thoughts on reasons key to amerikan forever wars: Israel & agitprop for Imperial world control

From his Sept. 17 ‘US War Strategists: Military Defeats and Political Success’, James Petras,

“In a previous article (“US: The Century of Lost Wars“), I recorded the repeated US military defeats over the past two decades. In this discussion I will describe the role of military strategists who bear responsibility for the US defeats, but also for Israeli political successes.
The key to this apparent contradiction is to uncover how and why the destruction of Israeli adversaries prolonged costly US military invasions.

The two outcomes are inter-related. The same US military strategists whose policies lead to failed US wars in the Middle East facilitated and augmented the power of Israel.

US war strategists’ operations reflect ‘dual loyalties’. On the one-hand they receive their elite education and high positions in the US, while their political loyalties to Tel Aviv express their Israel-first strategic decisions.”

Petras hypothesizes that the dual loyalty strategists have fabricated threats, over-estimated created enemies military threats, as well as hyping up ‘threats to amerika’, and sent hundreds of thousands of troops to fight losing (I’d say unwinnable) wars to aid Israel in its quest for hegemony in the Middle East.

In his mind,it was the best and brightest academics among the war strategists are Israel-firsters, either Zionists or what he terms ‘fellow travelers’ who’d prosecuted the wars in Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Syria.  It’s not much of a coincidence that all those nations opposed the annexation of Arab lands and supported Palestinian self-determination.  He then has a longish section of ‘what can be done, then?’ wish list, but I’d like to move on, save for offering this from His Hissing Bellicosity speaking to (spoiler alert):

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) @Mojahedineng  Official account of PMOI/MEK, the main Iranian opposition group seeking to establish a free & democratic state respecting freedoms & gender equality.

From Reuters Sept 22 (h/t tony cartalucci on twitter): ‘Trump lawyer Giuliani says Iran’s government will be overthrown’

“President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Saturday said that U.S. sanctions on Iran are leading to economic pain that could lead to a “successful revolution,” contrasting with administration comments that government change in Tehran is not U.S. policy.

“I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them,” said Giuliani, who spoke in his own capacity though he is a Trump ally, at an Iran Uprising Summit held by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities, which opposes Tehran’s government. “

Now this is kick-ass, imo, with some surprises within it: ‘The United States of America: The Real Reason Why They Are Never Winning Their Wars’, Peter Koenig, September 19th, 2018,

He opens by saying that this essay was inspired by Petras’s article above, and he agrees with the current war list, but adds as well: World War II, the slaughter of civilians (including children) in Gaza, the warmongering and war-by-other-means, massive sanctions against Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela.”

I’m so unfamiliar with the true history here, I’ll just paste it in:

“Other wars and conflicts, that were never intended to be won, include the dismantlement of Yugoslavia by the Clinton / NATO wars of the 1990s, the so-called Balkanization of Yugoslavia, ‘Balkanization’, a term now used for other empire-led partitions in the world, à la “divide to conquer”. Many of the former Yugoslav Republics are still not at peace internally and among each other. President Tito, a Maoist socialist leader was able to keep the country peacefully together and make out of Yugoslavia one of the most prosperous countries in Europe in the seventies and 1980s. How could this be allowed, socio-economic well-being in a socialist country?  Never. It had to be destroyed. At the same time NATO forces advanced their bases closer to Moscow. But no war was won. Conflicts are still ongoing, “justifying” the presence of NATO, for European and US “national security”.

Koening reminds people of the west’s part in the debacles in Central America, the Iran-Iraq war, Snortin’ Bolton screaming threats to the judges at the ICC just in case they might be thinking about opening cases against Amerikan and Israeli war criminals, and sneers at the world and the UN General Assembly failing to stand up to the bullies that have them cowering in the dark.  Trillions upon trillions of fake dollars are spent prosecuting wars never meant to be won.  I’d add ‘how many secular leaders in the Middle east have been deposed for fun and profit by the Imperium only to be replaced with US-approved Islamist ones?’

“If we, the 191 UN member nations allow these wars to continue, that is. Again, why is that?

The answer is simple. It is not in the interest of the United States to win any wars. The reasons are several. A won war theoretically brings peace, meaning no more weapons, no more fighting, no more destruction, no more terror and fear, no more insane profits for the war industry, but foremost, a country at peace is more difficult to manipulate and starve into submission than a country maintained at a level of constant conflict, conflict that not even a regime change will end, as we are seeing in so many cases around the world. Case in point, one of the latest ones being the Ukraine, after the US-NATO-EU instigated February 2014 Maidan coup, prepared with a long hand, in Victoria Nuland’s word, then Assistant Secretary of State, we spent more than 5 years and 5 billion dollars to bring about a regime change and democracy to the Ukraine.”

He chronicles the recent history of the US-aided Poroshenko government in Ukraine thousands killed, millions fleeing to Russia, the continual civil war on  the Donbass, etc. then asks: ‘Could this Kiev war of aggression end?’

Well of course it could, if only the West would let go of the Donbass, and acknowledge their independent self-declared republics; but no: it’s a US/NATO/EU proxy war against the Bear, besides which it’s creating despair and chaos among the citizenry, making them easier to manipulate.  Meanwhile, the neo-Nazis in Ukraine are marching openly under the Wolfsangel flag, and from today: ‘Ukraine’s right-wing Azov Battalion stages own version of Nazis’ ‘Cathedral of Light’ ceremony’, via RT; they’ve also launched wars against the Roma in Ukraine.  Okay, maybe not Kristallnacht…yet.

