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via email from Greyson Smythe: ‘Welcome to the Quiet Skies’, Boston Globe, By Jana Winters, July 29 [some excerpts]:

“Federal air marshals have begun following ordinary US citizens not suspected of a crime or on any terrorist watch list and collecting extensive information about their movements and behavior under a new domestic surveillance program that is drawing criticism from within the agency.

The previously undisclosed program, called “Quiet Skies,” specifically targets travelers who “are not under investigation by any agency and are not in the Terrorist Screening Data Base,” according to a Transportation Security Administration bulletin in March.

The internal bulletin describes the program’s goal as thwarting threats to commercial aircraft “posed by unknown or partially known terrorists,” and gives the agency broad discretion over which air travelers to focus on and how closely they are tracked.” [snip]

Already under Quiet Skies, thousands of unsuspecting Americans have been subjected to targeted airport and inflight surveillance, carried out by small teams of armed, undercover air marshals, government documents show. The teams document whether passengers fidget, use a computer, have a “jump” in their Adam’s apple or a “cold penetrating stare,” among other behaviors, according to the records.” [snip]

“All US citizens who enter the country are automatically screened for inclusion in Quiet Skies — their travel patterns and affiliations are checked and their names run against a terrorist watch list and other databases, according to agency documents.

Agency documents show there are about 40 to 50 Quiet Skies passengers on domestic flights each day. On average, air marshals follow and surveil about 35 of them.”

The ‘Explore the behavior checklist’ reads like it came from The Onion.  Too many parts to feature here except the headings which all have drop-down menus:

1 Subject was abnormally aware of surroundings
(If observed, check any that apply below) | Y N Unknown
2. Subject exhibited Behavioral Indicators’ is fantastic!
3. Subject’s appearance was different from information provided
4. Subject slept during the flight
5. General Observations
6. For Domestic Arrivals Only

lol: The program relies on 15 rules to screen passengers, according to a May agency bulletin, and the criteria appear broad: “rules may target” people whose travel patterns or behaviors match those of known or suspected terrorists, or people “possibly affiliated” with someone on a watch list.”

from Andre Vltchek, july 7, journal-neo: ‘Releasing My North Korean Documentary Film to My Readers’

“Here it is – my short film about North Korea. This is my 25-minutes piece about the DPRK (North Korea) – country that I visited relatively recently; visited and loved, was impressed with, and let me be frank – admired.
No need to drag it, to prolong it – let’s just watch it all together: ‘The Faces of North Korea’

U.S. Active Fire Map: Current large incidents.  Terrifying data from the Western US.  If you hover your cursor over a number, the name of the fire, and area burned show.

Cal Fire (california) is outside the INCIweb system, but stars and stripes had reported a few days ago that 12,000 firefighters were working on 17 different fires.

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  1. j of 9 in oly

    an astonishing article. the barest mention of possible environmental factors (pesticides), all decline attributable to “lifestyle” factors, amenable to lots of technological treatment, for which this article functions as advertisement. and the article gives copious space to some beefsteak engorged black hole of an ass arguing that modern society is making us all “soy boys” w/its nancy pamby limp wristed handling of everything about men, except for men’s emasculation, that is.

    but b/c i’m the kind of jerk who remembers things:

    something about modern life…maybe the dogs are…soy pups? too much soy at the dam’s teat? lightweights, amateurs, at the Times.

    think mr gmo for a dollar bill gates is interested in this subject as he tinkers w/baby dna? oh, you betcha. fer sher, as the kids say round here. the reproduction of capitalist society & the reproduction of actual humans are in irreconcilable conflict. part of the reason I quoted that piece from Hippolytus on an earlier thread is b/c male anxiety about the ownership of the infant, including of course paternity, has been around a long time. Cain, the 1st infant’s name, means “possession, property.” as Juvenal asks in satire 6, “why does your child look so much like that Ethiopian gladiator your wife fancied?” obviously inheritance is intimately involved. but if you can gmo your babies…

    and here I thought the blue bloods were ruling us b/c of their natural superiority all along. they’ll have to engineer some Star Trek style Khan superbabies both to survive in the hellhole of a world they are making & to defend them & their order from the pitchfork to the crotch they so richly deserve.

    anyway, I was thinking of doing some self- advertisement: get some sperm here! sperm for sale! by the bucket! piping hot sperm! 3 tadpoles for a dollar, they are lovely, get ’em while they are fresh.

