Can we have a bit o’ fun at the Bern’s expense?

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Of course we can, including for having been a campaign-touring Sheepdog for Miz It takes a pillage after she’d won the D nomination.  TRNN has done at least six segments on the 2017 ’People’s Summit’ in Chicago, and an equal number of shows akin to ‘Can the Democratic Party be reformed?

(Note: I never found an entire transcript, but here’s his REVOLUTIONARY speech on youtube)

From Jerry White at wsws: At “People’s Summit,” Sanders backs Democrats’ anti-Russian warmongering’, June 12; some snippets:

“Sanders lent his support to the neo-McCarthyite campaign of the Democrats and the military-intelligence apparatus, which sees Russia as the chief obstacle to US imperialism’s drive for regime change in Syria and Iran. “I find it strange we have a president who is more comfortable with autocrats and authoritarians than leaders of democratic nations,” Sanders said. “Why is he enamored with Putin, a man who has suppressed democracy and destabilized democracies around the world, including our own?”

In an hour-long speech that never mentioned the words “war,” “capitalism” or “socialism,” Sanders suggested that a fundamental transformation of society would be possible if young people decided to run for state and local office as “progressive Democrats.” This, he said, was “the real revolution” that his campaign had engendered.

According to Sanders, the popular support for his election campaign had forced not only the Democrats, but significant sections of the Republicans to adopt “progressive” ideas. “We have won the battle of ideas and will continue to win the battle of ideas,” he said.

Sanders pointed to the immense level of social discontent in the United States. “While the last eight years did get better under Obama,” he claimed, “millions were left behind. Workers who had decent factory jobs were told, ‘Sorry, we’re moving to China.’ Half of older Americans have nothing in the bank. Millions have no health insurance or have high deductibles. Working families are in pain and they are worried about their kids.”

Sanders is by no means the first political snake oil salesman to peddle the lie that the Democratic Party ever was or ever could be anything other than a party of the capitalist ruling class. He is, however, one of the more practiced of this breed, having been at it for decades, during which he has used his façade of “socialism” and “independence” to provide the Democrats with a much needed left cover. He has spent some 30 years in Congress performing this service for the ruling class, and is now being handsomely rewarded, earning not only political prestige and media attention, but also a cool million in income last year.

(wd here. Yes, Jerry, but a  million bucks doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, yanno, even though ‘things got better under Obama’. Who got better again, Bern? That’s a head-scratcher..)

In fact, the Democratic Party long ago abandoned any policy of social reform and spent the last four decades undoing the New Deal and War on Poverty programs. It continues to move to the right, not the left.

Sanders’ support for the anti-Russia campaign expresses the essence of his class position as a capitalist and imperialist politician.”

Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner discuss the building of a movement to fight the oligarchy and the achievements of the People’s Summit’, TRNN June 11, 2017

Bernie Sanders: The model has failed. I believe at this moment what has got to be done, and I know there are people who disagree with me, I think what we are seeing is around the country people moving into the Democratic party. Working people, young people, progressives, prepared to transform the Democratic party. That’s where I am right now.

Nina Turner: You really believe that it can be?

Bernie Sanders: We will see what happens. I’m not going to speculate. What we know is, there are people, and I often say this unbelievably, who would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they’re on top. They got the bird’s eye-view of the Titanic going down, rather than change it. But the current model and structure of the Democratic party is failing, and we need to bring millions of people into it who understand that we cannot continue an economy that works for the 1%, a corrupt political system where the Koch brothers and billionaires are buying elections. It’s got to change. And I think the people of this country are catching on to my demanding of that change.”


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  1. “Half of older Americans have nothing in the bank.” oh, so i’m an older American now, am I? and just what kind of shape are people in who have…$500 in the bank? $1000? reaching into the top 5%, $10,000? on an accrual method of accounting, people on the fixed income of S.S. have way more “money in the bank” than they actually have, but on a cash basis, month to month is hell. the top 400 people in this country have like more wealth than everyone on the planet not in a g7 country.

    qe1/qe2 have printed 20 billion bucks a month since what? oct 2008? I had a long depressing conversation w/a dear friend of mine last night officially, on paper, making something north of 200k/yr in a very specialized medical field for which he went thru 12 years of training & a billion dollars in debt. he looks at his paycheck & sees he only takes home 100k. and he’s fucking resentful about it. he doesn’t realize the bullshit presentation to him of his income is designed to make him furious. at the leeches & moochers. the welfare queens. that the time he invests annually at tax season is a total waste cuz the gov’t knows all this info anyway (he purchases *everything* electronically; yes, the gov’t knows it all).

    his successful completion of the colossal contractual scam known as student loan debt, in which he paid off 300-400k, has generated nothing but bitterness. don’t these other debtors *respect themselves*? (reminds of Jack in the Shining: I signed an agreement!!!!) he’s so “internalized the discourse of the oppressor”, the slave mentality, and is full of anecdotal nonsense about pluck & grit & sand, true to a degree of himself & some people he knows, immigrants, not white people who are fat & lazy. it’s vile. the indian or thai pushing the hot dog pretzel cart around by day & the snow cone machine by night for 18 hrs a day 7 days a week for decades so his kids can go to Stanford is a real American hero.

    but how is that not slavery? the main reason these food cart pushing slaves (or immigrant field hands) are heroes is cuz they are not *dependent.* holy fuck. what resentment and spite, much of it over nothing or very manipulated.

    and bern wants to tinker w/this system a bit. “this is the greatest country on earth!!!!!!!!…that hasn’t worked for everyone.” how much more of this bs is anyone to take?

