Open menu and breaking news from wikileaks and the mueller investigation

‘US indicts 12 Russians for hacking DNC emails during the 2016 election ;Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein announces that 12 individuals have been charged as part of the investigation into Russian interference’, the Guardian, June friday the 13th  (at least they don’t have Luke Harding reporting it, small wonder.)

b at MoA’sNo Evidence In Mueller’s Indictment Of 12 Russians – Release Now May Sabotage Upcoming Summit’

Emptywheel’s (gloating) coverage of ‘The Russian Hack’ (she’d dug through the documents above)

Think indictments,  then  ham sandwiches.  

‘UK police claim to have found bottle containing ‘Novichok’ nerve agent in Amesbury victim’s house’, June, friday the 13th, RT

13 responses to “Open menu and breaking news from wikileaks and the mueller investigation

  1. Did you see this article from Paul Street? I think it’s excellent and what I’ve been saying for a long time now, this political system was never meant to provide democracy and was always meant to maintain the power with the rich. That’s what I can’t get past now, all this other stuff doesn’t matter anymore. There’s a problem, we (at least some of us) know what it is, and it needs to be solved. That’s really the only thing that matters now, how to change rule by the rich.

    “Whichever party or whatever party configuration holds power in Washington and the state capitals, mammon reigns in the United States, where, Page and Gilens note, “government policy . . . reflects the wishes of those with money, not the wishes of the millions of ordinary citizens who turn out every two years to choose among the pre-approved, money-vetted candidates for federal office” (emphasis added).”

    Btw, what did you mean over at Daily Kos Two relative to Ocasio2018 being right?

  2. lol; look at the russiagate hackers indictments above you. i did put a snark tag on it, though.

    no i’d seen the title, had a hella lot of other stuff going on; but i’ll read it soon, thanks. if he includes US weapons sales, i’ll buy it. ;-)

  3. Well, I gotta say something about those Croatians. Sure, they seem to have politics back in the Soviet era rankling them, but they play a gritty game, and at least they are there playing and not out shooting women and children. Plus what I can glean from the Spanish language station we peons must follow the game on, they come down on our side as far as pore folk are measured against high rollers in the EU or the Brits – so on that scale, multipolarity wise, just maybe they are playing for us little people?

    We’re all a bit of a mixture after all’s said and done. Who needs NATO anyway?

    • only those who oppose russia need nato, but now it’s in the south atlantic and pacific (colombia). to hard an acronym for me to construct, lol.

      didn’t i read that the croation team had been censured for calling out ‘long live ukraine’ or ‘glory to ukraine’ or something, though? yeah well ‘stolen crimea’ will be discussed at the putin/trump meeting, although syria is The Big Deal all the think tanks and pundits are gaming, yes?

      ‘putin sells out iran for decreased sanctions’ is the most often seen prognostication. hope you got a wee bit of rain recently; we got a whole 42 hundredths of an inch. but never fear: now ‘they’ are saying this isn’t really this summer’s monsoons… ;-) but sill, we have oooooodles of flowers in vases, so lovely and inspiring.

  4. j of 9 in oly

    from the NYT now:
    How Do You Say ‘Witch Hunt’ in Russian?
    It sure is strange that Donald Trump is so angry at American justice for the indictment of 12 Russian military officers.

    Trump Invited Russians to Hack Clinton. Did They Listen?
    The day Mr. Trump asked Russians for help in hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails, Russia began to target her personal servers.

    Related Coverage
    How Russian Spies Hid Behind Bitcoin in Hacking Campaign
    ‘Warning Lights Are Blinking Red,’ Top Intelligence Officer Says
    Gap Between Trump and Justice Dept. Officials Grows Starker”

    Judicial Hearing for F.B.I. Agent Devolves Into Spectacle
    Peter Strzok, the embattled F.B.I. agent who oversaw the opening of the Russia investigation, aggressively rejected accusations from Republicans that he let his private political views bias his official actions.”

    let me quote Walter Sobjak: fucking amateurs. is there a contradiction b/n Trump’s “victory” at NATO and this “Trump is Putin’s mini-me” narrative? so he convinces, as the story goes, all of NATO to jack up its investments in warfare aimed at only one target, Russia, but somehow he is in Putin’s pocket? yeah, sure. and maybe the Russians also killed that DNC guy in D.C. to prevent him from revealing their hacking into HRC’s campaign? b/c a DNC staff member handing emails to Wikileaks is the same thing as “Russian hacking,” right?

    it’s the exact same thing. b/c words don’t mean anything. there is no verity, there is only manipulation. same kind of people who bring us stores like the “mattress ranch” and the “taco machine” and “in and out family planning, now with a 1001 frozen pops.” do I want tacos from a machine? do I want a mattress from some dude ranch? how can something be “planned” if it’s “in and out”? wth? anyway, in the interest of furthering the complete degradation of discourse, I am opening a pizza joint: Paul Bunyan’s Pizza. with real bleu cheese & free range ox, get Babe by the slice. it’s like yelling ‘timber’ at your taste buds. now with more Skittles.

