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“…democratic socialism is part of what i am, it’s not all of what i am, and i think that’s a very important distinction.”

madeleine aldark thinks it’s a big tent, too!

on morning edit: i know i’m hogging the menu, but as no one else is here, i just gotta add this.  someone on twitter had indicated that AOC was down w/ the russiagate stuff and worse, and i rember having seen someone simply make a reference to jeremy scahill on twitter.  just now someone at ian welsh’s place linked to a video that had this link to the intercept video where scahill’s interviewing her:

“But then secondly, I think you have some of these geopolitical realities of — we now have Russia playing a very aggressive role in other nations. We have what we saw in Europe ahead of the French elections where, thankfully, they had planned for a cyberattack, but we have a lot of the destabilization of our political institutions as well. We see the role that Russia is playing in that.”

“All of these things tie back to that. You look at what’s happening in these FBI investigations and the things we’re finding and lo and behold, it’s this petrol Russian oligarch is tied directly financially to what happened in the 2016 U.S. elections.”

So when I had these conversations — I think it’s important to echo that not all military actions are what you’re discussing. In terms of what you’re discussing, probably not. The only one that, I mean, even with the surge, with Obama’s surge, I think what he was trying to do was deal with this mess of going into Afghanistan in the first place. In a sense, there are some tough spots that you’re in where when you have boots on the ground, and you have those soldiers that are there, pulling out immediately sometimes isn’t the most stabilizing course of action. So I think there, maybe. But I don’t think that these drone strikes were just.”

and just below that entry was: ‘Happy Fourth of July! The Story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reveals the Power of Good News About “Democratic Renewal”, jon schwarz

good golly miss molly!

INCIWEB’s ‘active fire mapping program’ (US)

‘Nationwide Protests: Pro-Immigrant Or Anti-Trump?’, zeese and flowers,

“While abuse of immigrant families and their children are important reasons to protest, it is critical to be non-partisan or the pro-immigrant movement risks going the way of the anti-war movement, which is still struggling to rebuild. If the protests are framed as anti-Trump, then voters may conclude that electing Democrats will solve the problem. Both major political parties have failed immigrants in the US. We need to build national consensus for pro-immigrant policies that hold whomever is in power accountable.”

The United States Needs A Pro-Immigration Policy To Correct Abusive Treatment of Immigrants

The beginnings of a pro-immigration policy in the United States is developing. Indeed, that word “pro-immigration” needs to become part of the political dialogue. We heard the call for a pro-immigrant policy at the Maryland State Green Party meeting this weekend. It was a phrase we had not heard in the political dialogue, but we are pleased to see it brought out into the open. Unlike the corporate duopoly, the Green Party of the United States has an excellent platform on immigration.”

“The US needs to recognize the positive impacts of policies that protect the human rights of people to move across borders. Research published this week shows that free movement of people could expand the global economy by $78 trillion.”

André Manuel Lopez Obrador  (#AMLO on twitter) has likewise been beatified by the progressive left as almost but not quite, socialist.  The journalists at may be among the sole exceptions to that rule.  In their latest op-ed,

following this paragraph, Don Knowland  parses his victory speech.  This is the video from his website, but I know barely any Español.

“López Obrador’s campaign attacks on the policies of the PRI, PAN and PRD generated popular illusions that he would provide a way out of this morass. He focused on ending corruption and poverty. He even claimed that victory would bring a fourth historic “transition” or “revolution” in Mexico, following on those of Mexican independence from Spain, the liberal reforms instituted under Benito Juarez, and the Mexican Revolution of 1910, which was deeply influenced by the Russian Revolution and promulgated land reform for the peasantry, along with an ideology of unending progress for Mexico’s “popular sectors.”

Now Greg Palast at common dreams, Dan Steinbeck at consortium news, on and on…might mention some of his more…corporate-friendly  talk just before the vote, but see…that was simply to attract more votes.