    • oof, older amerikan, i reckon the top 5% have a hella lot more than ten grand in the bank. dunno how many the qe 1 and 2 bucks were printed post 2008, but they served the ruling class bondholders, didn’t they? the fed seems to always forget its second mandate, eh? ‘maximum sustainable employment’. oh, the devil is in the ‘sustainable’ part.

      as for your friend, i hope he hadn’t failed to lock in his student loan rate, but then, few noticed it was possible. mr. wd did, thankfully. to be fair, the bern did mention ‘or post-HS graduation training’, just enough to get a job and keep the wolf from the door.

      yeah, i admit that part of my incentive to put this post up was seeing how many ‘progressives’ see the fact that corbyn gained seats, the ‘the self-describe socialist’ bern got millions of votes…meant that the world is becoming ‘woke’. sigh. dem socialists are defined as capitalist reformers. did he mention in one of the speeches interviews that Rs are busy tanking meaningful banking reform? as in: dodd-frank????

      ‘but things got better under obama’. is that a parody of a Dem true believer or what?

    • i’d meant to bring fred mazelisDemoralization and opportunism reign at annual Left Forum in New York City’ it was a depressing read, especially what he noted wasn’t talked about. but now i’ve ha time to offer a few bits:

      “Particularly noteworthy in this panel discussion was the absence of any mention of the growing danger of war. The speakers had little to say on any political issues, but the omission of the steadily growing inter-imperialist tensions as well as the threats against Russia and China, both nuclear-armed powers, was especially revealing.”

      “In a panel concluding the entire affair, there was absolutely no discussion of the urgent political situation that is taking shape only months after the inauguration of Donald Trump: the escalating attacks on the working class, the signs of deepening class struggle internationally, the raging factional war within the US ruling class, in which the Democrats have attacked Trump for being too “soft” on Russia.”

      he’d written (adrian) Boutureira pointed to Podemos in Spain as an example. Later he referred in passing to developments in Latin America. He said nothing at all about the record of various nationalist regimes in Latin America, including those of the Workers Party in Brazil, Kirchner in Argentina, and Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela.” i assume they are/were too socialist to be mentioned, or am i misunderstanding him? anyway, it sound like it was pretty much ‘reform the Dems as well. and very poorly attended. wasn’t it last year that censorship reigned over permitted panels, and zizek was so disgustingly sexist that even amy goodman walked out?

      i tried to find my favorite xtranormal on QE, but i kept having t go do chores in the kitchen and got lost. anyway, this one might just hafta do:

      the ratchet effect:
      “The American political system, since at least 1968, has been operating like a ratchet, and both parties — Republicans and Democrats — play crucial, mutually reinforcing roles in its operation…The electoral ratchet permits movement only in the rightward direction. The Republican role is fairly clear; the Republicans apply the torque that rotates the thing rightward…The Democrats’ role is a little less obvious. The Democrats are the pawl. They don’t resist the rightward movement — they let it happen — but whenever the rightward force slackens momentarily, for whatever reason, the Democrats click into place and keep the machine from rotating back to the left.”
      not being in that top 5 percentile, I don’t know how they live. i imagine it’s some combo like both the face huggers and the chest bursters from the “alien” movies. some of ’em got some retirement & stuff, sure. a boat or two. 4 cup warmers in the chevy barcarolle or ford esplanade. the occasional cutlet of Vermont veal. indifference to ACA either way. adepts of the op-ed. bourgeois know it all know nothing philistines.

      who could forget bern’s “Saudi Arabia needs to be more involved”????? you know, in the slaughter in Syria. as bugs b would say, what a maroon.

      for the good of the party, he meekly & dutifully folded to HRC when ordered to do so. forgetting for a second that he’s a total coward & pawn of the neo-lib dems as demonstrated in this & many other actions, a donkey sheepdog, why would anyone trust his political instincts? shouldn’t he be apologizing in sackcloth and ashes for his craven role in afflicting Hitler Jr. on us?

      politics, national electoral politics, is fantasy football for people who fancy themselves above such things. the ESPN has more astute analysis of the NFL draft. “if not Bernie [cuz he’s too old], what about Elizabeth???? don’t you like Senator Warren????” ugh. bern’s last fight, w/the title in sight, he throws in the towel in like round 9 (of 12 you non-boxers.) the reading material for bern’s career accomplishments will also be something light.