    • that was a riot of an article! but: there’s a smartphone app for that! and male hormone replacement therapy! real men have high sperm counts! too many giggles, but here’s the thing: it’s not sperm count, but sperm motility that matters more, or at least equally. cuz: all ya need a few good swimmers to punch open that ovum and let one sneak in.

      but where in the world did they get that male fertility hasn’t been ‘a thing’? idiots. something like over a third of couples are infertile now. sheesh, and while it may be true men don’t wanna get tested, it ain’t always women.

      but i love your sellin’ sperm idea, but make sure and say they’re lively tadpoles, with the strength of ten Khan units. and thanks for explaining why you’d used the hippolytus quote. ‘i see now’, said the blind old crone. and thanks for the hilarity break; boy, did i need it, you wicked mofo.

      • j of 9 in oly

        get ’em while they’re motile?

      • j of 9 in oly

        and what does that 1st article say about the readership of the NYT? highly-educated, upper/upper middle class dumbasses.

        yeah, and I was wondering about the statement toward the end that fertility rates may not actually be declining. whatever can be said to avoid making any connections w/the economic system.

      • an addition to the NYT theory:

        • wow. i’m sure the Economist is all like, “there also goes Ukraine…except for monogamy.” yeah, and the tradition of levirate marriage has no relevance for societies in a state of war, where, you know, men tend to get killed in battle.

          • and there is no connection b/n the masses of displaced peoples & western imperialism. polygamy will make migrants of us all.

            • that was quite a read, wasn’t it? “bride price” of course was the economic indicator. nope, not western imperialist wars, although i’d had to look up ‘levirate’ that’s been the custom in our valley as well. the ‘duty’ of an unmarried or widowed brother.

              but holy crow; wordpress sent me your comments, and the email field wasn’t an empty space. aaaaaand, i assume you always come in w/ that e-address? or are you so ‘approved’ in general, you don’t get that Q?

              • fascism and family values. healthy Aryan babies come only from monogamous Teutons, right?

                • now if da womens was also allowed to be polygamous, i’d have no problem with the notion. a number of houses in town were built so papa mormon could come home and choose which staircase to whomever he’d choose.

  2. Almost August, and near springtime in New Zealand. Here’s an article from the Otago Daily Times, that documents a sighting of whales in Dunedin Harbour – quite unusual these days, and made me wish we were still down there. Not sure on the videos, but I would guess the mother and baby would be near the mouth of the harbour, so that’s pretty near where my boys and I were living for seven months back in the early nineties. Our house was right on the shoreline so one of those white dots could be it, as that would be the Otago Peninsula in the background I think, and possibly the larger building is my youngest son’s schoolhouse.

    When we were there a very large whale shark did unfortunately get caught in a net, but so far mother and baby are doing fine!

  3. August in New Zealand is end of winter, beginning of spring.
    Here’s a short article that’ll probably only be exciting to me – a mother and calf southern right whale seen in Dunedin Harbour, for the first time in many years. The videos don’t show much, but I’m pretty sure the backdrop is the Otago Peninsula, a small knob on the southeast coast of the South Island. So, one of those white dots on the shoreline could have been where the boys and I had our home for all of seven blustery months.

    • j of 9 in oly

      we’ll take the good news from NZ. as J St. Clair mentions occasionally at counterpunch, the whales in Puget Sound are dying off.

    • when i’d seen you were on the new open menu, i’d of course tho’t you’d bring something kiwi, but i’m sooo glad it isn’t cricket, lol.

      how funny that the calf had seemed to come up for some air without mum having pushed him/her to the surface? is that peculiar to southern white whales (extraordinarily gorgeous black and white markings)?

      again, as i’ve been Touching Evil too much lately, thank you for the Walk in Beauty (of a sort) break.

      • I think whales only push their babies up right after they are born. This one wasn’t a newborn, I don’t think, and the speculation was it had been born somewhere off the NZ coast, not in the harbour itself.

    • juliania, forgive me please for breezing past your link, but i’m on a different mission just now. Q: do you use the same email to sign in when you comment every time, or do you even need an email by now? i’m struggling to figure out why comments go to spam or trash; iirc, i dug this one out of spam, luckily early on in the 1000 spams since yesterday., luckily. each day about 70 go to trash, and if i look into the comments meta stuff, freeing them is inconsistent every time in chrome or firefox.

      when the site sends me emails of comments now…they are an empty field, so i have no way of knowing emails, IPs, etc.

