catching up on Evo and Bolivia

…mainly by Tweet, because: images and captions, not always text.  Oddly, Mission Verdad English on Twitter hasn’t posted since Dec.6.

You’ll remember that Evo had gone to Cuba to attend to some medical issues on Dec. 7, and was quoted as saying that it was only a temporary visit.  El Pais had reported that Cuba was not Morales’ final destination. They claimed the politician is looking forward to settling down in Argentina once the nation’s newly elected President Alberto Fernandez is sworn into office next Tuesday.


From Telesur English Dec. 12, 2019:

“The former President of Bolivia, whose term was interrupted by a coup d’etat, arrived in Argentina from Mexico. In the next few days, he will apply for political refugee status.

He comes to stay in Argentina because he arrives as an asylee and then he will have refugee status,” Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Sola announced on Thursday.

The Argentinean minister indicated that he signed on Wednesday night the procedures to accept Morales as an asylee; in the next few days, however, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) leader will request his declaration as a refugee.”

This strikes me as worrisome, if only enigmatic, though:

“During his declarations to the press, Sola also mentioned that Bolivia’s self-proclaimed President Jeanine Añez “is a de-facto government.” [snip]

A month ago I arrived in Mexico, a sister country that saved our lives. I was sad and broken. Now I arrived in Argentina to continue fighting for the humblest and to unite the Great Homeland. I am strong and lively. I thank Mexico and Argentina for all their support and solidarity.​​​​​​​”

The Bolivian leader was accompanied by his former Health Minister Gabriela Montaño. His former Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and former Foreign Affairs Minister Diego Pary Rodriguez will arrive in Argentina on Friday.​​​​​​​”

They will also request asylee status; Sola quotes Evo as saying: “Evo is very grateful. He told us he feels better here than in Mexico and he did not ask us for any special custody,” and that he would be eternally grateful to Mexico and AMLO for sheltering him.

Out of time sequence, but I’d forgotten to add this:

We can only hope and pray (even if atheistically) that Alberto Fernández isn’t overthrown and a version of rightwing neoliberal Mauricio Macri isn’t installed in another US/CIA/OAS putsch.

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