Ha!  Bloomberg weighs in: ‘Why it would be good to go long on Mexican Assets

Democrats fast-track Trump’s Supreme Court pick’,,  3 July 2018

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  1. riveracontracting

    “she…says she hears
    There’s tricks i’ the world…”

    word in the bush is that the military is using our rustic campsite since the spring to test some of their hi-tech gear out on, like really difficult to detect camouflage (think the original Predator from that Arnold movie), hiding up in the trees. an ex meth head dude told me he seed it with his one good eye!

    i’m skeptical…except I don’t put this kind of crap past Uncle Sam. there’s military bases around, the homeless, criminal, and social activist people in this country are all closely related (hell, the homeless & the criminal are practically sets overlapping 100%, and the lefties are those who have an iota of care about society’s homeless criminals). they could intro their new and improved gmo or mechanical bees & skeeters & who’d know? or spray some aerosol crap into the air to calm a restive populace…or test their sonic weapons on our sleep patterns (stop giving them ideas! you know they read blogs…)

    everything in our society is a trick & a trap. the people who trick kids w/Toys R US garbage also trap kids in cages.

    lest we think Trump an aberration, let’s remind ourselves that the Enlightened of Europe are also running concentration camps & killing refugees on the seas instead of the deserts. oh, the useful distraction of the reality TV President. look at Merkel & Don Trump tussle! what a statesperson she is!

    so, i’m going to try to say to every stranger I meet, “you know we are running concentration camps on the border? & Europe is doing the same.”

    happy 4th Uncle Sam! when oh when will this one be your last?

    • thanks for the chortles; i needed a few. i’ve been translating one of marcy wheeler’s (emptywheel) recent earth-shattering and dangerous revelations to a couple folks at moon of alabama, not that i’d gotten it right.

      but yes, happy tailgate day, celebrating a slave-owning elite separating from good kind george who’d been ending slavery…or was it really about the tea tax w/o representation? did g. washington really admit to chopping down that fairy tale cherry tree? gawd’s blood, the history of amerika we learned too well as kids in school…

      maybe darpa came up with cloaking devices for the GIs? hell, if they used spray soma i’d think that might be good, especially if it were nutritional somehow.

      not a few earnest bloggers/journalists have chronicled the many ways the US has separated kids from their mamas and papas, from japanese internment camps, ‘indians’ sent to religious boarding schools, joe arpaio’s tent cities and chain gangs, and more. but yeah, this really is getting out of hand under boss tweet; now even the legal immigrants are being sent to camps for old, old, minor crimes like failure to appear for a bench warrant.

  2. riveracontracting

    i’m really fucking tired of technology trying to tell me what I want to do or not.

    fuck you wordpress.

    • ach, your other comment had ended up in some limbo, depending on which platform i check. figured somethin’ must be up as per this comment. 614 spams just since yesterday, good grief.

  3. Hello wendye, your posts are very telling – I will have to visit the Intercept I guess, as the quote you feature has disturbing echoes of fool me once…and I’m not sure free for all immigration policies are the answer these days, though a sensible refugee program definitely is. Most people who are fleeing the disturbances our country and others have created would rather if they had their druthers be at home, not lured into peonage so the ultra rich can benefit from their slavery. When you look at what happened in Greece and even in Europe when the floodgates were opened by war in their home countries, so that the mixture of folk flowing in was impossible to adequately screen, free and open movement doesn’t sound so great, especially with the CIA seeding the mixture with its latest version of disrupt and destroy.

    I do have some additions to your open menu – will add separately.

    • ah, i was trying to make it so you wouldn’t have to read the intercept. i expect you’ve heard about the new democratic socialist who’d beaten he rival crowley in NY 14. the world is a-twitter at the ramifications!!!! a socialist!
      well, until ya dig a bit deeper.

      to say the truth, i hadn’t even read the link to the green party’s support for that idea yet. not that it would happen, but a few dems who’ve been railing at ICE brutality are calling for it to be dissolved back into customs and immigration (la migro), not run by dhs, when ice was apparently born post 9/11.

      i’m a bit agnostic as to tsipras’s immigrant cages, but i have read he’s instituted a whole new round of austerity measures. i wonder how those who massively supported him based on his promises…feel about now, though.