      • oh, my yes. i’d forgotten the ratchet effect; thank you. “…the Democrats click into place and keep the machine from rotating back to the left.” but the Ds do it while uttering TINA-esque platitudes while smiling.

        wayull, having gotten curious, and i’ll assume im reading this page correctly, and things may have changed since 2013, it seems that the top 5% (95% centile…wealth amounted to $1,868,640.00. no, not cash on hand, but as dan quayle asked: ‘why don’t they just cash in a CD?’ now the bottom 10% had negative wealth (debts) of $26,066. you know that that debt figure i far yuuuuger by now, esp. w/ college loan debt and unpaid medical bills.

        dayum, i love airplane! the woman who spoke ebonics? but oh, my, some of the 117 comments under his interview w/ nina turner loved his ‘accomplishments’. i’d forgotten his connection w/ zionism, to say the truth.
        ‘light reading’, though…lol.

  2. In 2020, Bernie Sanders will be 79. What we see here is the dearth of progressive-left candidates for office who are under 60, the absence of a bench of progressive-left candidates who are under 40, and engagement of a progressive-left base under 30.

    And even if that problem is solved, there is the geographical problem in which most of the progressive-left base is concentrated in congenial bastions of progressive culture and “amenities”. No working-class organization there at all. Nothing comparable to a hundred years ago.

    Not to mention that the character of work (temporary gigs, labor contractors) does not make organization of workers as possible as a hundred years ago. Employers are very much in the never that again frame of mind and can enroll the arms of government and law enforcement at all levels of government in their support.

    But since we are having that bit of fun, might I suggest that the going model to unseat Herr Trumppence is Impeachment plus President Pelosi or (I+PP). That means that, if successful, the Democrats can run the ticket of Pelosi-Sanders, put a 77-year-old John Kerry in his old job as Secretary of State in a dramatically transformed world, and elevate 87-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Chief Justice after 65-year-old John Roberts calls it quits.

    They could bring 73-year-old Hlllary Clinton out to do another run at a private-public health care reform plan.

    I don’t see the ship righting itself by 2020 with all the distracting shenanigans going on. We don’t get the happy result of a close loss by Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of Tories suddenly thinking “maybe austerity was a bit of a bollocks-up”.

    Obamacare repeal will come and go with rejoicing in the streets. So will repeal of everything Obama ever put forward. In 2018 there will be yet another proof that the donkey is still dead.

    Seems the American Left is behaving true to form once again. Save up the Sterno and wait for the collapse of capitalist civilization. Some day it might happen and surprise them. Who will out competitors/enemies/adversaries put on the train to Finland Station then?

    • oh, bloody hell. i just lost my whole comment trying to add one final ♪ to it. i’ll go get a bath, and come back when i’m less frustrated. and hope my laptop doesn’t crash for a third time today. but finland station? i’d had to look it up. ay yi yi.

    • first, i’m not sure that progressives are ‘left’, at least by my definition. jerry white had mentioned:

      “The final plenary session of the Left Forum was chaired by Bhaskar Sunkara, the editor of Jacobin magazine, the “left” publication that was founded several years ago and whose respectability in ruling class circles is attested to by flattering profiles in the New York Times and elsewhere.” but they’re pretend socialists, in the main, imo. several authors have cheered on the proxy wars against assad, for instance. (b at moa says it’s almost over, but i confess i didn’t have, or take, the time to read it.)

      which reminds me, i really had meant to go back and read the michael klare piece, esp. as i had a lot of trouble buying his ‘facts’ and fossil fuel energy realignments such as US, russia, and KSA, iirc. but best laid plans and all that jazz…. oh, and ‘obama’s glorious carbon plan’. pfffffft. but then, i’d thought t post about VZ, but got waylaid by Bern Sport.

      but you put your finger on the button with ‘no working class wage slaves’, but remember, the big unions, afl-cio, SEIU, ‘help organize’ by corralling them into the D party. same complaint w/ the greens: too well-heeled to even understand worker’s plights, plus: sooo white, in the main.

      yes yes yes to this: ‘Employers are very much in the never that again frame of mind and can enroll the arms of government and law enforcement at all levels of government in their support.” modern day pinkerton/strike busters as we saw under obomba on the left coast.

      i’d written a longish bitch about herr T’s budget making another hit on the PO, but it’s too long to reproduce. but it will all end in privatization by non-unionized delivery services. on corbyn, i wish him and labour well, but i do remember putting so much hope into alexis tsipras and syriza…and how that’s gone for everyday citizens. meanwhile, assange tweeted that may and macron are cookin’ up new internet rules, no encryption being one, iirc.

      i love your I+PP paragraphs, so sick as to be hilarious; thanks for that…i think. ;-) explain please: “Who will out competitors/enemies/adversaries put on the train to Finland Station then?” i did look up finland station, but still. but ♪ding dong, the donkey’s dead…♫

    • wth is sterno? but yep.

  3. Well, THAT Was ‘fun’ ?! Let US Have MOAR !! :

    • she’s sane?? and one rant takes her 70 minutes??? ay yi yi. thanks, bruce. hope you’re doin’ well down in gator country. got two hootie owls here tonight; what a treat.

