287 New Snowden Docs !!?

Is this Pierre and Greenwald succumbing to pressure on the perceived as disingenuous Shuttering of the Snowden Archives?  Are they benign docs, or ones that truly are worthy of publishing after the fact?  Only four seem to have been reported on so far; readers will decide. 

Now may remember Micah Lee’s smears against Julian Assange on Twitter, including calling him a ‘rapist, liar, and ally to fascists’, and Elizabeth Vos’s ‘Et, Tu, Intercept? Smear Of Assange Murderously Timed’, Feb. 14, 2018:

“Less than 48 hours after a UK judge ruled against Julian Assange’s legal team in their efforts to free him from the Ecuadoran embassy, The Intercept published a disingenuous and sloppy character assassination against the Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief.

The timing of the article’s publication acted to brutally counter growing support for Assange that arose in the wake of a clearly unjust UK ruling. Essentially, the publication of the smear attempted to deflect attention from the revelation of corruption in the ongoing detention of Assange, and to assassinate his character in the process.

The Intercept’s decision to publish the article at such a time unfortunately serves to characterize the outlet as a servant of the same US deep state that The Intercept has gained a reputation for – at least in theory – opposing.

The serious errors contained in The Intercept’s [Micah Lee, Cora Currier, authors] character assassination of the Wikileaks co-founder were quickly dismantled earlier today by independent journalists including Suzie DawsonCaitlin Johnstone, HA Goodman and others. That Micah Lee, who has engaged in continual attacks against Assange on social media, would be allowed to contribute to an article of this kind represents a fundamental conflict of interest in the work, not to mention the factual inaccuracies and assumptions it makes without so much as pausing to take a breath.

The claims made in The Intercept’s hit piece regarding messages sent privately by Wikileaks’ Twitter account were disingenuous on multiple levels, beginning with the  assumption that Assange was the sole author of the texts. The inference is clearly stated in the article, destroying any shred of journalistic integrity that might be expected from a well-respected news outlet.”

The damning rest is here, and is made even more creepy by this Tweet today from Wikileaks concerning all that’s afoot for him in Belmarsh UK Gitmo.  And no, Micah, you weren’t the only Intercept journalist to smear him, just the rapiest one.  But on with the New Show!

Lee’s intro Tweet had been below this one by Glenn Greenwald:


Who knows but what Snowden might even have a copy?

Browse the new docs at  ‘SID Today’ Archive at the Intercept.

Warning: the chaotically blinking colored lights in the header might simulate an epileptic seizure for some.  I clicked into the single-authoted Russian Submarine story with a mere twenty comments, most not enchanted, and calling it more cold-war rubbish against Putin, or close to that.   A second one took four fearless investigative journalists to write.  But then, iirc, they’d ‘had to let go’ all the journalists searching the archives.

Below GGs Tweet are many illuminating subTweets; to see them, click the Tweet’s url I’ve linked.  But as to greater funds than TI, if Whitney Webb is correct, you receive $70,000 per article, and Scahill $40,000.  Where did Pierre’s $250,oo0 start-up money go?

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