But he writes ‘in case you hadn’t known this’…rather blithely, but hell, no, I for one hadn’t as in ‘a surprise’:

“…the US State Department has clearly exposed its plans to guarantee world primacy to the Senate’s Foreign Relations Commission. Assistant Secretary of State, Wess Mitchell, has declared that the United States is punishing Russia, because Moscow is impeding Washington from establishing supremacy over the world. It gets as blunt as that. The US openly recognizes the reason for their fight against Russia, and that Washington would not accept anything less than a full capitulation.

The full supremacy over the world is not possible without controlling the entire landmass of Eurasia, which for now they, the US, does not dominate. Mitchell added, contrary to optimistic hypothesis of earlier administrations, Russia and China are the most serious contenders to impede materially and ideologically the supremacy of the United States in the 21st Century, in a reference to the PNAC, Plan for a New American Century.

Then Mitchell launched a bomb: “It is always of primordial interest for the United States’ national security to impede the domination of the Eurasian landmass by hostile powers.”  This clearly means that the United States will shy away from nothing in the pursuit of this goal – meaning an outright war, nuclear or other, massive killing and total destruction to reach that goal. This explains the myriad false accusations, ranging from outright insults at the UN by a lunatic Nikki Haley, the never-ending saga of the Skripal poisoning, to Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections and whatever else suits the political circumstances to bash Russia. And these fabricated lies come mostly from Washington and London, and the rest of the western vassals just follows.’

Now his link is to an author at the Saker, but the Atlantic has it, as does, dated Sept. 1, 2018; I couldn’t find him on C-span.

So no more ‘China and Russia as ‘competitors, but Mitchell (and co.?) have twigged to Mackinder’s geopolitics 1904, as in: Heartland theory (has the ghost of Zbig been advising him?  Mika’s dad, yanno?) in combination with Nicholas Spyland’s Rimland theory:

“Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
who rules the World-Island commands the world.”

Spykman as I understand him: “Control of Eurasia’s Rimland, the coastal areas, is the key to controlling the World Island and later the world” (containment post WWII Soviet Union theory)


He then offers Roger Waters’ version of ‘War is a Racket’ (too profitable to stop), and a longer version of this:

“Russia today is attacked by economic and trade “sanctions”, by travel bans, by confiscated assets they have in the west. The Cold War which propagated the Soviet Union as an invasive threat to the world, was a flagrant and absolute lie from A to Z. It forced the Soviet Union, thrown into abject poverty by saving the west from Hitler during WWII – yes, it was the Soviet Union, not the US of A and her western ‘allies’ that defeated Hitler’s army – losing between 25 and 30 million people!  Imagine! By saving Europe, the Soviet Union became unimaginably devastated and poor.”

By the constant drumbeats painting by then impoverished Russia, captured by corrupt oligarchs through the aid of Bill Clinton and friends (wsws Clara Weiss reports), is once again seeking to recreate the Soviet Union, the Warmongering NATO keeps hope alive for believers who fear The Bear (and likely China) are coming to gobble up the West.

Unless the new alliances of the East; i.e., the SCO, BRICS, Eurasian Economic Union, half the world’s population and a third of the globe’s economic output, are able to subdue the United States economically, we may as well be doomed.”

Pax Americana

Following that he looks at post-WWII economics, sister wars, and conflicts at length.  Empires on their last legs sensing challenges to their hegemony are said to be erratic with over-reaching bluster and bellicosity; who will stop the West?  Those who can…and will.

“If a war was won, peace would break out – no war industry profit there, no debt-rent for banks from peace. Wars must go on and the exceptional nation may prevail, with the world’s largest military-security budget, the deadliest weapons and a national debt, called ‘unmet obligations’ by the US General Accounting Office (GAO) of about 150 trillion dollars, about seven and a half times the US GDP. We are living in the west in a pyramid monetary fraud that only wars can sustain, until, yes, until a different, honest system, based on real economic and peaceful output, will gradually replace the dollar’s hegemony and its role as a world reserve currency. It’s happening as these lines go to print. Eastern economies, like the Chinese, with China’s gold-convertible Yuan, and a national debt of only about 40% of GDP, is gradually taking over the international reserve role of the US dollar.”

So sure, as new financial and military alliances form, proxy wars must be fought, as the demonization of China and Russia continue, risking hot war because the Eurasian land mass is the prize for what Koenig calls ‘the Killer Empire’.

Is a Movement for Peace revitalizing even after Boss Tweet’s Grand Military Parade was put in mothballs?  Will Anti-war Autumn (actions from Sept. 30-Nov.16 help to stem the tide?  We can only hope so.  John Gorka says it right.

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2 responses to “thoughts on reasons key to amerikan forever wars: Israel & agitprop for Imperial world control

  1. math formulas, that Arabic thing, algebra esp, can be helpful here:
    solve the equation f(x)=0 where “x” is any random national politician or media figure & the function “f” is “policy toward Israel.” insert any politico to get a big fat zero. the stranglehold on public discourse in the US toward Israel is total. land of the brave indeed. really milquetoasty suggestions that Israeli settlement activity is “unhelpful” are allowed a muted squeak off in the media corner somewhere; 100% of overlap in discourse on any subject among “left” and “right” doesn’t look good. but with 99% overlap & NPR & Fox fighting over the 1% difference, Liz Warren’s or whoever’s very occasional chirp about Palestinians can generate a lot of heat.

    wonder what Kavanaugh thinks about Israel? lol.

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