Modern Day Slave Auctions in Israel

Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled’; Israel was the main driver behind the 1951 UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees, but after signing it, it has never respected the rights of refugees. In fact, it has created one of the biggest refugee crisis the world has seen, says Journalist and Filmmaker Lia Tarachansky.  (the transcript of the 21 minutes is here, but the visuals and voices are of prime importance, imo.)

Other related interviews are on the right sidebar:  ‘Israeli Lobby’s Bill in German Parliament: ‘Critique of Israel is Antisemitism’; ‘22 Years After Rabin’s Murder’, ‘Israel Even Further From Peace’; ‘Israel Flouts International Law While Targeting Its Defenders’; ‘Emmett Till in Israel: How False Allegations of Rape Are Used to Lynch African Refugees and Palestinians’; ‘The Only Realistic Choice – A Better Occupation?’ (oy; i might have to check that one out), ‘Modi’s Israel Trip Continues India’s Rightward Drift’, etc.

Ethnocracy in the Promised Land: Israel’s African Refugees is on youtube; 53+ minutes

Via, Feb. 10, 2018: ‘Sent to Rwanda by Israel: ‘We have no food or work. Don’t come here’; Ahead of a mass planned deportation, +972 Magazine joins two members of Knesset on a trip to Rwanda and Uganda to investigate what happens to the asylum seekers Israel is sending there. The one thing that remained most elusive: a future for asylum seekers pushed out of Israel, by photo-journalist Oren Ziv (similar stories are listed to the right of this one)

Of course Rwanda and genocidaire Paul Kagame makes total sense, as in ‘Israel’s African Darling: Paul Kagame’, Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report.  (spoiler alert: bring along an air-sick bag)

‘Israel Announces Expansion of West Bank Colonization Amid Rise in Corruption Scandals’;  Political economist Shir Hever says the consequences of recent legislation will lead to a deterioration in foreign relations and deliver a major blow to the nation’s culture industry, TRNN, Feb. 8

“The Israeli right wing government is pushing a wave of legislation leading to the deterioration in Israeli foreign relations. The Knesset is also very close to finalizing a law, to bar entrance to the country, for anyone caught supporting a boycott against any institution in the area under control of Israel.

On Monday night, the Knesset passed the controversial Law of Regulation, to retroactively legalize colonies built on stolen Palestinian land. In response, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, announced that he will ask France to recognize the State of Palestine. The European Union has already decided to postpone a summit meeting with Israel, dismayed by the new law.”

From Counterpunch February 12, 2018:  ‘On Resistance: BDS and Israel’s Declining Support Among Diaspora Jews’ by Stanley L. Cohen, a Jewish voice for peace.

“For a generation of Jews born against the pall of the atrocities of Deir Yassin and a hundred other ravaged, age-old Palestinian villages, the Hollywood classic “Exodus” proved to be a quixotic lure.  After all, who could withstand the good looks and charisma of Paul Newman or Sal Mineo”.

[less Exodus, more Mavi Marmara and Rachel Corrie, if you will]

“For them, the desperate flight from the strangle of genocide to the welcome and safe arms of their own “homeland” was a tale that echoed throughout Jewish communities of the day with scant second thought or challenge. To do so was rank heresy.

For those of us who came of age later, during the militant days of the US civil rights and anti war movements, the journey from obedient cheer to unbridled challenge proved to be an essential leap of faith that moved many from complacency to confrontation. For some Jews of the time, the ring of challenge necessarily meant a de nova look at long settled misconceptions about just what Israel was, indeed, had always been. It was not a pretty picture.

For more than a few, it set in motion a life-long examination that often stumbled for want of fresh eyes or reliable information. Decades away from cell phones, YouTube, the internet, and alternative news sources, we were largely driven by information cast by but a hand full of structured reports within acceptable margins controlled by a few major media outlets.

Indeed, when it came to Israel, ours was not a generation moved by the reality of bombings, assassinations or collective punishment that unfolded in virtual time for all to see. To the contrary, we were force-fed the dreamy tempt of socialist kibbutzim bringing forth life from a barren desert… only later to learn that its sanded base was but a thin windblown veneer over the rubble of destroyed Palestinian villages and the skeletal remains of children.”

