Comrade Evo seems to be en route to Mexico

I’d ask you to pray or send good vibes for his safety.  Hold him in your heart as you likely already do for Julian and Chelsea…perhaps Nicolas Maduro…

Plane Carrying Morales Lands in Paraguay After Getting Refusal From Peru – Reports’, Nov. 12, 2019,

MOSCOW/MEXICO CITY, November 12 (Sputnik) – An aircraft of the Mexican Air Force carrying resigned Bolivian President Evo Morales has landed in Paraguay after a request for landing in Peru has been rejected, Paraguayan media reported on Tuesday.
The plane was supposed to refuel in Peru before heading to Mexico, where Morales has been granted political asylum, with the local authorities having already granted agreement to it. However, the departure held off due to the need to coordinate the route again, according to Bolivian media.

The aircraft landed at the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport near the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion at 1.35 a.m. local time (04:35 GMT), the ABC Color newspaper reported. According to the newspaper, the decision to land in Paraguay was made after traffic controllers in Peru, Chile and Brazil banned the aircraft from passing over their airspace.

An ABC Color correspondent said, citing the Paraguayan military, that the aircraft would refuel and then continue its flight to Mexico. It may leave Paraguay later on Tuesday.”

According to Sputnik News, Deputy FM Maximiliano Zuniga had Tweeted a photo showing Morales, former Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and Senate President Adriana Salvatierra, and several others on the tarmac at Bolivia’s Chimore International Airport.  Apparently Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard refused on Monday to reveal the names of any Bolivian officials and lawmakers requesting asylum, referring to the threat they could face.”

Now I hope Evo’s safe in Paraguay, and will remain so if he does in fact reach ‘asylum’ in Mexico, because as I’d noted earlier, I don’t trust AMLO, nor do the Zapatistas, Mr. wd had reminded me.

But meaning no disrespect to the government of Paraguay, that nation recently joined PROSUR (according to Wikipedia), and my guess is the other member nations won’t be happy about allowing Morales’s plane to refuel nor for Evo to rest a bit:

PROSUR; Portuguese: Fórum para o Progresso e Desenvolvimento da América do Sul, PROSUL) is an initiative proposed by the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, together with his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque, for the creation of an integration body to replace the left-wing Union of South American Nations. [UNASUR]

In the words of the Colombian president, who made the announcement on 14 January 2019, PROSUR would be “a South American coordination mechanism for public policies, in defense of democracy, the independence of powers, the economy of markets, the social agenda, with sustainability and with due application”. On 18 February 2019, the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera said “this new forum will be open to all South American countries that meet two requirements: full validity of the rule of law and full respect for freedoms and humans rights“.

It has been characterised as a right-wing response to the left-wing UNASUR.”

PROSUR according to‘South America leaders form Prosur to replace defunct Unasur bloc’

Venezuela crisis poisons Unasur

“Prosur would serve an alternative to the now-defunct Unasur, which had been founded in 2008. At the time, most countries in South America were led by left-leaning governments.

Venezuela’ Hugo Chavez and Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spearheaded the international alliance which was aimed to counter US influence in the region. A total of 12 nations joined the leftist bloc. However, Unasur fell apart following Chavez’ death and the escalating crisis in Venezuela, with the bloc failing to take action. Eventually, most of its member either suspended their membership or opted to leave all together.

Representatives of Nicolas Maduro’s administration in Venezuela were not invited to the meeting in Santiago. One of the essential conditions for entering the bloc is “the full validity of democracy,” which would exclude the troubled and politically divided country.

Prosur includes Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Guyana. Leftist governments in Bolivia and Uruguay sent representatives to the Santiago meeting, but did not join the bloc.

The alliance would allow the states to discuss infrastructure, energy, security, health, defense, crime, and response to natural disasters.

“Here, the countries of South America can exchange ideas, work together, make their voices heard and together achieve more freedom, integration and development,” Pinera said.”

Also from sputnik news today Nov. 12: ‘OAS Permanent Council to Hold Urgent Meeting on Tuesday to Discuss Situation in Bolivia’

“The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States will hold a special meeting, TOMORROW, Tuesday, 12 November, at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT) in Simon Bolívar Hall at OAS headquarters in Washington, D.C., to consider the ‘Situation in Bolivia'”, the statement says.

According to the organization (on Twitter), relevant requests were sent by representatives of Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the United States, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.”

As well as this OAS Tweet:  @OAS_official
Statement of the Group of Auditors Electoral Process in #Bolivia   The full report is  13-page pdf.

Once Inspirational State and photo!

And don’t be sucked into drinking the ‘good news koolaid’ from Piñera’s Chile:

You decide:

Evo Morales: Bolivia’s first indigenous president, Jan 23, 2015

on edit:   Well, Evo’s landed:


Two hit jobs on Morales from Andrea Lobo; she’s always called him bougie and worse; seems she’s channeling the OAS and fascists.

In the comments, and I couldn’t agree more:

Salim Msoma8 hours ago

Again the writer of this article and prevaricates between condemning both the coup and the targeted regime. This kind of stance arises from the conventional posture of WSWS that any Left government which is not Trotskyst deserves being centured (censured?) even if it is under attack by rightwing forces. A very absurd ideological position!

…and one from Oct. 25.

7 responses to “Comrade Evo seems to be en route to Mexico

  1. @OmeletteRed 4h4 hours ago
    “my crime is to be a union leader, to be indigenous, AND from the anti imperialist left” Nice edit you fucking bastards.

    loads more at the following link.

  2. Terrible.

    • i can’t seem to focus on anything else, juliania. i’m torn between depression and rage; i prefer rage of course. 5 rounds of eft tapping reduced my depression from a 10 intensity to 4 1/2; best i could do, i reckon.

      i was sorry to see that b’s coverage today is quoting the dastardly andrea lobo at wsws, and that the commentariat is sooooo behind the curve. i just backed on out rather than offer corrections &/or additions.

      thanks so much for reading and caring, amiga.

      on edit to all: and not to repeat myself, but lithium:

  3. i have a couple updates before i call it a night.

    the moon was full here at dawn this morning, and rose over menefee mountain east of our house a bit ago in all her glory.

    my hope is that evo sees the full moon, and is dancing again to music he loves as he did in dec. 2014. good night.

    evo morales dancing

  4. blonde squinty-eyed woman tweet:

    and for posterity to read later, and who knows what klein’s buzz phrases even mean.

    but she and they believe, or are pretending to believe that it was evo, not jair bolsonaro, who’d set the amazon rainforest on fire.

    click for subtweets:

  5. i’ll add these outtakes:

    “What this latest coup signals to all patriotic Latin Americans who want to see their continent free from US oppression is this: if you want to openly defy the diktats of the Empire, make absolutely sure the commanders of your armed forces are loyal to you. Furthermore, you should never forget that the most powerful weapon of the Empire is not its bloated and mostly clueless military force, but its ability to use corruption to obtain by the printing press what they cannot seize by brute force.””

    “I take some solace in Mexico’s decision to give Morales political asylum. I don’t know enough about Mexico to speculate on the motives of the Mexican President, but now that Morales is safe he can always relocate to another country if needed.

    Should Morales ever come back to power, his first priority ought to be a profound purge of the military and the replacement of “School of the Americas” types with real patriots. Doing this will not be a sufficient condition for success, but it will be a required one nonetheless.”

    i remain agnostic as to his contacts’ claim that the brazilian military would refuse to launch a war on VZ, though.

  6. i hope this thread shows up:

    nope. click to make it stand alone?

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