  4. I just wanted to add that rt has been featuring the attempted arrest of the former Ecuadorean president, so your forebodings with regard to the safety of Julian Assange were well founded. This is something I know very little about, but rt did spell out the relationship Moreno had had and that he has proved to be a false friend. Very sad for that country as well.

    Here it has been blazingly hot, which definitely saps my energy – rain is forecast, though our corner usually gets only a fringe of that at best. But it is cooler today, and I’m grateful for that.

    • jeez, i’d read that, juliania. and isn’t correa in switzerland or austria? arrest him on kidnapping charges? oh, my, how bogus that sounds. but yeah, he must be flipped out at moreno’s right-wing betrayals, including assange, which…last i looked at wikileaks on twitter had no news of his condition.

      hot here, but for a few days the wildland fire smoke kinda kept it a bit cooler. hope you get some rain; it’s hard to imagine about now. or that even if t’were a few inches…how much it would help. we at least have an evaporative cooler in the cupola that helps a hella lot unless it’s humid. humid? what’s that?

      and now it’s amlo that’s the prayer of mexio: ‘not quite hugo chavez but close’…again, until you read who he’s been courting. i guess it must be that the liberal left, progressive left is so hungry for saviors that they can just grab onto even evolving/devolving campaign promise as gospel.

      on edit: correa’s in belgium. the story at RT (the same is happening to lula in brazil), and the video:

  5. oh, that evil vlad is at it again! the verdict is in: ‘Wiltshire pair poisoned by nerve agent novichok, say police; Substance deemed responsible for severe illness of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley,’ the guardian of course

    “Basu added: “I would add that the complex investigation into the attempted murders of Yulia and Sergei remains ongoing and detectives continue to sift through and assess all the available evidence and are following every possible lead to identify those responsible, for what remains a reckless and barbaric criminal act.”

    now this is long, loads of images…but there’s an annotated version of the slides by tweet at the bottom.

  6. I did go read the whole thing at the Intercept – her foreign policy ideas are crap and since all that happens on the local scene depends on money for guns transferring to money for butter, she’s not worth the sandals she stands in. I looked at comments as well, oy, only two pointed out how shocking her statements on the world situation are. For crying out loud, we have to get a grip on what is happening out there and not believe the crazy stuff in all these purported investigations – plus, staying on in Afghanistan??? Words fail me. Fine to advocate eliminating ICE – closing Rykers too I saw she had. Well good, she sounds well versed on New York horror politics. But major, major deficiencies – we really need peaceful times and she’s not an advocate for that. And you really gotta be, in my book.

    Just my point of view. I’m not a New Yorker, so half a loaf, and maybe someone will wise her up eventually?…thanks, wendye.

    • well bless your curious heart, ww. really the whole flp began when sameera kahn on twitter had noted her crap two line ‘peace plan’…which i’d taken to one of the many many diaries at c99% genuflecting that a ‘socialist had won her D primary!, and later aoc had said something to the effect that her site was run by volunteers, maybe they’d deleted the longer version. zo…she seems to have paid some attention to the suggestion under the main tweet, and ‘fleshed it out’ more fully the next day.

      once fleshed, they all went wild again, but of course i showed them her ccn interview avowing fealty to even clinton, then the chuck todd one as well, got into a few kerfuffles over amlo, as well. anyhoo, i just took some mental health time off from the place… got tired of the purity is hypocrisy police.

      but yeah, what utter BS; she walks backward more and more. she loved this tweet my favorite tankie featured:

      you might have to click on it to make the subtweets visible…

  7. Ah, thanks wendye, and kudos to you – just followed your breadcrumbs from MoA back to Empty Wheel – do you think they manchurian candidated her whilst she had her short stint at The Intercept? But it does seem to happen to devoted Dems once their people are doing the dirty deeds – only she seems to believe it, hard to understand in one who had been an accurate analyst I did admire back in the day – and all her followers too. Bravo to b for not going any further, must have felt like being black and waking up in the midst of the KKK.

    I could not believe the tone of what they were spouting about Sergei Lavrov, or that they would find meetings with Putin examples of high treason – good grief, where are their minds? And how, how to disabuse them of their convictions? I have to go back to Putin’s words at one point (probably mangling them as my brain is presently midsummering) “America, do you realize what you have done?”

