Hurricane Florence Coverage

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The National Hurricane Center, is here.

Hurricane Florence is @:

NOAA’s National Weather Service on Twitter.

NOAA’s satellite images on Twitter.

If you’ll be impacted by Florence, stay safe.

12 responses to “Hurricane Florence Coverage

  1. evil bastards.

  2. Just opened the valves on the rain barrels we convinced our neighbors to install. The barrel becomes a 50 gallon buffer that slows but does not stop the water. When we get enough installed, it will start to be more than a test of concept.


  3. haven’t seen your avatar here much lately, amigo. but srsly, i dinnae send this link as a command performance, or anything. just thought you might find it useful.

    well, 55 gallons ain’t a lot with the number of inches they’re forecasting. but: every little bit helps?

  4. Are these waves
    of soft airs?
    Are these billows
    of delightful fragrances?
    How they swell,
    how they sough around me,
    shall I breathe,
    Shall I listen?
    Shall I drink,
    Sweetly in fragrances
    melt away?
    In the billowing torrent,
    in the resonating sound,
    in the World-Breath breathing through all —
    to drown,
    to sink —
    unconscious —
    supreme delight! – Isolde’s Liebestod (Love/Death) from Wagner’s Tristan

    here comes the world breath, aka anima mundi. right on time. always on time.
    “Another link with ancient Greek thought [and the New Testament] is the Stoic idea of the Spirit as anima mundi—or world soul—that unites all people.” and all creation, you wiki dumbass. there it is: the world breath is all about us humans. and so hurricanes and the like can only be viewed as nature’s unruly, unwanted interference in the capitalist global pyramid scheme. “it rains on the just & the unjust.” is that rain a mercy or a curse? depends on where in the food chain one takes one’s perspective from, don’t it? if the rain destroys the capitalist state?

    forgetting the part about Israel & Haaretz for one second, the myth of genesis that haunts us is the Flood story. with good reason. is it the injustice of the world that is bringing the deluge upon us? who knows? how can we know?

    it has been, to an extent & in more scientific arenas like linguistics, the tower of babel, the story that all people are really one, the true specter that haunts us. but yeah, we are hellbound to prove that myth to be bullshit, exorcise that ghost.

    the groaning of nature is not enough. the building must be built no matter how creaky & leaky the foundation, no matter the death to the soil & trees & air & birds around it. the blueprints to the building are solid. just ask Paul Krugman. there’s nothing wrong with the plans. no matter that one could build another in a billion years.

    and so nature is something that must be “fixed.” b/c it doesn’t fit our plans. but we are nature. as a Buddhist might say, who is this person standing outside nature that is “fixing” nature? if nature needs “fixing” and one is part of nature…

    I think this contradiction inevitably leads to the desire for death. under capitalism. one is not co-operating with, working together with nature but forcing nature to be completely the product of one’s own schemes. this includes the insertion of one’s own psyche & body into the cycle of production & consumption. the person rebels against this routinization & mechanization of self, the living of life according to the rules of Walmart CPAs, the body humming like a well-oiled machine, the mind purring along like a CPU programmed by Best Buy. to the degree a person embraces the suppression of self & nature in the quest of participation or “success” in capitalism, they are in “death’s dream kingdom”, courting habits of self-repression & self-hatred. soon enough, one desires to toss oneself onto the billowing seas of the world breath & lose oneself in the sound & surge. the “disenchanted” external world exists only instrumentally, a means to money-making & profit-taking. one’s feelings & desires, like one’s environment, become completely alien.

    Wagner’s aria is a complete mystery to a capitalist. b/c there has never been a love to lose. only self and world-hatred.

    all this from a short update on the weather? yeah. given that it’s recently been very belatedly admitted that Puerto Rico got democratically shafted by the gov’t response to Harvey, not royally b/c we are not a monarchy, but democratically, I wonder if there might be some overselling of how harsh some weather events might be. Precisely in order to dampen people’s expectations of gov’t response. I sure as hell wouldn’t put it past these blind lying fools. like Colonel Walt Kurtz, even the jungle is ready for these pieces of shit to be washed away. ok, I mixed some images there, but seems par for this rambling post.

    be well THD & co. as I said almost a year ago, hurricanes to the left of me, wildfires to the right of me…stuck in the muddle with you.

