Saudi-led coalition launches attack on Yemen’s ‘humanitarian lifeline’ of Hodeidah

Bernhard at MOA had called it on July 11: ‘Yemen – U.S. Grants Approval For Genocide’

“The United Arab Emirates is leading local mercenaries and Islamist gangs against the Houthi and their allies. During the last months these forces moved from the south along the coast up to Hodeidah. The fighting is fierce:
Heavy fighting in Yemen between pro-government forces and Shiite rebels has killed more than 600 people on both sides in recent days, security officials said Monday.

Tomorrow, when the media will be busy with the Kim-Trump photo-op summit, the UAE forces will launch their attack on the city.

The U.S., through its Secretary of State Pompeo, just gave a green light to the UAE to launch its attack:

The United States is closely following developments in Hudaydah, Yemen. I have spoken with Emirati leaders and made clear our desire to address their security concerns while preserving the free flow of humanitarian aid and life-saving commercial imports. We expect all parties to honor their commitments to work with the UN Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen on this issue, support a political process to resolve this conflict, ensure humanitarian access to the Yemeni people, and map a stable political future for Yemen.

Neither the Emirates nor the Saudis have any interest in letting humanitarian aid flow. They are absolutely ruthless. Earlier today they bombed a Cholera treatment center run by Doctors Without Borders…”

“It would be easy for the Trump administration to stop the UAE attack. U.S. special forces are on the ground in Yemen working closely with UAE forces. U.S. planes are refueling the Saudi and UAE bombers. U.S. intelligence is used in the targeting process. The U.S. supplies the bombs. Without U.S. air-to-air refueling there would be no air-support for the UAE fighters on the ground. They would be unable to launch their attack.”

Today: ‘Saudi-led coalition launches attack on Yemen’s ‘humanitarian lifeline’ of Hodeidah’, RT 13 June, 2018

“The operation to retake the vital port city from the Houthis was launched on Wednesday morning, after the rebels rejected an ultimatum and refused to surrender the city by the end of Tuesday, a deadline set by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Al Arabiya reports.

Large-scale ground operations, supported by the air and naval forces of the Saudi-led coalition, began to move in on the city from numerous directions, a military source told the publication. The government of exiled president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, partially based in Aden, issued a statement, claiming that the military operation was the last-ditch effort to “restore legitimacy to the entire national territory after exhausting all peaceful and political means to remove the Houthi militia from the port of Hodeidah.”

Recapturing Hodeidah and its port is crucial for the Arab coalition. Over the course of the conflict, Riyadh has repeatedly tried to blockade the docks, accusing Iran of using them to smuggle arms to the Houthi rebels.

Just days before the launch of the operation, the United Nations warned that an attack on the densely populated coastal city could cost up to 250,000 lives. Previously, international aid agencies voiced alarm over the “looming disaster,” stressing that a battle will jeopardize the delivery of the scarce humanitarian aid desperately needed by the civilian population.”

“Some 22 million people, or 80 percent of the Yemeni population, are in need of humanitarian aid, while more than half of the country is left without basic medical services.”


on edit:  the Guardian has it this way:

“The UAE foreign minister, Anwar Gargash, said the coalition had given the Houthi forces nearly three days to leave the port before the attack started.

“The Houthis cannot hold Hodeidah hostage to finance their war and divert the flow of humanitarian aid,” he said. “Their assault on the Yemeni people has continued for too long.”

The assault led to a barrage of warnings and criticism, including claims that the UK and US, both closely tied to the Saudis, had effectively given the assault a green light by not intervening more decisively to deter it.

Sweden is expected to demand an open meeting of the UN security council on Wednesday. Efforts by some security council members at a closed session on Tuesday to agree a statement explicitly condemning the attack in principle failed, partly owing to opposition from the US and UK.”

5 responses to “Saudi-led coalition launches attack on Yemen’s ‘humanitarian lifeline’ of Hodeidah

    • jeebus. thanks, jacob. and for the photo; i was in too much of a hurry to download one in my outrage.

      but god’s blood, ‘the coalition’ pretends to care about a humanitarian aid corridor. war criminals will be criminals in the name of ’empire’.

  1. Ag! That didn’t take long.

    • b nailed it esp. in ‘all eyes will be on the kim/trump summit. he doesn’t always get it right, but his spidey senses and research intuition/subtexts sure got it right this time.

      what psychopathic monsters they are. oh, when ‘they’ (whoever that may be) come for us: chickens coming home to roost, i reckon…it might be nasty. i imagine ‘show no mercy’, but it’s likely that comes from being so furious.

  2. here’s b’s recent coverage of the monstrosity of it, the new york times’ weasel word coverage, and the AP coverage in an internal link. but we may be reading about it for a week, as i believe saudi news had crowed that ‘Operation Golden Victory’ might be over in a week. and likely many more than the quarter of a million citizens prophesied will have died of starvation, cholera and bombings.

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