words fail: Julian Assange has been arrested

i’ll let Tweets and video do the talking:

the timing?  just after this abject fukkery:

and from Dec. 2018:

6 responses to “words fail: Julian Assange has been arrested

  1. Greetings, wendye! Been following this live on youtube & RT coverage this morning. God damn the U.S., British and Ecuadoran governments! They are where the REAL criminals reside!

    • holy crow, pasta fedup! well met, and all that. i’d emailed you a month or ten ago, and had discovered that email address i have…was your work address.

      it was a long war waged against julian by all three nations, wasn’t it? for moreno, it was simple pragmatism, of course, which makes him even more evil, as rafael correa noted he is. i admit i stuck with RT to keep it simple, and a few other twitter accounts.

      as i said over yonder at c99 where i cross-post, i’d thunk i had inured myself somewhat to this inevitability. turns out i hadn’t, and am sick to my stomach and crying off and on.

      it’s hard to see anything but a kangaroo court at gitmo as is fate, no matter the plaints for ‘more rallies, more letters, yada, yada…against is extradition to this evil shithole nation.

      anyhoo, great to see you; do come again, and i’d sure love to hear how you and your extended family are all faring. most everything sucks here for us lately, but…so it goes, i guess. ; )

  2. I don’t think you have this one yet, wendye:

    It is unlikely but possible that the charge Mr. Assange is being held on is the only one he will face. I am praying that is so – that he will receive humane treatment, a relatively brief sentence, and no extradition.

    What would happen after that is anyone’s guess, but do they really wish to make a martyr of him at this fragile historic moment in time? Surely the example of Chelsea Manning would be apparent to many in Great Britain, such that to send Assange to the US would be tantamount to murder.

    I hope and pray for better results for them, courageous tellers of truth, both.

    • no, but thank you i hadn’t even featured it over yonder. i only brought here what i thought might be crucial earlier, and had just updated the OP with this:

      “..with a Q to all: many of you have likely read the other diaries here (at c99%) on Assange’s arrest, and you may know if this has already been covered on those threads. What I’m wondering is if it would be helpful for me to do a separate post on ‘What’s next for Assange?’, albeit there’s a lot of sorta conflicting/confusing information on that Q.”

      i’m kinda back among the living today; yesterday i…wasn’t. the links i’ve collected have to do w/ what happened at the magistrate court, the indictment against assange verbiage indicators, the time the US has to prove he should be extradited, etc.

      arrgh, i’d failed to note cross-posted to…because i had to build this storify by tweet and video. but if you have the time or interest to scan the comments, questions, observations, and later additions, it’s here:


      i hope and pray the same, juliania, lit a candle in the window and smudged them both with sweetgrass smoke (walk in beauty…) but i do fear the worst, and am quite sure additional charges will be levied if he’s extradited to this fucked up, barbaric nation.

      • this was one i should have brought:

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