    She’s such a truth seeker, surely at some point she will encounter what is really happening, and that will be a very hard realization to live with. We are all responsible to some degree, but we should always question what we think we know as events unfold. It’s the only way to stay sane.

    • welcome, juliania, and ooof, do i applaud your diligence. and i hope that you’d concluded similar to what i’d said to the fellows in my ‘i think i’ve sussed it our’ comment at b’s.

      but their collective putin/roosia hatred is similar to many allegedly ‘progressive sites’ (read slightly left of centrist Ds), thus their loathing of assange, china fears, anything that tips the scales away from the amerika as the righteous world leader. but no, as i’d said, EW’s longtime predilection has been the same. back in the day it had been libby-gate, but similarly in answer to an R administration.

      i know the panglossian in you is most often ascendant, but in a similar vein, your hopes that the UK parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee report might augur some hope for julian assange: no, it was another whitewash, as was the senate intel US spooks report released in 2014 (iirc, though i’d had to look it up anew), of course.

      and i appreciate that you’d brought putin’s question again. and what a diplomat lavrov has been, but to many, he’s just a con man like putin, who may have an element of that in him, i admit. ‘peace thru bidness alliances’, but still.

  8. Hey Wendy. Just to say, it’s happening again isn’t it. Over at C99 they’ve now got dem party progressive reform fever. Depressing. Like you, I can’t post essays there now, at least for now. I’ll probably go back and troll the gjohnsit fans. But it’s shame considering how it started.

    Like I said immediately about the 28 yr old, I had never heard of her before the first post on C99, but I looked at her “Peace economy” statement and knew it was bullshit and I said so. gjohnsit continues to call her a socialist and no one calls him on it, cept me.

    Anyway, sorry to bring this here if not wanted.

    • goodness no, it’s fine here. sure, one day i’ll try over yonder again, but for now…i need a break. please feel free to use anything i’ve posted in that part of the open menu. it’s all in the very public domain, and i clipped the scahill parts that are the most demonstrative…so you don’t have to read it. ;-)
      well, as is the tweetie quite demonstrative.

      i’m about to post a boots riley film writing/directing debut diary; you might just like it. dayum, i love that man!

      on edit: if you happen to spot zoebear over yonder, would you let me know? i keep trying to remember to click in to see if she’s ever answered my DM. i’m just concerned about her disappearance over the past four weeks or so.

  9. To me, some things tell it all. Like this latest news about Trump asking why they just don’t invade Venezuela. I think that tells it all about Trump and anyone who doesn’t see it just doesn’t have the knowledge level to play this game, i.e., to pretend that they do know the truth. Of course there are many other things that tell it all about Trump, but this one can stand alone.

    • ha. but if you read between the lines, the cretins in the room at the tie were ‘shocked’ i tell you ‘shocked because:

      In an exchange that lasted around five minutes, McMaster and others took turns explaining to Trump how military action could backfire and risk losing hard-won support among Latin American governments [read US friendly temer, macri,] to punish President Nicolas Maduro for taking Venezuela down the path of dictatorship, according to the official. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the discussions.”

      but see, it was *different under obomba*, (who’d first declared VZ a direct threat to amerikkkan nat’l security). and didn’t he say ‘no options are off the table’? but hell, think tanks have been gamin’ an invasion, as i remember it. and bono funded a video game of it, the billionaire off-shoring capital pig.

      i’d remembered tillerson having said ‘no options are off’ as well, but then…you know my memory. and now, of course, w/ a military agreement w/ ecuador, and colombia in NATO w/ ports on both the atlantic and pacific sides…and VZ booted out of the lima group and mercosur, iirc…that nation ain’t got too many friends left in our backyard. not to be a pessimist or nuttin’… ;-) but the soft coup is certainly afoot massively.

      ” But among Venezuela’s beleaguered opposition movement, hostility to the idea of a military intervention has slowly eased.