  5. i genuflect once again before your wide-ranging creative writing, original thought, and classical references all the way to…best buy. prompted by someone/something i’d read recently, it caused me to wonder how ‘climate change/chaos/hothouse earth’ tra la la, was always measured by ‘saving humanity’ at the core.

    that humanity was the over-riding concern, of course, not the planet’s other inhabitants made me remember the biblical imprecation to ‘”Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

    #what.utter.horseshit. really, it’s capital writ large,isn’t it? subdue it, rape it, toxify it in the name of fun and profit, the apex species that can think, therefore knows it exists…yet doesn’t get that it’s only part of the biosphere.

    sigh, yes, i see your drift about biggifying the threats on accounta puerto rico is still living with the results of harvey. what, 2158 more deaths reported, solar companies cashing in with mini-power cells locally (the first hit’s free!), but really it’s a dangerous ‘cane that might peter out a bit overland. oh dear; i got off topic; i plead exhaustion. let’s see:

    yeah, the biblical flood deserved; nah, unless we catch elon musk’s ark. the comparitive religion is beyond me tonight, maybe always, but ta for your wagner tristan/isolde love/death. i found the music on youtube, not the lyrics,
    but yes, how alluring it seems to walk into the magical waves at time, and lose consciousness. and i’d thought it was melville, you cagey bastid.

    but as to ‘ hurricanes to the left of me, wildfires to the right of me…stuck in the muddle with you’, is BC still on fire? but let that be tonight’s closing lullaby; only too apropos. stay safe out there, j of 9 and thd.

    not a bad cover…

    • manual Garcia today at CP makes the rather obvious point of the criminal neglect of the terrorists in D.C.
      and let’s not forget that storm bearing down on the Philippines like a blizzard of death. they have blizzards there right? w/the weird weather, who can tell?

      what’s the difference b/n domestication & domination? what does it mean to “subdue” the animals? I don’t know. what’s the difference b/n breaking a horse and taming a horse? “and so they buried Hector, breaker of horses.” last line of the Iliad. the word “breaker” is from the same word as domicile, domestic and dominate, domus=house, home.

      esp b/c people quoting genesis always skip this part that follows immediately your quote:
      And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. 30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.”

      what does it mean to build a home? to build of the world a home? sigh. rather, how to convert a storm-battered, collapsing, toxic global abattoir into a home?

      • obvious, but garcia’s take needed to be heard. explain how the ret of the bible quote weaves in please?

        by my ken, domesticating animals is keeping them penned, caged, whatever, feeding them for ones own use, breeding the wildness out of them. breaking a horse means making it to be ridden without throwing off the rider. it can be done gently over time, or it can be done quickly, as in riding it while it bucks and kicks, throwing the rider who gets on again and again until the horse gives up. now we had a horse that as ‘trained’ with a 2 x 4 across the head, we sadly learned later. but she would not be tamed.

        yes, sigh: ” how to convert a storm-battered, collapsing, toxic global abattoir into a home?” in flint MI the water at the schools was found to be so toxic they had to shut the water down. the kids are in school…waterless.

  6. ye gods and little fishes, two wsws authors are up with florence status reports, the calumny of fema dollars for border patrol, evacuation orders: no buses, tra la la. historical financial contexts for the last number of hurricanes. too depressing for morning reading.