  4. I can’t really contribute much on the fun side of things, except I’m a legitimate oldie with nuthin’ in the bank and just as wendye can’t get past all the good things Obama did (who? what? when? where?) I can’t get past the economic dictum that when you field your own currency as the coin of the realm you don’t have to worry about deficits. Well, if you don’t have to worry, how come they don’t just send us poor folk a nice fat check – I mean a FAT check every month. Would we quit complaining? Sure we would! I mean, if we can make as much money as we want to, why don’t they just spread it around? Is that too much to ask?

    Since they don’t do that, and heaven knows they’d have peace if they did, I’m coming to the conclusion that there must be some restraints on that almighty doller. And maybe, just maybe, since there are, we poor folk are actually the debtees and not the debtors (or is it the other way around?) I mean to say THEY OWE US because we gifted them OUR largesse so Obama could do all those good things we just know he did but can’t quite put our finger on, the way we can’t put our finger on how exactly Russia did what they did but we KNOW they did it and that’s all that matters. WE KNOW.

    (Sure, I’m just funning, Bernie. Man, you really take the cake.)

    • I’ve got the solution. I say we impeach them ALL and let our indigenous peoples choose the next president. I’m not one of them but it just could work. ‘Night all.

    • just lost my comment again. tomorrow, then. dream of peace…

      the lyrics.

    • this is great. dunno about your fiat currency thinking, but yeah: give us the fat check. say, maybe roosia could come to our aid! remember when hugo chavez sent millions of people heating oil beginning in 2005, then another huge tranche after O had cut the LEAP funds by 25% and so many elderly and poor were bitterly cold that winter?

      ‘WE KNOW what russia did’©.

      say, how about letting both ‘races’ of colonized chose the next prez? the first amerikans and the imported colonized slaves and their descendants? but maybe they’d decline the offer and choose direct democracy instead; who can say?

    • “…we can’t put our finger on how exactly Russia did what they did but we KNOW they did it and that’s all that matters. WE KNOW©. here ya go ww:

      Senate approves new Russia sanctions as punishment for meddling in election’, the guardian
      The Senate has approved new sanctions against Russia, as punishment after it was found to have meddled in the 2016 presidential election. The legislation also restricts the White House from easing sanctions without congressional approval.

      The amendment on Russia, which passed in a 97-2 vote on Wednesday, was attached to a bill to strengthen sanctions on Iran. It codifies existing sanctions against Russia established by Barack Obama’s executive orders and imposes new sanctions against Moscow for its interference in the 2016 elections, aggression in Ukraine and support for the Syrian government.”

      and for you, j, wsws has covered the ‘julius cheezer in the park’ corporate hypocrisy and mentioned the welles version.

  5. here’s a real pip from medea bejamin of yanno, code pink that came in on the PR newsletter. ‘Head of National Nurses Encourages Bernie Sanders to Start a People’s Party’. it sparked a vague memory that i’d seen it earlier, but no matter. well, one wonders if she’ll actually push back against the idea, but no, not one whit. blah, blah, yada yada, then:

    “I don’t think most people in the audience realized the potential significance of the DeMoro’s endorsement. Her union has about 150,000 members and spent about $1 million on the Sanders campaign. It’s one of only six national unions that backed Bernie Sanders for president. Under DeMoro’s leadership, the nurses have become heavyweights in the progressive world, championing everything from universal single payer healthcare to a Wall Street tax to pay for free college education. Just imagine if DeMoro could get her whole union to back a new party, and leverage that to get other unions and progressive institutions on board.”

    “Getting Bernie Sanders to break with the Democrats is a long, long, long shot. And even if he agreed, creating an effective third party in the US “winner-take-all” electoral system is a treacherous path littered with dead bodies, from Ross Perot’s Americans Elect to the Tony Mazzochi’s US Labor Party. But for those who see the Democratic Party as unfixable and the existing third parties as ineffective, what have they got to lose?”

    Code Pink: Women for Peace is a left-wing NGO that describes itself as a “grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S.-funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities”. (wikipedia)

    on edit: oh, and my apologies. i’d grabbed from my sept. 2015Bernie Hearts Drone Assassinations, but with One Proviso’ diary, not realizing that it showed the entire interview. i’d originally started it at 3:50 or so. but i’ve gotten a fresh copy, and cropped it as well. swapped out the one in the OP as well.

  6. Indeed, Not 0nly human screechers; but TWHO of these hooters in our southern red cedar, outdoor Christmas tree, as well :

    • oh, how gorgeous, bruce. as are the southern red cedars (i bingled). it’s so hard to want to look away from that photo, isn’t it? what a fine pair; i assume the more vividly colored one is the male? in some birrrrd species, females are larger; that knocks me out.

  7. of course us poor schlubs are the debtees. 60 cents of every dollar goes to (para/)military activites (incl. cops, spooks. nukes, VA, interest on debt, etc., etc.)
    “A column in the same issue of the Times noted the comparative silence of groups opposed both to the bill that passed the House earlier this year and the companion bill being drafted now by the Senate, including among these organizations “almost every major health care interest group: the lobbying groups for doctors, nurses and hospitals as well as advocates for patients with cancer, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease or birth defects.”” (end quote. links in original. the same kinds of thing can be said about most everything the trumpster is up to. we are being “distracted from distraction by distraction” as eliot said. our attention is being diverted from the threat of global war/etc. by this idiot spectacle. you don’t think there is a gigantic propaganda operation in this country? then these medical groups’ silence then makes no sense. at all.)

