after WikiLeaks published a third batch of OPCW leaked documents…

the reports, crickets, disappearances, and of course…cover-ups (by Tweet).

Another dastardly Phillip Cross Affair!


Also, a Spanish judge will interview Julian Assange on Dec. 20 by video link from Belmarsh about the Spanish ‘security’ firm UC Global’s spying on him, his attorneys and other visitors in the Ecudorian Embassy.  Philip Giraldi has a lot of the grisly backstory, as well as questions in his Dec. 11, 2019Who Spied on Julian Assange?’

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2 responses to “after WikiLeaks published a third batch of OPCW leaked documents…

  1. Thanks again, wendye. I’ve only gone to the bit about the Spanish judge to interview, read the piece by Giraldi.

    This segment:
    One might point out that there is another obstacle to the C.I.A. “dunnit” speculation, which is that as a general rule Washington does not spy on London and London does not spy on Washington. As the two countries have been for decades major intelligence partners, it is a guideline that is, believe it or not, generally observed. The British would have noticed any attempt to set up an American listening post within line-of-sight of the Ecuadorean Embassy and it would have created a major rift between C.I.A. and MI6, which suggests that the British, Americans and Ecuadoreans might all have been spying on Assange and possibly even sharing the information…”

    I think he means to reinforce the final statement, though I don’t follow the Ecuadoreans being necessarily involved. Maybe I missed something in the quick read – so many dramas currently unfolding! (Lots with CIA fingerprints all over them – ah, who will rid me of this perfidious clan?)

    And meanwhile the Queen (yes, that queen) gives a speech written by Boris that sounds pretty ‘oi polloi oriented. NC apparently chooses not to notice, so I gave them a link in links.

    • his op-ed was a bit inscrutable to me, and i’ve already forgotten the most baffling parts. but here’s a short video that looks fairly demonstrative, although stefania maurizi had brought much much longer ones.

      it’s not a youtube, so i need to bring the tweet.

      the opening paragraphs of ‘Medical observers blocked from attending Assange hearing’, Laura Tiernan, 20 December 2019,

      “A delegation of two medical observers was prevented from entering the public gallery at yesterday’s case management hearing for Julian Assange.
      Psychiatrist Marco Chiesa and psychologist David Morgan attended the hearing on behalf of Doctors4Assange. They hoped to observe Julian’s condition after warnings by UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer that Assange’s health has deteriorated dangerously due to prolonged psychological torture by the US, UK, Ecuadorian and Swedish states for nearly a decade.

      Dr. Chiesa and Dr. Morgan are among more than 100 doctors from around the world who have issued three open letters to the UK and Australian governments since November 25, protesting Assange’s brutal persecution and garnering worldwide media attention and public support. The doctors have acted on their duty to report torture and have called for Assange’s urgent transfer from Belmarsh Prison to a proper hospital setting.”

      lol on the queen’s speech. the monarchy should be ended!

      as soon a wsws writes up today’s doings with assange (if he’s able) testimony in the case against UC global’s morales, we may know more.

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