Trump runs for Führer

…a column written by Jacob Crosse and Andre Damon, 28 August 2020,

My apologies for featuring such electoral low-hanging fruit, but the authors do make their cases, but the surreal nature of it given the current police state background, including the ‘Opposition’s similar candidates…  (with permission from their site to repost their content at will, I’ll paste in the key passages.)

“In a scene that looked like a theatrical rendition of Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, US President Donald Trump delivered a fascistic tirade from the White House lawn Thursday night, painting his reelection as the last bastion against “agitators” and “socialists.”

In an unprecedented and illegal move, Trump used the White House as a backdrop for his speech concluding the Republican National Convention (RNC), treating the office of the presidency as his own personal property in pursuit of reelection. At one point, Trump turned to face the White House and gloated, “The fact is, I’m here… and they’re not.”

Trump delivered his tirade as demonstrations against police violence continued throughout the country following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Trump spoke just two days after a fascistic vigilante, incited by the inflammatory speeches at the RNC, carried out a mass shooting at a protest in Kenosha that left two innocent people dead.

Rallies were held outside the White House and in major cities across the country, including Seattle, Portland, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and Kenosha. Athletes from all the major sports leagues, including the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the National Football League and Major League Baseball, refused to play or practice on Thursday, leading to the cancellation of games and practices.

Trump’s response to the renewed protests has been to launch a massive crackdown. In Wisconsin, military police from three states–Arizona, Michigan and Alabama–are on their way or have already arrived to “assist” troops and thousands of militarized police from across the state in cracking down on protesters.

In his speech, Trump made clear his central appeal to the police, military and federal paramilitary forces, declaring, “We have to give law enforcement, our police, back their power.” He added, “My administration will always stand with the men and women of law enforcement,” before pointing to members of the Border Patrol union who attended the speech and calling them “brave, brave people.”

Trump continued, “This election will decide whether we save the American dream or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny.” He declared that “Biden is a Trojan horse for socialism” and for “wild-eyed Marxists like Bernie Sanders.”

This right-wing fever dream stands reality on its head. In fact, it is Sanders who has completely subordinated himself to Biden, getting nothing in return for his endorsement.

The “Marxists” and “socialists” Trump is really afraid of are the masses of working people throughout the country who are disgusted with his administration’s murderous failure to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, soaring inequality and endless police murders across the country.

In his speech, Trump bizarrely praised his government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, simply ignoring the fact that a thousand people are dying every day, equivalent to two 9/11 attacks each week. He absurdly claimed that “the nations of Europe have experienced a 30 percent greater increase in excess mortality than the United States,” even though the US per capita death rate is twice as high as that of Europe.

Trump did not once mention the tens of millions of people left jobless by the economic crisis or the millions more facing hunger and eviction after the White House and Congress worked together to slash federal unemployment benefits, even as the wealth of the oligarchs soars to astronomical heights.

Metropolitan Police confront protestors on the ground Thursday night , Aug. 27, 2020, in Washington, after President Donald Trump had finished delivering his acceptance speech from the White House South Lawn.

“In Trump’s telling, America is a terrestrial paradise, and if people are dissatisfied, it is because they are “agitators.”

Anyone watching this surreal scene will ask, how did this buffoon get anywhere near the White House? And how, after having killed 180,000 people, does he even have the prospect of reelection?

And yet, this outcome is quite possible. That is because Trump’s greatest advantage, as always, is the spinelessness of his Democratic “opponents.”

If there was a unifying theme to last week’s Democratic convention, it was the rejection of any appeal to the broad majority of the population and, in particular, the working class. The event, whose guests of honor were disaffected Republicans and generals, was almost entirely pitched to the Democratic Party’s target constituency in the wealthy suburbs.” […]

“In the final analysis, Trump is pursuing his conflict with the Democrats as a war, while they continue to see it as an “intramural scrimmage,” in the words of former President Barack Obama.