    “i would give the devil the benefit of law,” T More, a man for all seasons. Jeff sessions pleading the 5th before these vultures means he’s guilty! I haven’t followed his career as assiduously as well, at all, but, yeah, not buying him as a rooskie spy. strains the credulity, something about psychological (& social) realism says bullshit. moreover, why should I care if putin has a bigger stake in running this country than I, who have ZERO? if mr. putin wants to buy my influence, tell him to make an offer. uncle sam ain’t offering shit.

    someone got shot did they? that’s a bummer man. for whom the bell tolls, etc. as Elaine hobbs said to the tv execs in Network, “the party does not support wildcat insurrectionary strikes.” yeah, like isis is not a US-asset, they just take US money & guns.

    what is in a name? Wiktionary:

    wildcatter (plural wildcatters)
    (US) Someone who drills for oil speculatively.
    A worker who participates in a wildcat strike.
    (firearms) A person who makes wildcat cartridges and the guns that use them.

    A contraction of wild cat.
    Its adjectival senses were originally American and derived from the “wildcat banks” of Michigan, following its elevation to statehood in 1837, etc.

    w/this incident, I predict gun control will once again dominate headlines, displacing The Surge II in Afghanistan, etc.

    as the fucking USS Gabbie Giffords (sic) w/its apaches & tomahawks chugs towards N Korea, wsws notes today the city of Mosul is no more. maybe our shot congresscritter can get a destroyer named after him?

    sorry for the gallows…”humor”.

  8. from roll call. the game must go on. inner party big brother showing unity. watch out world.

    Pelosi said she would be asking for updates on Scalise’s condition “every five minutes.”
    “Everytime I pray, which is very frequently … I pray for all of you,” Pelosi said.
    Pelsoi said she also prays that Donald Trump’s presidency is successful and that his family remains safe.
    “It’s an injury in the family,” Pelosi said of the shooting.
    “We cannot let that be a victory for the assailant,” Pelosi said encouraging the game to go on. “We will use this occasion as one that will bring us together.”
    Pelosi’s remarks also got a standing ovation from members in the chamber.

    • yep to a destroyer being named after him, and yep to a new gun control distraction. house solidarity: we are a family . ‘and that his family remains safe’; made me think of george lakoff and his ‘don’t think of an elephant theory’ i saw at RSN on another errand.

      “My late colleague, Charles Fillmore, the great linguist who discovered frame semantics, observed that every word is cognitively defined (unconsciously) in terms of a conceptual frame. Frames are structures of ideas. Ideas are carried out in the brain by neural circuitry. When a word like “crook” activates a frame, it is activating in the brain a neural circuit characterizing the Crook Frame, through which we understand what a crook is.

      Every time a neural circuit is activated, its synapses get stronger. Negation in natural language works neurally by neural inhibition – neurotransmitters that have the effect of weakening (but not eliminating) the strength of neural synapses.

      But when you mention the word to be negated, the neural effect of the negation is thwarted. The reason is that the word activates the neural circuitry for the frame, making its synapses stronger, and thus overriding the partial inhibiting effect of the “not.” and so on…lol. nice job, nancy.

      has she stopped licking her lips every ten seconds?

    • thanks for the lakoff.

      op-ed at NYT now:
      An Attack on Congress and Baseball, by Steve Israel. no I didn’t click.

      so Slistak was just a good ol’ boy child of the soil, was he? grew up in a small town, he could dream in a small town. put aside his deeply held convictions to drink bipartisan beer & pitch a baseball, with all politics on hold. for the good of the country. just b/c he’s obviously performing a crafted persona, his public/political “self,” doesn’t mean he can’t have a good time w/the boys, does it? getting by with a little help from friends & somebody always has to come along & ruin it.

      now which one of these phony spectacles is more important for rule of the country, congress or baseball? seats are about as empty in both stadia most of the time. I admit they seem to spit more in baseball. not sure why as congressers sure seem to lick more…nevermind. stuff way more sugar-coated & carcinogenic & disgusting than baccy spit rolls off their tongues all the time. of course all of them work for the guys in the skyboxes.

      I predict that someone will take another shot (even if it’s blanks) at a congresser, while he’s at home w/ma & some apple pie, right after they’ve solemnly lowered the flag to half mast for Slistak. hell, we’ll hear the awful person shot *thru Old Glory & hit mom’s fresh pie.* see how they hate us for our freedoms? our, uh, fellow Usonians? ISIS (and/or Russia) must be involved somehow…w/their hi-tech media hyper-savvy…

      I haven’t read anything on the supposed shooter in this case, on purpose, but my first tho’t in cases like this always run to: was he on psychotropics?

      • quite a headline, j. so you don’t have to, i checked. turns out the shootist was james hodgkinson was ‘a trump-hating bernista;, some say ‘clintonista’. from IL.

        turns out that it was a practice for a congressional baseball game, R v D that’s been held since 1909. sigh. only reason the cops were there, apparently, is cuz scalise, as majority whip, gets guarded.

        on edit: depressing meta rant censored.