“Whether it’s the reality of Jewish picnickers overlooking Gaza and applauding with the blast of each phosphorous bomb exploding on civilians below, the death of infants for want of energy for incubators, mass incarceration of Palestinian children without formal charge or trial, the murder of defenseless unarmed demonstrators, rampaging “settlers” screaming death to Arabs or elected Palestinian “Israelis” ejected from the Knesset for daring to challenge the political rampage of  its Jewish majority, the daily nightmare that is Palestine increasingly resonates with anger and resistance among millennial Jews who shout, “not in our name.”

The closure of Gaza is now more than a decade old as millions are held hostage, daily, to a cruel and systematic attack on their very existence. The occupation is more than fifty years old. Throughout Palestine, not a day passes without a new and very public Israeli outrage.

For Diaspora Jews, the battle against ruthless Israeli hegemony will neither be easy nor painless. At times, it will echo with the determined and peaceful call of BDS. Some will be drawn to the barricade of militant resistance and, perhaps, pay a terrible price for that step. Still, others will preach to the uncertain through prose or poetry that resonates with the sweet lyric of freedom.”

May I say I was  quite the little Zionist decades ago…before my eyes were opened by the advent of the internet.

…and lest we forget Peter, Paul and Mary, Jewish voices for peace; from 1982:

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never become our own foe
And light one candle for those who are suffering
Pain we learned so long ago
Light one candle for all we believe in
That anger not tear us apart
And light one candle to find us together
With peace as the song in our hearts

Don’t let the light go out!
It’s lasted for so many years!
Don’t let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears.

What is the memory that’s valued so highly
That we keep it alive in that flame?
What’s the commitment to those who have died
That we cry out they’ve not died in vain?
We have come this far always believing
That justice would somehow prevail
This is the burden, this is the promise
This is why we will not fail!

And other Jewish voices for peace:’s I/P tab: (two among the most recent):

‘54 Palestinians died while waiting for Israel to approve their medical permits’, Feb.14; ‘Kindergarteners in Hebron protest Israel’s detention of 350 children’, Feb. 5 (including videos)

“The kindergarteners rallied for three child prisoners in particular, a young girl named Razan Abu Sal, 13, who was sentenced to 13 and a half months and a fine of $870 (3000 NIS), Shadi Farrah, 12, who has already served two years of his three year sentence, and the infamous Ahed Tamimi, 17, who was detained (at age 16) on charges of incitement and slapping an Israeli soldier. She has become a worldwide symbol of child imprisonment and the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

And from Telesur English today: ‘Palestinians Held Without Charges Boycott Israeli Courts’ (with related videos)

“We declare a comprehensive and categorical boycott of all administrative detention courts, which seek to beautify the ugly face of [Israel’s] occupation,” Palestinian administrative detainees said in a statement issued collectively by 450 prisoners. 

Urging the Palestinian public to support the move, detainees warned that “dozens” of Palestinians had remained in custody for over 14 years, without trial or charge, under the administrative detention policy.

“Administrative detention is the sword hanging over the necks of all Palestinians,” the statement read. “This [the Israeli] judicial system faithfully serves the policies of the Israeli occupation and its intelligence services using the pretext of ‘secret evidence’.”

Israel’s administrative detention law allows authorities to imprison suspects for renewable six-month periods without trial or charge while investigators “gather evidence.”

Note to Alexis Tsipras: this is the regime with which you’ve made your recent and dangerous alliance.  May you live to regret it..

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26 responses to “Modern Day Slave Auctions in Israel

  1. no comments on this nor on my vignette. bout ready to let the $250 rent or so on this site expire. but i’ll add one, embed an format them later in chrome google, ish, an additional 18 clicks or something. thanks, wordpress ‘happiness team’.

