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if you know the painter or the name of the er…’dispatched’, please let me know.  i assume it’s based on an allegory unfamiliar to me.

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  1. the death of chatterton is the name of the painting.
    Thomas Chatterton
    English poet whose precocious talents ended in suicide at age 17. He became a heroic tragic figure in Romantic art. Although fatherless and raised in poverty, he was an exceptionally studious child, publishing mature work by the age of 11. Wikipedia

    • bless your heart, and magiamma’s as well. i was away from my laptop for a few hours, came back and both of you had identified it. well done, and thank you!

      searching for larger images allowed me to see that it wasn’t a dagger in head that had killed him. it was just one of his famous chiaroscuro highlights on the pillow that made it seem so.

      ‘The painting was Wallis’s first exhibited work. It was shown at the Royal Academy summer exhibition in 1856, with a quotation from the Tragedy of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe inscribed on the frame: “Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight, And burned is Apollo’s laurel bough”

  2. nice catch on the painting. I thought it was Lindsay Lohan. or maybe Katy Perry after she collapsed on stage but before she had gone off to find herself.

    the true measure of a great writer is how many people kill themselves upon reading one’s work. and if it’s one’s 1st work…wow, how does one top that? plus setting fashion trends & causing book bans, also too?
    “The Sorrows of Young Werther turned Goethe, previously an unknown author, into a literary celebrity almost overnight…It also started the phenomenon known as the “Werther Fever”, which caused young men throughout Europe to dress in the clothing style described for Werther in the novel.[6][7] Items of merchandising such as prints, decorated Meissen porcelain and even a perfume were produced.[8]

    The book reputedly also led to some of the first known examples of copycat suicide. The men were often dressed in the same clothing “as Goethe’s description of Werther and using similar pistols.” Often the book was found at the scene of the suicide.[9] This aspect of “Werther Fever” was watched with concern by the authorities – both the novel and the Werther clothing style were banned in Leipzig in 1775; the novel was also banned in Denmark and Italy.” I’m scared to read it. it might inspire me to change my clothes. I did almost kill myself after reading Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons,” but I don’t think it was quite the same thing.

    anywhodiddleydiddle, sitting around at lunch talking about the weather. b/c when people talk about the weather, as we all know, they are really talking about something else. Like how smart we are for “believing” in “climate change” & how superior we are to the FOX News Trump troglodytes (trumplodytes?), real Judases to the received wisdom of climate change, betrayers of the techno-topia future on sale for a very, very limited time at Elon Musk, Inc.

    being “smarter” than Bill O’ or Scott Pruitt or Scott Walker will save us! the two clans surviving in post-apocalyptic Strangelovian caves & bunkers trying to avoid mineshaft gaps will not be Commie Rus vs…uh you know the other team, Uncle Sam or whatever. it will be the FOX climate change denialists vs the Greenpeace/NPR bunkers, both desperate for doomsday devices so that they can get to be “right” & “smarter” than the other mineshaft.

    in the face of perhaps the end of the world, end of civilization, etc., etc., I offer as my bulwark how smart I am? pretty fucking pathetic, little, little ego. mere escutcheon. it might be the most common response to discomfiting encounters with the fact of mortality. or human suffering & evil. and a bleak-looking future. of course, “I worked hard” is a pretty common response to reflecting on why this asshole is in the gutter & I am not, but it’s really the same thing. People don’t say, e.g., “cuz I am courageous, b/c I live w/o fear.” nope, like a donkey, we work hard. and swat ourselves w/the tail of self-praise. cuz we are smart asses. often we won’t even acknowledge any interdependence on other people, much less the ground we walk on. nope, i’m smart & work hard. no mother’s milk for me.

    “people who say ‘irregardless’ get on my nerves! they just show how uneducated they are!”

    “…for your writing and reading,
    let that appear when there is no need of such
    vanity.”-you tell ’em Dogberry!

    i stumbled across this quote in “Gaudy Night” by D Sayers:
    Thou blind man’s mark, thou fool’s self-chosen snare,
    Fond fancy’s scum, and dregs of scattered thought ;
    Band of all evils, cradle of causeless care ;
    Thou web of will, whose end is never wrought ;
    Desire, desire ! I have too dearly bought,
    With price of mangled mind, thy worthless ware ; – Philip Sydney

    with price of mangled mind, indeed. do we ever ask ourselves if we have mangled our minds thru our desires? nah. be smart & back to work.

  3. there’s no way, josé, to find any possible way to respond to this phantasmagoric rant. next best thing mightta been to find the r cobb cartoon showing the last two post nuclear apocalypse on a island. one turns to the other and queries…”you ain’t one of them commies, are you?”

  4. heh. my other contribution is this, dunno if you know or remember much about the blue vest deray, TFA sponsored ‘activist’ who ran for mayor of st. louis (baltimore?). always had plenty of bucks, and drew franklin at orchestrated pulse interviewed him on the phone, got well…no truth out of him. crap video, but…lotta loud voices callin’ him out for the grifter he is.

    The Movement Lives in Ferguson‘; Teach For America, Black Leadership, and Disaster Capitalism’, drew franklin, oct. 2015

  5. Foreign Policy: Why Growth Can’t Be Green

    There’s just one hitch: New evidence suggests that green growth isn’t the panacea everyone has been hoping for. In fact, it isn’t even possible.

    • thanks for both, and i’d read MoA’s coverage of it the netherlands defunding the psyop al qaeda entity, but the FP essay i’ll try to do more than scan later. funny, i’d just been writing about the rio 2012 sustainability conference in my new hippie rant. so now that it’s all baked in, FP can malign capitalism as a key culprit? lol.

  6. AntiWar: Netherlands Ends Funding for Syria White Helmets, Citing Suspicious Actions

    The Netherlands’ Foreign Affairs Ministry has announced they are shutting down all support for multiple factions within Syria, including the White Helmets organization. The White Helmets were recipients of 12.5 million Euros from the Netherlands.

    Styling themselves as a “civil defense” force with no ties to foreign governments, the White Helmets actually receive substantially funding from several Western nations, including the US, Britain, and until now, the Netherlands.

    Netherlands officials warned that there is inadequate supervision of the White Helmets, and the lack of transparency on the flow of cash to the group, as well as how it is spent, raises substantial risk that the aid money may fall into the hands of terrorist groups.

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