Stay Safe, Evo; the Usual Suspects™ are truly gunnin’ for you

‘Bolivia: Audios Linking Civic, Ex-Military and US in Coup Plans’,, Nov. 5, 2019

Opposition politicians held talks with U.S. senators to destabilize Bolivia and organize a general strike after Evo Morales’ victory.
The Radio Education Network of Bolivia (Erbol) leaked 16 audios involving opposition leaders who are calling for a coup d’etat against the government of President Evo Morales, a political action which would have been coordinated from the U.S. embassy in the Andean country .

Among those mentioned in the audios are the U.S. senators Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez and Ted Cruz, who have would maintained contact with the Bolivian opposition in order to achieve a possible regime change in the South American country.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The audios also reveal participation in the political conspiracy of the former prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, who was accused of corruption in 2009 and fled Bolivia to seek asylum in the U.S., where he is currently living.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In their conspiracy talks, Bolivian politicians also mention​​​​​​​ a former Bolivian president whose name is not explicitly mentioned, former New Republican Force lawmaker Mauricio Muñoz and former Army officers Oscar Pacello, Remberto Siles, Julio Maldonado and Teobaldo Cardozo.​​​​​​​

“We must all be alert against the coup in Bolivia. Possible sabotage of the helicopter which transported our beloved Evo. It is not the first time that progressive presidents die in “accidents.” Protection for Evo. Let’s take care of Evo.”

The Erbol leaked information audios also mention calls from opposition leaders to burn government party structures and to put together a general strike across the country.

All these ​​​​​​​actions, which were expected to be advertised as based on social unrest​​​​​​​, would be part of the response to the triumph of Evo Morales in the last presidential elections​​​​​​​.

The opposition plans would also include an eventual attack against the Cuban Embassy, very similar to what happened in the coup against Venezuela’s late president Hugo Chavez in 2002.

So far, none of the opposition leaders in Bolivia has said anything about the leaked audios.​​​​​​​”

Evo Morales: Fraud Allegations Are Pretext for Coup’,, Nov. 5, 2019   

  “Morales rejected violence against some Bolivians, explaining that such attacks have racist and discriminatory roots to them.

Bolivian President Evo Morales insisted Tuesday that allegations of alleged fraud made by the opposition are a pretext for executing a coup, he told thousands of supporters from different social movements as they gathered in the center of La Paz.

The president said that fraud is an “invention” given the impossibility of the right to govern the South American nation through the polls.

Social movements remain in the streets of Bolivia in support of President Morales, who was re-elected after the vote last Sunday, October 20, with 47 percent of popular support, 10 points ahead of the former opposition candidate Carlo Mesa. The Bolivian cosnituation states that with such difference, the winner of teh first round avoids a runoff.

“These mobilizations are not in defense of Evo but of the people themselves,” said the indigenous leader as he thanked the social organizations gather to defend democracy.

Opposition leaders have rejected the outcome of the elections and claim there was fraud. However, they also refuse to participate in the audit carried out by the Organization of American States (OAS) together with experts from Mexico.”

5 responses to “Stay Safe, Evo; the Usual Suspects™ are truly gunnin’ for you

  1. One comment I’ve made to those who still think elections matter, or can matter if their favorite politician would be allowed to win, is that they don’t stop. Those at the top, they’ll never stop, it’s human nature, it’s in our genes, it’s the way humans roll, like the lion tribe in the jungle or the wolfpack in the forest. It’s why I’ve consistently called for revolution, and I guess I should stress, NON-VIOLENT revolution. Those that can’t understand, that a revolution can be non-violent, are thoroughly brainwashed and unable to stretch their minds to the possibilities, or to what is necessary. Maybe there are enough of us, maybe. But there’s far more against us. It doesn’t look good. I believe as long as we rely on singular leaders, whether they be Maduro or Trump, to make the decisions for all of us, like the kings and queens, Caesars and emperors of the past, we’ll never see true liberty, equality and freedom. If we can’t get past that human tribal instinct, nothing changes.

    • woot! a comment!

      but more seriously,i do get your drift on single leaders, which is one of the reasons i love the zapatistas so much. their self-governance comes from the bottom in the five (?) villages they call ‘snails’, gets sent to the top, then back to the people for approval. their motto is: if something doesn’t work for almost all of us…we’ll try something else.

      but with VZ, bolivia, cuba, pompeo has dubbed them ‘the troika of tyrrany’, the better to spread ies and disinformation to stop the pink tide once and for all.

      somehow or other, the word for capitalism now in vogue in ‘neoliberalism’, but in these three nations those whose opposition are aided by amerika and the west, neoliberalism sands for privatizing previously nationalized industries and utilities, etc., allowing western investors in to enter and earn buckets of money from natural resources, and make memos of military understanding with the pentagon. well, not cuba, really…

      as far as even considering amerika wanting a revolution, or even it’s necessary precursor: ‘ revolution of values (MLK), i don’t see it. i’m taking a break from c99 on accounta ‘the never-ending election season’, as in: i don’t give a fuck which of those chosen Ds win the presidency.