      A few weeks after Trump’s public comments, Harvard economics professor Ricardo Hausmann, a former Venezuelan planning minister, wrote a syndicated column titled “D Day Venezuela,” in which he called for a “coalition of the willing” made up of regional powers and the U.S. to step in and support militarily a government appointed by the opposition-led national assembly.”

      i at least appreciate the fact that he can’t STFU, and IS the public face of the fascist amerikan empire, save for the sneaky various deep state interests, of course.

      jeebus, the wind here is…vicious right now.

  10. ‘Mexican president-elect López Obrador embraced by Mexico’s business titans’, 6 July 2018 wsws

    quelle surprise!

  11. Greyson Smythe

    Is the U.S. about to give up on its lawless and catastrophic adventure in Syria?, By Patrick Lawrence, June 6

    The crisis in Syria, now seven years running, is on the brink of a decisive turn. In a short while, the Assad government will either succeed or fail in its efforts to restore Syrian sovereignty in the most significant areas of the country, the U.S. will acknowledge its years of disastrous mistakes or drift toward more or less open intervention, and Israel will either escalate or reduce its long-running aggressions on Syrian soil.

    It is now nearly three months since the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) drove the last Army of Islam jihadists from Eastern Ghouta, the Damascus suburb where scores of thousands were held prisoners, forced into basements, or shot if they availed of internationally agreed escape corridors. Those days in April are recalled now primarily for an alleged gas attack—the stated justification for a massive blitz of U.S., French, and British missiles that duly followed. It was a parting shot. Eastern Ghouta, free of Islamist radicals and returned to government control, is now calm for the first time in seven years.

    Damascus now plans to accomplish to its south what it recently finished in Eastern Ghouta—cleaning out remnants of Islamist groups of various names and ever-shifting loyalties. This operation is now proceeding gradually.


    For the moment there are few certainties as to the outcome in southwest Syria. Russia is the only nation that has working relations with all others involved — Syria, Iran, Israel, and the U.S. — and is talking to all sides. The International Crisis Group (ICG) report states that Washington “has signaled to its allies that it will not stand in the way of a deal for the southwest.” That was in mid–June. Such a deal would provide for the gradual restoration of Syrian sovereignty in the southwest and the reintegration of institutions, economies, and services. Washington has recently advised its “rebels” in the south that it will not counter the Syrian advance. “Damascus, Moscow, and Tehran,” the ICG notes, “all appear to understand Israel’s red lines.”

    Well and good on paper. But there are indications all may be less well and good on the ground. When President Trump meets President Putin on July 16, as was just announced, Syria will top the list of the topics to be taken up. But the Trump administration’s Syria policy is nothing if not conflicted: While the president appears determined to withdraw from the conflict, some powerful constituencies in Washington show no such, By Patrick Lawrence,

    • hoo, boy, are there any number of people gaming what the summit will bring on syria (and a few on ‘stolen crimea’ as well.) i’d kinda meant to compare and contrast, but i do get in the weeds pretty quickly w/o being familiar w/ the geography. so…i dunno on that diary birthing itself. guardian, spooky david ignatius, and pepe escobar with kinda insider leaks re: turkey’s approval as well, and i do believe him.

      i linked that salon piece and the int’l crisis group’s, very long…but i need to go take care of dinner prep and all, i’ll be back if i can think of one intelligent thing to say. :-) and yes, putin’s the one who has dialogued with all the parties involved, save perhaps…the white helmets.

      on edit: oh, phooey; i’d missed your link at the end. ack!

  12. Hello everyone. In my third straight sleepless night, i had to test post before committing to my real one, which is going to be long and a real doozy. At the risk of the readership here thinking I’m totally nuts (which may be the case already), here goes: I haven’t posted in awhile because

    1) My health and other issues have been so incredibly AWFUL, I went from depressed to frustrated to bitter to in a constant rage, to finding it HILARIOUS that my karma on this lifetime is so bloody awful, it’s funny, to transcending that to where i now feel my chakras tingling. and a genuine spiritual breakthrough to serenity to finally regaining my strength to where i can join the living again.

