Herr ‘Drain-the-Swamp’s New DHS Appointment: Minnesota Sheriff David Clarke: a storify

This group, ‘the new civil rights movement’  has some links to da Sheriff’s greatest hits of criminal fukkery, but seriously, one of their charges is: “He intensely supports Donald Trump, and – surprise – has ties to Russia.

“On December 11, 2015, in the depths of a biting Moscow winter, The Right to Bear Arms hosted a delegation from its American counterpart, the NRA,” ThinkProgress reported.” (with accompany tweets).  Hell’s bells, I’d rather know if he’d been trained by the IDF as many of most vicious po-po have; the NYPD has its own office in Kfar Saba, Israel.

his rebuttal, and a few of his reTweets:

“Proud to be here:” Thousands march in opposition to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, May 1, 2017, fox news (videos, not availalbe on youtube)

14 responses to “Herr ‘Drain-the-Swamp’s New DHS Appointment: Minnesota Sheriff David Clarke: a storify

  1. Yes on the IDF training part. I’m curious as to how the alliances with Russian players and institutions align with where the folks like Trump and Clarke want to take policy and practice. I’m not sure that it’s a direction that I would see as beneficial for much of anything except artbitrary personal power.

    • hmmm. i’m likely not getting your drift, but to the degree trump wants alliances w/ russian players, are you thinking of ‘the profitability factor’ or something else? now i will say that i hadn’t clicked into any actual links about clarke and nra team going to their russian part’s ‘right to bear arms’ (catchy, doncha think?), cuz i mainly found the librul ‘evil russian’ meme giggle-worthy.

      but clarke’s going? to up his badass quotient or something? but i’d gone back to grab his may 9 tweet not just to show his zionist streak, but for the graphic. what i’d been musing about past the idf training was whether he may have graduated from lt. col. dave grossman’s ‘killology‘ academy. his credo is the soldiers and the po-po are the ‘sheepdogs’ protecting the ‘sheep’ by killing the ‘wolves’, the wolves being the ‘enemy’ he fought during the iraq war, and translates quite seamlessly to ‘the other’ domestically. clarke’s quotes akin to ‘black lives matter will soon join ISIS’, etc. wolves, ‘the other’. but see, if herr T makes the appt. ‘official’, he’s not racist, right?

      oh, and red state’s reporting that joe lieberman (wtf?) will not be comey’s replacement.

      of course, he could have just included one on dave’s t-shirts if he’d known how, so there’s that…

      since herr cheeto’s triumphalist visits to israel and saudi arabia, and given his rhetoric about the new yuuuuge ‘anti-isis’ sunni/wahhabbist alliance, it’s regime change (or worse) in iran that may be in their collective dark little hearts.

      • Russian politics seems to be today a bunch of competing oligopolies within a fascist nationalist system legitimized by the Russian Orthodox church. Were the competition among oligarchies (and Putin’s somewhat playing the broker for some of them) not so intense, the system might appear to be the old Tsarist system of monarchical rule. Putin’s appearance of having absolute rule, although reality is more complex, can’t help to appeal to Trump’s capitalist boss mindset.

        There is a complicated diplomatic dance among Iran, Turkey, and Russia, the largest powers around the Black Sea, Caucasus and Caspian Sea region. And there is a similar dance among Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Iran for the greater Arabian peninsula and Persian Gulf region. The US, this time in the guise of Trump, approaches these dances from the point of view, “My I cut in.” Not understanding the dance never fazes US policy-makers; US action will make a difference. And it usually does — for the worst. But the American President can satisfy himself with the delusion that he is indispensable to foreign relations.

        Clarke is playing the counter-to-MLK-type role to advance his career in a society in which conservatives have the best rewards. He is like Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas in that regard, but stretching his integrity further than those other two. Even Clarence Thomas in his recent vote on the NC gerrymander realized that whites really do try structurally to disadvantage the interests of black citizens in the electoral system. Clarke is just the new incarnation of the slave-catching free negro enforcer.

