‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ tomorrow, Jan. 31


From nasa.gov

‘If you live in the western part of North America, Alaska, and the Hawaiian islands, you might set your alarm early the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 31 for a lunar trifecta: a pre-dawn “super blue blood moon.”

Beginning at 5:30 a.m. EST on Jan. 31, a live feed of the Moon will be offered on NASA TV and NASA.gov/live. You can also follow at @NASAMoon. Weather permitting, the NASA TV broadcast will feature views from the varying vantage points of telescopes at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California; Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles; and the University of Arizona’s Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter Observatory.

“For the (continental) U.S., the viewing will be best in the West,” said Gordon Johnston, program executive and lunar blogger at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Set your alarm early and go out and take a look.”

The Jan. 31 full moon is special for three reasons: it’s the third in a series of “supermoons,” when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit — known as perigee — and about 14 percent brighter than usual. It’s also the second full moon of the month, commonly known as a “blue moon.” The super blue moon will pass through Earth’s shadow to give viewers in the right location a total lunar eclipse. While the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow it will take on a reddish tint, known as a “blood moon.”  (plus more info on times of the eclipse, as in: ‘In the Rocky Mountain region, the show begins as the umbra touches the edge of the Moon at 4:48 a.m. MST. The peak of the blood moon eclipse is at about 6:30 a.m. local time, and the Moon will set shortly after 7 a.m.

‘The famous ‘Earthrise’ photo from Apollo 8, the first manned mission to the moon. The crew entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1968. That evening, the astronauts held a live broadcast, showing pictures of the Earth and moon as seen from their spacecraft.’

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15 responses to “‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ tomorrow, Jan. 31

  1. an OT Q: does it get any less surreal for you that donald f.u. trump is the president? not that barack f.u. obomba was only marginally less creepy a fascist war monger in thrall to wall street…

    • … Hi wd

      …Forced myself to watch DT’s stem winder of a SOTU speech last night being I had not watched / listened to DT much since a year ago. Of course DT often has been / is on Page 1 of the websites I tend to follow week to week but reading about DT is not the same as actually watching and listening to DT. Needless to say last night’s SOTU CapHill theatrical D.Trump presentation and CapHill R vs. D junk politics being done for camera lens show biz moments of empty R vs. D symbolism was much more about staged political perception theatre than any actual substance to do with well constructed / conducted reflection / deliberation / governance. Imagine that…

      …DT was being diligent about checking off all the right boxes that would signal and dog whistle his backers or cause his non backers to grimace and put on shows of thinly concealed contempt of all things DT. The phoney baloney of CapHill R vs. D junk politics was on full display. Of course the Trump WH had a line up of invited guests to showcase and fill in as props while DT hit emotional and political buttons intended to sway USians in ways E. Bernays and J. Goebbels would have easily concurred on and green lighted as DT sold some more USian Empire hypocrisy laden exceptionalism.

      …USian Presidents and USian Empire are allowed to claim they are paragons of human rights good deeds, done compassion and shown mercy while at same time shuffling the deck to portray Libya or Syria or Iran and North Korea as being run by monstrous regimes that abuse human rights and ethical / moral justice. Only to then readily and shamelessly just flip it around and claim that a USian Empire set up+run incarceration concentration camp for not legitimately taken / dubiously held political / military captives on the isle of Cuba is some damn ” can’t touch this ” MC Hammer time straight shooting. Sheesh. The unending hypocrisy and mockery of it all is numbing. Seems DT is a very willing KStreet / WallStreet / MICC Pentagon / CIA frontman and surely must be pleasing TelAviv ptbs as well.

      … Too bad about China, Russia, Syria, Iran and Korea having to likely face the worst of USian Empire malevolent schemes and belingerent imperialism / militarism as this 21st century unreels. Just since 2000 if not 1990 or 1980 USian Empire has given millions of planet Earth humanbeings ongoing USian Empire chaos, mayhem and death laced debacles. See Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Or the Big Lies Told of 9/11/2001 when over 3,000 USians died.