        RT actually reproduced a boatload full of congress critters tweets, i swear. i just hate shit like this; it’s so made for teevee as own meany used to say. and yeah. there are camera videos. guess they’ll do some heavy diggin’ into the shooter. will they find a russia connection? ‘war on baseball’. and thanks for the john mellencamp. i could use it, myself.

      • they been doing this shit since 1909? something more than natural in all this if philosophy could…whatever hamlet says.

        people would rather seem good than be good, somebody or other noted long ago. this party identification BS allows people to perform their virtue based on the amount of applause they get from people who think & act just like them. this is what is meant by the word “courage.” oh, and “individuation.” (here’s a good word study: to prove, to approve, to probe, approbation, probability, probable, probative, probity, proof; cf. applause, plausible, plaudits.) people joke about violence against the gov’t like some people joke about shooting ragheads.

        the NYT helpfully lets us know that a disgruntled worker sprayed his colleagues w/bullets in ‘frisco w/in the last 24. another day for you & me in paradise.

        this gun control thing for libs is the same kind of virtue posturing. who’s gonna perform all this gun control? oh right. do they get to carry guns or not?

        the crises generated by the State, dependent on our mass acquiescence & servitude to the state, can only be solved by 1) making the State even stronger, 2) doing more of what we are already doing. Gun control means more guns, not less. climate change means we need more fucking air-condition, not less. (as the earth warms, trust your cooling needs to Koehler Air.) if Toyota makes its Toyota Tundra Ottoman ed. earth-stompingly comfortable enough for you, w/your seat warmers & live streaming of Netflicks & google gps to get you around the melting ice floes, will you even notice total ecological collapse at all? how about if we put a well-stocked bar in this behemoth & tint your windows? and promise you a shopping spree at the end, maybe (oh heaven!) a contestant slot on the price is right?

        all crises exist just to reinforce behaviors that created the goddam crisis in the first place. this is the mentality, as the NYT plasters front & center on-line today w/ its nigh-lead headline, “for the dutch, it’s not just a crisis, it’s an opportunity.” the end of the world is a business venture. just don’t tell anyone that business ventures are ending the world.

        a topic for another time, but something tells me that media consumers (lol) are not *that* interested in zombie stories, unlike media owners/producers. again, something more than natural here…

        • 1909, so sayeth…RT, iirc. friendly duopoly rivalry for charity. yeah, the police state will get even stronger, maybe pre-crime as well? but the virtue signaling tweets are not only mawkisn as patrick martin says at wsws, but full of crocodile tears..and cripes, the man’s alive and stable. but how much did they all cry for those needlessly assassinated by police, those killed, maimed, and sent into diaspora, or those given slow death by the hundreds of tons depleted uranium in our dirty little wars?

          oh, and martin noted that some Rs were calling for a crackdown on anti-T rhetoric, that’s what i’d meant by pre-crime New Rulez.

          at least hodgskinson wasn’t black or muslim, yanno? but again this makes me think of young angela davis: “and you ask ME about violence?”

          i’d seen headline about a UPS worker killing people, that must have been in san francisco then. etymology of ‘lone wolf’ or ‘going postal’.

          not grokking your seeming chich w/ individuation, though. i’d thought that was a good sort of personal evolution. (j. campbell, jung). ;-) but sure, if you’re applauded for some sort of group ethos, even if finite in time, you’re able to dislocate yer shoulder patting yerself on the back.

          • practice for charity games is always improved by lobbyists.

            individuation? I individuate myself by personalizing my iPhone, thru whose apps I further individuate myself w/my oh-so-individual opinions expressed to people just like me on pwoggie chat rooms & blogs. land of the brave, indeed.

        • i love your consumer-society rants, partially due to the fact that the only shopping i’ve been able to do for a long time’s been at the local thrift stores and wee town store in mancos, and now, not even that. now the new wave of CA/TX toffs who’d moved here had some of them thar fancy veHIcles, but in the main, i’m sooo out of posh loop it’s likely unbelievable. but when i’d first heard of on-board teevees, i was sick w/ despair.

          and yeah, i’d read the wsws piece on session’s testilyin’ and failin’ to testily to the senate. but yanno he had to have colluded w/ the roosians.

          • consider yourself fortunate you don’t get to see these suburban tanks (like the one that is itself named the “Suburban.” yeah, 3 Bangladeshi families could live in the mofo.) constantly. it’s even worse to stand beside a main artery into a major metro area & try to count how many of these things have 1 (1=1) person in them. during rush hour. and this is more or less just the civilian side of things. in “the I don’t miss the helicopters hovering over” Wash. D.C., every piece of shit squad of every division of cops (=lots) in the area has a Hummer. all of officialdom drives these things. NSC, NSA, HSC, DNI, DIA, congress, judges. yeah, there are still cadillacs & stuff too, but lots of gigantic SUV’s. oh, and the diplomats.

            btw, per max keiser, both ford & gm were “ordered” (not his words) to invest more in their more profitable SUV/truck line. than in their hybrids, electrics, etc. carmageddon indeed.

            back on topic & then back to the drawing board. of life.

            will bern defend session’s right not to self-incriminate? the absolute right?
            snort. even if some of these people are too craven to call obvious b.s. on the Russia witch hunt, they might insist on some semblance of democratic proceduralism & the rights of the accused. even as a matter of crude, but rational, self-interest. nah, screw that.

