the Unbearable Royal Lightness of Being…rising

‘Prince Charles sees ‘golden opportunity’ in Covid-19 pandemic as UK economy faces biggest recession in centuries’, Helen Buyniski, 4 Jun, 2020,

“The UK’s Prince Charles has said that the coronavirus crisis represents a global “reset moment” – one which seemingly allows leaders to ram through sustainability initiatives as cash-strapped citizens have no choice but to obey.

The virus’s “unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” the heir to the British throne declared on Wednesday. He made the comments during a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum’s Covid Action Platform, announcing the unveiling of his ‘Great Reset’ initiative. Charles cited the dramatic changes wrought by the pandemic as proof that a revolutionary shift was possible, glossing over the destruction the outbreak has wrought on the lives of average Brits to outline his ideal green future.”
“While details of the royal’s big plan were somewhat elusive, buried under an avalanche of buzzwords, it involves a series of industry- and issue-specific roundtables, a social media networking component and “virtual hubs” aimed at attracting young people and “fostering innovation” through “thought leadership and practical solutions.” He called for a “paradigm shift” that “inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace,” taking inspiration from the rapid transformation of industries such as mobile technology and space exploration to interweave sustainability into the financial system.”

Buyniski quotes this word-salad  from His Royal Highness: “We have no alternative because otherwise, unless we take the action necessary, and we build again in a greener and more sustainable and more inclusive way, then we will end up having more and more pandemics and more and more disasters from ever-accelerating global warming and climate change.”

She quotes dire statistics for the UK, both in shrinking GDP (which was heading south even before the lockdowns), a fifth of British retailers having closed their door permanently, and another two-thirds having requesting government assistance.

She writes that if Charles has anything to do with it, he’ll wring some sustainability concessions out of them before they move forward, as in: public/private ‘Sustainable Grifters for Green-washed Bidnesses’.  You may remember that Charles had already started a few of his own last year, based on ‘The Greta Thunberg Effect’.

Here’s HRH announcing the theme for the Virtual 2021 World Economic Forum at, I’d assume, Virtual Davos-Klosters.  We’re all invited to attend, isn’t that special?

Prince Charles tells of golden opportunity for ‘Great Reset’ due to coronavirus, June 3  (too much time under the sun lamp?)

Prince William’s Unbearble Whiteness of Being

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7 responses to “the Unbearable Royal Lightness of Being…rising

  1. Not sure why he’s a target on this – could not find a direct link to his speech, but certainly the Royals and how they are covered are commendably targeted for other things, as William in the photo. It’s increasingly hard to see any news links online since so many pop ups make it impossible – environmental issues have been Charles’ concern for fifty years. He’s probably helped Brits see the importance of such subjects. Can be criticized for being a Royal I guess, and rich, of course.

    This is from www. (almost impossible to read, and only posting this from there as it looks totally infatuated with all royal stuff, ugh!) Charles gets listened to, and by the way he did get diagnosed as having the disease. I think he’s saying important things, but it’s hard to know since only snippets are presently available online through various media interpretations.

    “Prince Charles launched a thinly-veiled attack on politicians and world leaders who, he believes, have in the past pushed aside important topics simply because they deemed them “irrelevant”. The Prince of Wales told Sky News: “It’s only catastrophes which concentrate the mind, which means, that for once, there might be some real impetus to tackle all these things that have been pushed to one side because everyone said, ‘oh it’s irrelevant’. P
    “For instance, you could never get the G20 to concentrate very much on agriculture, forestry or fishery because it wasn’t considered very sexy.

    “But these are crucial things.”

    Prince Charles has been focusing his attention on the environment, climate change and the impact nature has on people’s lives for decades.”

    • oh, bother. i’d answered earlier, but mr. wd advised me that my reply hadn’t ‘taken’ o to speak. tomorrow, then, as i’m beyond exhausted.

      here’s hoping that you and all your family are well and coping s well as possible, juliania.

    • oh, juliania; i lost my whole comment again! i just can’t try again now; i should have thought to type it on a word document first.

      on later edit: if you note that he’s announcing in his speech i’d embedded that will be the theme of the 2012 virtual world economic forum.
      as the people’s economy is horrific. she quotes very grim statistics.

      but these will be private/public partnnerships by the lords of the universe WEF conference, and yes: they always say they have the Little People in mind.

      my guess is of the 39,000 reported covid-19 deaths in the UK, many are disproportionately the poor and pople of color (browns and blacks, mainly) and as per HRH’s speech, capitalist grifting green-washing will rule: meaningless phrases like ‘net-zero carbon, carbon pricing, etc.

      now whether or not one believes the earth is past the tipping point already is a whole ‘nother Q. on edit: as of may 1, post pandemic lockdown, the global atmosphere reached a whopping 217 ppm carbon. i suppose some of that lage increase may be due to the permafrost melting at the arctic circle, as well as the methane caltrate bubbling up from the ocean’s floor.

      you may have missed this earlier:

      ‘Prince Charles encourages jobless people to ‘pick fruit and veg’ during pandemic; The Prince of Wales has issued a rallying cry on behalf of the ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign, which is hoping to fill some of the 80,000 fruit and vegetable picking jobs usually filled by EU workers

      did they break lockdown and pick?