    2) I’ve been so caught up in this NXIVM thing I’ve found it hard to focus on little else. After witnessing Dutroux, Franklin, the numerous British scandals, Australia, Netherlands, MK ULTRA, my spidey senses and years of legal experience, and the breathtaking stupidity of the players involved are giving me actual hope that this may be the one, and I so want to see some major pedophiles go DOWN so maybe the populace will finally WAKE UP FROM THEIR PARTISAN STUPOR and see how ROTTEN the entire system is that they (we?) will get up off our lazy brainwashed asses and DO. SOMETHING about it. ( sorry about the caps but sleep deprivation and the first glimmer of hope in months that my future will involve something other than lying here in this bed watching psychopaths get away with murder will do that to a person).

    The good news is that I have not one but two beautiful angels taking care of me and giving me the moral and physical support I need to get out of this mess: my current gf and my ex, who remind me of each other and seem to like each other; in fact, they are so similar in their inner and outer beauty that a major reason I’m with the latter is because she reminds me of the former. Anyhow, they seem to like each other, and this is an interesting and a new experience for me. In fact, I’m a Bronfman sister and a branding iron short of starting my own. What should I call it? CYNICVM? The Church of Cynicology? Change my name to N. Ron Hubbard and start kiting checks for my gas and electric bills?

    Sorry, I could not resist that joke. Everything is kosher, wholesome and conventional. Just talking to these two is making me realize things like: the reason I hate pedophilia, especially untouchable elite pedophilia is a) because I fear for both their young children in a world I see turning more openly evil with each passing day and 2) that I share a lot of symptoms with child sex abuse survivors even though I was not abused myself, (to my knowledge). (I hold out a dim hope for Q Anon too, but Trump being Trump, it’s very dim, but these NXIVM people were so careless I have a real hope that some big fish may not be able to esvape the net this time.

    The bad news is I made some Yuk Gae Jong for dinner tonight and it was too spicy, it hurt my throat. That is not a good sign. I am a lover of the hottest dishes known to man, and the only other time this has ever happened was when I had throat cancer previously, leading me to think a) I might have to learn to live without a voice box or b) I may need to learn to live without a life. Either way, I’m at peace for the first time in a long, long time.

    But if it’s (a) I wonder if I can get a thingy like Steven Hawking had instead of the thing that makes you sound like a robot. Only with a British accent. Steven would have wanted it that way.

    Thanks for indulging me. Next time I promise to respond to an actual post.

    Yours in Giddiness,

    L. Ron Cynical

    • mornin’ stranger. funny, but i’d thought of you last night, and was considering taking you off my nightly sweet grass smudging list, not that it necessarily helps, but…it can’t hurt. it’s hard to know how to respond, given the wide range of issues and acronyms you’ve brung. first, of course we know you’re crazy, but that’s a minor issue, isn’t it, lol?

      sleeplessness is bad, and really does cause one to be crazier, esp. as no REM sleep to mitigate fears, rage, guilt, etc., thru dreaming. it’s also one of the root causes of the blanket symptoms diagnosis of fibromyalgia you’ve mentioned before. zo…that might be your first solution to find, even if it’s by meditation videos, pill or cbd cannabis, i’d think. i’ve prolly already howed you this practice before, and it’s changed a bit since i’d first bought the whole series of tapes a couple decade ago, but…mr. wd and i both find it helpful, as did my clients…and now free, no small matter. yikes, pretty glitzy site now…ah, well. simple tapping and a few cross-brain-hemispheric exercises…

      i actually slept fairly well last night, thus don’t feel quite like such a wack-job this a.m., but…the day ain’t over, either (grin).

      never heard of NXIVM, bingled it, and…ew, ish. yeah, one can stare into that sort of abyss for too long… Q anon i’d never heard of, but a woman (‘arendt’) at wrote about it recently, boatloads off comments it looked like; you could always check it out. yeah, and tone down the capsicum intake, dude. and remember eating bread cuts the oil, water doesn’t help.
      yeah, the partisan stupors ain’t gonna be easy to moot, a subject which i’ve been overly involved in lately at two other sites. bronfman sisters? eeeew, bingled: ‘secretive self-help’? well, never mind. glad you find the good news…good news, but i gotta say i hope you return the ‘angels’ favors, srsly. gotta go for now, hang in there, and yes, funny on the new acronyms. more later…maybe.

