recent news on the epic plight of julian assange

First: ‘Julian Assange Examined by Doctors As MSM And Democrats Push Fake Meeting With Paul Manafort’, By Aaron Kesel, Activist Post, December 16, 2018

“WikiLeaks founder and former editor Julian Assange underwent a series of medical exams, Ecuador’s top attorney Inigo Salvador said.
Salvador told reporters Ecuador did not have access to the results of the tests as doctors are forbidden from sharing patient information in the UK.

A lawyer for Assange stated he did not know the results of the medical tests, while further calling on Ecuador to produce documentation proving that the UK would not extradite him to any country where his life would be at risk. Most notably, an at-risk country would be the United States, which WikiLeaks noted just tortured a former CIA agent and suspected alleged WikiLeaks Vault 7 leaker, Joshua Schulte by bolting him to the floor, video-monitoring and strip-searching him. If we are being honest, when they got their hands on Assange, would probably do much of the same except 100x worse to the WikiLeaks founder for exposing numerous crimes by the U.S. government.

“We insist that they show us the letter from the United Kingdom,” Assange’s lawyer, Carlos Poveda said. Adding, “the protocol is meant to set the rules of his living situation, but it seems more like a penitentiary regime.” [snip]

In June 2018, a letter to UK Home office Member of Parliament Zac Goldsmith revealed that the government would not confirm whether it has received an extradition request from the U.S. until Assange is arrested in relation to that request according to Assange Legal.”

@assangelegal  “As a matter of policy, UK will not reveal whether it has received an extradition request from the US until Assange is arrested in relation to that request.

“Assange’s doctor, Sean Love, has previously stated in an opinion piece that depriving him of medical care is “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” Adding, “It is time for Australia to intervene.”

Other doctors who have previously examined Assange, Sondra Crosby, an associate professor at Boston University’s school of medicine and public health, and Brock Chisholm, a clinical psychologist in London have stated much the same.

All three called on safe passage for Assange to a hospital. In an article for the Guardian, they wrote:

While the results of the evaluation are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality, it is our professional opinion that his continued confinement is dangerous physically and mentally to him and a clear infringement of his human right to healthcare.

The above health concerns are coupled with surveillance technology that was a requirement for Assange to remain in the embassy, including signal jammers and all of the additional technology that is emitting various electromagnetic waves. So one can only guess about what condition Assange is in when it comes to his health.[big snip]

“As journalist and Internet Party NZ President Suzie Dawson previously posed the question in her “Being Julian Assange” mega-article on Assange’s situation and WikiLeaks’ history, “we need to ask ourselves whether we are we watching Assange die before our very eyes?”

Now I hadn’t seen that news on WikiLeaks on Twitter, unless it had been in Spanish, nor does Telesur english have it but more news from the Twittersphere:

from the Tweet above:

“Assange denounces ‘espionage’

As a result of Ecuador’s change of heart, the relationship between Assange and his hosts has soured, but the WikiLeaks founder is still reluctant to leave.

Venezuela-based Latin American broadcaster Telesur reported on Wednesday that Assange had claimed to be under surveillance within the embassy, an accusation he made to reporters in a video conference. Assange accused the FBI of running an operation to pressure Quito to end his political asylum deal and extradite him to the United States.

Assange claimed that his surveillance information was being sent directly to the FBI. He also criticized Ecuadorian authorities, saying that officials at the embassy had made “pejorative and threatening comments” about him and that his work as a journalist had been questioned.

The Australian spoke out against his housing restrictions, noting that he lives in a type of “solitary confinement,” which is now threatening his health.”

Assange had also said in that teleconference that he was being tortured and killed like Jamal Kashoggi, only more… subtly.

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14 responses to “recent news on the epic plight of julian assange

  1. The Assange Matter with all the attendant tangents, effectively demonstrates the Equador wants to “play in the mud” and much to their inconsequentiality, Thus, Assange should be transferred or deported to Australia, the nation of his presumed birth and consequently, he could defend himself from the Five Eyes.

    To wit, Wikileaks now has no ‘certitude’ or credibility in international; journalism.

    • while your first paragraph is totally incomprehensible, your second echoes your beliefs in which you’ve long made yourself clear, if for different reasons. i won’t even begin to respond to how full of beans you are on that. in my opinion, of course.

  2. i’d forgotten to note on the OP that i’d cross-posted this diary at caucus99percent; i’ll try to add it in edit when i have time.

