breaking news from Wikileaks on twitter

“Fidel Narvaez, the former consul at the embassy, told CNN that Abad’s removal should be seen as a bad omen for the WikiLeaks founder and his asylum.”

Now these next two WikiTweets were of high interest to me, as  I’d been checking out anon document dumps at various sites, such as:

‘Anonymous blows lid off huge psyop in Europe and it’s funded by UK & US’ via RT, 23 Nov, 2018

Anonymous blows lid off huge psyop in Europe and it’s funded by UK & US’,  Nov. 23, 2018

Sputnik had it, as well.  Tass didn’t have it, interestingly enough.  Now I did get a bit suspicious when my search had kicked up the video from the Anon Collective noting they’ve been under attack since these publications, needed money…  That said, I hope WikiLeaks can discern fake emails from genuine ones.  In fact, I’m counting on it for now.

2 responses to “breaking news from Wikileaks on twitter

  1. Unless the god’s intervene; Assange is history.
    That’s the cold, hard reality facing him; he’ll be crucified on the alter of freedom and democracy…
    …and the band played on…

    • i suspect you’re right. all of this twined with the break-in at the embassy a few weeks (?) ago, no security police anywhere in evidence…makes that look like a dry run for taking him to heathrow >>> gitmo and tortured in the plane to begin with, the last part from john kiriakou’s speculation. he also says that even if they brought him to the states….this:

      it reminded me of the fix being in For paul kagame and Against milosevic at the hague, exculpatory evidence the latter case. milosevic was posthumously found ‘not guilty’, of course. that war was gladio/nato, too.

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