abandon all hope of Australia or the UK helping Julian Assange

The Fix is in, curse them all.

But a bit of relief from a Swedish court on June 3:

More fukkery:

‘Scott Morrison defends Federal Police raid on journalist Annika Smethurst’s Canberra home’, abc.net.au, May 6 2019

‘Australian Federal Police raid journalists over exposures of government spying, war crimes’, Oscar Grenfell,  5 June 2019, wsws.org

2 responses to “abandon all hope of Australia or the UK helping Julian Assange

  1. good gawd all-friday:
    ‘WikiLeaks warns US Justice Department preparing more charges against Assange’, 7 June 2019, wsws.org

    ” The charges, WikiLeaks said, would be based on the testimony of Sigurdur Thordarson, an FBI informant previously convicted of fraud, who recently travelled to the United States to answer questions aimed at preparing a new indictment.

    The news came the same day as fresh warnings about the deterioration of Assange’s health. Assange’s father, John Shipton, was scheduled to visit his son in Belmarsh Prison but was turned away and told Assange was seeing a doctor for an apparently urgent visit.

    “My visit was double-booked, it has been cancelled,” he told Australia’s Herald Sun. “[The doctor’s visit] must be at short notice because a double booking occurred.”
    WikiLeaks’ press release, however, stated that the US is likely preparing a superseding indictment. It would include the already unveiled charges, along with new counts against Assange.”

    ” WikiLeaks noted: “Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported that Sigurdur Thordarson was flown to the United States last week where he was ‘comprehensively interrogated,’ in preparation for the filing of a new superseding indictment against Julian Assange by the end of next week.”

    The WikiLeaks release continued: “NOS reported that on May 6th this year, FBI Special Agent Megan Brown, who leads the FBI investigation against Assange, travelled to Iceland together with prosecutor Kellen Dwyer from the Eastern District of Virginia, to re-interrogate FBI informant Thordarson with the help of Icelandic police.”

    The collaboration between the Justice Department and Thordarson further demonstrates that the US attempts to extradite and prosecute Assange are a political frame-up being conducted in violation of fundamental legal norms.”

    grenfell goes on at length to say why the FBI informant has no credibility, including criminal convictions for embezzlement, fraud, and sex with minors, his having volunteered to help the WL teams, then having stolen 50 grand from the organization…and other perfidies.


  2. Bullies Inc. always need a victim, and Julian has been tagged “IT” along with Miss Manning…..

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