  13. Well, I’ve been through this cycle before, and sometimes a little sleeplessness is just what i need to reverse the cycle of negativity. My recovery from these ailments has mostly been achieved by healthier eating, exercise and meditative practice.

    I didn’t want to go into a lit of detail, but I’ve been through weeks of new bad things happening every day – things like vicious attacks by old “friends” for no reason, cars, appliances breaking down, new ailments I’ve never had before that are frightening, unexpected bills and of course constant harrassment by banks and their attys.

    I wondered how much the fatigue was fibromyalgia related, but there has been no pain so i don’t think its that. I think ive never experienced this long a period of inactivity and muscle wasting. I was concerned that exercise wasn’t bringing results, but sometimes a little positivity and encouragement is all i meed to get over the hump, and I’ve been bombarded with just the opposite for a long time. I did sleep twelve hours straight Friday afternoon. I had a very vivid and meaningful dream that i interpreted immediately. I know my sleep cycle will get back on track when the time is right. It always does.

    Thanks for keeping me in your sage circle. My ability to post here comes and goes too, as you know.

    • then if i’m decoding this correctly, you’ve got it wired then? good on ya.

      but no, i hadn’t said that fibromyalgia can cause insomnia, but the reverse, or at least part of the package of lumped symptoms. aka: ‘there’s a drug for that!’ as i’d said long ago, i just think the term is by way of a bogus catch-all. not unlike ‘restless leg syndrome’, too funny for words. anyhoo, best to you and peace when you can manage it.

    • Dang, ive bern having trouble with comments not posting, glad to see that one finally did.

      I forgot to add that my sleep medication, CBD, etc. had not been working and my sleep cycle was upside down. Sometimes the only way to get back on track is to stop everything and endure several days of sleeplessness. I have to get back to work. Yes, it can make a body giddy, but can also confer great insights. In my experience it’s kind of like a psychedelic drug in this respect. I had never read about it being a cause of fibromyalgia though ( realized i misread your comment the first time) and I’ve read everything i can on the subject. I’m a little achy today, but nothing a little yoga won’t cure.

      Of course I will be returning their favors. We all help each other in my little circle of friends (which seems to be getting smaller as people behave inexplicably). My other friend had offered to help a long time ago but i finally took her up on it. I’m glad I did. My gf has been having issues of her own and hasn’t been as available as she was during my cancer treatments. Of course, this has lasted much longer.

      I’m trying to read between the lines of your comments. I sense a disapproval or cautioning. I appreciate that. There have been no threesomes or anything like that. I don’t roll that way. I want nothing more than a stable monogamous relationship like you have but for whatever reason it has always eluded me. It’s a great boost to know one is loved, and by such wonderful people.

      Hope to be seeing more of you soon. My phone has been getting weirder and more dysfunctional every day though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      • i just checked in both chrome and firefox versions of the café comments, and none of yours are pending. not even fake email addresses like yours trip the wires, although what does periodically is beyond my ken.

        no it wasn’t a threesome i’d been imagining, but to be bald: that you seemed comfortable w/your angels taking care of you in your…what? crazed, debiltated state? seemed pretty sexist to me, this my ‘return the favors’ comment which you will have…answered ..never mind.

        i’ve invited you many times to contact me off the boards, but you claim you know not how to access your emails, when your gf’s daughter could show you how if you cared. and yes, you always promise to contribute to an actual diary rather than treat this place as your personal ‘dear abby’ column. but: at least you chose an open menu to do so. thank you for that.

        • Wendye, I’m heartsick that I pissed you off or that I may have abused my posting privileges here. I just spent the last two hours trying to fix the email problem, but I just can’t. Either google app keeps stopping, or it says I’ve successfully changed the password but i can’t figure out where to go from there.

          It’s not from laziness or lack of trying, believe me. I’m completely bamboozled.