  3. tonight’s closing song is the playing for change band live in australia with a peter tosh cover:

    Here though I trod through this valley
    I will fear no evil
    ‘Cause I know
    Jah guide, Jah guide, Jah guide
    Though my enemies fight me everyday
    I will fear no evil
    Though my enemies set traps in my way
    Still I will fear no evil
    ‘Cause Jah guide, Jah guide, Jah guide

  4. Where should I start?

    1. Assange has legal problems regarding his sexual behavior?
    2. Assange took his Wikileaks into an arena where he took his recently recognized opportunity and turned it into a distribution channel for the Russian’s hacking results.
    3. A government delivered ‘sanctuary’ to Assange.
    4. And this foreign government “sanctuary” is tiring of its status on the world stage, and is attempting to revoke this sanctuary status.
    5. Assange turned himself into a political pariah and much to his probable dismay.

    Need I say more?

    Or as we say, here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, we, the Chicanos, make sure that we don’t put ourselves in a position that will damage our “long game.” Otherwise, the “great sex” that come’s with the ever-increasing demographics, will be”all for nothing” despite Romney’s Self-Deportation Agenda. Yet, the GOP has yet to “purchase” the requisite votes to support the new Senator Romney, so, I am waiting patiently which “public oriented” Billionaire is willing to provide their self-appropriated tax cut dollars for advancing Romney’s razzle dazzle.

    However, a more concentrated and differing effort, despite Wikileaks and the Intercept will fill tomorrow’s void with the “Municipal News Network” consisting of 100 municipalities that address local politics and thusly, adds to the further demise of the Conservatives and Republican Party despite their overt efforts envisioned by the Heritage Foundation of the late 1970s and advocated by the Reagan Legacy or the Era of Criminal Stupidity.

    In summary, let’s talk about the pending National Debt Surtax?

  5. lol, you needed to say far less, imo, and i pity you for believing the many lies about both assange and wikiLeaks, although i doubt you actually want to learn the truth, spelled out here in detail:

    again, it would be far easier to grasp what you say if you’d stick to speaking as you would to any of your homies conversationally. your last two paragraphs are so incomprehensible to me with phrases and terms such as these: ‘Romney’s Self-Deportation Agenda’, ‘National Debt Surtax’, ‘the “great sex” that come’s with the ever-increasing demographics’, and what in the hell do wikileaks and the intercept have to with each other, save that the intercept has smeared assange at least four times in the past year?


  6. In today’s politics, Assange has no viability. And as to the Intercept, it too has no political viability relative to its effort for “influence.” Why? The Great Divide in the Democratic Party is comprised of the “Status Quo” and manifested by the Clinton’s the Obamas and “progressives” as defined accurately. The Status Quo represents 55% of the votes and the Progressives represent the remaining 45%. And the lesser said is that the Chicano Cohort is much larger than the four remaining Cohorts, that being European Americans, African Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans. And given the youthfulness of the overall Progressive Cohorts, the age difference is just another ‘signal’ that the Transition from today’s White Democracy into a Brown Democracy and which will commence within the next 20 years, is being concretized by the apparent increase in demographics. And of course, it’s easy to recognize that Trump’s effort to lessen the migration flows into the United States, is premised on fear and a sizable loss or even the possible demise of the Republican Party with its continued outsized ‘influence’ from the Freedom Caucus in the House chamber. And as to the marketing and sale of a Quiver of tangential arrows of Hate, is and has been easily do-able.

    Unfortunately for both Wikileaks and the Intercept, each failed to “aggravate,” “agitate,” and “advocate” for the Women’s Movement and if accomplished appropriately, their “influence” would have been sizable and quite effective. As such, the Back Room Funders, have failed to read the tea leaves that animate our future for a ‘better’ Democracy. As such, the national debt that represents a financial bankruptcy will be the wrap-around or starting point for this brown Democracy. And given his age, Romney will be ‘crossing the river’ in the next twenty years and his ‘influence’ will be deemed to be far less than stellar.

  7. It is very hard to know, given the state of reportage on British affairs, but I would hope if ever a Corbin government comes to be in all that mishmash over Brexit, things would improve for Assange. Most of what I get is from NC and there the prevailing winds seem to be antiBrexit much as they were against Greece. Sometimes the economic path feels so tangled in complexity that one can’t make heads or tails of it. Those folk move in different orbits from my own.

    However, as once when my daughter and her husband were in admittedly less dangerous straits in China, the important stance is to make sure the victim or victims are being noticed by others so they can’t just be disappeared. I would hope there are still brave people in Ecuador willing to go to bat for Assange should the current government there completely abdicate commitment to his safety. Lesser moves have caused turmoil, as we see in France.

