updates on the dire straits of julian and chelsea

Sadly, more questions than answers as regards the probabilities, possibilities, and unknowns are epically confusing to me, as they may be to you.  Noting that process stories suck, allow me to proceed.  I’d been searching for Julian’s status within Belmarsh UK Gitmo prison (above), checking what seemed to be the relevant Twitter accounts when I’d come up on this Tweet from Ariel: on Julian’s mama’s account:

“Has the UN @UN been discussing his case? After 2 weeks he is still not allowed visitors, including his lawyers!! His doctors said he is in urgent need of medical care… We must protect his human rights. WE MUST ACT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.”, replying to Christine Assange, but the apparent parent Tweet wasn’t on mama’s account, what in the world?

Baffled, I’d searched Twitter for Jen Robinson’s account, and discovered that there are two, not just one.  But on the first one at the link, and it’s (moderately trolled), I’d found:

@olfashdeb  Replying to @suigenerisjen @LowyInstitute

“May I ask, how you are responding to being “refused by Belmarsh” to visit Assange?  as his mother states;  Thank you for your devoted service.”  (with no response of course, as she may use the other account) on which I’d found this travest of Injustice:.

Zo…knowing that I knew how to reach Hanna Jonnason’s account, I’d booted up @assangelegal and found: nope, although loads there on Chelsea Manning, including this travesty of (In)justice:

Miles Neimuth at wsws.org has the criminally sick story this morning, including:

“While Assange has been charged by the US government with conspiracy to commit computer fraud, carrying a possible five-year sentence, the grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia is still seeking Manning’s testimony, indicating that further charges are in the works. CNN already reported last week that the US Justice Department expects to bring further charges against Assange.”

I can’t even remember on which account I’d finally scored this from Mama, with the reply below:

@BoenaSvoabo  “It all depends on the ability of a lawyer, so I’m not surprised if she is not able to arrange a visit. The ‘Belmarsh prison visiting information’ rule applies to all, but not to Julian, his lawyers and his family? https://www.justice.gov.uk/contacts/prison-finder/belmarsh/visiting-information …

11:29 AM – 21 Apr 2019

How did Mama Assange know this?  Even more dislocating to me, it was on her own account this morning, along with any number of ways supporter could help him, plus solidarity events around the world…including Afghanistan.  Does she have two similar accounts as well?

Oh, and I’d thought that Friday’s Vigil4Assange at consortiumnews.com might have information as to Julian’s condition (no), but featured info re: the likelihood of his extreme rendition to amerika from the UK hearing on May 2; in the comments below was this hint from commenter Bill:

“Whereas much of this vigil has a US focus, it seems that the critical point, during these few days at the present time, is what may transpire in the UK, or European, context. The situation now is suddenly different to what it has been during the several years previous. The inclusion of Francis Boyle’s comments may be particularly appropriate. This appeared informed and pertinent.

Joe Lauria: “You’re saying, his lawyers, Assange’s lawyers, need to come armed on May 2nd ready to appeal to the European Human Rights Court, immediately, that day?”

Francis Boyle: “No, I’m saying. . . the European Court of Human Rights has regulations on this precise matter encouraging lawyers to file a law suite and a request for provisional measures of protection immediately, when there is a threat of deportation, or extradition, that they believe would violate the human rights of their clients. So I think what needs to be done is, next week some time, for Assange’s lawyers to file a law suite with the European Court of Human Rights and get these provisional measures of protection ordered against the British Government from extraditing him. So, May 2nd will be too late. If they wait too long – based on prior observation, the filing of that request for provisional measures could take 24 to 48 hours for the Court to respond, – and by then, I think Assange will be on a private jet to the United States.”

Zo, I dug Boyle’s portion of the three hours up on youtube:

And from the same comment:

“Julian Assange’s legal team appears to include some of the best lawyers in the UK. One might imagine that consideration of this avenue, along with other pertinent legal considerations, would not have been omitted.’  with this link:

‘EU passes law on protecting whistleblowers (and facilitators) … days after Assange’s arrest’, RT.com, 16 Apr, 2019

Surely he’s correct that his raft of brilliant attorneys would have already prepared for this, but is this where the need might be discussed, or does it sound ‘too public’ a venue?

