rabble class and race more clearly, it maybe true of gays as well. but in the night, i got tuck on ‘lifestyle choice (i never did look up the word ‘alterity), and remembered some what i’ve seen of those choices. however it happened, this small formerly cowboy/farming valley became some sort of haven for many gays and lesbians. over the years, i’ve been closer to gays, and mr. wd to lesbians…in the main.

          but what i learned as far as ‘choice’ were several things: first, that those who’d been honest w/ themselves as homosexuality were far more comfortable than those who kept up pretenses even to the point of hetero-relationships and marriage that just couldn’t really work in the end, and maybe late in life acknowledged who they’d always been since childhood, and at long last…went for the love they denied themselves for so long. and sure, it must have been a wretched decision back in the day, yes? how many openly gay and lesbians were vilified even to the point of murder?

          second, even among the out-of-the-closet gays here, there seemed to be a gamut of choices as to physical presentation. my closest gay friend was the mayor of mancos for several terms, and was comfortable enough to wear dark nail polish and sport long ringlets. some lesbians sport crew-cuts, although i reckon that to be one of the more hideous cuts ever. ;-)

          in fact, the most recent mayor before the current one was a lesbian i walked door to door with to help her get elected to the town board…waaaaaay back. an odd sort of live and let live here, save for occasional assholes. to the extent that they’re a community, their gender politics aren’t monolithic, and schisms have developed over that. choices like whether lesbians should be snogging en masse at a musical event, or stirring up ruckuses in letters to the editor, a in: high profile, low profile.

          all in all, it seems that young folks now simply don’t care about the issue, and i really do like that. the secret lives were hideous, from what i’ve been told. oh, not a choice, but interesting to me nonetheless: my friends were rather divided as to whether there was such a thing as bisexuality, so i have to remain agnostic on that.

          • but Disney is to cultural discourse as Steel Reserve malt liquor is to beer.

            the “mainstreaming” of gay culture via Disney is not unambiguously good. not by a long stretch. they could have come out w/gay characters a long time ago. or made movies like, “boys don’t cry” (even on their touchstone label). nope.

            but now gay kids get to see someone “like themselves” live out the pernicious Disney fairy tale? and feel good about their place in the ever-expanding, always arcing toward justice, “American” dream? (but maybe this gay character won’t die horribly in the end, or turn out to be a serial killer? see, progress!)

            color me a bit skeptical about such hollow victories. the quanta of violence against gays will not decrease one iota b/c of anything Disney does. and why? b/c Disney is part of the mechanism of violent control in our society.

            and that ain’t going anywhere but up up up. for all of us.

            maybe my loathing of Disney is coloring my perception? maybe.

            • had you indicated what disney had to do with it? i vaguely remember putting a question mark on the disney word up yonder. the lightbulb goes on with commodification of gays. is it a movie cartoon? remember the dreck pocohantas as princess? and the line of barbie-figured dolls, of course.

              thanks for explaining. dunno about your D-loathing coloring your perceptions. was it jay’s analysis that showed you the disney, then?

  3. occasional café commenter nonquixote is also a local water protector in his WI neighborhood, and can get riled w/ the best of them. he’s one one of the Friends of Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront, and they had a big victory in court recently. woot! In part:

    “08 March 2017 Progress on Court’s Ruling
    Today the judge’s final ruling was signed. This makes clear the injunction on parcel 92 – that all or most of parcel 92, the historical granary dock, it is in the public trust. The injunction is subject to the normal DNR process of establishing the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) and whether any portion of parcel 92 near Maple St is determined to be above OHWM.

    Today also a Petition for Declaratory Ruling for normal OHWM determination on parcel 92 was delivered to the DNR. This is what the public have been asking for, for two years. The normal process should include a public hearing and opportunity for review. See the map at right showing parcel 92, along with the platted historical shorelines and the 1835 US government surveyed “meander line” approximation of shoreline using straight line segments.

    10 February 2017 A Win for our Community
    Fellow citizens, how wonderful it is to have protected public trust lands for the whole community and for future generations. City government, we hope to see you move forward, work with the recent judgment rather than against it, and be grateful for this protection of public lands along with us.

    Facts and law were both so clear that the judge ruled yesterday immediately after closing arguments.

    Written ruling to come in the next days. Meantime, this image explains: Parcel 92 was clearly all, or nearly all, artificially filled lakebed (the historical Teweles and Brandeis dock) held in the public trust and cannot be sold for private development.”

    the rest is here, maps, photos, the judge’s decision explained, etc.

  4. Thanks wendye,

    Not directly mentioned in the links is that right-wing state legislators backed this case against the Friends Group, quietly behind the scenes, with the hopes of weakening the state constitutional public trust doctrine protecting historic lakebed, and envisioning this as a precedent setting case for private real-estate developer interests that could be used around the entire state to infringe on shoreline for private profit at public expense again. The Judge was having none of that at all. Best to you and your readers.