          I try so hard to be a good person and to respect the boundaries of others. Maybe i don’t completely understand posting etiquette, but I’ve seen others put personal stuff on other than open threads before. If I’ve been doing that excessively, I apologize a thousand times. I try to be self-aware. Whenever I have a conflict with someone I do a lot of soul searching and try to learn from it, ask myself what part of it is a result of my own behavior, and make amends where appropriate. Usually the priblem is a result of miscommunication, often on my part. I think I may be a little bit on the autism spectrum sometimes. Part of the problem is in striving for brevity in internet communications, i lose some nuances that may distort what i am trying to say. For instance, i told you my gf set up six accounts for me, what i really meant was, between me, my paralegal and my gf, we cteated six accounts that may have worked once or twice, then inexplicably the password changes, or emails bounce back (like the one i tried to send ypu in March) or some other problem. I have really put a lot of time into this, but given the limited amount of time I have to run my law practice, attend to health issues, meatspace issues, there comes a time i have to drop it and go on to something else. It’s becoming more of a problem. I can no longer go on YouTube, listen to music, communicate with people i really like or comment on other blogs. All I can say is I’m going to keep trying.

          And I would never be content to let people take care of me. My nickname is the Phoenix, because no matter how bad the adversity, I strive to overcome it and usually rise from the ashes to begin anew. Both these women I have helped out financially, legally and personally to a substantial extent. It’s more like they are returning favors, though I really didn’t give that much thought until you brought that up. I have studied feminism and race issues for the main purpose of avoiding even unconscious racist or sexist behavior.

          If I sounded like I was gloating or full of myself, it’s because these are the first positive developments in my life for a long time. Sheesh, I didn’t mean to come off sounding like Charlie Sheen.

          • of course we share life issues here, but not quite to the extent that you do, then add more and more…and a bit more…as in the past two days (i deleted the unnecessary ‘in my defense i’d found..’ ones). i’d imagine that in the past you had also added comments to a particular diary as well. well i suppose it’s between you and your angels as to your reciprocity, but a few things you’d offered made me ping that framing, as i hadn’t wanted to expand on it.

            we use msn premium, which can be jiggered to ‘remember me’ as in a password, which helps me a lot. anyhoo, hope we’ve straightened things out to both of our satisfactions.


        • Subject: Watch “Indigo Peter Gabriel James Ceveny cover” on YouTube

  14. for now, all i can say is that please consider the dear abby reference as by way a tough love jolt, and note that in the ‘contact me’ category on the right sidebar, my address is wendyedavis(at), not earthlink. dunno where you got that one. and of course i accept your apologies. more later as i can, and once i’ve read more of these and delete the silly ones.

  15. Greyson Smythe

    ‘Desperate to find a way out’: Iran edges towards precipice

    The Guardian, By Saeed Kamali Dehghan, July 20

    In the words of Mohammad, a graphic designer out of work for four months, life in Iran is “like being a fish in a rapidly shrinking puddle of water, under scorching sun in the middle of desert”.

    On the surface the 28-year-old’s comments speak to the country’s grave environmental challenges: it is experiencing its worst drought in modern history, with water shortages and recurring electricity cuts that cut the internet, halt lifts and disrupt air conditioning in 40C heat. Authorities in Tehran are even considering to bringing working day forward, from 6am to 2pm, to help workers cope.

    But Mohammad, who relies on his father’s pension for survival, like a “leech feeding on blood” as he puts it, is not speaking about the environment. Instead he is referring to a wider crisis he says has created a sense of hopelessness permeating Iranian society, which few have seen on such a scale since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

    A combination of factors ranging from economic grievances and a lack of social and political freedoms to international pressure and sanctions has put the country under unprecedented pressure. Many Iranians would now agree with Mohammad that the country faces a pivotal moment.

    • how did you read the piece, greyson? to me it was akin to asking for an R2P military project as with venezuela. especially so, given the other titles on the left sidebar. not criticizing, just asking for your opinion.

      • Greyson Smythe

        As a report on conditions in Iran, due partially to US sanctions.

        I suppose I should have been more critical-minded, as it’s The Guardian, after all. Didn’t occur to me that it was asking for a war in Iran, as there have been expectations of that forever…

        There’s a left sidebar? I’ll have to go look.

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