julian assange’s nov. 18 hearing at belmarsh gitmo

I haven’t been able to find any written first-person reports on what happened in court this morning, but oscar greenfell at wsws has this up today: ‘UN special rapporteur exposes Swedish sexual misconduct frame-up of Assange’, Oscar Grenfell,  18 November 2019, and it may be relevant to another Tweet I’d seen earlier, …and MAE below promises a report soon.
gawd’s teeth:

@MElmaazi : CORRECTION: I’ve since been informed that the name provided to me by the Clerk in Court was incorrect and that it was in fact District Judge Vanessa Baraitser who was sitting today.”

Whoa; turns out Oscar’s piece on Nils Melzer’s exposé was indeed relevant:

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2 responses to “julian assange’s nov. 18 hearing at belmarsh gitmo

  1. MAE’s further report at sputnik news:

  2. ‘Assange rape case dropped: Sweden abandons probe that led to WikiLeaks co-founder’s asylum in UK’s Ecuadorian embassy’, 19 Nov, 2019, Rt.com.

    with this tweet, not that the western imperium holds itself to any legal standards…

    and this horrid inside-the-court report:

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