Lockdown Protests in Berlin, London, Paris, Dublin

The pressures of lockdowns seem to have been building over time, and while protestors seem to be attending for many different reasons and issues, what’s astonishing to me is the  veritable seas of humanity in attendance, especially in Berlin and London.  Somehow I’ve lost some of my links to Paris (going on for months)  and an aerial view of Trafalgar Square, but the smaller one will give you the gist.

Are their governments failing to provide financial support for their joblessness, businesses shuttered, unable to feed their families while their Plutocrats make obscene amounts of filthy lucre as in the US?  Do they fear forced fast tracked Covid-19 vaccinations, as well as in Australia, forced seasonal flu vaccinations?  ‘No jab; No UBI!’  Do some believe that it’s all a techno-tyrannical Plandemic, as one sign I’d seen?  Or that so many tests are showing both false negatives and positives for both Covid and its antibodies?

Or that King of the World Bill Gates essentially own the WHO (World Health organization and its New Head Tedros __ __, (not a doctor either) as well as stock in all the BigPharma vaccine developers?

What will follow?  More cases, more deaths, changes in financial relief?  In any event, I’ve chosen to feature Tweets related to RFK, jr.’s Childrens Health Defense, as he’d spoken in Berlin, but I’d just wanted to feature the millions who were out protesting.  Kennedy also objects to the dangers of a certain Covid-19 vaccine under trial.

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