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my contributions:   ‘Venezuela on the Eve of Presidential Elections: The US Empire Isn’t Sitting by Idly’, Roger Harris, counterpunch May 18

OTOH and OMG:   ‘US Interference in Venezuela Could Reelect President Maduro, TRNN   May 17, 2018; Venezuelans will go to the polls on Sunday under dire economic distress with inflation expected to reach over 10,000%. Professor Steve Ellner says, US has interfered in Venezuelan elections by urging the opposition to boycott and by imposing economic sanctions. The result might be another term for President Maduro

The Guardian says Maduro looks set to win, but even their hit piece lacked verve.

plus a ‘this does not bode well’ creepy exposé:

morning edit:  maduro won with 67% o the vote, but of course the vote was fraudulent as all-giddy-up!  the guardian:

“The United States’ mission to the United Nations indicated it would reject the result. “Today’s so-called election in Venezuela is an insult to democracy … It’s time for Maduro to go,” it tweeted.

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, said that his country, “like the majority of democratic countries”, would not recognise the vote. “Venezuela’s elections do not meet the minimum standards for a true democracy. They are not clean or legitimate elections and they do not represent the free and sovereign will of the Venezuelan people,” Piñera wrote.”

OTOH from telesur:  “Some 150 international observers from 30 countries and international organizations were in Venezuela for the elections.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former Spanish Prime Minister and also an international observer, gave positive feedback about the presidential elections.

“I do not have any doubt about the voting process. It is an advanced automatic voting system. I come here to keep the peace, coordinate and promote dialogue to improve the democratic mechanism here. What I need to do here is to see whether people can cast their ballots at their own discretion. Now we all see how people vote, don’t we?” he said.”

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  1. i’m trying to get part II of ‘war drums beating for iran’ together, and do the usual zillion weekend chores, maybe poke a few seeds into the garden if this infernal wind ever stops…

  2. Yeah, and I am just getting over a graduation in Arizona — the horror, the horror:

    • you actin’ as one of the ghosts of hunter thompson, amigo? glorious and righteous rant, and glad you used the vltchek diagnosis. sadly, i never read bowden, but what a fine eulogy, i liked the ‘when he gets to heaven, shakes a lucky strike at god and offers suggestions…’, or close.

      our black/azteca son was born in el paso, our daughter’s ute mtn. ute, and we’ve spent a lot of time in hopi and zuni pueblos. we live 17 miles east of the town ed abbey’d called: the shithead capital of dipstick county, colorado. it’s a giant truck stop, or began that way, but durango 30 miles east of us is arguably worse. ;-)

      but you may have left out:
      “And because nothin’ says fun and profit like Skiing in Arizona on Shit Snow (2012), the Hopi have filed another injunction against the use of wastewater to make snow at the Arizona Snowbowl.”

      gods’ blood, what rapacious greedy guts this uncivilized, soul-stealing, capitalist, genocidal, ecocidal, consumer-driven, bernaysian-willing-dupe-laden empire is!

  3. or, maybe something is inside the belly of the beast worth chewing on:

  4. Did the first octopus arrive on Planet Earth in the form of a frozen egg in the debris of a comet from beyond our solar system, or maybe even from beyond our local galactic cluster?

    Read the original scientific report at or a condensation: ‘Science news: Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago’,

    • holy crow, jacob; that’s quite a theory, isn’t it? being science-ignorant, i swear they’ve almost convinced me. glad you stuck in the simplified version, which i’d thunk i’d chosen, but arrrrggh, no, so i was flailing around a bit.

      but that life didn’t begin in the primordial soup with the touch of god as electricity, well, i love the theory witless anyway. and the high resolution video and photos dinnae even make me squeamish they were of such keen interest. ;-) the ‘this doesn’t necessarily negate darwin, aristotle, but it might at least upon a first read. but it’s a keeper; thanks.

  5. You might enjoy this:
    Scientists Revise Their Understanding of Novichok (Slane)
    “ of its primary effects is to generate in its victims a strong desire to go out for a beer followed by a pizza.”
    IMO, perfect!

    • lol, is it from one of those #ICMY or somethings on twitter? but maybe ‘beer and seafood’? man, are the skripals in deep, dark, badger holes. this is actually a sober account of it all so far: ‘The case of incredibly shrinking Skripals: UK owes Russia explanation as poisoning mystery deepens’, robert bridge, RT including this:

      “Viktoria Skripal, the cousin of Yulia Skripal, has just had her UK visa application rejected for a second time, with no explanation provided.”

