yes sir, yes sir, three tweets full

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  1. don’t they have drugs for Assange’s delusions? we all accept w/o question that medical intervention is warranted to change the beliefs (“delusions”) and/or visions (“hallucinations”) people have about the world, esp for those “schizophrenia,” quite a ghastly belief in itself. perhaps they have some drugs that will make us all believe that the world is as they, they being Jeff Sessions & those guys, insist that it is.

    then we can be happy. but what kind of drug can we give someone in CA to make them believe that, e.g., Russia and Assange are a graver “threat” than the forest “management” & “development” teams at the local, state & national levels?

    • lol. and here i’d thought you might wanna piece of haspell and torture eroticism.

      but you’ve answered your own questions: the blue pill is what would help.

      and always remember and don’ ever forget: the orange prez said the fires are because: reservoirs are letting out too much water for riparian ecosystems, & it ends up in the ocean. course mccain said that too much of the colorado compact water goes to those f’ing mezzicans….

      on edit: well here’s a two-fer Tztinkey and orange: ‘‘US interior secretary Ryan Zinke blames environmentalists for the devastation in California and calls for an increase in logging’, the guardian

      • oh, sexual torture! sorry to disappoint that I didn’t immediately run w/ that one, but, playing the behooved one’s advocate for a moment, she wasn’t even there! that highlighted portion is def worth a read.

        • didn’t it say they weren’t sure she was still chief of station? close enough, it read to me. i also liked that the subject being tortured for two hours gave vague and often contradictory information even though…etc. but that’s the long and the short of the results of torture: they’ll say anything you might want to hear…just to stop it. torture doesn’t work, but tell that to indoctrinated by teevee and films amerikans.

          the fires here are blowing up, now 2 are reported to have lost earlier containment percentages, and we’re still getting smoke from CA. mr. wd has had to work out in the smoke and maelstrom winds, and comes home ill every night. and the wind just kicked up hard from the north again; cannabis plants in pots blew over again, so he moved them…in hopes. but 5′ high dinnerplate dahlias against the wall of the house blew down and broke and died, but that’s how freaky the wind is. g’ night and stay safe, j of 9.

        • dunno about the dates, but e.p. milligan at wsws seems to have made his way thru the FOIAed docs, and says the torture porn quotes ‘could have come from haspell’. hard nasty read, and it gives me fantasies about the punishments torturers should receive in kind.

          and dr. jeffrey kaye’s raison d’etre is now…exposing torture.

  2. commeter CB over yonder at c99% knows a lot about ukraine, and we’d traded a few comments on some of his links (cordelier’s tweet turned out to be from 2016), but in the end, this was the Big Prize:

    Putin played the Savenchenko affair like a Jujitsu Grand Master. Every time the US thinks they have the upper hand on him, he slips their grip and puts them to the mat – winning in Chechnya, Serbia, Ukraine, Syria and reclaiming the historical Russian jewel, Crimea, as well as turning the sanctions into absolute positives for Russia plus banning all GMO’s and drugs in Russia’s entire food production. All the west can do is respond with lies and coverups to save face. No wonder the neolibracons have been going apoplectic.”