    • i’m choking w/ laughter, j of 9! ‘and now w/more skittles’. crap, you’d be great at off-the-cuff stand-up; and comedy clubs like that in oly? but jayzus, all of this is getting so incoherent, illogical and psudo-satirical. marcy wheeler knows one of the dudes, and is HE glad the story’s out now. whew?

      jeebus, bill van auken read the indictment doc, and agrees there’s no evidence, but a hella lot of iron-clad innuendo. rosenstein had informed herr T earlier this week, but lol:

      “The announcement of the criminal charges against the 12 Russians provoked a wave of hysteria from the US television news networks. Leading Democrats, including Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and the ranking Democratic members of the Senate and House intelligence committees, Mark Warner and Adam Schiff, demanded that Trump call off his meeting with Putin.

      “Glad-handing with Vladimir Putin on the heels of these indictments would be an insult to our democracy,” said Schumer. Warner warned that “the president could be taken advantage of,” and Schiff charged that Trump “plainly lacks the courage—or the motive—to confront” Putin.” he mentions some of the Big Media Outlets and their ‘worries’, but this is fucking priceless:

      “Typical was a piece in the Times by Susan Rice, Obama’s former national security advisor, who writes: “Mr. Trump has already delivered to Mr. Putin much of the benefit he might have sought by supporting Mr. Trump’s election. The balance due is the agenda for Helsinki.” Her greatest concern is that Trump may “prematurely withdraw United States forces, thus ceding total victory to Russia, Mr. Assad and Iran.”

      he also notes that if there IS evidence, it’s doubtless from the spooks themselves. he doesn’t say it, but that was proven possible in the CIA vaults 7 and 8 exploits.

      really, i think i’ll just end up posting a working thread on it all, plus the new Novichok! find, although the coverage hasn’t expressly said that putin’s fingerprints were found on the bottle. lord luv a duck. i’m tryin’ to find some of the tick-tock, and it gets a bit confusing given the d-notices and all that.

      • j of 9 in oly

        I have my moments. I’ve been busy working on a script for a sci-fi horror dystopian future, but i’m having trouble: children of the COG. cog=continuity of gov’t. you know some of those dick cheney type fuckers will survive to breed & raise some viper’s nest. but will the children of the COG be any worse off than the rest of us are right now? sure, there will be limited day-time TV programming in a post-apocalyptic gov’t fallout bunker, that’ll be a challenge, but we were all raised by psychopaths in a world that resembles hell more than it needs to, so in a million years or so when we, humans, crawl out of our bunkers of love, it’ll be just like adam & eve being kicked out of the garden. plus ca change and all that. we’ll come out paranoid as JE Hoover about “mineshaft gaps” with the Rooskies. fantasizing about balthorium G and doomsday devices. if we do not, what will that say that about our COG education system? if Betsy Ross de Vos is in charge, will we blame the fallout bunker charter schools if the American way of life doesn’t take over the new Stone Age? nah. if there is one thing we will learn from destroying the planet, it’s don’t look back. don’t let a few screw ups call into question the system, which is solid.

        • kewl plot and thesis. won’t schools be using cartoons and graphic novels to keep the COG going?

          dagnabbit, now i’m trying to remember a thesis laid out in a spooky crime series we just watched… the theme was ‘how could the world survive without lies?; we take for granted that your lover’s brilliant universal lie detector (by linguistics) would be a good thing, especially that governments couldn’t lie to us. ‘london spy’ it was called; jim broadbent was breathtaking.

          • children of the country-fried cornpone

            now with the Monsanto Bayer merger, we could have children of the zyklon. maybe the kids in that movie trailer got into the gmo corn?

            does capitalism have a future? does anyone care? yes, it does have a future. one that begins w/killing off the masses. we are “great feeders” to the Shylocks of capital, barely above the existence of a moo cow. mass consumption, incl the waste of warfare, has been the tool of enrichment for the he-men masters of the cosmos. if the superabundance of nature did not induce us to share, will its depletion & lack? nah, they’ve got some bullets to share with us. that’s about it.

            so yeah, I just like the title: children of the cog. hopefully they’ll pull out the hammer & sickle & slice & smash these dick cheney hydra heads. make that post-apocalyptic redoubt they’ll be holed up in a real “bunker of love.”

            • i realy do apologize for giving you brilliance such short shrift, j of 9, but my mind (what’s let of it) in on my newer diary re: the putin-trump summit. for the first time in weeks, i cross-posted it over yonder at c99%, and i’m slow at thinking and typing comments. plus, i’ve been digging thru the twittersphere to make my points; always a mistake. ;-) more later.

      • the banjo…oh, my, quite a different sound. but applicable depending one one’s point of view, of course: ;-) others might say a stacked deck.

        ‘The highway is for gamblers, you better use your sins
        Take what ever you gathered, take what ever you gathered from coincidence
        The empty-handed painter from your streets
        is drawing crazy patters on your sheets
        And babe, the sky too, is folding over you…

        ta, mein herr davidly.

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