    ‘The Boomerang Effect: How Netanyahu Made Israel an American Issue, and Lost’ by Ramzy Baroud / February 14th, 2018, dissident voice

    ‘Burying Canada’s Anti-Palestinian Consensus’ by Yves Engler / February 15th, 2018

    ‘Palestine in Pictures: January 2018’, 2 February 2018
    the photos are large enough to hurt one’s eyes, but they’re accompanied by damning stories…in words.

    • …Hi wd

      …Well seen and said wd…it is numbing how TelAviv regime has been doing and does what it does year after year decade after decade. The mockery of TelAviv regime being what it is and doing what it does in light of what befell Saddam, Ghaddaffi or is continually thrown at Assad and Tehran by USian Empire WashDC regime and TelAviv regime runs deep and wide.

      …The more one reads and sifts thru about the who and what and why ?’s of what befell Palestine post WW1 and moreso post 1945 Palestine the more one must conclude the levels of malevolence, malificence and perfidious conduct and misdirection have been excessive and massive.

      …It is pathetic how pathetic it all has been and is. It is knowable who had fingerprints all over what was done on 9/11/2001 and know the facts and truths of what was done and by who on 9/11/2001 that took the lives of 3,000 plus USians. As evil and wicked hoaxes go 9/11/2001 was, is and remains at middle of current WashDC, USian Empire and Tel Aviv rot.

      …One may have hoped after 2008 WH election that Barack Obama would perhaps do what needed to be done about 9/11/2001 but soon enough Barack Obama betrayed USians and here we now are in 2018 with all this Clinton Dems / Trump / Putin / Russia nonsense.

      …That this has already and will now end in deep and wide tragic ways of death / destruction for millions of humanbeings on Earth seems to be charted and the course humankind now are on.

      …It did not have to be this way but demonic minds have lashed humankind destiny to great evil and wickedness.

      …sta 🏹

      • thanks so much for being the sole commenter on this diary, arrow, mi amigo. it’s all been evil, hasn’t it, and under another guise, as stanley cohen notes. at least it got 28 or so comments at c99%, not all in agreement, of course. ;-)

        as to who was behind the downing of the towers on 9/11, i was just discussing that w/ an e-friend in which i noted that i have to remain agnostic in my ignorance, and that it would take a lot of studying diverse cases/beliefs/physics, etc. to make a decision. but no, the ‘offishul’ 9/11 commission report had to have been by way of a white-washing cover-up, much like the warren commission report. but i assume you mean that tel aviv was part of it.

        but never fear: herr dRumpf will be at the early march aipac conference, as will nikki haley, and he and bibi will talk about creating a peace process. (bet that’ll be fun, if sick, to see.) i’ll change your wording when i can; i’m busy writing a new Assange catch-up diary at the moment.

        be well, and peace to you; no, it never had to be this way, and yet it gets worse every day.

        • …Hi wd

          …My earliest doubts about What and Who?’s regarding 9/11/2001 events and follow up Big Lies Told had to do with the glaring lack of aircraft wreckage and debris evidence at both Shanksville and Pentagon crash sites which when compared to similar sized and type aircraft crash site wreckage and debris fields was / is odd.

          …Those early doubts about 9/11 “official story ” have since 2001 become held certainties that both the Shanksville and Pentagon 9/11 crash sites were staged misdirections and Big Lies Told to cover up deeper who and what evil components of 9/11.

          …It is very knowable here in 2018 coming up on 17 years after 9/11/2001 that multiple facts, truths and details of 9/11 do not support so called “official ” 9/11 story tells.

          …We do now know about long sought acts, actions and ongoing consequences made easier and more possible by 9/11 and plainly still remaining in motion here in 2018. USians were and have been badly led and misled in many ways about and to do with 9/11.

          …Here in early 2018 the entire planet and all humankind now faced with demonic evil of unleashed atomic death war due in large part to 9/11 Big Lies Told. The horrors of 9/11 multiplied by 10X10 X10.