    Peace and Resolve

    • so great to see you, amigo. and woot! again for protecting the water and winning what seems to have been a potentially landmark private power-grabbing case.

      cases like this will increase by an order of magnitude under this administration if what i’ve read so far about herr hair’s ‘trillions for infrastructure™’ scheme. thank you and your friends for being so ‘inconvenient’ and fighting the power!

      peace to you; but your resolve quotient needs no upping, eh? ;-)

      • Like the roots of the poplar 150 ft to the south and the roots of the stag-horn sumac over 100 ft to the north of my nearest raised garden bed, stretching underground to reach the moisture and nutrients available there, wasting nothing by surfacing anywhere in between. Now there’s resolve. Inch by inch…row by row. Best

  5. more good newz! human sperm is an endangered species. meh. women can get along w/o us.

    but I love krist-off’s recommendations: buy organic, more guv’t regs. don’t panic anyone krist-off by pointing out the obvious: these endocrine disruptors are in *everything* we make. shop whole foods & vote democrat.

    • odd how st. nick didn’t mention glyphosate as an endocrine disruptor, isn’t it? wouldn’t wanna call the EPA liars, now would we?

      even more true now, then: ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’. ;-)

      but really, infertility rates among couples in the u.s. have been going up for a couple decades at least.

      • yes. glyphosate my old friend…I’ve come to sup w/you again…
        a quick goog reveals:

        I already knew the “organic” status of stuff at T Joe’s & Whole Foods was suspect. and that long ago Whole Foods had gone soft on GMO’s. and T Joe’s proudly says on their cheese & milk “rBGH does a body good.” anybody spouting that BS can’t be *that* committed to “whole foods.”

        and the NYT published a similar report several months ago also about sperm. same disruption is happening in dogs. not “America’s” puppies! nobody noticed. too bad the rest of the mammals can’t get along w/o sperm factories.
        look where Disney’s bestiality & perversion has led to! Beauty & the what again? and the hyper-sexualization of Simba’s happily monogamous lioness girlfriend in the Lion King..and now this? is anyone surprised?!?!?

        i’m not sure where I heard the Disney thing. some laudatory BS on Disney’s “courage” on NPR? or somebody on facepalmspace lamenting Disney’s “social engineering”? “I used to be happy w/Disney’s hyper-fascist consumerist ethos. but then they had to go too far! what’s next? Uncle Remus coming out of the closet in a reboot of “Song of the South”??

        • and…”Bt cornflakes: the breakfast of champions!”

          but wait till all that radiation hits the food chain and water harder. that’ll thin down the population, too. won’t need no stinkin’ ‘one child policies’ for the poor. yeah, i shouldn’t read at one site; hard not to contribute a bit on some of the issues.

          i just bingled and found that disney’s ‘princes’ w/ openly gay princes never happened or something, although it’s not hard to find a graphic of it/them. but along the way i did see that harry potter’s Friend is starring in a new beauty and the beast, although i didn’t stop to see which part she’s playing.

          (paragraph erased in edit)

          don’t forget to set your clocks forward today…to the year 2525. and i just stuck an andre vltchek link about his recent travels around afghanistan at the end of ‘,moar war, endless war…’

          • yes, still getting email. I tried to provide another in fields below but then the program asked me to sign in??? and ate my comment.

            I read the andre vltchek on Afghanistan before. ugh. hard read. heroin addiction? wonder if Kabul is running out of coffins like WVa. for its o.d.-ing populace.

            Kabul, Baghdad, Mogadishu, Tripoli, Gaza city, Charleston, Chicago. welcome to the future.

  6. it wasn’t a fair question in any event; my apologies. consider it erased, and i’m sorry the software ate your comment w/ a different address. did you read the vltchek in on sitting? if so, ay yi yi. perhaps i’m just too…something or other.

    • no worries. didn’t lose anything.
      I need some moolah. maybe i’ll pull an alex jones thing & sell the story that the massive human sperm die off is part of the Soros/Gates/Musk funded transhumanist “I love the person 1st, not the genitals” metrosexual Monsanto plot to emasculate & feminize the species, while, in the process, killing most all of us. an unfortunate byproduct. i’m sure jay dyer would love it. right up there w/9-11 predictive programming. (lol. unfortunately, 911 was *everywhere* before 9/11. or were they getting us ready for 9/11/01 when 911 was picked the emergency number back in…man, think of what would have happened in the predictive programming sigil psycho-sphere if the turrists had picked 411…)

      yes, I read the vltchek in one sit. w/long pauses. to spit.

      • sounds great, but you’d need to come w/ a motive! of the economic or resource sort, i’d reckon. or both. somehow throw in the gates remote-controlled contraceptive biochip into the mix as proof™.

        what would 4/ll have brought, thickwit that i yam? ha. mebbe it shouldda been 4/15: taxman day. ooof, i’m gettin’ out in the weeds, since that day’s a comin’, and lord o lord, do those numbers and instructions dance in front of my crap eyes.