  2. My line on the present situation in the US.
    Del Bigtree is too conciliatory:

    Ty and Charlene are too right-wing and aggressive

    This is a comment from Ian Baldwin. His analysis seems to me more useful than talking about Prince Charles.

    Ian writes: Sorry, I don’t do 2+ hour videos. The basic situation here is the two Americas. Two CLASSES (not Marxist 19th century ones either, but yes, classes). On one side, the college-educated and post-grad professionals who make up the software developer and digital engineering class, the media class (all of it, on every layer and in every sector of it), the government bureaucrat and legislator class, the lawyer and medical class, the management class, the university professor class, in short, all the folk who do just fine thank you, armed with their laptops, during a politically driven “Lockdown.” (snip)

    On the other side of the Great American Divide are the folk who do farming, manual labor (construction, etc.), services, hair salons, trucking, hauling, electrical and plumbing repair, small retail either as owner-operators or employees, gas station operators and mechanics, small grocers and cafe owner-operators, people who depend on way or another on living—not virtual—walk-in customers, etc. Included in this class are the low-wage workers of the “winners” of the Lockdown Covid crisis, all the people working in low-level-functionary jobs for Walmart, Amazon, and other giant retail operations that directly benefit from Lockdown.

    The hatred that lofts like an ambulatory morphic blue electric fire over the heads of these two camps, that, like electricity itself, rides on polarity, that hatred is deep and out-of-control. I regard the battery for it as residing inside the professional classes. Your links indicate it is located on both sides. Which class hires professional anarchists or hit men to fan the flames of the other I’ll leave you to decide. I only know a man like Soros is very very good at this dirty work.

    Whatever. The specter of totalitarianism, however, resides with the educated classes—an exact reversal of 1917. The “educated” of course form the “liberal” and now liberal totalitarian Democratic Party, and more specifically its ugly DNC head. They are urban and ostensibly urbane. More exactly they are cosmopolitan: they firmly believe the world is their oyster. They relate to their exact counterparts in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central, South and East Asia far easier and more naturally than they do with the untervolk of their own country.

    We need a new Marx to disentangle it all. The main point is privilege has been expanded over many decades to include most people who describe themselves as educated, especially professionally educated, who are then employed with laptops in a wide variety of “professions.” But by itself this does not explain the depth of the hatred these people have come ineluctably to feel for all those who live on the other side of their sunny side of the street. Hilary named them: the deplorables.

    (snip) The educated professional classes work for—get their money from—specific deep, structural class interests. For abbreviation’s sake, the Fortune 500. Now the Fortune 500 are not new entities. Some existed when Marx wrote Das Capital. They were then, and have always been, globalists. After 150+ years of global growth they want to bury the nation state and the “international” nation state system. And now they have a big constituency: all the non-deplorables of the world. (snip)

    The reason they, the globalist class leadership, are desperate (to put it mildly) to rid themselves of Trump no later than January 2121, is that Trump’s put the brakes on their world-governance project. This is now a fight to the death. I mean death literally.


    • morning, w hall. hint: if you put a youtube’s url on a line of its own, it will embed. your antifa link didn’t work for me, but i will say i’ve been curious about ‘who they are’, etc. no matter, ‘they’ seem to be a bit of a chimera, but trump just named them a ‘terrorist (dis?)orgnization.

      is ian t. baldwin, US ecologist? well, yes, but this diary was labeled ‘satire’ of the world economic forum sort, which may have escaped you…

      but i take his meaning, and it’s always an intersectional class issue when looking at ‘reported’ covid-19 deaths, people of color and extreme poverty, whether in the US, UK, and many other nations. hint: the US and UK are the #1 and #2 hotspots globally.

      dunno about a new marx only, but certainly new zapatas, bolivars, and chés!
      and the police state guards the oligarchical capitalists.

      hope you and your are doing well; are you still in northern greece?

  3. Not Northern Greece. Aegina is an hour by ferry from Athens. Ioannina is in Northern Greece, in Epirus, near the border with Albania. We have a lot to do with that city.

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