early january open menu

My sole contribution:  ‘Integrity Initiative’ – New Documents From Shady NGO Released’, moonofalabama.org,  jan.4b’s commentariat is helping him crowd-source the details, but that they’re all archived PDFs this time as far as i can tell, makes it rough, esp. if your acrobat reader is an oldie.

18 responses to “early january open menu

  1. Yes – I did go to the Duran video linked at a link yesterday. Then discovered today the MoA thread had been sabotaged, so I who am so adrift at linkages myself, suggested a subterfuge to avoid the sabotage – some were following it I saw before all my batteries went dead. But what I saw at the Duran was simply a replay of Five Eyes Spies in somewhat diminished capacity I thought – where the scorpion stings itself with its own tail sort of stuff. That is, being ‘trumped’ internationally, best to obfuscate internally lest we be thrown out with the bathwater.

    Oh dear, I am running amok.

  2. I don’t know about Rachel, as far as this goes, but last night I actually tuned in to the local NBC channel for a weather report – first time I have done so in ages. I left the sound off which is always how I do it, but was startled to discover all the anchor people have become disneyfied as far as makeup is concerned, so much so that I had to blink twice to assure myself this wasn’t a cartoon of a news report – everyone in vivid, did I say vivid? color, plus all the sets as well shouting out ‘we’re bigger than rainbows, people!’

    I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere in, maybe, about the 25th ‘Integrity Initiative’ files release there will be a suggestion (just a suggestion, how bad could that be?) that all five eyes (only they wouldn’t call them that now, maybe just something like ‘ten eyebrows’ or ’67 toenail clippings’) countries do a makeover of their news studios and personnel to reflect the entertaining qualities of the whole charade.

    I expect to see the female news persona decked out in lowcut gowns with plenty of sequins from now on. And the guys? Well, come on; those rolled up sleeves went out with Obama, and he is gone, gone, gone.

    Then again, it could have been my ancient tv throwing in the towel. They do that.

    • ach, rachel madcow was an ’embedded reporter’ (along with richard engel?) during one of the gulf wars, so she loves loves loves the military, which is why she had that ‘guest’ on. hooray for women heading the 4 of the 5 key weapons of mass destruction industries!

      now…i’d thought that the integrity initiative psyops/liars were all about roosia, but i may be mistaken, not even having tried to see the new reveals pdf’s. but ya mean: dress female anchors to show their golden globes? (sorry, mr. wd said stuff about that contest were afoot, and given the ‘red carpet deep décolletage gowns and all…)

      but i think everything is bigger and brighter by now; so many websites i can’t even want to click into, with gigundo in-your-face videos and graphics, colored fonts galore, etc. cripes, look how hideously ugly consortium news (post robert parry, the great man) is now. black, red, and white and bold. ugh.

      but your observation is a good un: ‘see us, pay attention!’

      hope you’re getting some of this snow. dunno how many inches here, but i was glad i’d covered the stack of firewood on the porch w/ a tarp. mr.wd had his second eye surgery, so can’t lift much weight or bend over, so i’m haulin’ the wood in. on a crutch, it’s a bit of a laurel and hardy show, but i’m gettin’ the hang of it: lighter loads. today we’d had to kinda do it together, as the porch was still slidey… ;-)

    • here ya go, juliania: ‘Use Hollywood films to counter China & Russia: Integrity Initiative psyop plan exposed in new leaks6 Jan, 2019, RT

      photo at the top: nexflix, ‘the white helmets’, they even link to a george clooney piece at the guardian noting he’ll be doing a full-length feature film based on the nextflix short. george clooney has a lifetime sinecure on the council on foreign relations, as do don cheadle, warren beatty, and other hollowoor mega-stars.

  3. Julian is correct with the news media’s attention to their self-promotion.

    And here’s what I wrote about early last week, and where the Neoliberal dogma is exasperating, to say the least.

    The Intersectionality of a National Municipal News Network?

    When it comes to the reading of one particular tea leaf that addresses our future, the uselessness of the traditional White House’s Friday Night Dump of the federal government’s preferential news releases that reinforces the ‘thinking’ in the White House, does not bode well for the voters to consider for the next election cycle. And from our political perspective, the always ongoing battle between the federal government and our municipal governments, the municipal governments have an ‘unmet need’ to address the concerns of voters on a local basis, but can be accomplished more constructively via a Municipal News Network.