But back to Julian’s court day and the activism popular resistance is urging:

Julian Assange: Call for International Days of Action May 1 and May 2, By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance, April 21, 2019

“Julian Assange is incarcerated and being threatened with extradition to the United States where he is facing prosecution for publishing documents that exposed US war crimes and corporate corruption.

On May 2, the preliminary hearing will be held in London on the extradition proceedings. It is important for the movement seeking to Free Julian Assange to be highly visible in expressing our opposition to the political persecution of a publisher who has reported some of the most important stories of this century and has created a democratized media that empowers people and breaks the stranglehold of corporate domination of the media.” [snip]

“It is also important that on the day of the first hearing in the extradition proceeding the court sees people of the world taking action in support of Assange and in opposition to his extradition. The extradition proceedings are likely to be a long process and the movement must build a campaign to prevent Assange’s extradition.

We urge people to take action at British embassies in the United States, at US Department of Justice and US Attorney’s offices and other appropriate locations on May 1 and 2, and if you are in London to be at the Westminster Court for the hearing.”

List of British embassies in the US.  (eleven I count.)

If you are planning an action please notify us at info@PopularResistance.org as we will have a list of actions around the world to notify people so they can participate.”

In Oscar Grenfell’s April 22Legal experts: Assange likely faces espionage charges if extradited to US’, wsws.org, he reminds of his last exposé:

“A CNN report last week, revealing that the US Justice Department “expects to bring additional charges” against Julian Assange has underscored the immense dangers confronting the WikiLeaks founder, after he was illegally arrested by British police at Ecuador’s London embassy on April 11.”

This is what he’s referencing: ‘Omissions in Assange case and ongoing investigations signal broader charges to come’, April 16, 2019, cnn.com

(Manning, Roger Stone’s homie Andrew Miller, but to me, this is the Big Deal:)

On Monday, a federal judge in New York City also noted how a criminal investigation related to yet another alleged WikiLeaks leaker is ongoing.

The case, against former CIA software engineer Joshua Schulte, had originally begun as a child pornography case in August 2017 — the type that’s routinely prosecuted by federal authorities.

But in June 2018, prosecutors added to the charges against Schulte, alleging he illegally gathered classified information from the CIA on his computers with the intent to harm the US. He allegedly sent the info to WikiLeaks — called “Organization-1” in the court record, which posted the documents. It’s known as the “Vault 7” leak.

Schulte has pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces, and his trial is set for November.

Schulte in recent weeks has tried to tell the federal court “time is up” and the “investigation is over,” a federal judge noted on Monday. But prosecutors assured the court this month the investigation is continuing.

For that reason, they want to keep search warrants in the case confidential.”

I reckon they’ll try to flip Schulte to rat out Assange, even if it’s by way of TestiLying, myself.  The CIA Vaults publication turned Pompeo and Bolton into even more crazed monsters than usual.  But as they still have Chelsea in prison, no bail…they may offer her a bout of incentive to flip on Julian, as well.  Back to Grenfell:

“Even today, dissemination of the search warrant materials to third parties ‘could, among other things, jeopardize the safety of others and national security, and impede ongoing investigations,'” prosecutors wrote on April 2, quoting a still-in-place court order that locks down documents in the case.”

And those are the standards for…Espionage charges, rather than ‘political offenses’.  Back to Grenfell:

“Kevin Gosztola, a US journalist, noted on Shadow Proof that Brown’s affidavit also contains references to WikiLeaks’ publications on Afghanistan “aiding the enemy.” It claimed that WikiLeaks publications were found in Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound after a 2011 raid by US Special Forces. As he commented, this is of no greater significance than if the Al Qaeda leader had copies of the New York Times in his possession.