  9. i’ll add ‘Meet the New Party: Just About the Same as the Old Party’, by Howard Lisnoff, CP, june 14

    pretty much a mirror of this diary save for an addition by old sourpuss:

    “But a commentator appended an observation to the the Real News Network’s interview with Senator Sanders that led the reader to a clip of a speech by journalist Chris Hedges during the 2016 presidential campaign for Wake Up America (“Clip of Chris Hedges Explaining The Problem of Sanders Ties to The Democratic Party,” YouTube, July 10, 2016), in which Hedges clearly and accurately describes Senator Sanders’ failure to address war and empire as part of his critique of the Democratic Party and its candidates. Hedges said in that YouTube clip, referring to Sanders’ towing the line for most Democratic Party policy positions and its candidates, that the Senator doesn’t understand the fact that “unless we destroy the war machine and empire, this country is going right down the tubes.” That behemoth of empire and war drives inequality, racism, the attack on women’s rights, Islamophobia, and environmental disaster among the other calamities of this system.”

    (commenters below also suggested nina turner and tulsi gabbard as prezzzidential candidates for the D party.)

  10. well, i do know the used rustbuckets chevy suburban of yesteryear, lawdie, first produced in 1935, ay yi yi, and i did see one hummer in mancos once, and i pointed and laughed at the driver. didn’t get shot, luckily, either. but ay yi yi, yes, you are in the belly of the beast, so…whoosh, thanks for saying what you see constantly

    were gm and ford ‘incentivized’ rather? makes ya wonder what sort of protection they offer or is cuz they are gas guzzlers?

    but on accountta your bernied jest, i went to his twitter. first the obligatory & tone deaf hypocrisy:

    @BernieSanders Jun 14
    ‘Our prayers go out for a full recovery of Rep. Scalise, the congressional aides and police who were injured. We’ve got to stop the violence.’
    but my oh my, and ha ha ha!

    The Grotesque and Disturbing Ideology at the Helm of Avaaz’ (the self-same…tom periello), wrong kind of green

    • oh yeah, I had seen those suburbans before. didn’t know it. the old old ones. the suburban is more common than the hummer, which matters in the way that tide outselling downy matters.

      c. Floyd at CP today asks if comey is such a hero, why didn’t he just resign when Trump won or took office? I mean, if trump is such a hitler jr. and all…and pointing out like others have noted, there’s plenty of dirt to get trump on. it’s just that dirt is not by any means only on trump. so…Russia it is.

      “who is the better man? the one who leaves his post in the time of his country’s need or the man who stays & does his duty?” one of the judges on trial in Judgement at Nuremburg. lol. what could be more dutiful than the nation’s top cop staying on in order to compile a secret dossier on hitler jr.? for you lefty purists, nothing is ever good enough. if comey had not stayed on, then trump’s business partner Robert muehler could not pursue obstruction of justice charges….did George lucas write the script to this? who the fuck are these people w/this fake & implausible “scandal”?

      • well, yay-uss. and thd had reminded me of mueller and comey on another thread. i’d asked, dimly remembering, if it were about ashcroft and alberto gonzales, but he’d moved onto this thread. so i looked around, and indeed it was under bush they combined their efforts

        It began in 2004, when Comey refused to reauthorize an NSA spying program. Comey was deputy attorney general at the time, and was serving as the acting head of the Justice Department while Attorney General John Ashcroft was in the hospital.

        Comey said he had found out that White House chief of staff Andrew Card and White House counsel Alberto Gonzales were headed to Ashcroft’s hospital room to get the sick attorney general to OK the program. Comey said he called his chief of staff to get his people to the hospital, and that his second call was to the FBI director.” and so on. so yeah, they’re both gettin’ rave reviews for that, and now the Big Burning Question is: will herr T fire mueller? remember one insider™ leaked that: ‘he says he will’, lol.

        but my stars, yes, even now that DJT’s tweeted the the R’s no-health-care-bill is Mean, they’re reportedly moving ahead w/ its fast-tracking.

        oh and i thought i’d remembered that sally yates quit on accounta refusing to follow thru on his muslim travel ban, but no…he then fired her. and while i was somewhere looking for a bit for this consarned almost-finished VZ piece, i found jonathan turley disagreeing w/ what yates claimed in her testimony to congress in may. way over my head, though. bu a great title:
        Sally Yates testified like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at congressional hearing

        but i really want to finish this thang, so later on your other comment. but yeah, white phosphorus in mosul admitted by western coalition forces, never mind; some of its uses haven’t been banned. how comforting.

        • funny how when I first heard that Ashcroft-hospital-NSA thing, it was almighty Ashcroft who stoically stood against the tides of fascism despite his drug-bedimmed consciousness & seriously ailing body. had the ague or something. heroism in a hospital bed. maybe that was the trick? maybe he coulda been a good man if something had put him on his death bed every day of his life? it’s a good story for spinning different ways, since who gives a rat’s ass what alberto Gonzales thinks? who would listen to him?