      • Not sure I can help on that, wendye – name and email come up automatically in the comment box, due to this new computer, and it is the email that you already know. Not my former kiwi pic but no worries on that.

        • thanks for the info on calves, but now that you mention it, as you’re an author here, you must have registered at some point, thus would be/should be automatically recognized *and* with your kiwi avatar. well, i won’t worry, but i’ll try to think it thru. Q: do you generally come here thru firefox or different browser? i just checked in w/ the slow-as-molasses chrome, and no kiwi. oddly some of the word press ‘gravatars’ are diferent colors for different commenters.

          • I think I registered with a different email back then, changed it midstream but never bothered to update it, sorry. So, back in the day when I actually had a website (don’t have that any longer.) I don’t really know what my browser is – not a mac anymore and I am very much at sea in this brand new world. (Miss my mac but they are too expensive to fix and mine was a handmedown in the first place.)

            Needless to say I am old world, pre-computer-age. Won’t mind at all if the world comes to its senses and goes back that way. Don’t worry about the avatar (see I’d already forgotten what it is called.) I stole it from somewhere anyway, wasn’t mine own creation.

            • oh, no sorry needed; i was just trying to figure it out for both of us. and *if* you want a personalized avatar, you could register: instructions on the right sidebar second from the top under ‘categories’.

              you used to set one of your browsers default to ‘duck duck go, remember?
              i dunno which browsers mac supported, and there seem to be endless lists for PCs. i like firefox the best, as i really do like the drop down menu of ‘places most visited’, and if one’s not on the list, one or two letters get me there. now can’t use this one, as only older versions have ‘easy copy’, which i need to use to cross-post to c99%.

              i have to use the chrome (google, yech) browser to use the old-style blogging platform rather than the new teeny-bopper turquoise one. the stupid and slow internet explorer is what pops up when i’m composing a diary in an old version of word, and need to make hyperlinks inside the word doc. we also have msm as it’s our email provider. but in the end i use all of them one time or another in a day.


              but what service or whatever do you use to start poking around when you hop online, i guess is the larger Q. and if it’s adequate for your tasks.

              • Yes, reason I’m not sure is that my granddaughter (who is very smart) set this one up, and she did say she knew I preferred ddg. I have the feeling, though, that chrome is it, so I will ask her at some point – school’s starting right now soon, so don’t want to intrude on last golden days of summer.

                Good idea on the reset though. When garden’s not the main occupation I will maybe do that. Squash beetles and hornworms on the brain just now – I know, every live critter has a right to life, but I’m rooting for the plants. Oh, and ‘green’ to a New Mexican just might not cut it to a kiwi. It’s all in the narrowing of the eyes.

                Santo Domingo arroyo, if you remember that one, ran a torrent the entire day last week, all from points far, far north and east.

                • at least firefox, i’m not sure about chrome, allows one to select other search engines for browsing. if you have chrome, this logo/icon should be somewhere on your desktop, although most programs can be pinned to one’s taskbar at the bottom for easier use.

  4. Craig Murray: The Ubiquity of Evil

    My world view changed forever when, after 20 years in the Foreign Office, I saw colleagues I knew and liked go along with Britain’s complicity in the most terrible tortures, as detailed stunningly in the recent Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee Report. They also went along with keeping the policy secret, deliberately disregarding all normal record taking procedures, to the extent that the Committee noted:

    131. We note that we have not seen the minutes of these meetings either: this causes us great concern. Policy discussions on such an important issue should have been minuted. We support Mr Murray’s own conclusion that were it not for his actions these matters may never have come to light.

    The people doing these things were not ordinarily bad people; they were just trying to keep their jobs, comforting themselves with the thought that they were only civil servants obeying orders. Many were also actuated by the nasty “patriotism” that grips in time of war, as we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost nobody in the FCO stood up against the torture or against the illegal war – Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Carne Ross and I were the only ones to leave over it.


    I had served as First Secretary in the British Embassy in Poland, and bumped up startlingly against the history of the Holocaust in that time, including through involvement with organising the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. What had struck me most forcibly was the sheer scale of the Holocaust operation, the tens of thousands of people who had been complicit in administering it. I could never understand how that could happen – until I saw ordinary, decent people in the FCO facilitate extraordinary rendition and torture. Then I understood, for the first time, the banality of evil or, perhaps more precisely, the ubiquity of evil. Of course, I am not comparing the scale of what happened to the Holocaust – but evil can operate on different scales.

