site meta & aug. crescent moon open menu

large sigh; i did a live chat with a WordPress ‘happiness engineer’ on tuesday morning.  it took the first twenty minutes of the hour and a half i spent…getting the ‘happiness’ guide to understand what the problem is: comments by regular commenters, even enabled authors, far too often being sent either to Spam [up to a thousand a day, wth?] or Trash [far fewer].  but once he/she twigged to the fact i hadn’t meant they were being sent by the site to my email’s Spam or Trash  (wot?), we still failed to…communicate well.

in the end, happiness was a warm gun (h/t john lennon) and the only advice i got was to monitor which comments were blocked, then maybe they could er…figure out something.

one i showed him/her was a medium-length one of davidly’s, and was told…hmmm; maybe it was too long.  ‘is there a de facto word count New Rule or something?’ i asked.  ‘noooo, there’s no New Rule’,  i was advised.   no, not too many links, one just got through with three links, i have the max set to three before going to Moderation for approval.

but two things i will change: i’m closing comments on diaries after 30 days, which will slow down the Spammers, and suggest that if you anticipate ahead of time that your comment might be long, type it on some app like a Word document so i) you won’t need to try and reconstruct a comment that never made it in, and ii) so if it looks pretty lengthy, for now at least, you might split it into two comments.

one personal preference i’d add is that given the limited column space here, if you’re quoting some amount of noteworthy snippets from a piece, use [snip]  at the end of one quote, then start another  again to save space.  if you have no idea what i’m even talking about, i’ll take care of it for you in edit.  ;-)

i may have an offering soon, but if so, i’ll add it in a bit.

4 responses to “site meta & aug. crescent moon open menu

  1. “…Love ruled over my soul, which was so early espoused to him, and he began to assume over me such assurance & such mastery, through the power that my imagination gave him…” Dante, Vita Nuova

    looks like capitalist Cronos will eat all his children rather than step aside, huh? better dead than Putin, I guess.

  2. allegro! allegro! thanks. and better dead than xi jinping.

  3. not quite as classy as brahams, of course, but h/t disappeared bruce in florida (hope he’s okay)…this is how i ended my ‘‘a potentially explosive Tweet from WikiLeaks’ wd, c99%; the love and hundreds of hours the mixer took to create such a sillywonderfulluscious masterpiece is breathtaking. hold onto your hats.

  4. and more from 21st century wire.

    i don’t subscribe to their points of view, i’m far, far more suspicious given:

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