    Thus, the establishment of this Municipal News Network consisting of an approximate 50 municipalities that are, for the most part, urban-oriented and operating with a small budget and consisting of a half-dozen journalists operating locally, would provide a comparison and contrast vehicle that would permit local voters to determine for themselves, and without the floozery or boozery of ‘fake news’, what’s proven constructive in addressing our ‘unmet needs.’

    Take, for example, municipalities East of the Mississippi River and to the West of the Mississippi River, would give to each of us the opportunity to ‘yardstick’ the Ideas that best enable greater civic engagement that personifies the Unassailable Facts versus the Propaganda of Self-Interest and which manifests itself via Citizens United.

    Consequently, the establishment of this Municipal News Network would diminish the ability of the well-paid intermediary or middle man that is dedicated to ‘influencing’ the outcomes that have proven to be somewhat detrimental to the middle class even from the continuing and unrelenting advocacy of the local Chamber of Commerce.

    And furthermore, the voters need to know more about how races and ballot propositions are crafted and advocated, otherwise, we are subjecting ourselves to the determination of the less than stellar public policy initiatives as evidenced in today’s Great States of Grizzle and easily identified as Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina. Further, public laws that prohibit the disclosure by non-profit organizations that are conduits to and from ‘dark money’ as the stimulants for political operatives, have to be challenged by Progressives.

    • i’m not sure where assange fits into this, but your assumption seems to be that liberals don’t use their own propaganda? ay yi yi. but lobbyists seem to rule the electoral choices, imo. open secrets is a good way to discover who crafted what, as are koch-watch (or close to that).

      i agree with those who say we’ll never get anywhere by voting, as the duopoly parties even rule the debate commission now.

      but i wish you well with establishing your ‘Municipal News Network’, amigo.

  4. Wendy,

    The neoliberal ideology has been an European “importation” that captured the two major parties via the personification of a smash and grab behavior and became even more ingrained during the Clinton administration. Today, the propaganda is now full blown when it comes to defending Trump, and from the Democrats, this propaganda is being used as counter-balancing force.

    And as for those of us here in the Sonoran Desert, the Reagan insertion into the national security and defense systemic, led to the origination of the Heritage Foundation, among others. Further, the Democrats have no political countering “effort” that addresses the full effects of such political posturing that is readily adopted by a great many of elected officials in Washington. And of course, there is a great risk incurred to an individual when challenging such a self-governance schematic.

    • whooosh. my understanding is that chicago boys neoliberal economics began under milton friedman then exploded in pinochet’s chile after (some say cia and kissinger) had salvador allende assassinated. but obomba was a far more terrible neoliberal than ever before, as with his cabinet and economic team staffed wih neoliberals: robert rubin, geithner, and banksters. chief of the grand bargain austerities, ‘the only one between the pitchforks and the banksters’, etc. again: obomba opened the door to trump policies in so many ways, including ‘unitary executive orders’…and wars of choice.

      and from what i read, it was Ds who have tipped the scales into further neoliberal austerities in ‘pay as you go’ policy just enacted (at least in the house, not sure about the senate…yet. yes, we know who will pay, dems.

  5. Juliana, sorry for misspelling your name!

    Wendy, neoliberalism has been around for the past 500 years or so, and in particularly, the starting point for the Society of Jesuits. In those long ago days, the Catholic Church owned approximately 50% of all Europe, or until Luther and his buds showed up on the religious-political scene.

    As to “paygo” is the personification of a lack of self-restraint and which both parties practice such behavior when convenient.

    As to Obama, he too was a neoliberal and long before he served in the Senate. And that’s no surprise here.

    As to Assange, our good friend Marcy Wheeler from the old days of Fire Dog Lake, she has on her website at “emptywheeldotnet” her view on the latest of what has been ongoing, or with somewhat up to date info.

    • sorry, jaango. i usually note on open menus that i often have too much to do do discuss matters folks bring. that’s the case here, especailly as our world views are sooooo divergent.

      ha! marcy is in thrall to the mueller investigation, she and her commentariat loathe both wikileaks and assange, and frequently cite the many lying smears by the guardian and the daily beast as ‘fact’. yeah, i check in once in awhile to check out what the current agitprop rubbish afoot is.

      but you’ll likely be glad to hear this hideous news (it’s dated. but one of his attorneys, hanna jonnason posted it, but only gave some of the spanish language document in english:

  6. To jaango, no worries – misspell away! It’s a tricky one to be sure, but I’ve had it ever since my daughter passed on her old Toshiba, so it serves. The extra “i” is a diminutive – the Russians stick those in all over the place, and even though I’m not Russian, I am a fan.