    • “The people who did this to me were people I knew.”

      but sadly, corbyn had tweeted: ‘labour has an anti-semtic problem’. back to the wall? when do we not care that it might be so?

      but good on craig for walking out, living beyond the months of persecution. (oddly, i had scanned this earlier, looking to see if he might have weighed in a different, by key subject in the russia-gate narrative that’s being challenged; a real doozy if the VIPS were…taken in incorrectly.

    • This reminded me of comments at MoA some days back giving a link to Southfront – that weapons with apparent US markings had been discovered at a vacated ISIS site in Syria – further linked to a comment analyzing the identifying serial numbers stamped on one shell casing. These turned out to be untraceable because of a made up, uncatalogued sort – so clearly the weapons manufacturers knew that they were not going to be used legitimately.

      Pretty clear, whose ever manufacture they were, that the underlying motive for generating warfare is greed. Hard to be patriotic about that, but believing the propaganda does put people in that patriotic mindset.

  5. this is a test of the emergency broadcast system….

  6. Hi, WD!

    Thought I’d drop in and say ‘hi.’ Took off a while (from blogging), not long after our conversation about giving dog massages. As it happened, our precious ‘B’ was gone just a few weeks after that convo. Still trying to get over it. Think the loss is more difficult, partly, because it’s the only time in 41 years that we’ve lost a dog, that we didn’t have another one. (Since Bailey was very dog aggressive, we didn’t try to get him a doggie companion after the older dog passed.)

    Enjoyed your essay about ‘home towns.’ I was rather surprised that so many folks opened up as much as they did. It was really quite interesting.

    Hope you and yours are doing well, and that Mr WD’s cataract surgery goes well.


    • oh, my heart goes out to you, blue. when our lincoln log dog was going through his dying process, mr. wd and i were just zombies trying to go through the basic motions of life. we both still dream of him from time to time, he was that powerful a force in our lives. a child, a brother, a friend, and even sometimes: a teacher.

      i was a bit surprised and very pleased that so many folks really did explain what was up in their personal lives, not just their locations. and of course i might have hoped for more to comment, but anonymity usually rules online, doesn’t it?

      thanks for the good wishes, i’ll pass them on to mr. wd. but as for doing well, well…dunno what to say…. (edited out the rest, sorry). will you wait until another dog calls to you or find someone soonish?

      • Gotta hand it to you, WD, you’ve always had a way with words. ;-)

        Seriously, I totally identify with your sentiments, especially, when you said,

        “. . . he was that powerful a force in our lives. a child, a brother, a friend, and even sometimes: a teacher.”

        (Not sure if this html code will italicize the last phrase–if it doesn’t work, my apologies.)

        Anyhoo, those words were both fitting and poignant in regards to our feelings for Bailey, and brought tears to my eyes. I thank you for them.

        Not sure if I’ve even mentioned that he was a ‘special needs’ fella. And due to some of his problems, we (especially, me) were joined at the hip. IOW, like an American Express card–we couldn’t leave home without him. ;-) I’m referring to two conditions that he suffered from–severe separation anxiety, and barrier frustration. (He could chew, kick, and/or claw his way out of any Vari-Kennel, wire crate, room, etc.)

        Sounds like Mr WD might be a bit like Mr M, so I won’t pry. The other reason that I’ve been scarce much of this year, is because of Mr M’s recent/ongoing health problems. In his case, he happens to be a very private person, and would be absolutely mortified if I were ever to discuss such matters on a blog–so I don’t. Suffice it to say, I’ll keep Mr WD in my thoughts, and channel in his direction as much positive karma as I can muster. :-)

        Regarding a canine addition to the family, we’re thinking that we’ll be ready for one before the year is out. Already checking out various possibilities. Of course, considering our age, we realize that this may very well be our last furbaby. At any rate, we’re torn between adopting from the shelter, or getting a purebred pup that’s a breed that we’ve always liked tremendously, but never had.

        I thought about posting a photo of the breed that I’ve got in mind, but, I just realized that I’m not sure how to upload one–or, if it’s possible in a comment. Maybe I’ll try uploading a photo to my WP journal, then copy the html code, and see if I can paste it here. Do you think that would work?