That is because, speaking as one of the two parties of Wall Street and big business, the Democrats are just as terrified of, and hostile to, the growth of mass popular opposition to capitalism as Trump is.”

I sucked it up and listened to part of DT’s hour and ten minute acceptance speech so you wouldn’t have to.  (Please pay the cashier $1.99 on your way out the door.)  The first nine minutes are: ‘A nation ordained by Gawd, Manifest Destiny & Westward Ho, We ended slavery, We won WWII, We’re winning over Covid, and will have a vaccine ready by the end of the year, our administration is on the ground helping the victims of Hurricane Laura’, etc.  FEMA on Twitter has the same ad up:


‘Just landed in Texas to assess the damage from #Laura here & in Louisiana. Even though we’re still fighting against #COVID19, we’re always ready to deploy to areas that need our immediate support.’, with a nifty little video along with it.

But I did want you to be able to hear 5 or 10 minutes of it in his own voice, in case you might choose to accept such an odious mission.

Maybe his Acceptance Speech (‘Profoundly Accepted’) was more by way of Custer’s Last Stand? (vintage 1877 photo)

But no matter who wins the White House, it’ll be the Triumph of the Ruling Class, won’t it?

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7 responses to “Trump runs for Führer

  1. my apologies; i can’t seem to get the video to start after nine mins.

  2. I don’t know if this would be of interest to you, wendye, but I found it so, mainly for the historical message. It filled in some gaps for me. A bit too pro-Trump, but otherwise not too long a read.

    Gardenwise, we did not get a freeze, though I suspect you might have – snow in the mountains here. The chill made my moscva finally flower, but darn yellow finches raided all but one truss, and that after I’d been feeding them thistle seed too – ingrates!

    • thanks, ww, but whoa-nelly it’s a long ‘un (slow reader, me). strategic culture picks up m. ehret’s columns, too, i’ll try to read it when i have time and i’m not quite so despondent, though. the opening sounds promising, but yanno? i hardly care which of the two of them gets elected at this point. both of them are making promises in their election politicking.

      it didn’t freeze here, but two mornings it almost did. lots of snow on the la platas. we finally had to buy new wood stove, but it arrived with a broken window, so unusable. 3 weeks now and the part still hasn’t come. pfffft. trying to keep warm w/ two wee ceramic electric heaters, but…the clouds of smoke and dab of rain clouds have lifted…clear skies and warmer temps are on the way! and passive solar gain!

      best heart to you as always; juliania, and thanks for stopping by.

  3. On this, wendye – so sorry to have this late response – I do hope your part for the heater has arrived. We escaped the freeze but such a sobering occurrence that was — our dear little swallow – swifts took flight too soon. They vanished and I heard many didn’t make it south, just praying ours did as it is a gentler way south from here. But we won’t know till next spring.

    I love their swoopings and their cheerful chatterings, wee things that they are. Most of the hummers left as well, but a few younger ones stayed on, and have only just departed. Only one flight of sandhill cranes so far, a very small group. I hope more come.

    Be safe and warm!

    • it did finally arrive after 3 weeks, and mr. wd’s trying to figure out how to use the stove without it blowing its top and filling the house with smoke. ; )

      i’d finally ordered a small ceramic heater to keep us…just warm enough until it arrived.

      i wonder why the swallows wouldn’t have made it alive to the south? we don’t have them, although we did in ohio. the bears here have been playing havoc with what plum trees they hadn’t ruined earlier….guess they need to make a living, too, the marauders! we don’t get sandhill cranes, but blue herons: yes, along the river, but they’ve likely departed by now.

      thanks for stopping by; it’s always wonderful to see you.

  4. Biden/Harris probably win the stinking election and meanwhile 61% of respondents in the latest Gallup poll say they are better off than three years ago, and no more than 50% said the same in past election cycles. The lesson I draw from these factoids is that nobody knows anything about anything.

    Hi, Wendy!

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