          I tho’t from the start the sally yates thing might be total b.s. trump’s positions were not any surprise so she stayed on to showboat. in any case, her actions would land her a cushy job in some DNC-affiliated law firm or other. all these people have the luxury of making a big show about “losing” their jobs for their principles. it’s a fucking mockery. even if comey does some time in jail, e.g., he & people like him still have a big fat top flight parachute to open when they get out. I wonder what scooter libby is up to these days, hmmm? philanthropy always looks good after crime, right? Michael milken, baby.

          • sorry, busy day here. i finally dug out floyd’s column from the 15th, but as far as my (admittedly crap, esp. when in haste) reading saw, he’d mentioned nothing about comey quitting. but this was alarming, if not shocking:

            “And what did we hear Monday from Democratic staffers? That the Senate Democrats are NOT going to wage a fight to the death to prevent this monstrosity from being inflicted on the people; they’re not “going nuclear,” using every possible tactic and procedural rule to derail the Trumpcare bill, or at least stall it long enough to raise a public outcry against it. And why not? Why, because the Republicans have promised that no sanctions will be removed on Russia without the Democrats getting a chance to vote on it in the Senate. This is the kind of misplaced priority I’m talking about.”


            but i hear ya on the hospital story, and i got to thinking that one of the big narratives i’d thunk contained both comey and mueller was signing of on the yoo/DOLC torture memos. when i googled all three together, this is all i found, a long read, and a bit murky.


            but my stars, does floyd loathe the putin tyrant. but he’s so correct, isn’t he, that dems just wanna nibble around the edges of herr t’s misdeeds re: russia, not get in too deep lest an actual set of investigations might lead to how insanely corrupt and kleptocratic the whole big USian show is?

            any idea what he means here? ‘I actually even lived in Russia once, which as we know — in an age where Louise Mensch is regarded as a credible source by the “Resistance”.’ isn’t mensch some sort of parody tweeter?

            • i’d never heard of louise mensch till that CP article by Floyd.

              Helmut Kohl…he dead.

              I wonder what Floyd would say about Kohl? for some reason one of the local charlotte pbs stations cut away from the adorable monkeys on the nature program to the freak show on the English version of Deutsche Welt of a distant cousin of these lovely simians, that grotesque, bloated, laughable ape, Kohl. “History is made by leaders,” sagely observed bush sr. Yes, the English DW is every bit as shallow as msnbc or that caliber of newz. yes DW, please tell us more about how politics hurt Kohl’s oh-so-interesting private life. not even any of the “Russians” interviewed had any criticism of him!

              the politics of memory.

              • ‘not even any of the “Russians” interviewed had any criticism of him!’ ;-)
                well, never speak ill of the dead, ya might be next. okay, it turns out there are two louise mensch twit accounts, one..a parody. here she is on wiki


    • fudge, w.d. I just cracked open your piece on Avaaz…and big sinking feeling. the fambly member who I have mentioned before doing god’s own ngo work elsewhere in the world, not among the benighted natives of now devastated borneo, but among the benighted corrupt ex-commies of the former ussr, also having their timber et al pillaged. anyway, his outfit has a big project to bring eco tourist bike trails to the remote mountains. income for the poors who, shock, have been screwed by the mining industry. don’t they have bike trails near London? but it feels more environmental to travel 1000km to bike in an environmentally friendly trail that has been plowed & deforested and leveled in an environmentally safe & non-toxic manner. mostly by volunteers who really, truly, earnestly, desperately sincerely, *care*.

      this theater for the rich to perform their beneficence & philanthropy in is bro’t to you this evening by the following corporate partners : Lockheed Martin, G Sax, Dow Chemical, Palantir, DARPA, Google, and the bowel movement gates foundation, etc., etc.

      In memoriam Mosul and many others:
      now it’s gone forever. no, no, no life. why should DC, or Seoul, or Brussels have life and thou no breath at all? Thou’lt come no more, never, never, never, never, never.

      it were a delicate stratagem to shoe a troop of horse in felt; and when I have slipped in on these CEO’s, KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! (thanks lear; pray you, undo this button.)

      any wonder people feel this way?

      • your bro’s eco-bike tourism isn’t really funded by those corps, and faux-lanthropists like Bowel and Melinda Gates, is it? either way, hilarious cynicism; thanks. but yes, making folks into believing one is doing good is half the battle of the compromised non-profit industrial complex NGOs, isn’t it? heh, a bit of a twist on ‘build it…and they will come’.

        your twisted lear was fine, too. okay, i listened, but i gotta say meh on tom morello, myself. better n bono, though. he was the official musician of Occupy? sorry to be a crank. ;(

        • cover of cypress hill song. I haven’t dared to look who funds what. where does nokia fall in the good/bad spectrum? I may be being too cynical. in any case, corrupting the good will & efforts of people is part of the game.

          as does, seems to be, destroying the ME. adios, raqqah.

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