      ….R vs. D junk politics BS show in WashDC continues despite the pile of evidence and reasons why both R’s and D’s should be shut down and run out of WashDC. All the USians seen in the U.S. Capitol last night during D.Trump’s SOTU speech-a-thon doing what they were / were not doing easily being Exhibit # 1 as to why.


      • arrrgh; you watched? dunno how you managed it, arrow. only time i ever heard him talk was by way of an accident, having been sent to some site w/o warnings.

        oddly, i was just looking for facts an figures as to how many of earth’s citizens the US and partners have killed since 9/11, and how many trillions were spent doing so. impossible to find any unbiased facts, of course, or how and what one counts. (i’m kinda working on my own state of the onion diary…) you know, though, yes to 9/11 lies, but i dunno what the truth is, there are soooo many opinions out there. and to who killed the kennedys and mlk, jr. in truth.

        but eeep, thanks for sharing all that junk d/r politics. ye gods and little fishes: what theatrics! one war party in different uniforms.

        • …Hi wd

          …Choosing Starting Line(s) of post 1945 USian Empire sparked covert / overt economic / political meddling, unending USian spook agency and militarism injections, infections and death dealing soon becomes arbitrary due to the long and wide span of it all. Putting together short in length comments plainly requires a well applied scalpel when viewing and summing up post 1945 USian Empire multiple imposed hegemony intrusions, sabotaging, circumventing and wantonly inflicted destruction(s) and death dealing(s).

          … Start with Korea or Vietnam or Central / South America? Or with
          Africa? Western Asia? Central Asia? Where? Whether indirectly or directly how many Koreans did USian Empire bring death to from 1949 to 1953? It was in the millions. How many Vietnamese did USian Empire bring death to from 1955 to 1975? Was well over a million. Fact. Truth. While DT in his SOTU repeatedly suggested and claimed both current N. Korea and Iran regimes were human being killing monsters DT failed to mention Gaza, West Bank, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen where USian Empire has been deeply involved in turning blind eyes to sowing of malicious chaos, mayhem and death dealing being done by so called allies or by USian Empire. Millions of dead human beings since 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 or 2010 in aftermath of USian Empire contrived and executed meddling and interference.

          …The hypocrisy of USian Empire claims that Iran or N. Korea must be leashed / boxed up / invaded but it is OK for USian Empire to ravage lands, nations and human beings in all ways and by any means because USian Empire views itself as being indispensable and exceptional is convoluted and twisted in ways that fall short of any possible valid and moral definition(s) and defense(s).

          …One must hope sanity will endure / finally win in the end and all of Earth will not be engulfed in atomic hell fire.

          …sta 🏹

    • Not so surreal when you remove the person from the graphs that chart said fascist war mongering in thrall to the Wall. Then it’s just a progression of data.

      • heh. yes, i know that logically, if not inevitably, he represents the next devolutionary step in managed democracy, inverted totalitarianism, but viscerally i continue to recoil that ‘we’ve’ allowed it to come to this: the naked, rude, bellicose face of the evil empire.

  2. meh. it’s another version of reality TV. we’ll get Oprah back tomorrow, don’t you worry.

    in other news, one of the goth kids around said something about the moon to me & I said, so yeah, it’s a great night. I can start out as a werewolf & finish up as a vampire. or wait. it is the reverse?

    no, no, I was right the first time. and deep too. respect from an 18 year old. what’s it worth to hear one say, “I never thought of that?”

    looks like the weather will cooperate some.

    • wise ass. ;-) and today dr. phil will advise some dude that it’s okay to believe that men walking on the moon was a put-up job, because it’s good to question authority…except his. oprah will nod sagely, and then tell the audience to look under their seats…where they’ll find… Star Wars XXII Toys!!!