Gosztola added, however: “The mention of the bin Laden raid is notable because it formed a key part of the ‘aiding the enemy’ case that military prosecutors put forward in the court-martial against Manning in 2013. However, Denise Lind, the military judge who presided over the trial, found Manning was not guilty of ‘aiding the enemy.’”

He also mentions Francis Boyle in the Unity4J vigil:

“Boyle said he thought the presiding UK district judge Michael Snow would rule on May 2 that Assange is extraditable. He cited Snow’s previous denunciation of Assange as a “narcissist” and the summary conviction of the WikiLeaks founder on bogus British bail charges, within hours of his arrest.”

And that if that’s Snow’s ruling, as well as failed appeals, his attorneys’ only option left is to appeal to would be to seek a temporary restraining order, at the European Court of Human Rights, preventing extradition. If this was unsuccessful, he said Assange would be on the “next available jet to the US.” The legal expert stated that Assange would not have anything resembling due process in the US.”

Two more noteworthy Tweets:

(cross-posted at caucus99percent.com)


19 responses to “updates on the dire straits of julian and chelsea

  1. Manning is guilty of “aiding the enemy”, the enemy being you, me, and 7.6 billion others.

  2. succinctly said; well done. morning updates, mr. wd had seen this first news on WL twitter account, and fwiw.

    also, papa assange weighs in and answers levitt’s ‘look who crawled up out of the toilet bowl all of a sudden w/ yanno…the facts on his bogus swedish rape charges?

  3. from mama assange an hour ago, she’d indomitable:

  4. The Latino Perspective: Mueller’s Report Comes Up Short…

    For all these many years that I have known Wendy, we presumptively agree on about 95% of what she addresses and writes about, and yet, where we disagree, or the other 5%, remains constant.in our differing views.

    With the Mueller Report, one important item, in terms of counter-intelligence, less Methods and Sources, is the following statement:

    “We understand the FBI believes that this operation enabled the GRU to gain access to the network of at least one Florida county government.”

    And despite the many statements espoused by the now former Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson when he warned of the continuing viability that Russia’s “election interference” , was indeed pertinent. Subsequently, he was loudly pillaged by the Republicans and the news media writ large, and as fiction since there was no conclusive evidence, nonetheless. Thus, his ‘warning’ has been proven to be quite accurate. To wit, did this election interference lead to any change in voting behavior among Latino voters in the immediate vicinity of Florida, or even to include the voting behavior of Latinos tthroughout our nation? Therefore, I made my Argumention that Russian “interference” by Russia or even to include China and Iran did not achieve any consequential impact as onto our Latino Perspective.

    And adding to the overall Russian interference, the Julian Assange behavior or even to include the Chelsea Manning behavior had no insightful impact on our Latino Perspective. Thus, our federal government’s political obsession with either Assange or Manning, has been a complete failure. And yet, the hard core advocates within the Justice Department, is and has been a waste of taxpayer dollars and where the ‘experts’–their less Methods and Sources, could have been used more wisely and widely.

    And in this regard, the FISA Court remains in a political shamble, given that when the FISA Court issues a “subpoena” for further surveillance, Congress should have required the surveillance experts as per Federal Law and in keeping within this DOJ requirement to issue its “indictment” and in failing to do so with an indictment, the Federal Government should have been required to “compile, correlate and create” a Summary, and for the formal dellivery of this Summary of such to the Target of the FISA subpoena, for further usage, and where and when necessary, and if so determined by the Target.

    Unfortunately, the additional flaw and within this Construct is that Assange and Manning have been created as the political victims, and intentionally so, by the less than stellar behavior that we come to expect from our “governmental agents” and where this behavior reaches and is recognized within this, our Latino Perspective, and for a failure that refuses to be recognized as being “decency personified” being the apt starting point.

    In closing, this past week’s, the Mueller Report, should have been appropriately defined and idenified accurately as the Presidential White Collar Crime Report of 2019. To wit, and far more important, is the Trump written statement regarding the Muellar Report in that when responding accordingly, Trump did not respond to the question of ‘did or have you considered “pardoning” Julian Assange?

