from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry:

three recent emails:

Dec. 15: “Ed Asner: 9/11 Government Obstruction and Misconduct

Dear Friends,

The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is dedicated to transparency and accountability concerning the crimes of 9/11. Although almost nineteen years have passed since the horrible attacks on United States citizens, the United States government has failed to do proper criminal investigations into these crimes.

Because of this government failure, the Lawyers’ Committee is attempting to develop the evidence for Grand Jury investigations, in addition to New York City where a Grand Jury petition documenting controlled demolition was submitted last year. The gathering of evidence for Grand Jury petitions concerning Shanksville, the Pentagon and Government Misconduct and Obstruction concerning the allowance of the 9/11 crimes, the failure of properly investigating the crimes, and any complicity and or negligence involved, requires urgent action.

This year the Lawyers’ Committee has filed a lawsuit in New York City asking the Court to order the United States Attorney in the Southern District to present the evidence of bombs and controlled demolition to a Grand Jury. The Lawyers’ Committee has also filed a seven count law suit against the FBI in Washington D.C. concerning the 9/11 Review Commission and the FBI’s failure to assess 9/11 related evidence not previously considered by the original 9/11 Commission, and to report to Congress. Both lawsuits are Mandamus actions and request the Court to order the respective agencies to perform their legal duty.

Your support is necessary for the Lawyers’ Committee to be able to continue to do the proper criminal investigation, gather evidence and submit that evidence for Grand Jury presentations.

Thank you.

Dec. 23: Ed Asner:Shanksville

The Board of Directors of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry would like to wish you and your family a ” Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy Holiday Season!

As we leave this decade and approach 2020,the Lawyers’ Committee is attempting to achieve major outreach for investigating 9/11 crimes. To do this properly and most professionally we need to raise funds.

Shanksville, Pa, the alleged crash site of United Flight 93, raises many issues that have not been properly addressed.

Beside the alleged strange crash site, and the controversy over the impossibility of high altitude cell phone calls, there is also information that needs to be followed up on concerning mysterious landings at Cleveland Hopkins airport, the sighting and disappearance of plane passengers into a NASA hanger, the possible involvement of a predator drone, the reports of a plane down near Camp David, reports of a shoot down over Shanksville, reports that a plane was flying over Indian Lake away from Shanksville, reports that a “Doomsday” plane, E3B was in the area.

None of these concerns have been addressed by the “official” report concerning the fate of United Flight 93.

If you think it is a worthy project to investigate this 9/11 crime at Shanksville and to reach some consensus on this controversy, please assist the Lawyers Committee and contribute a tax deductible donation to our 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation.

If we have the means to do the investigative work, the Lawyers Committee will do it. The goal is submission of evidence to the United States Attorney for a Grand Jury presentation on the Shanksville incident. This has never been done.

Thank you. Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy Holiday Season!

Dec. 30: Ed Asner: The Pentagon and 9/11

cordite: a smokeless explosive made from nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine, and petroleum jelly, used in ammunition.

Dear wendy,

This past month the Lawyers’ Committee has been creating and sending out a steady stream of videos for our Fund Raising Campaign. We are indeed, serious about bringing 9/11 Truth, Front and Center with investigations, litigation when appropriate, and Grand Jury petitions.

To do the necessary work for Grand Jury presentations, your help is essential.

Recently, you have received from the Lawyers’ Committee videos about Government Misconduct / Obstruction, Shanksville, and now the Pentagon concerning the 9/11 crimes. These three areas deserve the necessary investigation to develop evidence for the Grand Jury Petitions, as the official stories ring hollow.

If you think that sinister purpose and malevolent forces were responsible for the egregious attack on our country, the Constitution, the murder of almost 3,000 of our citizens, and the escalation of war and horror throughout the world then what are you waiting for? HELP us.

Your contribution is money well spent to fight the Real War on Terror. Let’s realize Truth and Justice for the 9/11 victims, their families and for our country.

Please donate. This is everyone’s fight. (their website, including videos, strategies, how to Donate, and other good stuff.

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6 responses to “from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry:

  1. My goodness, wendye! Thank you for these – I will certainly spend some time on them. I said, my goodness, as just over at MoA I was describing two books I ‘lifted’ from a dear little thrift store up in SF that I occasionally frequent – didn’t mention this, but one of the volumes I paused over but didn’t take was the very hefty tome of the original official investigation.

    I have other interesting volumes – a transcript of the October days of Kennedy confabs about missiles in Cuba, Nixon tapes during Watergate, Bay of Pigs etc. All, or rather some, of my and our early excitements.

    So, why didn’t I grab it? I guess it didn’t say ‘read me’.

    This one is the biggee. Well done, to bring these here. It is timely, and these do say ‘see me.’

    I’ll return next year.

    • welcome, juliania. and yes, i’d seen you mention that we might even hanging the amerikan flag upside-down at b’s. i was relieved not to have written this new travesty up, but i did put some of b’s coverage over yonder at c99%, and am about to enter these:

      @SecPompeo 7h7 hours ago
      “Elections” for the Iranian parliament are two months away, but the regime is already cooking the books by disqualifying over 1,000 candidates. We stand by the Iranian people, who simply want their voices to be heard.


      thanks for coming by, and caring about the inquiry. what bogus rubbish the original was!

  2. Indeed that attack on Iraq’s defences is outrage and stupidity combined. What an end to a cruel year!

    Also, it is hard to tear myself away from coverage of the terrifying holocaust in Australia, but I have at least watched the very first video here. I will go on with the rest intermittently today. So far, New Zealand is escaping this horror conflagration, and actually experiencing a cooler summer than usual. A comment at NC explains:

    “…for the past 20-30 years a band of strong westerly wind that usually sits below Australia’s south coast in winter and creates rain-bearing cold fronts has shifted south towards Antarctica…”[Rev Kev]

    How that will or will not continue is anyone’s guess, but for Australia the repercussions on a governmental scale are bound to be extreme. To the extent that previous droughts have never actually threatened what the fires are destroying now, it is hard to imagine what the country will look like in years to come or how it will be governed – if at all. Sort of puts problems with the Patriot Act in the shade when folk are, like the White Island tourists, rushing into the ocean to escape the flames…

    One comment suggested Aussies move to New Zealand. Oh yes, indeed that is a likely scenario. Tiny islands about to receive enormous influx of population… We haven’t seen it yet – first massive shift of climate refugees is perhaps on the way.

    But back to the lawyers. So far I am wondering what they could, in actuality, do to reverse the intransigent situation. But I’m thinking Mother Nature is going to, eventually…

    • guess i’m not feeing your saying that the fires burning australia (the bush i assume) to embers is more important than the patriot act, given how many people and nations globally have been killed, bombed, sanctioned, and otherwise invaded/immiserated, etc.

      this i don’t understand: “But back to the lawyers. So far I am wondering what they could, in actuality, do to reverse the intransigent situation. But I’m thinking Mother Nature is going to, eventually…”

      do you mean the lawyer for a (new) 9/11 inquiry? i guess i could refer you to the cross-post at c99, quite active:

      and refer you to their site with many tabs, including the evidence exhibits they’re going to, or have presented to the/a grand jury (57 items, many with videos), including this, as many folks over yonder were most interested in building 7 (at least i hope i haven’t flubbed up the link):

  3. The first point in the first video about the Patriot Act being all ready to deploy made me think back to the hotshot idiot from way earlier (Poindexter?) who came out publicly saying way, way back that he could devise a system that eavesdropped on all communications and wouldn’t that be a great thing for government to have? Hush-hush!! That’s Un-American!! So of course they did it.

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