these 2 Tweets define the amerikan empire

‘The Other Side of John McCain’ August 27, 2018,, Maxie Blumenthal

(I hadn’t known there was more than one side, myself.  Warning: hard read, but awesome photos)

12 responses to “these 2 Tweets define the amerikan empire

  1. Oh, he’s Maxie, now, is he?

    I can dig it.

    • ah, he was when i blogged along side him at TPM reader’s diaries a million years ago. let’s say…he’s…er…opened his eyes quite a bit since those days.

      but you may mean something else entirely? ;-) i really think he goes by ‘max’ now. he and arrg… ben norton (firedoglake readers diaries) have become media stars.

      tonight’s closing lullaby; sleep well:

      • No, I was just joking, bu thanks for the history. I’m not sure where I first heard about him. Enjoyed his Republican Gomorrah.

        • well, i will say that his exposé on mccain wa good, and well-researched, as have been several of his recent essays, so…if his RG was enjoyable, it might have been well-written as well.

          and right on cue, this a.m. popular resistance sent a link to ben norton at the real news network with his ‘staff writer’ CV. ;-) can’t stand to watch him myself, but then i’m a bigot in any number of directions.

          • More McCain: The Manufactured McCain: Lifting Up A Bloodstained, Lying, Venal Servant of Capitalist Empire, Bruce A. Dixon

            There’s a real John Sidney McCain III and there’s a fake one, manufactured for the public relations of US empire. Imperial PR needs to justify, even sanctify the ecocidal and genocidal rule of the rich by portraying its servants not as the venal and bloodthirsty thieves they are, but as the brightest, the best, the most noble and deserving among us. The Manufactured McCain whom the corporate media will spend another week on top of the previous one lifting up to the heavens bears only passing resemblance to the real John McCain. The real McCain was no hero. He was a lying, bribe taking, neo-nazi sympathizing politician and war criminal, who served the US empire and himself for all of his long life.

            • thanks greyson; i’lll read the rest soon; sounds as though he’s hit the high spots of his evil. hellacious hail storm here having its way w/ our garden. deafening, given skylights.

            • that was actually a soberly delivered sermon on the real mccain, wasn’t it? as far as his being one of the keating five, as i remember it, it was worse than that, but at least he later gloried in writing and getting passed…the POS mccain-feingold ‘campaign finance reform, wooot!

              t’was bill black (‘the best way to rob a bank is to own one’) who put a hella lot of the s& loan banksters in jail. he did pass over mccain not only divorcing his first wife, as she’d been in a car crash and had multiple surgeries that reduced her height by four inches, became a serial lecher but later did his mea culpa to great applause, according to the wiki…even his wife. but as i’d noted over yonder to jokes about ‘not speaking ill of the dead’, at least he hadn’t lopped off her head.

              the power lines crash ‘clowning, boys will be boys’ was disgusting, too, and rolling thunder made me queasy again. headlines say obomba gave one of the eulogies: seems perfect dudn’t it?

  2. “During a characteristically rambling stump speech in October 2008, Palin accused Barack Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” The line was dismissed as ridiculous and borderline slander, as it should have been. But looking back at McCain’s career, the accusation seems richly ironic. ” oh god. where does the need to defend Obama come from?

    anyway, I remember when there was such an urgency to honor the legacy of Ronald Wilson Reagan by changing the name of D.C.’s National Airport to Reagan National Airport. major snooze right? the Brussels thing makes more sense I suppose since Reagan smashed PATCO and all that.

    a man can smile and murder and smile…McCain never seemed really happy unless talking about bombing someone. I can see why NATO wants to honor him. but I would think one or two of those Euro-trash warmongers might be embarrassed to work anywhere associated with such an obvious incompetent POS as McCain. why not just name the building “Snarling Fuck Up”?

    • ha; nice catch; i’d breezed right by it. when i’d seen ‘palin’ i was laughing at a headline mr. wd had seen: ‘palin said she wasn’t invited to the wedding’…i mean funeral. and funny on reagan int’l and the patco strike-busting.

      well, yanno…they’re just mulling…lol. i like Snarling Fuck Up, but veering away from mcBombitall, how ’bout ‘Warmongers throw stones from a Glass House!’

      • one other thing about the McCaininator? as military & ex-military, he’s part of the vanguard of subjects of psychiatric experimentation & behavior modification that this society attempts to inflict upon everyone. Ambien anyone? they send even willing assholes like Walnuts (as Wonkette called McCain) off to war & the whole time are drugging them up to endure both the experience & its aftermath. psychiatric health cannot be defined as turning against the people who sent one to bomb peasants on the other side of the cosmos. psychiatric health cannot even be regretting these actions. nope. our worse than Stalinist society will not even allow such conversation. now Walnuts himself had a lot of personal & social pressure to conform & go along, tons of it, but maybe the Ambien helped? who knows what dreams might have come w/o a little help from Big Pharma?

        • dunno that there’s any evidence on what meds he may have been on, but i find it a highly dubious proposition that ambien, bigPharma, can erase a conscience, if it had been there to begin with. but i do reckon that he’d been on opioids of some sort or sorts before and during his brain cancer, and they sure hadn’t helped tame the savage, snarling beast within, had they?

          • “i find it a highly dubious proposition that ambien, bigPharma, can erase a conscience…” I think the jury’s out on that one. they sure as hell are trying.

            drinking lots before & after also helps, as men have long done.

            so the NYT is signaling that if Megan McCain continues to bare her imperial fangs as she did at the old bastard’s funeral (“she proved herself her father’s daughter today.” barf), she can take his place. should she leave her distinguished journalism career to enter politics? what is the difference b/n hosting “The View” & spewing more senatorial sounding bilge water?

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