WordPress Woes

This week marks the second time that WordPress has chosen a new editing format as default. (Café Babylon is on WP blogging software.)

The first time I’d gone onto forums of those who’d loathed the new turquoise teeny-bopper one and had found suggestions to work around it to be able to get back to Classic Editor.  Now the default is: Block Editor.

Having done so again, I’ve discovered that the only way I can get the Plug-in to revert to Classic Editor…is to upgrade to Business from my Premium, which already costs $169/yr that we can ill-afford. Upgrading to Business costs another $300 yr.

The new Block Editor is not only unwieldy and ugly, but i unusable in that I can’t access my media files which must have 500 images in them by now, along with a boatload of other disadvantages to tedious and boring to mention.

I won’t pay their extortion money, so please be forewarned: the nine-step process I have discovered requires that I first publish a new diary, then am able to go back to laboriously tweak it. Meaning that for readers and followers/subscribers:

A post you receive by email…may not really be here when you click through.

My apologies in advance; please know I’ll do my best. I will add that it’s all depressed me, and my psycho/spiritual condition is dark as the smokey air outside. Further depleting my spirits is the fact that so many people are are jubilant over the fact that POTUS (and a list of other Republican senators and reps) has Covid, and they hope he dies. I find it unseemly and indecent, although if the most famous Covid doctor in the world, Bill Gates, were to test positive, I’d find the irony…epic.  ;-)

Yes, POTUS is a monstrous sociopath in so many respects, as are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but they are but symptoms of a capitalist duopolistic system that we’ve collectively permitted to rule us.





2 responses to “WordPress Woes

  1. Thank you for this post, wendye! We are all in the same boat, and at MoA I was just reading a Caitlin Johnson link to that effect. I am so sorry for the interference on this beautiful site you have so faithfully brought us these many months of trying times. Please don’t be disheartened; you have done your best and it will bear fruit in ways you don’t and might never know- you plant the seeds; others harvest them.

    Best wishes to you on the road ahead. It’s taking a different turn but I heartily join you in your expression of concern about surfacing nasty comments – jarring to me as well. It did help me to realize what is important, and I hope you will feel better as you travel into this harsh but beautiful change of season. Courage to you!

    • i’d noticed that you seemed quite disheartened at MoA over the same sort of comments, although i’ve forgotten why you’d been called on to define Hell as per your religious beliefs. no matter, but i’d simply put up the announcement that POTUS & FLOTUS had tested positive over yonder, and was blown away by the 126 or so comments, none mine. i was busy writing up the long history of the putsch against VZ, so it was just as well, i reckon.

      margo schulter had stopped by earlier and had said to give you her love in her first comment on my Zapatista blog.

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