  8. on may 9, laura tiernan at wsws wrote: Jeremy Corbyn silent on persecution of Julian Assange’

    “In Britain, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, along with Momentum, the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party and the Stop the War Coalition have worked collectively to prevent any mobilisation of the working class in defence of Assange.

    Since he was elected leader in September 2015, Jeremy Corbyn has made no public statement in Assange’s defence. Corbyn has refused to condemn the May government’s preparations to arrest Assange should he leave the embassy and has offered no guarantee that a Labour government will block his extradition to the US.

    As a backbencher, Corbyn was relatively free to criticise policy issues without any danger this would become party policy. Even so, and despite his role as chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, his statements on Assange were few and far between.

    and yet at his high point in 2011 and 2010, corbyn had weighed in for julian assange; a bridge too far for him later? who can say? but he was of course under attack himself as an anti-semite, see the integrity initiative, perhaps bellingcat #fake and lying news.

    the tragedy is that the embassy only allows his attorneys in (and that, sporadically), and once journalist and friend stefania maurizi was allowed in, but their spy machine is keyed in to track all of them, and their personal IDs, faces, likely even fingerprints. that was the foia suit that maurizi just won.

    iirc, it was suzie dawson who’d hoped that 5000 people dressed like assange (or in hoodies?) could show up and spirit him out in the confusion, but even the organized vigils at the embassy find few attendees. likely die to fear, i’d guess. but the tall scaffolding is still in place, easily allowing for an (another?) assassination attempt as one night when the security was pulled, and j.a. had only woken because of some trip bells he’d hung….just in case.

    i dunno, juliania; my fear is that he’ll either die inside or be spirited away by ‘fake ambulance’ to heathrow, then to gitmo where he’ll be tortured. it’s so hard not to fret at the calumny of lenin moreno after rafael correa had been so gracious as to give him not only sanctuary, but ecuadorian citizenship. in fact, correa relocated in iceland or austria…due to the monumental threats against him by…the IMF-loan-loving turncoat…lenin moreno.

  9. Up thread and where I stated that Ecuador was providing sanctuary for Assange, was my reference or ‘code talk’ and in which the ungrateful history is in being tossed to the curb, i.e., political subservience that animates the Five Eyes interlocked with Corporate America, writ large.

    Take, for example, I much prefer the subject matter of national security, and yet, I realize that if I go to the local public library or a university library, I cannot find any of the books that carefully describe the comparative history between the United States and the effective nation-state, such as Ecuador, or any of the other 22 nation states in this hemisphere. To wit, our national history relative to our interference at the level of the affected nation-state, is no where to be found. More so, when Charitable Foundations won’t spend any of their monies for crafting a ‘library’ of this societal interference.

    And it’s for this reason that I ‘tease’ the Five Eyes for the fateful impact of an Indigenous Free Trade Agreement among the 23 nation-states. Or when I speak to the ARC of Power, as Authoritarianism, Religionism, and Capitalism, represents my ‘quiet’ Sense of Humor.

  10. It was nice to read that Wendy does recognize the “political violence” that can be delivered by the Establishment when and where this ‘establishment’ feels the need, and when knowing that power can corrupt.

    To wit, and where a lack of a security circle was absent and led to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, while Cesar Chavez did and thusly, lived to an old age, should be an acknowledgement to the incarceration of ‘sanctuary’ to and for Assange.

    • in case i need to make it clearer, please understand i will NOT engage with you on this subject, as your ignorance on assange is epic. i gave you the appropriate ‘facts’ link. ‘to wit’, and ‘thusly’, arrrgh.

  11. Here’s more “arrrgh”

    For Indigenous, Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, folks like myself, Assange had no ‘influence’ when it came to our community-oriented politics. To wit, Assange had and has no ‘influence’ in the politics of an election cycle.

    Thus, his three Caches–Afghanistan, Iraq, and Other, had no impact. And lost in all this drizzle and drazzle, the New York Times, in 2004, refused to publish their “glitch” but did so in 2005. As such, the NYT did not want to interfere in their champ’s election, but waited in 2005. Why? The NYT had an exclusive on the federal government’s “surveillance” being waged on all of us. Consequently, Assange had no impact on the election cycle. IN contrast, Comey had his second press conference prior to of ten days of the election and accomplished with the sole purpose to continue his attack on Hillary Clinton. Thus, Comey continues to remain a staunch conservative and hasn’t changed one iota.

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