    • I weary of hearing what a genius Putin is. how smart do you have to be to outfox a moron like John Bolton? just wait for them to screw up, which the US did in Syria. the US has lots of firepower & an unlimited capacity for violence & deception. for whatever reason, people confuse that with “intelligence,” maybe b/c they are awed by the arrogance of & fear to tell the man w/a DU-charged Bazooka that he’s a complete idiot.
      “Hence the Russian general’s caution was thoroughly vindicated.” Tolstoy, iirc, says Kutuzov was following the strategy of Fabius Maximus Cunctator (“the Delayer”) who refused to fight Hannibal but let him waste his resources running around Italy. people for a long time have been avoiding direct fights with stronger adversaries & letting them wear themselves out essentially chasing their tail. see
      “you can’t imagine what can be done to a soul. ‘No, not that, not that,’ you will say,” replies “Satan” to the Faust character’s curiosity about the tortures of the damned in T Mann’s “Dr. Faustus.” I don’t know. I find myself often agreeing w/Cap’n Ahab (ch. 108): hell is probable. it’s hard enough to imagine where they come up w/this crap they do to people here on this planet. and in the midst of our society’s fawning over expertise, all that psychological training doesn’t teach people not to torture others? nah. the “behavioral sciences” are part of the social conformity project.
      anyway, OT, and I didn’t read the articles in the NYT on Turkey but from the headlines it was pretty clear that Turkey’s problems are caused by 1) “market forces” 2) Erdogan’s “strongman” tactics and something called “corruption.” And, speaking of experts, they trot out their economists to talk about completely abstract & apotheosized economic laws and also have other experts state some truth about how Turkey actually operates.
      the former is mostly or wholly flimflam but whatever truth there is in Turkey’s day by day “corruption,” revelation of such only serves a larger lie and is nothing unusual under capitalism. Funny how these “market forces” erupt based on certain political developments, ain’t it? Finance is a weapon of politics, imperialism, as we here know, and Turkey, for whatever reason (Kurdistan?) is cutting across the imperial agenda. So “market forces” are summoned. the corruption of Erdogan’s & the Turkish elite’s business partners in Israel, NATO, etc., that’s not up for revelation or discussion. nope, his international partners are innocents abroad.

      and the sort of NPR crowd just swallows this poisoned gruel by the dump truck.

      • thanks so much for all of the allegories and allusions such as the french war on russia (unknown to me) and the fabian war of attrition. but when i’d clicked in had seen the new ‘server not found’ graphic…that’s me tonight once again.

        been trying to dodge some almost actual bullets in real life, trying to avoid arrest, jail time and a fine for not being able to ‘appear on call in US federal court jury duty’ for the month of whatever. i made one last plea of six, and the assistant i’d been emailing with said she’d forward everything to the actual factual, esq. clerk of the court. have a good thought for me, okay?

        i’m flippin’ out here. i will say that i’d decided not to mention that if they came for me, i’d have a bottle of liquid drano on me. gawd’s blood, the militancy and threats by the ‘judicial system’.

        oh, and i’d been holding these in abeyance, gotta love those tankies! although an open menu might have served…ah, hell, it’s all of the same
        cloth, ennit?

        • oh i’m so sorry. I hope you are well. every encounter w/the guvment has the potential to turn into a nightmare. about 5 years ago one of my housemates was taken away by ICE at 6am Sunday, leaving me his dog, based on a 12 year old offense & his ambiguous immigration status. before sending him back to the Shangri La known as El Salvador, they made him do 6 months in prison.

          • my encounter wouldn’t have been so dramatic a tale, except for myself. today at 2, the head cheese clerk of court emailed to say that i was excused, bless his heart. i of course sent him back a love letter. i should be, *we* should be elated, but today our daughter finally emailed us back and said that ‘she is at peace’ with all the horrendous lies she’d charged me with (without elaborating), end of subject. so both of us are in that shock that comes w/ watching a loved one…die.

            something, perhaps a miscarriage of their *fourth* pregnancy seems to have triggered her attachment disorder once again (*whichever* mum is handy…is the evil villain.) so, somehow we’ll try to find some sort of equanimity again, but for now…life sucks, then ya die…but they won’t say when.

            night, j; stay safe.

            • ah, well, as they say: ‘tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life’. as joss would have it, we went to bed and turned on the $40 dvd one-inch thick player mr. wd had bought to replace our ancient tape/dvd player. turns out he not only bought the er…most affordable on, but likely the only panglossian one.

              when i booted it up, the logo blared: ‘LG! life is good’…and so it came to be…technology as mood elevator; whodda thunk?

  3. thank you nato. we understand who you are and why you must not be challenged w/ any opposing views to war, egalitarianism, or colonialism 2.0. which nation do you see as worthy of the next R2P?

    if i’m not mistaken, i think alex jones’ facebook was taken down just after he’d announced that he’d be interviewing julian assange’s mum, christine this week.

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