          • long ago i’d tried to stay awake to watch a documentary whose title was close to: 9/11 widows for truth’, and it was a fascinating compilation of ‘evidence’ of more of an inside job, although i’m quite gullible when it comes to laws of architecture and physics. but certainly it was the advent of the war on terror, and the funding of every possible ‘project’ both in the ‘homeland’, military, darpa, intelligence agencies, including the creation of The One Ring to Rule Them All. and of course, the legal basis to attack anyone, anywhere…by drone, bomb, or them thar other means.

            then ya skip to the funding of hollywood scare movies, teevee shows similarly, that prove how everyone’s out to get us, torture works, and tra la la. one dude at my.fdl kept harranguing me to sign on to ‘it was an inside job’, as though if i did…it would matter to ‘changing everything!’

            sigh. and now, will the cold war turn hot? will the us finally bomb iran, north korea? will india and nato bomb pakistan? ah, well, why worry, eh? it’s all just speculation as per the extreme bombasity afoot. ;-) hang in there, darlin’.

  2. when the student is ready, the teacher whacks ’em w/the disabusing ruler of truf. anyway, for some reason I cracked open Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism,” and like I’m want to do w/a book I don’t really plan on reading, I started at the back. I wonder if she knows what Heilige Scheisse means? where to begin…
    Israel is of course the latest & perhaps last outburst of race-based European colonialism & imperialism. The “nation-building” project is supposedly, and to a degree is, a response to a racist, totalitarian effort to eliminate Jewry. This is a very simplistic narrative but it does illustrate the fundamental conflict of our world: biological reproduction vs cultural reproduction. A cultural project, the nation-state Israel, is supposed to save Jews from biological elimination. b/c of an essentialist understanding of what it means to be a Jew very similar to what it meant to be a Teuton in Nazi Germany, the state as preserver of some fictive purity becomes more important than the actual reproduction of actual human beings, Jewish in this case. The Zionist project takes priority over actual lives.

    This dichotomy, biological vs cultural reproduction, is what’s behind such screeching Col. Kurtz-ian insanity as found here:
    (we must exterminate them…pig after pig, cow after cow, village after village…)
    the corporation, by its very definition, is designed toward institutional & organizational preservation & expansion no matter the cost to “externalities” like water & children & bees. The idea that a person is supposed to be more attached to the fiction of the nation-state that is the USG than actual human beings & the whole web of life (messed up as it is, no doubt) in China, & that this biological life in the US is to be expended in war on China, is one more particularly brightly infernal example.

    I could go on in this vein. Arendt, surprisingly to my mind, concludes the book on a very helpful note: totalitarian systems can only be destroyed by new life. Each generation is a new beginning which the system must figure out how to spray with Ready Roundup & inject with its genes & memes & corruption in order for the system not to be smashed by the kids. Even to the point of destroying all life. I mean, just what the hell do I get from the US defeating China? the same thing I got from the US “winning” the Cold War: not a goddam thing.

    anyway, in the concluding chapter, she spends some ink discussing the manufacture of (political) isolation & (personal) loneliness as conditions for totalitarianism, whose constant mood is one of terror. (N.B.: the “random” shooters out there perform the function of state false flags in a totalitarian system, whether they are really done by the state or not.) Thus, the hysterical Russia nonsense. Terror, fear, dread, anxiety, worry, suspicion & other words you can find in the thesaurus are the only emotions allowed (when one is not shopping of course). Disorientation, isolation & loneliness to neutralize possible collective action.

    It’s funny how the isolated, rational homo economicus actor of capitalism is so akin to the quivering pile of jellyfish that each person is to be in a totalitarian system, except the little capitalist hamsters do get to get off that hamster wheel vanity of vanities called a job from time to time, into the hamster maze of consumption & consumer preference.

    awight, I know I said a mouthful here…oh yeah, as Israel also exemplifies, the right of expulsion by the powerful owner class may not be abridged. or even questioned. the West supports Israel, in part, b/c they support the principle of kicking the natives asses if you must (boy, is there any doubt about that?) whether it’s the homeless squatting in the little corner that remains of the capitalist field, trying to glean something from the trash piles, or it’s millions in Gaza whose families have lived there for millennia, the right of eviction & expulsion will be upheld to the world’s dying breath.