        • 411! information. the four one one. what do they dial for information on those newly-installed multi-party phone lines up there in your neck of the sticks in New Weevilville? you got some fancy new numbers you use? or do you just mash all the buttons w/your palm until the switchboard operator down at the local piggly wiggly answers? but what if you have a rotary? or do you just cross your fangers that the smoke signals from the house burning down sends the bucket brigade running?

          I know: like the commie metric system, 411 is not used everywhere. my car still gets 40 rods to the hogshead. and that’s the way it’ll stay, dammit.

          • ‘breaker breaker’ gimme the 411 on __, good buddy, over’

            long distance information, give me area code _, 555, 1212…. fook, here in weevilville we finally had to dial 5 digits, ‘stead o’ four a decade ago. bummed me out what w/ my crap math skills ‘n all.

            40 rods to the hogshead; here it’s either 91 or the sheriff dispatch office. want the no.?

      • that comment didn’t make sense. i’m having the unfortunate painful time of chatting w/awful family members while commenting.

        • note to self: comments should make sense. or should i just change the comment prompt to: ‘no registration required, no sense required’?

          gotta check in w/ my fried rice. does that make sense? oh, dear…prolly TMI….

          • ockham's stubbly razor

            I did have a point about Big Plots & Superhuman Conspiracies being partly BS. 9/11 predictive programming. major lol. maybe whatever tom Clancy novel(s) it was that had planes crashing into stuff was in on it! no one would have thought of it w/o some flatulent input from the deep state or whatev. ditto the fertility loss. Monsanto & co weren’t per se intending fertility loss, but now that it’s well in the works, you roll w/the world you’ve caused, not the one your adverts all proclaimed you were building. like the actual cardiac impact of acetameniphon, the imperative to make money above all started the process. of mendacity and whoever heard of, crab-like, going backwards?

            • dunno what predictive programming is, but…wasn’t one of the big deals about oxycontin that the makers said it was safe! safe! safe!? but then… on the flip side is the fact that hospitals were afraid to give patients opioids post-surgery, but then it turned out that using them didn’t turn out to cause addition, hence: some states passed ‘patients’ bill of rights’ laws. in CO that means, or meant: you have the right to be close to pain free.

              monsanto industry flacks show up on all sorts of online threads to defend gmo’s and glyphosate. i’ve had a few of those visitors back in the day.

              • predictive programming is attempts to accommodate people to the future, usually via pop culture. it’s not all BS. the cia-made movie “enemy of the state” is a good example. there is all kinds of “revelation of method” (NSA methods, lol. cia having fun making the nsa the bad guys.) in that movie, revelation for a mass audience. why? the movie also sets the acceptable parameters of debate: balancing privacy w/security. now some USAians were aware of efforts at mass spying by Unkie, but many were not, and most were not aware of the technologies revealed in that movie.

                why do this? well, this movie came out in…1999? and look at all the nsa water under the bridge since then.

                some of it is murky. Jason bourne super soldiers? Iron Man type soldiers? we all the DOD is very, very interested.

                but some people go off the deep end w/this stuff, e.g., looking for 9/11 predictions in stuff like the simpsons and the matrix. what’s a coincidence and what’s a conspiracy? who knows?!?!?!?

                • another film to put on the liberry-list, thanks. those producers were indeed hit-makers, weren’t they; teevee show galore, as well? but i get it now: ‘programming’ is by way of film, teevee, etc. but i was also reminded of mi-5, of course, ‘spooks’ in england, and the state’s total information awareness program, including citizen monitoring in real time, ugh, ugh. but brits have never fought it, afaik. and you’ll remember that the US version was finally defunded, so it was just…rebranded.


                  • it’s a j Bruckheimer/m Bay vehicle, lots of yelling, breathless chase scenes, homo-erotic stare downs, explosions, very fast cuts in editing, etc. I like gene Hackman (get it? hack-man) but other than that…the spyculture.com review of the movie might be more enjoyable. certainly less of a blunderbuss assault on the brain.

                    • okay, lol. scratch the liberry order. the fast cuts can be incredibly disorienting for me, esp. city-scapes and almost audible skreeeetches.. i’d meant to tell you earlier that i’ve never been to either whole foods or trader joes, but i do have a couple friends who hit them when they go to phoenix or somewhere; one used to ask me what i’d like her to bring back.. one woman had her hubbie bring me (srsly) some TJ’s ’21-gun salute’ spice jar when he returned some of the food containers i’d gifted them. font so small, i can’t even say what’s in the jar. note to self: get out grandfather’s 4-in. map magnifying glass. jay did recently (i think) ‘a clockwork orange’, but i didn’t stop to read it. did i read the book or see the film? the former, i’d guess….but soooo long ago.

                      hach-man: yes, but what a great and enthusiastic actor.

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