        • you seem to have far more knowledge than i do on ‘inside russian politics’, but what a strange blend the economy is w. both state and private market economy, and i remember if you’d asked if it’s neoliberal as well. i’d expect so given their ‘loans’ via the imf and world bank in the 90s; dunno how their repayments went, though.. i’d assume that putin has his favorite oligarchs, if that’ what you mean. but you call it a ‘fascist nationalist system legitimized by the Russian Orthodox church’. explain? oopsie, RL just called; i’ll be back, as this is a great and full comment altogether.

          on edit: i’m wondering about your use of ‘fascist’. as in totalitarian, tsarist monarchical rule.

        • your grasp of geopolitics never ceases to amaze me, and to the degree that the two diplomatic dances you’ve named translate into realpolitik, but i do wonder how much ideology is underlying a lot of the dances, as i reckon: a hella lot, esp. in the modern holy wars, in this case of of course, between sunni/wahabbists, shia, as well. i dearly love your metaphor: trump’s ‘may i cut in’.

          tomorrow, of course, he’ll be in brussells for the nato conference. protests were live-streamed at RT earlier. oh, will jes stoltenberg be doing a charm offensive dance, so to speak, as will juncker, and others from the EU.
          press conferences are already underway…

          but i ain’t buyin’ your clarke as uber-conservative comprador as career advancement. he’s the real deal, imo, as in: i don’t think he’s ‘playing a part’, but actually is what he is. dunno about mama, but daddy was part of ‘The 2nd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) was a Ranger light infantry company of the United States Army active during the Korean War. As a small special operations unit, it specialized in irregular warfare. A segregated unit, all of its personnel, including its officers, were African-Americans.’

          fascinating about uncle clarence thomas’s recent vote on NC gerrymandering, though. zounds.

          • good comments thd we have our betsy devos and the like, Russia gets the patriarch of the ortho church. moneychangers running the temples.

            “but i ain’t buyin’ your clarke as uber-conservative comprador as career advancement. he’s the real deal, imo, as in: i don’t think he’s ‘playing a part…” here’s where the inherent theatricality of politics comes into play (ahem.) and a bit of Aristotlean “assume a virtue if you have it not” kind of thing. crafting a persona is a huge part of the job. and at some point early on in his career, Clarke donned the mantle of “tough on crime heat-packing, ass-whooping donkey-crat” and crafted himself around a role, a role for which he had a lot of practical support, “training,” a role which is lionized in our society (think Dirty Harry.)

            after 30 years or whatev of being the “free negro slave catcher”, being sheriff is no longer a role in the same way. the part becomes easy & “natural” as the person becomes more and more the persona. alex jones is a moron, refusing to acknowledge that he’s part of the media, like fox, cnn, etc., that drools over “tough luv” cops. but note all the drooling: Clarke has tons of fans, fans w/money & influence. his persona gets him “stage time.”

            anyway, you get the idea. the interplay of person & persona is one reason why people are complicated, obviously. all the psychological manipulation & social pressure we each face makes the crafting of a persona something the individual is not always fully aware of. but at some point, for whatever personal psychological reasons, Clarke was attracted to the persona of tough luv cop and has pursued that masquerade his entire adult life, clothing himself in that cop uniform. so if this not who Clarke “really is,” why does he continually, unfailingly, pick this role?

            I only get into this cuz I suspect we merkins are uniquely hung up about the issue of a public person’s “authenticity,” even as our exposure to that person’s “sincerity” generally comes from a media spectacle, a stage production, known as a press conference. when really all we need to know about the sheriff’s “authenticity” is even a quick glance at the shit going on in the jail system he’s in charge of.

            • thanks for analyzing ‘roles built by spectacles’, and i agree that a plethora of ‘attaboys’ over his 40 LEO years, even of the financial sort, helped him sustain and ramp up his persona and get him gigs on fox, etc., but yes, my over-arching belief in his shtick as already proven, given all i’d read of his hideous egregious misdeeds and crimes against citizens, most especially the incarcerated ones.

              small wonder he agrees w/ beauregard and trumpeter that police shouldn’t be ruled by consent decrees, although some of those haven’t, or hadn’t, been severely compromised, and not yielded what oppressed citizens hoped for.

