a storify in search of some truth

(Leila, @ainiladra lives in the town of Mary’s Well, Palestine, Bilad ash-Sham)

@WikiLeaks TweetObama, who expanded drone kills 10x, oversaw the  destruction of Libya, Syria, Yemen, the creation of ISIS and the African refugee crisis, and who prosecuted more whistleblowers using the espionage act than all previous presidents combined, receives human rights award.”

@JeffreyGuterman, Ph.D  “President to receive 2018 Human Rights Award: (the disgusting link)

‘More deaths and maiming of Palestinians amid latest “ceasefire”,
Jean Shaoul, 11 August 2018, wsws.org

8 responses to “a storify in search of some truth

  1. From the award’s people page:

    On the world stage, Obama’s belief in America’s indispensable leadership and strong, principled diplomacy helped wind down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, decimate al Qaeda and eliminate the world’s most wanted terrorists, shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program, open up a new chapter with the people of Cuba, and unite humanity in coordinated action to combat a changing climate.

    These don’t seem to actually be about human rights.

    • what we need here is a li’l more HarHar!:

      “In times of great challenge and change, President Obama’s leadership ushered in a stronger economy, a more equal society, a nation more secure at home and more respected around the world. The Obama years were ones in which more people not only began to see themselves in the changing face of America, but to see America the way he always has – as the only place on Earth where so many of our stories could even be possible.”

      thanks for the link; that lying rubbish is 180 degrees off. but can’t ya now see obomba has been a true beacon of human rights for amerikans?

  2. “the disgusting link” isn’t working. but here’s two equally disgusting links:


    from the 2nd link:
    “Bobby Kennedy was one of my heroes,” said President Obama. “I first got into public service because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, believing that my own salvation was bound up with the salvation of others. That’s something he expressed far better than I ever could when he talked about the power that comes from acting on our ideals, those ripples of hope that can ‘sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’ That’s what I’m determined to help inspire and cultivate over the rest of my career – the idea that anybody can be one of the millions of acts of conscience and voices raised against injustice, the idea that anybody can be one of the ‘million different centers of energy and daring’ who, like Bobby Kennedy, have always changed the world for the better.”

    he’s certainly become more familiar w/using the word “millions” hasn’t he?

    • your ripples of hope link was the one i’d meant; sorry, but i fixed it. reading that in the face of the truth of what he’s done as prez, not only to millions of innocents around the world, *and* to the non-5% in the ‘homeland’….makes my skin crawl.

      oh, yes, he’ll continue to be one of the million points of light (er…lifted from HW bush) and energy…and his foundation will prove it! he’ll be a second bill gates of the philanthropic robber baron sort! his wealth’ll double in a year, and he can be even *moar* philanthropic for you! and you! and you!

      on edit: i’d forgotten to add this:

      ““The Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award celebrates leaders of the international business, public service, entertainment, and activist communities who have demonstrated a commitment to social change. Past honorees, including Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bono, George Clooney, Robert F. Smith, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Al Gore, reflect Robert Kennedy’s passion for equality, justice, basic human rights, and his belief that we all must strive to “make gentle the life of this world.”

      bono, who along w/ the g-8 biowrecked africa, the clinton, well, yummie bears both, and council of foreign relations ‘look out south sudan’ georgie clooney…

      • people also need “inspiring examples”, inspiration porn, and, oh hey, he’s modest enough to admit he’s no “Robert Kennedy” (whoever the hell that was; the guy who murdered Marilyn? that guy?), but could there possibly be a more stirring example of inspiration porn than the dawning of his Messiahship? what we need is “conscience, voices raised, centers of energy & daring,” a thousand points of light to uh…get out the vote? how mephitically vapid is the miasmic swamp of nothingness that is his word hole.

        all praise to MLKj while his Obamaness cages Assange! I endured 8 years of B.H.O’s paeans to MLK on “his” holiday when living in D.C.
        “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you build the tombs of the prophets and adorn the monuments of the righteous [the just], saying, ‘If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ Thus you witness against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets.”

        getting back to Israel for a moment cuz it’s just so much easier to hurl darts or shoot spit wads directly at the BS image of his Barakness, ‘member how the MSM cultivated this notion that B.Ho had some kind of rift with Netanyahoo & that he was being “tough” on Israel? not so easy to sell that BS when the prez constantly drools all over Bibi like power bottom Trump does to anyone whose toughness consists in bombing & starving children (it’s funny how the MSM refuses to see that Trump is in a constant state of arousal over “powerful” males & that partly explains his more amiable personal attitude to “strongman” Putin. in this regard, Trump is not unlike a lot of USonians.)

        anyway, shomer Shabbos! tomorrow will be fun, esp if Turkey’s economy tanks.