    ed hightower at

    tom hall

  7. My favorite place for active hurricane info is CIMSS at UWisconsin. NOAA does not have publicly available ‘floaters’ anymore – no storm specific satellite pictures/loops. Although it seems like Trumplstan budget cuts might be a part of it, I think what is really behind it is the GOES (geostationary) system is in mid-update from GOES 16 to 17. Most frustrating: the synoptic (large) scale satellite pictures don’t have wind overlays … or any other overlays (lat/lng, SST, etc.) anymore grrr.
    You may hear the incorrect commentary that says the tropical Atlantic is extra hot, that is not true. The east side by Africa, where Florence formed is actually cooler than average and the Carolina coast just slightly warmer than average. The real out-of-band + 5 degrees F high sea surface temperatures [SST] in the North Atlantic are all above 40degrees north.
    I watched Florence through its life and had an intuitive inkling that it would make US landfall. The reason Florence made it is the same as the reason why there are 4 named storms in the Atlantic for the first time in a decade: the jet stream and cold fronts almost don’t seem to exist. The primary cause for so many storms and Florence’s bee line from Africa to the mid-Atlantic coast is Still a global warming effect but it is what is missing (no cold front disruption of cyclones) and not so much what is present (near average SST).

    • always nice to have you drop by, lemoyne, but i have almost zero inkling of what you’re talking about, jumping from ‘not so much trump-ish budget cuts to ‘GOES (geostationary) system is in mid-update from GOES 16 to 17’ and no overlays.

      but thank you for trying; perhaps others will understand. a fella over yonder at c99% reminded me of, and his link was long, long, and included some o the theory about the changing size of the eye of the hurricane that foretold a lot, or so i remember. told him i’d have to read

      i thought i’d remind you that you have author privileges here just in case you’d like to post sometime. hope life is goin’ at least sorta satisfactorily for you, but perhaps better than that?

  8. there was one tweet of two large sharks swimming at the bottom of an escalator in a mall, but the image didn’t travel w/ the tweet.

    here’s the weatherunderground link about the importance of the changes in the eye: ‘Florence a Cat 3, But Wind Field Expands; Olivia Hits Hawaii’, sept. 12
    with the photo described:

    “The Hurricane Hunters and microwave satellite imagery this afternoon found that Florence was not able to recover from this morning’s eyewall replacement cycle (ERC). During this phenomenon, common in intense hurricanes, the eye shrinks to such a small diameter that the eyewall becomes unstable and collapses. The hurricane then creates a new larger-diameter eyewall out of a spiral band. During this process, the peak winds typically fall by 10 – 15 mph, and the central pressure can rise 10 – 15 mb. Florence was never able to rebuild its inner core after this morning’s ERC, though, and data from the Hurricane Hunters and satellites have shown large gaps in the eyewall this afternoon.

    As a result, Florence has not been able to concentrate a major portion of its wind energy into an intense eyewall, and the hurricane’s wind energy has spread out over a larger area. This will reduce the potential wind damage from the storm at landfall, but will allow a larger storm surge to build. At 5 pm EDT Wednesday, Florence’s tropical storm-force winds had expanded, and extended out up to 195 miles from the center; hurricane-force winds extended out up to 70 miles. For comparison, at landfall, Hurricane Katrina’s tropical storm-force and hurricane-force winds extended out up to 230 miles and 125 miles from the center, respectively.”

  9. ‘Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina’, Patrick Martin
    14 September 2018
    Hurricane Florence, one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the US mainland, came ashore early Friday morning north of Wilmington, North Carolina. The hurricane generated winds of more than 100 miles per hour and drove a ten-foot storm surge over beaches and boardwalks along a wide swathe of coastline.
    The worst impact of the storm surge was expected at just before noon on Friday, when the water driven by the hurricane piles up on top of the high tide along the Carolina coast.

    While the storm’s strength was lowered from Category 4 to Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, the storm was actually strengthening. It was expanding in size even as the winds near its core, the basis of the Saffir-Simpson scale, slowed somewhat, from about 135 miles per hour to 105 miles per hour.

    The storm had enormous breadth as it made landfall, with a cloud field four times as large as the state of Ohio, while its winds generated open-ocean waves of up to 50 feet high. Hurricane-force winds, 74 miles per hour or higher, extended 80 miles from the eye, while tropical storm-force winds, 39 miles per hour or higher, extended nearly 200 miles from the eye, in every direction.”

    and for j of 9:

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