    • oh, tom joad on the road, thanks for your mouthfuls. but i’ll need to answer on the morrow, as i’ve spent all my energy on a new diary and need some rest for tonight. mr. wd and i thankfully have a date to watch 2 of our favorite series on pbs, one is my favorite (although fictional) episcopal preacher man. ;-)
      bless your pea pickin’ ♥ for being one more commenter here, besides.

      and via assange: ‘CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election’

      i’d say arendt’s ‘hopefulness’ is akin to stanley cohen’s, then. the young uns didn’t grow up with ‘the exodus’ being their touchstones, and have had their eyes opened.
      “…the manufacture of (political) isolation & (personal) loneliness as conditions for totalitarianism’ = john trudell’s ‘in a dimension called loneliness’, yes.

      but your conflating corporations to totalitarianism creates a remarkable image, along w/ the pile of jellyfish, no less.

      great film clip: ‘we may be your brothers, yes, but…’ what film? and who is col. kurtz? one of those brando films whose titles i always forget?

      as for palestine, never fear! trump and bibi will be at aipac on march 5, have a side meeting, and will figure out the peace…very soon.

      • yes, kurtz in apocalypse now. I was looking at clips of one of my favs, The Red Shoes, and that clip of Anton Walbrook’s kept popping up so…clickey clickey. it’s a bit “Oh Canada” but still.

        all terror all the time. the allowable respite from terror is shopping. terror, per Arendt, is required for people to become susceptible to what is a sound bite (anti-Semitism, racism) as the one motive force, the explanation for why their lives are screwed. Dem dam Joos did it. again. w/lots of help from Messicans & immigants.

        and pop culture. “anime is deep, man. you can get stuff out of it.” one guy going off on how if you really, really, I mean really, watch those spider man movies, your senses will tingle with valuable life lessons learned. and defining moments for black America consist of show biz: The Black Panther on the movie screen, barak obastard on the t.v., oprah for pres.

        the idea of the US as “the best,” exceptional, etc., & thus deserving to be on top of the global shit pile functions the same as Nazi racist b.s. a ridiculous, completely unempirical theory will be blindingly followed until the end. and, should the people prove unworthy of the theory, well, that doesn’t disprove the theory, does it? & so the people will be sacrificed, too.

        and so it is not even possible that we, the US, will not shortly be shoving masses of people into death chambers. the great unwashed are a challenge to the triumphalist capitalist/US exceptionalist narrative. and we damn sure have showers for that. their teeth are knives, their tongues are spears, to devour the poor from the earth.

        • oh, my, j. i hope you’ll forgive me for needing to respond later, even tomorrow, if needs be. i’m jammin’ to get a diary by way of a PSA re: drumbeats for war on VZ.

          but i really ♥ the comment.

        • guess i’m having a bit of a time w/ arendt’s formula as terror’ opens one…’, etc. cuz at least by now, it might be a bit more nuanced. the list might be longer: fear of the other, fear of non-duopoly politics (in amerika), TINA!-based red/blue ‘bipartisan’ politics, ah, i’ve lost my train of thought. but yes, someone must be to blame for our crap lives, *others* in nations afar, and for the hegemon, we see it afoot all over the globe now.

          oh, and wsws on the newest assault on gaza, and the facts on the ground there.

          R2P, baby! kapow! i’ll use it again for my VZ thread, but the empire as the red right hand.

          • i’ll see your red right hand & raise you a witness song!

            terror both activates our herd instinct, a sheep’s only defense, plunge into the herd & hope the lupine butcher makes pork chops of anyone else. and terror also isolates people, making us distrustful, suspicious, etc.,and lonely. Arendt says isolation/loneliness kills thought & reflection upon experience, rendering understanding impossible. so slogans & cheerleading dominate public discourse, making people one in blunt, blind stupidity, incapable of the *solitude*, a self being alone with itself, that thinking/reflection requires. We are all alone in the crowd.

            assuming I understand what she’s getting at…

            anyway, welcome to the United John Birch Society of Amerikkka!

