a bit o’ fun with the british monarchy & family

And if he deigns to come to visit them in Canada, who will carry Prince William’s throne?

Would the Canadian Secretary of State even allow Uncle Epstein Andrew to enter the country?

‘Risky pitch? Labour leadership hopeful calls for ‘referendum’ on British Royal family (VIDEO)’, 10 Jan, 2020, RT.com

“Clive Lewis — the Labour politician bidding to become Jeremy Corbyn’s successor — has suggested as part of his leadership pitch, that the British people should decide the future of the Royal family in a referendum.

Following his speech in Brixton on Friday, the Norwich South MP was asked by a reporter to give his views on the state of the monarchy, with regards to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent decision to “step back” from senior royal duties.

Lewis said that he respected the couple’s decision due to the press treatment that they have received, along with “the racism that Megan has experienced in the British media.” Moving on to the topic of democracy, Lewis — who is struggling to gain enough nominations from his Labour MP colleagues to get on the leadership ballot — claimed the public should have a say on the monarchy’s future.

Lewis claims there is widespread support for the Royal family to be “scaled down;” a point he reiterated later on social media, adding that he wasn’t calling for the monarchy to be abolished, but merely for the public to have a say over “their size and the money they receive.”

I say ‘Down with the Monarchy!  What say you?

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2 responses to “a bit o’ fun with the british monarchy & family

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8XmlMpJSJ8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1rXT5g3h1hm5trnv6zcbxhw-XrURNoUCgVG16CMT1z68y4RQDffRcsJAM In this account of the Australian fires Max Igan, who attributes them not to climate change but to deliberate policy, including the desiccation of Australia through climate engineering, Igan urges Australians to bring down their government, not through elections but through a two-track strategy including a general strike (for the labour movement) and an appeal to the monarchy (for conservative people). He says he is not a monarchist but has this recommendation for people who are.

    • ah, sorry, wayne, but i’d only put this up as an easy antidote to the reams of more serious and nasty stuff i’ve been putting up. don’t care to spend half an hour on any video, much less this one as you describe it.

      over yonder at c99% most of the comments are worth some major laughs, although some dude is taking it all way too grumpulously, not as satire.

      hope all is well w/ you and yours,

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