      • Very dark stuff; no response to inquiry; why?
        Because they don’t have to respond.
        Because you no longer matter and are not in control!
        I would add; think about that!
        But why bother; most don’t give a shit…

        • a parallel: We’re exxon; we don’t care cuz we don’t have to!

          what a doofus i was not to advise y’all to talk among yourselves while i try to finish part II…oh well, iran ain’t goin’ anywhere…or is it? i’d been monitoring pompeo’s speech on the evil iran at times. where? at the times of israel, of course!

          WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is preparing to impose “the strongest sanctions in history” on Tehran after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal earlier this month, and laid out a laundry list of demands for a new treaty, in his first major speech outlining Washington’s strategy for curtailing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions and its ‘malign’ regional behavior.

          “We will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime,” Pompeo told a crowd gathered at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank based in the nation’s capital.

          “Trump’s newly installed top diplomat also hinted at the possibility of military action should Iranian leaders reconstitute their nuclear program.

          “If they restart their nuclear program, they will have big problems, bigger problems than they’ve ever had before,” he said.”

    • but you’d never said where you got it. not the onion, or are you the author?

      what’s slane?

  6. Would like to recommend (only I don’t know what program it was) a PBS offering Sunday morning dealing with a valley in Mexico that is particularly well aligned with planetary happenings and mysterious little hills or mountains, some of which have turned out to contain ancient temple structures.

    It’s possibly an old program, but I was intrigued by how the program itself aligns with the well-traveled one on Chaco Canyon, where Robert Redford is pointing out how the great houses align with one another and also paths of the moon and sun.

    The one I watched yesterday was particularly interesting in supplying a new alignment that the Redford program didn’t address – specifically, that singular moment in the sun’s passage when it is directly above the latitude of the observer, so that no shadow at all is produced on the ground. The geometric alignments for the particular valley (sorry, I was so intrigued I forgot to write down any names) then compare in significance to what Chaco must have been for the tribes to the north, and how interesting it is to contemplate the cross-cultural aspects in which it is really the heavens that are the sacred realm, with the earth and man himself spending centuries in imitation thereof.

    Fascinating – and I haven’t even touched on Orion’s belt being a fire dagger. Riveting stuff. (They didn’t mention human sacrifice, but I am thinking the latter point might really tempt that connection.)

  7. i’d updated my contributions to the open menu earlier with maduro winning 67% of the vote, and how many were crying foul, foul, illegitimate! (esp. the guardian). today:

    …because the maduro g’ment is a major threat to amerikan security.

    Gypsies Traveling
    The prophetical tribe, that ardent eyed people,
    Set out last night, carrying their children
    On their backs, or yielding to those fierce appetites
    The ever ready treasure of pendulous breasts.

    The men travel on foot with their gleaming weapons
    Alongside the wagons where their kin are huddled,
    Surveying the heavens with eyes rendered heavy
    By a mournful regret for vanished illusions [chimeras].

    The cricket from the depths of his sandy retreat
    Watches them as they pass, and louder grows his song;
    Cybele, who loves them, increases her verdure,

    Makes the desert blossom, water spurt from the rock
    Before these travelers for whom is opened wide
    The familiar domain of the future’s darkness.
    the empty spaces of the future scare us, part of the “invisible world made in fright” (Melville.) but not the “prophetical tribe.” 150 years or so after this poem was written, it is hard to imagine any tribe peering into the future & not turning away & doing as some sage once said: weeping for one’s children. but nope, no one listens. the handwriting on the wall is just intrusive graffiti at a gala. call the cops on that hoodlum! the party must go on.

    • that may be the first poem by baudelaire i’ve ever read, and thank you for it. as i read, ‘i felt a funeral in my brain’. your additional comment stirs my heart in exasperation with the truth of ‘the party must go on’. and it does, with a few exceptions.

      as i type, in the amazon in the areas around uncontacted tribes, a group (guardians of the amazon) is monkey-wrenching the logging machines, and bless their hearts.
      “Although the area should be protected under Brazilian law, the lack of enforcement by the Brazilian government and the extreme danger posed to the uncontacted Awá has forced the Guardians to take matters into their own hands.

      They now fear violent retaliation. Three of the Guardians were murdered by loggers in 2016, and they have experienced arson attacks and regular death threats.”

      breath-taking that they continue; true loving kindness trumps fear.

  9. lord luv a duck:

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