      i’m not sure if humanity in general is as you describe it monolithically, but rather indoctrinated into believing that ‘power’ is zero-sum, money is power, and both will fill the empty voids inside empty hearts, souls, and spirits. and that’s how i do see most Uians, sadly. careless and heedless of others’ needs and pain, for instance.

      it also might be that amerika is far too large a nation, and should be balkanized into far smaller ‘snails’, or presidents could take turns for a year, as with the swiss cabinet members. but none of that will happen, of course.

      but most revolutions have been bloody, contra erika chenowith. but then the tipping points were reached only when precarity was at a maximum point. i just read a piece on the absence of joy in our lives, and how necessary it is for individuals to push back against the darkness walking the land by creating art in any sphere, and finding some measure of joy (and anarchy) in that.

      but i’m sure willing to continue the conversation, amigo. hope all is well with you and your grandkids. we keep going from crisis to crisis, although not much of it is indelible. (we hope.)

      • It’s funny the reaction when bringing up revolution. People automatically assume it means violence, warfare, etc. Another human trait, i.e., “there is no other way”. When I talk revolution, and I tried to explain this many times on C99 before the owner banned me for suggesting revolution (I saw where the partisans there believe no one could EVER be banned from “their” place for their politics because it’s so “open”, not a single one knew I was banned for exactly that), that a revolution means a change in power. Usually in a short period of time, aka by some kind of armed uprising granted, but the key is a change in power. That’s what a revolution is, a change in power. Anyone with a brain would understand that we’re not going to take on the military and police state of this country. So we have to find another way to “change the power”, i.e., another way to conduct the revolution, like the Zapitistas. Obviously it can’t be done thru our political system and the two oligarchy political parties, still supported on C99. The democrats on C99 could never grasp that, more like, they just didn’t want to talk about it, because of Bernie and Tulsi, ya know. It’s left a major sour taste in my mouth for even paying attention anymore. The hypocrisy of claiming to be anti-establishment and sucking up to the establishment is too much.

        • the change in power you’re speaking about has been called ‘revolutio’, and that concept was part of a 4-part series on massive civil unrest>revolution i’d posted at my.firedoglake so long ago now. but iirc, it was in the part I of the series, which oddly is no longer there.

          this one still reflects my belief, but jayzus, is from 2011, and i reckon we’re further away than ever as far as these possibilities. i do remember that zeese and flowers’ oct. 2011 movement imagined that so many of us would march on deecee that the illegitimate government would simply resign. dunno what they’d imagined would follow, though.

          More Tipping Points for Social Unrest: American Psychology and ‘Gestalts’’, aug. 23, 2011

          i’d used elizabeth kubler-ross’s death and dying model to anchor it, but here’s a bit from two stages:

          Denial on the Left:

          “Too many on the left were slow to grasp the import of Obama’s early Cabinet choices, keeping Bernanke at the Fed, bringing in Mr. ‘I am not a regulator’ Geithner to Treasury, his Republican military appointments, security, keeping in place the Republican Party loyalists at the DoJ; on and on, making excuses that his moves were meant to calm the public; the Nation’s Father stroking us bipartisanly. We hoped he didn’t really admire Reagan’s transformational power, we hoped he didn’t mean to up the war in Afghanistan, yada, yada…

          Many on the Putative Left are still stuck there, unable to feel viscerally what a con-man Obama is, and how far he serves the Corporate Oligarchy and Multinational Greed and Power Class. They still want him re-elected, or say they do. They spend their time devising re-election strategies, and claim they hope that the Progressive Left can move the Prez…further left; ‘a few baby steps would be good’. IMO, their reliance on cognitive thought in defense of Obama (even wrong-thinking) hampers their acceptance of new information: they lack the visceral, gut reaction that causes progressives to fire their imaginative thought and activist solutions. Shorter: their brains can tell them the status quo is better than the alternative.


          Hmmm…Up Jumped the Devil was my first thought. As our President Hope OBomba and both parties via the new Supercongress are poised to bargain away our futures, status quo Dems seem to believe we can both Win the Future!™ by electing a few more liberal Dems to Congress::::::::::::::::::hell; I can’t even finish the thought. We’re supposed to ask for crumbs while they tell us to eat cake, and Share the Sacrifice/Gotta Get Deficits Under Control: and that’s the Democrats, Goddess help us!

          Never mind the Right; they’re in the driver’s seat now, but still bitching about Obama; go figure. They don’t need to bargain…yet.”

          but myself, the power (system change) has to be located with ‘the people’ somehow, which to me means loosely: bottom up socialism, or horizonta democracy…though there are so many definitions of that. but now that bernie and aoc have been dubbed ‘socialists’ instead of ‘reform capitalists’, it’s all gotten too crazy for me.

  2. lord luv a duck:

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