  3. woot! red-orange at just before total, and with Jupiter and mars rising in the south in scorpio! from nasa:

    • …Hi wd

      …Companion and I were able to see this movement minuet of sun / planet / moon positions nice and clear this early AM. Being we currently dwell in a house that sits higher up on the hillside than the surrounding houses we have clear views to the west and of western sky. Happily there was no overcast of clouds so upper level windows that face to the west had great views of the advancing and full moon eclipse and the reddish tinting of the moon before the moon dipped behind the horizon tree line. As night sky / lunar events go it was a worthy sight to see. Sometimes wish Earth had 3 – 5 moons of which some were closer distance wise or more dramatic in terms of size as seen from Terra. A bit of wishful science fantasy / fiction that would make for wondrous and spectacular day and night sky vistas tho tidal and gravitational forces / effects would likely be somewhat dicey…;-)

      …best wishes always wd

      …sta 🏹🌌🌒🌎🌞

      • mornin’ arrow. oh i’m so glad you and your companion got a good look at the celestial display! that she was at perigee, thus appearing 14% larger was a blessing as she set in the west. we lucked out with the high clouds disappearing at key times, then finally obscuring her as she set.

        cool on your house on a hill, but the one glory that would be heady to witness was watching her sink pink into a lake or ocean, eh? i like the idea of more moons, too, as some planets have in sci-fi films. but yeah, ya can’t add a moon on w/o heavy disruptions to the force. i did, though, once watch a program that experts said showed that the planet’s magnetic poles have switched now and again, offering proof from rocks, iirc.

        are you iving in the western US then? (if you’ve said earlier, my apologies for forgetting.) well, anyway, glad you enjoyed the big show; we did too. ;-) we even watched nasa teevee for bit after she’d set here. i sent the nasa link to about 30 people, never heard back from one of them. beats me.

        oooh! and i got some decent photos as she rose last night, and will try for a couple more tonight. i allus greet her loudly, ‘la luna bella! my ♥ is singing!’ and howl…yeah, who cares what the neighbors say, eh?

  4. tried to put a couple of comments up and not working?

    edited by your host and overlord: they were on past threads for some reason; i freed one but here’s what you’d said:

    ‘the moon was lovely last night but I couldn’t really see anything extra special.

    anyway, there are trucks rumbling thru town from dawn till dusk loaded with lumber that make me wince every time I see them. now i’m sure that bill gates & co at Davos are working on a device that harnesses the natural properties of trees so that, in effect, cutting down trees becomes the same thing as planting & growing trees. here’s how it works:

    before the clear cutters come in to remove that wasteful do nothing old-growth forest for something beautiful & useful like tar sands production, we put devices on the trees that stimulates their natural responses to trauma, warning other trees of what’s coming, what that buzz saw noise means, which of course helps trees reproduce. b/c, under stress, they produce chemicals to make rain & other cool stuff that helps little saplings grow. If we can get the right balance of cutting trees down & stimulating tree growth, cutting down forests will become the most efficient means of new forest growth.

    (applause all around)
    thank you world economic forum! I mean, everything coming out of that gilded scum pond is about this speed, ain’t it? the owners of technology, who brought us to this eco-nightmare have only one thing to say: more of our technology will fix the problems our deployment of technology has caused.

    (comments getting lost…)

    • silly mon; the lunar eclipse was in the morning, an hour or two before she set. but yeah, she was gorgeous rising full last night, and will be again tonight. i used a crop of a pic i got last night as a static banner for now, and will use the randomly-generated function later on….

      zounds, the bidness faux-lanthropy you’re describing is akin to coyotes somehow being able to adjust their gestation periods for pups. but yes: tech will save the planet’s atmosphere and biosphere! srsly, i saw some headline claiming that there’s already a device than suck the carbon out…just like a vacuum cleaner! bring it on! i’d been laughing at c99% that perhaps the ruling class was waiting for aliens to do exactly that.

      sorry you missed the red-orange moon, though. it’s kinda why i put up the thread and bolded the a.m. times, ya great idjit!

  5. Super blue blood to go with the $0TU; utterly apropos.

    • a wag at c99% had noted a revelations passage about either blood moons or blue moons, akin to: ‘and the sky shall roll up like parchment’, etc. , and we were laughing at the timing of the sotu, as in: bring it on! but of course the lunar eclipe red moon was in the morning…

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