    I came back here, though to recommend a look for folk who might be interested at yesterday’s NC link provided by Lambert to a petition by some interesting folk to have a truth and reconciliation commission on the US four political assassinations of last century. I didn’t get to the site until late last night, just went to comments this morning, and have posted my own comment on todays Links there. I will go back and bring a connection to the petition site for folk who haven’t seen it.

    What I found impressive was the bio section at the bottom of the list of signatories. I did not know Mort Sahl was still alive. Most folk wouldn’t even know he existed. Mort Sahl. Bravo to you, sir; bravo.

  7. Here is the site of the above mentioned piece:


    Sorry I can’t be more technical. Fog brain @ 78.

    • so we’re not invited too sign the petition? what in the world? or did i miss it among those 10,000 words?

      hope you got to see the total lunar blood wolf moon eclipse last night, juliania.

  8. Sorry to dash but this is a piece I’ve just put at NC on climate change – hope it is okay to put it here:


    • it’s fine here, and so darkly informative as to absorption of heat in the volcanic shelves. going into to ice hole to collect microbes: oof. i had a piece earlier on the warming of the ocean having gouged out massive holes in the antarctic ice cap. seems it’s not in these links i’d offered to a person at c99% who reckons it’s ‘time to talk about global warming (yes, decades ago would have been the time.

      but i finally found these additions on a word document 3 or 4 diaries ago:


      ‘Our oceans broke heat records in 2018 and the consequences are catastrophic;
      Rising temperatures can be charted back to the late 1950s, and the last five years were the five hottest on record’


      and from nasa.gov, 2015, same grace, etc. programs: ‘Warming Seas and Melting Ice Sheets’
      “The Greenland Ice Sheet, spanning 660,000 square miles (an area almost as big as Alaska) and with a thickness at its highest point of almost 2 miles, has the potential to raise the world’s oceans by more than 20 feet. Situated in the Arctic, which is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, Greenland fell out of balance in the 1990s, and is now shedding more and more ice in the summer than it gains back in the winter.

      “In Greenland, everything got warmer at the same time: the air, the ocean surface, the depths of the ocean,” said Ian Joughin, a glaciologist at University of Washington. “We don’t really understand which part of that warming is having the biggest effect on the glaciers.”

      Observations from the Jason series have revolutionized scientists’ understanding of contemporary sea level rise and its causes. We know that today’s sea level rise is about one-third the result of the warming of existing ocean water, with the remainder coming from melting land ice.
      And it has shown precisely that the sea, of course, is not actually level. It varies as much as six feet (two meters) from place to place. And it is not rising evenly, like a bathtub filling with water. Currently, regional differences in sea level rise are dominated by the effects of ocean currents and natural cycles such as the Pacific Ocean’s El Niño phenomenon and Pacific Decadal Oscillation. As the ice sheets continue to melt, scientists predict their meltwater will overtake natural causes as the most significant source of regional variations and the most significant contributor to overall sea level rise.
      Or as Willis put it: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

      how warm were ocean in 2018? global ocean temps.

      by nation:
      if the site is correct, of course.

      incredible to hear that the earth’s axis is shifting (again, according to tree rings from bygone eras), though.

  9. Thanks, wendye, for checking on that. Yes, that line that other scientists wrote a paper about the earth’s axis shift sent shivers down my spine. I dashed off to see the final two holes at Pebble Beach. Lived not far from there when we first came over, so I enjoy that venue for dramatic glimpses of “my” ocean.

    All the hidden consequences of global climate change are going to contain surprises, including those changes in land elevation, possible cracks in the surface, etc. Heck, just my roof can give a shout out on the latter, after two heavy snows and the removal thereof.

    The NC post I linked on was about insurance concerns, but did have some positive statements about renewable energy aspects competing with fossil fuel. We’ve wasted a lot of time resisting the switch, though.

  10. as joss would have it, i’m working on the folly of ocasio and co.’s’ ‘green new deal’, and the remarkable corporate gift it will be, but specifying which cons are among the worst. slow-going though.

    ‘renewable’ being one of the worst cons of all, methinks.

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