        • first thanks for the good thoughts; we could both use some. ;-) i’d almost quipped my sorta-standard: ‘we’re both good enough for who it’s for’ as they say around here. and our best thoughts to mr. M, as well.

          but i don’t believe you had ever mentioned bailey’s special needs, the poor thing. a photo: dunno how you’d use html code, but one way to show one would be to bingle ‘images of __,’ then when you’d choose one from the long lines of them, make sure it’s small, maybe 200×250 or something, click the photo to get a stand-alone url, then lay in the…url. what silly words.

          as to adopting shelter dogs: ooof, did we have terrible joss doing that over the years, and after about six we’d kinda decided that there were reasons they were in the shelter. but we have no dogs, no cats, no mo’, and given everything, that’s okay in the end. can’t even afford to feed the little birds any longer, but so many are here right now munching down the large chokecherry crop; some wee colorful ones i can’t even identify.

  7. Wow! that’s a handsome young Springer. If we were to get a third one, we’d probably get a black and white one, for a change.

    Well, here I go, using a photo url. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try Plan B tomorrow. Fingers crossed! ;-)

    British Creme Golden Retriever Puppies | English Cream …

    I’m ‘guessing’ that this is a relatively young English Creme Golden Retriever, going by the size. If we go with a purebred dog, it’ll be either another Springer, or one of these good-natured & usually happy-looking fellas.

    With any luck, I’ll be signing in with a WP Avatar next time. (Although, I won’t hold my breath.)


    • i’d sensed it would be a retriever after your reference to furballs. ;-) i took mine out for less clutter. okay, we won’t hold our breaths…

      may i delete you’re yay it worked one?

  8. Yeah! Worked.

    Thanks, WD. Happy as heck that I can post photos, now.


  9. Absolutely, you may! ;-) Off to work on my WP Avatar.

    As an aside, will be watching tonight’s returns for the 12th District of Ohio Congressional Race. May drop by with a couple thoughts after the Polls close, depending on how it turns out.

    From where I sit, it appears to be a ‘proxy race’ between DT and John Kasich (for 2020). Kasich was the House Budget Committee Chair for much (if not all) of his 18 years as an Ohio House Rep from the 12th. He worked with WJC and Gingrich to pass Public Law (P.L.) 104-121, which threw addicts and alcoholics off the SSDI and SSI roles. Yet, he has the nerve to suggest that he’s expanded Medicaid in Ohio to treat opioid addicts–a crisis which he bears major responsibility for!

    As if that’s not bad enough, his main plank for his last Presidential run was ‘reforming’–read slashing–entitlements.


  10. two hilarious tweets:

    one potential bombshell in more ways that one:

    i looked at the senate intel’s website, nothing, but among the coverage of the tweet, this from thehill via

    ‘WikiLeaks says Senate panel requested Assange testimony in Russia probe’, Morgan Chalfant, 1 hour ago, the hill via

    “The organization, through its Twitter account, posted a letter dated Aug. 1 that purports to come from committee leaders Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) requesting that he make himself available “for a closed door interview with bipartisan Committee staff at a mutually agreeable time and location.”

    A spokeswoman for Warner declined to comment on witnesses. A spokeswoman for Burr also declined to comment.
    Assange’s legal team is “considering the offer but testimony must conform to a high ethical standard,” WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter.
    Assange’s testimony would be of interest to those investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

    from june 27, 2018, consortium news: “The U.S. was in talks for a deal with Julian Assange but then FBI Director James Comey ordered an end to negotiations after Assange offered to prove Russia was not involved in the DNC leak, as Ray McGovern explains.”

    An explosive report by investigative journalist John Solomon on the opinion page of Monday’s edition of The Hill sheds a bright light on how Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) and then-FBI Director James Comey collaborated to prevent WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange from discussing “technical evidence ruling out certain parties [read Russia]” in the controversial leak of Democratic Party emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election.

    A deal that was being discussed last year between Assange and U.S. government officials would have given Assange “limited immunity” to allow him to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been exiled for six years. In exchange, Assange would agree to limit through redactions “some classified CIA information he might release in the future,” according to Solomon, who cited “interviews and a trove of internal DOJ documents turned over to Senate investigators.” Solomon even provided a copy of the draft immunity deal with Assange.