  5. dunno what to say about any of this for now, jaango, partially due to the fact that you don’t type in plain-speak, and it reads lie greek to me. not to mention that it’s pretty off-topic to this particular thread. not to mention that this must be your column for the chicano vets, and are playing toward that audience.

    i’ll try to come back later to see if i can decipher this, but i can’t promise, okay? but yeah, the report did bring white collar charges against a number of boss tweets cronies. but if you read more carefully, it’s not collusion they want assange for, but pompeo and bolton want him for adding charges for publishing the cia vaults, which they’ll add to the place holders. that, and try’ng to flip chelsea manning to rat him out for crimes of which he’d already been absolved durinf her military tribunal: aiding the enemy.

    i dunno you might want to read the comments at the c99% version; the link’s at the bottom.

  6. It’s all the ‘same’ when it comes to the political attacks. And you’re correct with regard to Pompeo and Bolton, As such, they’re offended that the “vault” at located in the basement at CIA Headquarters. Both Bolton and Pompeo have a long history with the CIA and that’s the sole purpose of their encampment with the Individual 1.

    And I am reminded of Chompittsky (spelling?) when he espoused that the two political parties–the extremist right and the center-right– and both are owned and operated by the CIA in their camouflaged Brooks Brothers outfits.

    And yes, I do read c99%.

  7. morning updates:

  8. morning update from wsws.org

    UN official visits Julian Assange, investigating Ecuador’s illegal surveillance’, Mike Head, 26 April 2019

    “The United Nations special rapporteur on the right to privacy, Joe Cannataci, was finally permitted yesterday to meet with Julian Assange inside London’s Belmarsh prison.

    Confronted by worldwide protests and petitions against the illegal termination of Assange’s political asylum and the immediate launching of proceedings to extradite Assange to the US, the British government felt compelled to grant the UN access. Cannataci became the first person allowed into Belmarsh prison to visit Assange, who has even been denied his right to speak to his family.
    For weeks, the UN has been investigating the blanket surveillance conducted by Ecuador’s government against Assange inside its embassy.”

    “Having met with Assange for two hours, the UN special envoy reported that Assange was “in fairly good shape and certainly very cogent in replying to our questions.” This is another indication of Assange’s defiant determination to fight his removal to the US, despite the damage done to his health by his seven-year confinement inside the Ecuadorian embassy.
    Interviewed by the Italian newspaper Repubblica, Cannataci pointed to the far-reaching nature of the spying. He said he was seeking access to the material currently held by the Spanish police, who are investigating an attempt to extort WikiLeaks for copies of the documents and videos.”


  9. Truthdig’s April 26th interview of Bruce Shapiro (a contributing editor to The Nation and the executive director of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism) by Robert Scheer:

    What’s Really Behind Julian Assange’s Arrest

    It’s not revenge, it’s about controlling the press.

    But there’s this:

    “Chelsea Manning is doing something that I find unprecedented in the history of American journalism,” Shapiro says. “We often hear, or from time to time hear, about journalists going to jail to protect a source. I’ve never before heard of a source willingly go to jail to protect a journalist.”

    • ach, i’m sorry. it’s soooo long, and i’ve been answering comments on my newer diary, and am so bad at recalibrating to read sense from a post from four days ago. it’s too bad the interview was so long that it’s hard to choose the pithiest outtakes, really.

      i need to go do some dinner prep, but i have read stuff by hedges on assange’s arrest, like the one at truthdig someone brought to the thread (who always could use a good editor, lol). i’ll be back as i’m able to try and read more; thank you, and other faster readers will thank you as well, greyson smythe.

