Et tu, Greta?

Meddling in the US election?  Whatever will The Russians™ think? 

But for that matter, Miz Klein is Canadian, but who’s counting, eh?  ; )

You couldn’t bring yourself to advise voting for Green candidates Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker?

But as long as you have his ear, Greta, could I ask that you advise Joe not to support the Venezuelan coup government and self-declared President Juan Guaido?

2 responses to “Et tu, Greta?

  1. With allies like Buydem, you need enemies like Thump.

  2. grin. nice to see you again, X. and i ♥ ‘Thump. but dayum, i’d forgotten to note ‘cross-posted at a good time was had by all. (88 comments)

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