            • he, like lots of climbers, Achievers as Lebowski fans call them, has managed to learn to say certain very contradictory things depending on the audience. are inner city kids lazy etc., etc., or are they trapped in a cycle of poverty w/no educational opportunities, etc., etc.? he’s a donk-a-phant, eleph-onkey, donk-yderm, ass-ephant, talking points lined up and ready to fire. despite knowledge of the social chaos, it’s his job, his duty, his life, to smack the uppity rabble back down when they lash out against the hopelessness engulfing them. the man’s a caretaker of different kinds of prisons. and no doubt a very sadistic fuck. you just know that, barring some media uproar, the guy can pretty much get away w/anything.

              “i am a man under authority,” so supposedly said a roman centurion to j.c. authority is a burden. how many people in public life show even the tiniest consideration that authority, power over others’ lives, is a huge burden? in our society, the less a person treats authority as a burden, ie, the more psychopathic they are, the more they are praised. see Donald trump and the clap happy media when he bombs someone.

              • ” in our society, the less a person treats authority as a burden, ie, the more psychopathic they are, the more they are praised.” you’ve sure zeroed in the truth there, amigo. people write a lot of conflicting thoughts about power (which conveys authority and the opposite), as in power corrupts. but in a different direction, everyday people need to accrue power in order to ‘fight the power’.

                who said close to ‘the left doesn’t actually want power’? i have it somewhere in a file, and i know i’m getting it wrong, but it reminds me that many do seem to fear it thee days. then there’s yeats:

                Turning and turning in the widening gyre
                The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
                Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
                Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
                The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
                The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
                The best lack all conviction, while the worst
                Are full of passionate intensity.

                but as to clarke playing to different audiences in different ways, i hadn’t know that. on edit: ack, i’d forgotten:

                i guess i don’t see Ds and Rs political class as arguably all that different, and i’d suppose i’d include R and D police chiefs, etc., including the affiliations of those who chose the worst of the worst. bill de blasio: bill bratton and ray kelly, fer chrissake. hoJo in oakland appointed by jean qun, D. but i think bratton was chief in LA for a time, as well.

  2. doesn’t he have a face you’d just luv to hit? like a punching bag?

    • yes, come to think of it. his fans on the hashtag love him, including his Big Hat. (all hat, no cattle, as they say around here.) but i wonder if it came before or after he used unauthorized multiple thousands of bucks of seized forfeitures to create a mounted patrol? w/ apologies to porcines, he’s indeed ‘a pig’s pig’. and a Xianist to boot; he even got sued by two employees for it.

      here’s his wiki; and it ain’t purdy. but yanno what? if he doesn’t get the offishul nod, it’ll be due to the plagiarism charges! now at least acording to the wiki, he’d footnoted the quotes, so: perhaps not really justifiable major flap?

      he calls himself ‘the peoples’ sheriff’, iirc, while that thug joe arpaio was ‘amerika’s toughest sheriff’ to himself. most corrupt, venal, vicious, and hateful, for certain.

      • “Let me tell you why blacks sell drugs and involve themselves in criminal behavior instead of a more socially acceptable lifestyle: because they’re uneducated, they’re lazy and they’re morally bankrupt. That’s why,” he sounds like the life of the party. i’m sure he & betsy devos will have very earnest prayer time & bible studies together, mandatory for all staff. protect the homeland…with the shield of faith and family. and school vouchers.

        • yeah, that ain’t eggzacly clinton’s ‘sister soulja moment’, is it? or is it? maybe i’ve forgotten. but yeah, i was just saying to THD that i believe that the sheriff’s the real deal. yeah, he and the devoses can have some prayer sessions, mebbe even do one of those mega-church shows where ya put your hand on the teevee screen to be healed, then…send ’em money.

          but remembering that the wiki said he was on the alex jones show (just shoo me now) i went a-hunting. there was ‘Obama Has Declared Open Season On Cops’, but clarke was only on for a minute or to that i saw. mebbe a clip from an older show on fox? maybe the one on the sidebar: ‘Sheriff Says We’re Going to See 2nd American Revolution’ or ‘SHeriff David Clarke GOES OFF on Liberal Lawyer on Hands Up Don’t Shoot Lie’, a former commenter here resembles that remark, ugh. but this’ll have to do.

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