        • st. clair had offered a T maga penis size comparison, it fit fine. no, i’d needed reminding of O’s fake rift with bibi. but sure, a lot of the murders and massive #s of injuries during the march of return were expressly due to the get-out-of-jail free that trump’s accorded him. so sick watching some of the latin american nations moving their embassies to jerusalem, too.

          your matthew quote made me teat up, j of 9. but you may be thinking of jfk and marilyn, yes? but since having accorded this honor to O, i’ve seen a few besmirching rfk, sometimes incorrectly, as w/ ‘bay of pigs’, but still, whoever’s handing out the awards (the link said, iirc) mist have an awfully low bar or…a high tolerance for utter bullshit and revisionist history. maybe they ask doris kearns goodwin or someone to direct them?

          dunno about ‘strongman’ putin, though, but i guess that’s the reified take on him in the west. and revanchist putin, thug dictator maduro, thug daniel ortega, such a long list. as for the image of is barackness, i know you’re pinging something different, but the reason messed up the link was so i wouldn’t have his grinning pearly whites on the storify.

          have looked yet to see who’s on the board, and i dunno if i need both tweets, but knowing how you love (as do i) the industrial eugenics industry, these from cordeliers:

          on edit: i had to take one out; but from the PSI link:

          “In its quest to put users at the center of health care and bring to scale innovative service delivery approaches to reach more women and girls with high-quality contraception, PSI is transforming the family planning landscape.
          • With our partners, PSI pioneered the creation of a low-cost IUD inserter specifically designed to make postpartum IUD insertion easier for health care providers.
          • As part of USAID’s Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options (EECO) project, we use social marketing to promote the use of the SILCS diaphragm, a unique, non-hormonal and reusable barrier contraceptive.
          • PSI is currently piloting in several countries the introduction of the levonorgestrel intra-uterine system (LNG-IUS), a long-acting contraceptive widely used in the United States and Europe.

          PSI is working with manufacturers to deliver a one-pill emergency contraception solution under one global brand, Pronta1. Having a globally procured product with a consistent formulation and brand name will enable PSI to maximize procurement and marketing efficiencies across network members.”

          • capitalism turns toward the manufacture of scarcity in the last commodity, human beings? Let’s do an informal poll: Amerikka, in order for you to keep munching that double down in your SUV, should the poor be sterilized and/or have other restrictions placed upon their reproduction? it would be dismaying to see the results.

            anyway, won’t it be fun if Israel starts making some overtures to Russia? even just for show, cuz why not? squeeze your dealer a bit by taking some bids from elsewhere? the fun would be in the howls of confusion & condemnation from know-nothing Littlebrainlians like T Friedman & F Zakaria.

            we got our 1st day of real rain in about two months yesterday. but even when it occasionally hits an uncomfortable 97 in the very bright days, it gets below 60 at night. sure, we need more rain, but still hard to complain.

            • glad to hear you had rain, are there many wildfires near oly? the intermountain west is srsly on fire, lots of dry lightning and high winds. we’ve had maelstroms that actually knocked over 5 gal pots of growing things down in the garden alley. blew over lots of tall things, too. freaky deaky winds, really. and scarcely any moisture for all the bother.

              you see every day on the web people noting the finite ‘carrying capacity’ of the planet and advocating africans and others spend more on birth control. doesn’t do a whit of good to remind them of the vast differential of carbon footprints…well, never mind. but the USAID spooks are in that psi: oy and veh. here’s another in a different direction from the gates foundation’s tab at the guardian:

              Wider use of rotavirus vaccine urged after ‘potent’ success of Malawi trial; Dramatic fall in infant deaths prompts calls for national immunisation programmes to incorporate treatment’

              “Yet, of the 10 countries with the greatest number of rotavirus-related deaths, only six – Afghanistan, Angola, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Pakistan – have introduced national rotavirus vaccines or initiated phased introductions, according to the Rota Council.
              Through Gavi, the global vaccine alliance, a number of lower-income countries have been able to implement the inoculation nationally. But vaccine support is withdrawn as GDP increases, which has left a number of high-burden countries to choose between continued administration of the vaccine or devoting funds to other key areas.”

              well, garsh, mickey; guess no one in Gavi wants to raise the gdp bar to yanno… but more and more jabs make me nervous.

              zo…did turkey’s economic fall from grace cause global ‘contagion’ yet?

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