            • okay; i’ll buy ‘terror’ then, as it stimulates fight or fright adrenaline, and that has to be dissipated somehow, some way. i just hadn’t thought it needed to rise to the level of ‘terror’, as i’d said. no matter, just a word.

              can’t make out the lyrics (haven’t time to look them up), but cave’s vocals on the dirge really suck; painful for my ears. ;-)

              • where does his voice ever not suck?

              • even as the fig leaf of a legal framework is set up for the gitmo prisoners, the little workers in the system do everything they can to undermine defense efforts. and we know everything means everything. the system must appeal to law while allowing no one to escape. everyone is either an executioner or a criminal, as Arendt says.

                the point is not the law, it’s the sentencing-the judge Othon in the Plague. the whole thing operates that way. you wouldn’t be arrested if you weren’t guilty.

                • omg. dementia rules. i’d seen this in email, and thought you were on the VZ war drums. wot does a legal framework for gitmo have to do w/…? but…in a weird weird way…maybe it does; i’ll have to stretch thru the metaphor… okay: it depends whose legal framework, after all, the law is what the judges say it is, all the way to scotus, the ICC, int’l maritime dispute courts, etc., and so many judges, if not all, are open to grifting and orruption. and okay: ‘responsibility to protect’ policy etched in stone now.

                  but ain’t it grand? egypt just opened the rafah gate crossing for gazans! for four days, how kind, no?


                  cave’s voice on the red right hand didn’t suck, imo.

  3. Thank you for posting on this subject, wendye. It is very significant to me as today is the beginning of Orthodox Christian Lent, for which the very first reading is the beginning of the book of Isaiah, in which words from the mouth of the Lord castigate Israel,

    “Ah, sinful nation,
    A people laden with iniquity,
    Offspring of evildoers,
    Sons who deal corruptly!”


    “…rulers of Sodom!…
    …people of Gomorrah!…”

    I too loved in my youth to sing, “This land is mine; God gave this land to me!” But it’s not entirely true, iniquitous Israel! He also gave you Sodom and Gomorrah, their fate!

    “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean;
    Remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes;
    Cease to do evil, learn to do good;
    Seek justice, correct oppression;
    Defend the fatherless; plead for the widow…”

    “…But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword…

    It is irony indeed that Israel rejects refugees through arms trade to willing accomplice African nations. It’s as if they deliberately defy their own holy tradition. Might be a good time for the children of Abraham to leave.

    Lot did.

    • welcome, juliania, and a good first day of lent to you. israel is indeed becoming a pariah nation globally, which is good, but as bibi might be charged w/ bribery, not war crimes, he seems to be doubling down on such cleansing, and bull-dozing more and more palestinian houses and schools.

      a commenter over yonder at c99% had asked me to take down this dreck of a diary, and made noises about ‘injustice on both sides’. it was very nice to see others claim ‘there is no moral equivalence’, and one brought some of the best, most concise, historical narrative on the subject that i’ve ever read.

      thanks for adding the bible verses, juliania, even if i don’t quite grasp their meaning. ;-) it’s always a dicey subject for some, most especially some jews, which is part of why i’d featured so many jewish voices for peace here.

      • I think the meaning is plenty plain, wendye, and I don’t understand your hesitancy in the last paragraph, as if I were castigating all Jews. When I said what I did, outside of the quotes from the great prophet Isaiah, I was supporting Israel as she was meant to be – daughter of Zion, the peace loving Jews you and I envisioned they would be, moved in our hearts by song and movie.

        I wanted to reclaim the song ‘This Land’ for those citizens, for the Palestinians, and for us as well, its roots in the Woody Guthrie spirit of universality – not what the state has become but its ideal.

        And a further explanation of the Sodom and Gomorrah motif. That image has been appropriated by our puritan masters to suggest sexual exploitation only. Whether that is so in the original story doesn’t matter. In Isaiah it is as I quoted here, a matter of exploitation and injustice and oppression writ large – “…everyone loves a bribe and runs after gifts…”.

