the Skripals in deep dark badger holes: the newest psyop

‘Salisbury poisoning unleashed Russian bogeyman … but where are the Skripals 2 years on?’, Simon Rite,, March 4, 2020

“It’s exactly two years to the day since the Russian spy and his daughter were novichoked in Salisbury, and we’ve still not seen hide nor hair of them.
Former double agent Sergei has been completely off-grid, while Yulia Skripal was seen in a highly staged video in 2018, filmed in an anonymous but pleasant leafy glade shortly after recovering from her poisoning ordeal; but, apart from that, there have been no statements or updates about them at all.”

“The most recent piece of ‘information’, and I use that term loosely, to leak out about their whereabouts came this weekend from Britain’s Mail on Sunday, courtesy of a source which became ubiquitous throughout the Skripal saga, the reliably unreliable “security insiders.”  It’s always amazing how willing these apparent insiders are to release top-level secrets to the home of the “sidebar of shame.” 

The latest speculation from ‘security insiders’ is that the Skripals are hoping to head for a new life down under in Australia after “effectively living under house arrest since the attack.”  This means either those insiders are the leakiest spies in the world, or the Skripals are going to be nowhere near Australia anytime soon.”

‘Sergei and Yulia Skripal are ‘desperate to start a new life in Australia’ following two years in an MI6 safe house after surviving a novichok poisoning attack’,, March 7, 2020

“Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who have spent two years in an MI6 safe house after surviving a novichok poisoning attack – want to start a new life Down Under, according to security insiders.” [snip]

“They were found unconscious on a park bench on March 4, 2018, after Russian agents smeared the deadly chemical on the door-handle of Mr Skripal’s home.

The pair were rushed to hospital and put in induced comas to prevent the poison damaging their organs. Yulia left hospital in April that year and was taken by police to a secret location where she has been guarded by British intelligence agents ever since. Her father had sufficiently recovered by the following month to join her in hiding.

Mr Skripal, a former double agent who arrived in the UK as part of a spy-swap deal between Britain and Russia in 2010, and his daughter would apparently be offered new identities in another country and would still receive protection, say sources.”

John Helmer has a bit of fun with his title and image: ‘Sergei and Yulia Skripal ”Desperate” and “Under House Arrest” in England – Last British Convicts for Transportation to Australia’, March 1, 2020, but his report is in deadly earnest.

“In the history of the British criminal law, the Skripals are the only targets of a crime who have not been allowed to testify in public nor communicate with their kin; Sergei Skripal was last heard of in a telephone call to his mother’s house on June 26, 2019; Yulia Skripal on July 18, 2018. The British authorities have yet to produce in court evidence of the crime, the weapon, the crime scene, or even the arrest warrants allegedly issued by the Crown Prosecution Service for the culprits.”

[The book (Helmer’s), Skripal in Prison, just published, provides the full story.]

“Sources in the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the organisation in charge of witness protection in that country, indicate there is “no verification that the [London] article is correct.” The Australian Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, to whom the AFP reports, refuses to say whether the Skripals have visited Australia, or whether there has been any discussion with the British Government on relocation to Australia and protection for the Skripals. Nicole Chant, confirming her role as Dutton’s spokesman and agreeing to follow up on the London press report, said by telephone: “I don’t want to be referred to in any article.” [snip]

This is not the first time claims like these have been published in the British press only to be denied officially.  A BBC reporter named Mark Urban was briefed by MI6 to deny them. “There had been suggestions from Downing Street, while the Skripals were in hospital,  that they might well end up in America or another English-speaking country, and be given new identities. Neither of them, I hear, particularly liked this idea.” [snip]

“From time to time the British authorities issue press leaks or official statements intended to counter reports that Sergei and Yulia Skripal are in prison, or that Sergei may have died since he was last heard on a telephone call to his mother’s home on June 26, 2019.

Last month, the British Ambassador in Moscow, Deborah Bronnert, told Kommersant: “Of course they are alive. I can’t tell you where they are, because we respect the right of people to make their own decisions. Both the government and the police will always be guided by the wishes of individuals.”  Bronnert refused to answer a question about whether the Skripals remain in the UK.”

Now Rob Slane is simply pissed as purple in his ‘The Salisbury Poisonings Two Years On: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Cover Up, Inside a Hoax’,, March 3, 2020 at the lies, deceptions, inanities, ‘coincidences’, lack of actual evidence, especially CCTV footage,  still afoot; it’s hard to know what to feature.  But to wet your whistle:

“The fact is that two of the many Russians who were in Salisbury on 3rd and 4th March, and who were charged with the incident — Petrov and Boshirov — have never been charged with the subsequent incident in Amesbury. This is very important. If the British authorities’ case against the two men in Salisbury is to be believed, there must be a clear link between them and the second case in Amesbury. And yet it is impossible to reasonably connect the two cases based on the British authorities’ explanation of the Salisbury event. Unless, that is, you believe that the two suspects were carrying a cellophane-wrapping machine with them with which to wrap the bottle of lethal nerve agent they had apparently just used before dumping it in a bin. But nobody could be daft enough to believe that, could they? Which leads to the question: if the cases cannot be linked using the British authorities’ explanation of the first incident — which they can’t (hence the reason the two men have not been charged for the second) — then how can we accept their explanation for the first? The answer is that we cannot, and for a whole host of reasons, as I hope to show in a moment.” [snip]

“But talking of holes, let’s now set this all in the context of the entire story presented by The Met and the Government. I mentioned above the number of absurd, implausible and sometimes downright impossible things that one has to believe to accept their account. Below, I’ve recounted 40 of the most glaring…”

  1.  That WDNA, which was allegedly sprayed on a door handle, somehow managed to spread to the roof of the house, meaning that it had to be replaced.”

One commenter below Slane’s lengthy epistle steers readers to: ‘Two Years Later: The Skripal Case Is Weirder Than Ever’, Matthew Ehret,, March 6, 2020, (from strategic-culture. org, mainly referencing John Helmer’s book)

What was the role of the Ministry of Defense’s Porton Down chemical laboratories in this bizarre story? The lab itself was located just a few miles from the crime scene, and the first responder on the scene was an off-duty Colonel named Alison McCourt who happened to be shopping nearby and rushed to the scene. Helmer describes how Col. McCourt is head of nursing for the British Army and Senior Health Advisor which connects her closely to the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down which also happened to have held a major chemical warfare exercise named Toxic Dagger in the area just two weeks earlier. Are these things nothing but coincidences?” [snip]

“Helmer goes onto make the point that the overarching dynamic shaping the events of the Skripal/Novichok affair are guided by the collapsing western empire which has been working tirelessly to surround Russia with a ballistic missile shield while sabotaging all efforts by genuine patriots in the west from establishing positive alliances with Russia.”

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2 responses to “the Skripals in deep dark badger holes: the newest psyop

  1. Hey Wendy, V here; good to see you are on this.
    Interesting spin (if not outright bullshit) that the “government” respects the Skripals privacy; as though they are free to go………..
    I don’t think so…………..

  2. mornin’ verne. i’ve loved this story since the beginning, to say the truth. my media files are full of images of er…opposing ‘stories’ (read: hoaxes).

    yep, the skripals have always deserved their privacy, but boy are the russians (by way of FM zakharova) aware of this anniversary, and pissed purple on the #Skripals hashtag on twitter. she’d said it’s the same old same old as being blames for the shoot-down flight MH17, of course.

    and as it turns out, folks are saying in comments at off-guardian that the bloke behind the skripals in the top photo is…pablo miller. makes sense to me.

    hope you and your wife are doing well; and your gardens, too!

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