    But Comey’s intervention to stop the negotiations with Assange ultimately ruined the deal, Solomon says, quoting “multiple sources.” With the prospective agreement thrown into serious doubt, Assange “unleashed a series of leaks that U.S. officials say damaged their cyber warfare capabilities for a long time to come.” These were the Vault 7 releases, which led then CIA Director Mike Pompeo to call WikiLeaks “a hostile intelligence service.”

    a ruse, a con, what in the world? ‘no comment’ from warner and burr?

  11. Hey, thanks for that news–it was just a couple days ago that I asked SD (snoopydawg) if she knew anything about Assange’s asylum status. I’m not very knowledgeable about this topic, but, I’m beginning to wonder if Moreno is ‘the same cut’ as Correa. I thought that Assange was given Ecuadorian citizenship last year, yet, he’s still stuck in limbo.


    • yes, i’ve noticed your a big fan of hers. i suppose she would have told you that yes, correa’s foreign minister awarded him ecuadorian citizenship which lenin moreno has now taken back.

      she may have also said that ecuador is an ALBA nation of the anti-imperilaist bolivarian (revolutionary) nations and that moreno had been correa’s v.p. and when correa was term-limited, i suspect he’d even endorsed him in his run for president. they were both of the same party, at least social democrats, maybe more red than that.

      once he was in office moreno made a hard right turn to neo-liberalism w/ all that comes w/ that for the lower class citizens. correa had also tossed the US military and related spook agencies like usaid, ned, out of ecudaor, but just recently moreno signed a military pact w/ amerika, and the troops (and i assume ships and weapons of war are back w/ a few fake caveats to comply w/ their constitution.

      so moreno, theresa may, a judge in the UK, and of course the amerikan govt. want him shipped to amerika, perhaps face a kangaroo court, sent to gitmo, or some other long fate in solitary confinement while the gears move slowly. magiamma sent this to me an hour or two ago; it has some of the history in capsule form.

  12. Thanks for all the info, and Magiamma’s link. I was typing a comment to you at C99 when my other laptop went down. Been trying to bring it back up for almost 3 hours. Give up. Apparently, can no longer connect to a WiFi connection (after deleting some files per recommendation of a malware program).

    Anyhoo, hoping this computer (which has been in storage) will hold up, at least, until I can get the other one to local Tech person, or get another one. Think I’ve have the last Windows-based computer. If I had more nerve, I’d move to a Linux-based OS. ;-)

  13. I’m using the second laptop, WD–both now (here), and over at C99 this evening, where I posted several comments since I last replied to you.

    You don’t see a comment of mine over there, because I’ve yet to re-type it, since I came over here to chat with you (after I switched computers). Again, I’m just ‘guessing’ what happened, regarding losing my ability to connect to wi-fi on the other computer. (I think when I deleted a bunch of files, it affected my ability to make a connection.) Heck, I’m anything but a tech nerd, so maybe something else went wrong.


    • well, it’s all geek to me, but it’s fine if you never comment on my stuff over there. but when all else fails, check your control panel.

    • hey blue, if you hadn’t signed in here w/ a fake email address, i sent you some detailed step x step hints/solutions via your control panel, and had specified ‘if your laptop is PC’ this a.m.. it may have ended up in your junk box, who can say, but i haven’t heard back from you in any event.

      today was a day for assisting others, including those habituating sites for the Imperial Project..

  14. Hey, WD, I truly didn’t mean to slight your excellent work. To be honest, I enjoy the change of scenery (over here) from time to time. But, your point is well taken. I’ll try to do better, and kibitz at both. ;-)

    The truth of the matter is that since the VA story broke–or, since I heard about it late yesterday afternoon–I’ll be somewhat scarce everywhere, except to post what I’m doing to try to hold the reporters accountable.

    Since we were in the midst of loss and medical crisis when the Jackson nomination was jettisoned, I had to sit that ‘drama’ out. Simply put, it was a power play between the ‘bipartisan’ cabal of privatizing lawmakers and their vet groups (who dupe rank-and-file vets every day), and the Executive Branch. Pure and simple.

    This time, I’m able to weigh in. I’ve already asked several news outlets (as though they’ll listen to me) to proffer a correction/retraction/apology regarding one of the claims that Pro Propublica made in their so-called investigative piece.

    Off to C99 to give Magiamma a quick shout out/congrats regarding her OT–been gone so long, I didn’t even realize that she even had one.

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