        I will further add that when I suggested the children of Abraham consider leaving as Lot did, it was meant in a spiritual sense, and indeed the many peacefull members of the Jewish faith, who already have taken an heroic stance, are already walking in his footsteps. Sorry if that is unclear.

        • i hadn’t meant to offend you, and i almost tried to find the verses in isaiah, not remembering his prophecy, but i’m in the middle of creating a new diary on the war drums beating to oust maduro in VZ, and simply hadn’t taken the time. so i’m glad you’ve said this: ‘I was supporting Israel as she was meant to be – daughter of Zion, the peace loving Jews you and I envisioned they would be’. and no, i hadn’t known that lot had, so thanks for that. and i’d not pinged woody’s song, as you’d said ‘mine’, but my head clearly wasn’t in the game. also: i’m answering comments at two sites, on three or four different diaries, and in my dotage, i do get confused.

          with this: ‘it’s always a dicey subject for some, most especially some jews, which is part of why i’d featured so many jewish voices for peace here’, i’d been thinking of the grouch who’d asked me to delete this diary at c99% was all. can’t even think why you’d thunk i’d meant you, though, esp. as i know that you’re…not jewish. ;-)

          anyway, i hope that’s straightened things out. oh! lot turned into a pillar of salt, or so the story goes? yeah, i’m hopeless trying to remember things…

          • Not Lot, that pillar of salt, wendye – his wife! She, like Euridice, made the mistake of looking back when she was warned not to.

            And no offense taken, you do an amazing job.

            • lol; after i’d mentioned lot, mr. wd looked it up, and found it was his wife, arrrgh. well, gotta gimme a ee bit o’ credit for tryin’ to zero in on it. and i’d forgotten to say thanks for the somom and gemorrah actual theme by isaiah.

              had i thought i had time, i was going to say that the book i’ve read most lately is revelations, as i was reminding folks over yonder that the 2018 american israeli public affairs committee (aipac) meets in deecee the first week of march, and both bibi and trump (well, of course nikki haley) will be there. trump and bibi will meet in a side meeting, and figure out I/P peace later.

              but CUFI (christians united for israel) always sends reps, and they are big box fundie dispensationalist churches that believe as per revelations (or their interpretations), that christ won’t come again until israel stands alone, etc. the reps get cheered wildly for bringin’ bucks, or course, but one of them is usually pastor john hagee, a real piece of work. he’d use a lotta reverb on his mike to sound like…god, i’d guess. ;-)

              sorry for any typos, i’m dashing to get this thang done, and having to reproduce the many tweets not as tweets, as needed for me to cross-post to c99%…unless i ask the admin there to do it for me. he does so kindly, but i kinda hate to ask, yanno? he’s already given me editor status to front-page my stuff.

  4. As an addendum, I’m not normally up on all the readings for Lent, even with as you call it a dead tree Old style calendar (they change each year as the various cycles cycle along. ) But this year I don’t have the current printing.

    Not to worry, there is a beautiful daily offering from Holy Trinity monastery online. I duckduckwent, and no need to shuffle the pages, can simply tap and there it is.

    Good phone! Nice phone! Sit! Stay!

  5. Here’s my two cents on Sodom and Gomorrah: the “sin of Sodom” has been conflated in fundamentalist circles with homosexuality, but most biblical scholars agree that it was really the sin of inhospitality. Without getting into parsing the Hebrew word “to know” in the biblical sense, which is greatly disputed, the sodomites were doing things like giving the poor marked coins, to fulfill the letter of the law, then the merchants would refuse to sell to them, allowing them to slowly starve to death.

    Sounds familiar, eh?

    I have a degree in theology. I briefly considered becoming a priest. Except I liked girls too much.

    • fascinating take, and i’ve read that rabbis can spend months debating the meaning and decoding of certain single words that can change everything. various translations that may or may not have been “mayest” not other commands (shalt? etc.)…was one.

      well, that’s purdy damned funny: ‘I briefly considered becoming a priest. Except I liked girls too much.’ we’re chuckling to beat the band here. ;-)

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