    • shapiro’s quote ha stayed w/ me, and imo, it’s incorrect. chelsea went to jail because, as she and her attorneys had said: she had major objections to the secrecy of grand juries. assange/wilileaks were not journalists particularly, they/he were publishers

      she’d also noted that all charges against her court martial trial at quantico had been answered, and (according to kevin gosztola who’d covered her trial, as had alexa o’brien: judge denise lind had not further charged her with ‘aiding the enemy’ (grounds for espionage cum treason leading to possible death sentence..so what else was there to discover, even if she were tortured, and willing to sell out wikileaks/assange? testiLying to save her skin? i can’t see it, but then…who can say?

  10. Greyson Smythe

    Caitlin Johnston, Consortium News, April 26

    Assange’s Imprisonment Arguably Reveals Even More Corruption Than WikiLeaks Did

    Consortium News has launched a new series titled “The Revelations of WikiLeaks”, geared toward helping readers come to a full appreciation of just how much useful information the outlet has made available to the world with its publications.

  11. Greyson Smythe

    The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is Infinitely Bigger Than Assange

    The entire world is watching what is being done to Assange currently. No matter how propagandized you are, no matter how much you hate the man personally, you’re watching that happen and learning a lesson from it. And that lesson is, never do anything remotely like what that guy did, or you’ll meet the same fate. This is the real goal of Assange’s persecution, and it doesn’t impact merely one Australian publisher in a UK jail cell, nor even merely the investigative journalists around the world who are interested in practicing the lost art of holding power to account using journalism, but everyone in the world who consumes news media.

    And it works. I know it works because it works on me. I’ll say right here and now, if you’ve got information that incriminates the most powerful people in the world, keep it the hell away from me. Give it to someone else, literally anyone else, because I myself am far too cowardly and have far too much to lose by getting involved in anything that could lead to me rotting in some overseas prison cell. I’ve got kids. I’m in love. I cannot and will not go down that path. And if this is true for me I know for certain that it’s true for countless others as well. They’ve brutalized whistleblowers to the point that it’s surely had a severe chilling effect on those who would otherwise become key leak sources, and now they’re brutalizing the journalists who publish those leaks as well. The odds of someone willing to blow the whistle on real power meeting a journalist who is willing to help them are rapidly diminishing to zero.

  12. Greyson Smythe

    …on the revenge angle; Chris Hedges interviews Vijay Prashad:


    …what Chelsea Manning showed us was, of course as I said, the “Collateral Murder” video, but much more than that; she deeply embarrassed the United States government for the way its diplomatic corps was operating during, for instance, the Arab Spring where they were colluding with Mubarak in Egypt to try to maintain his power, despite the fact that there were huge numbers of people not only in Tahrir Square but across Egypt. It also showed you—and this is very important—for a keen reader of the State Department cables, it showed you how the ambassadors were no longer actually running policy. So, you saw the ambassadors in Yemen, the ambassadors in Egypt, write letters back to Washington, D.C., saying that the Defense Department officials are coming here, national security officials [are coming here] and they are just sidelining us. And what’s interesting is the ambassador in Egypt is a woman and she says in one of the cables essentially “I’m becoming like a secretary; I’m taking notes in these meetings. These are MY meetings.” That’s not only embarrassing; for an American citizen that should be very chilling.

  13. here’s a terrifying update on julian’s status (h/t snoopy at c99%:

    i won’t unwind any of it a she had, but essentiailly the doj has offered daniel dumbsheit;borg immunity from prosecution for any flips he makes that will lead to those additional ‘espionage’ (read treason, punishable up to death sentence) he testiLies to. i’d asked if she or others remembered about the borg’s bad blood with assange, no one answered, so i went for these:
    his book and an interview at the australian. i’ll try to remember to embed them in edit, but for now, the urls, but yeah he’d testiLie in a heart beat, imo:



  14. always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.

    The webpage at http://openleaks.org/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Countering global order fascists requires international communications. NSA-BND cooperate to suppress. What have they got dumbsheit on?

  15. being part of wikileaks in early days, i reckon, and the reasons he hates assange ever since. i wouldn’t think they’ll add to the charges until and unless he’s extradited to amerika. sigificance of the downed webpage? pardon if i’m being a thickwit again.

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